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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Billie Reed (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Billie Reed (Past) Played by Julie Pinson-Warlock on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julie Pinson (NBC)

    Birthday: November 7 1967
    Birthplace: Fremont, California
    Marital Status: Married (Billy Warlock August 26, 2006)
    Real Name: Julie Pinson-Warlock
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    Something up Kate's sleeve!

    Monday, March 19 2007

    Steve is angry as he realizes she left the map behind in her apartment. He asks her to pull over, "You're getting out!" he says and grabs the wheel!

    Secret meetings

    Friday, March 16 2007

    Steve surprises Billie in her apartment and asks for help escaping. When a knock comes at the door, Steve hides as she speaks with EJ. He requests her company at the Penthouse Grill, and tells her he has a business meeting there and thought she may like to come along. She's apologetic and lies to him that Chelsea is there with her. EJ's happy for her and leaves for the Penthouse Grill. Once he's gone, Steve comes out of hiding and asks Billie, "How long have you been seeing Wells?" Billie is surprised at the question and denies such a thing. She tells him that they're just business partners. Steve tells her that he wants to be certain that she's on his side and won't sell out.

    Back at Billie's apartment, Steve grabs Billie's arm when she makes a move toward a ringing phone. Knowing that Chelsea could be on the other line, she pleads with him to allow her to pick up. She does so and Kayla asks her point blank, "This may sound funny but have you seen Steve?" Billie doesn't answer right away and when she does, she lies. "No, I haven't. I've been sick in bed all day… with the flu." She agrees to contact Kayla if she hears from Steve and the two hang up. Billie gets him some old sweat clothes and he removes the phones from the room. She's frightened of Steve and tells him that he's not the same Steve that she once knew. He explains how sorry he is and tells her that if he seems desperate, he is. He continues on that he didn't belong in an institution and then apologizes for hurting her in the past. He reminds her of their friendship and pleads with her to help him. With tears in her eyes, she agrees to pack them a lunch.

    Billie and Steve head out but when she opens the door, EJ is standing there! He asks her why she lied to him about being sick! Steve hides behind the door as they talk!

    The gloves are off!

    Thursday, March 15 2007

    On the Island, Shawn comes downstairs in the morning and refuses breakfast from Gabby. He wants to find their own way and work for their room and board. As soon as Claire's fever breaks, they're leaving the island, he shares. Gabby leaves him an open ended invitation to get some food from the kitchen when he, Belle and Claire need it. She goes back to work and Belle runs cheerfully down the stairs with Claire in her arms. She's happy to announce that Claire's fever is down! The two fawn over their little girl and Shawn tells Gabby that they're leaving now that Claire is better. Belle wasn't consulted in this decision and asks Shawn to be realistic. She figures that they need time to relax for a while before trekking off into the unknown. They argue and she ends up putting her foot down. They're staying on the island; she informs him and goes on to tell him, "End of discussion." She asks Shawn why he's so opposed to staying on the island and he admits that Duck reminds him of Victor and how he used to look at him with contempt because he doesn't have a job or prospects. Gabby comes forth and out of the blue, throws Shawn a piece of rope and asks him to tie a sheepshank knot! He does so at wicked speed and throws it back, much to her astonishment! She goes on to ask him a few questions about the engine of a boat and is satisfied with his responses. She offers him free room and board if he will fix her boat and lets him know that she can order parts for the boat if he'll fix it, but it'll take a week to come in from Guam. Shawn is surprised and Belle jumps in and answers that he'll do it! Gabby allows him to work for her on her breaks in the meantime. Duck comes to the bar with a beer in hand and stares Shawn down. Shawn tells Gabby that he'll stay if Duck is okay with it, but when Shawn goes to Duck, he's cranky and doesn't think it's a good idea. Shawn goes to him to let him know that without his consent, he'll leave. Duck tells him, "I'm just the worthless owner. My daughter runs the place. Keep the kid quiet and stay out of my way." He leaves and Gabby tells the two that Duck is a good man and a proud man and has helped many people when the tsunami hit. Belle takes Claire to the kitchen for food and Shawn asks Gabby why she's being so nice to them. She admits that she liked his face, "It's a good face. It's kind." She tells him he looks trustworthy. After the three go up to their room, Duck notices the way that Gabby has been looking at Shawn and he tells her in no uncertain terms that she's wasting her time. "They're a couple and they have a kid." He says, but with a smile, Gabby claims not to have seen a ring on his finger!

    Sami and Lucas have coffee with Billie at her apartment while they listen to Billie's rants about Chelsea. Sami sticks up for Chelsea when Billie fears that Chelsea may have set the fire to Bo's place. All eyes are on Chelsea as she walks into the apartment. Chelsea is heartbroken as she declares that Bo thinks she set the fire to his house. Sami and Lucas tell her that Bo is just covering all bases as a cop, but Chelsea feels as though she hasn't anyone to turn to. Billie starts to remind her that she still has her but she cuts her off and lets Billie know that she isn't her mother. She starts to yell at Billie and insults her by calling her a failure an addict and a back-stabber. Lucas and Sami stop her mid sentence and tell her that Billie doesn't deserve that. "She's your mother," Lucas reminds his niece. Sami adds, "She feels bad enough as it is." Chelsea appears drained and admits that she feels awful. She goes to Sami for comfort and receives a hug. Chelsea wants to leave but tells her family that she has no place to go. Tears stream down Billie's cheeks as she begs Chelsea to forgive her but Chelsea looks at her mother with resentment. When Lucas tells her that he and Sami have plenty of room, she agrees to stay with them. Billie is fine with the arrangements and stops Chelsea before she leaves. She reminds her daughter that she has always shown her love and forgiveness even when others turned their back on her. She asks for the same consideration and lets her daughter know that she's not the only one who's hurting. Chelsea listens but doesn't respond. Instead, she turns to Sami and asks if she can leave. Chelsea and Sami take off while Lucas stays behind to comfort Billie.

    EJ shows up at the door almost immediately and even though Lucas explains that now isn't a good time, he enters the apartment and tells Billie that although he's sorry about the break in at Bo and Hope's place, he thinks that the home security system will now sell itself! Billie's mouth drops as she realizes he's asking her to give Bo the 'hard sell' now, when Bo is vulnerable. She refuses him and dries her eyes as Lucas asks EJ to give it a rest. EJ thinks it is good business sense, but Lucas tells EJ that Billie is having a hard time with her daughter. He apologizes and after they let him in on what's going on, EJ offers money for Chelsea's attorney fees. Lucas stops EJ mid-sentence and tells him that Billie has family to take care of her. "She doesn't need a thing from you," he explains roughly. EJ thinks Billie needs to decide what she needs to do and tells her the offer still stands. He takes off. After he leaves, Lucas mocks EJ. With an English accent he says, "Don't mind those bodies, Billie, just step over them and sell, sell, sell!"

    Later, Billie is shocked to see Steve in her apartment!

    A friend in need...

    Wednesday, March 14 2007

    At the Brady home, Hope has many questions for Billie about Chelsea and why she ran away. Billie and Bo explain that Nick slept with Billie and since Chelsea and Nick have gotten close, Chelsea is hurt and has left town. Hope doesn't believe that Chelsea would burn their house down because of that. In regards to Billie sleeping with Nick, Hope turns to her to ask, "Are you that desperate?" Billie admits that she drank before it happened and takes full responsibility for what happened. Hope agrees that she will help find Chelsea. Bo has Roman put an APB on Chelsea but Billie is worried that this will scare her. Bo takes a call from Abby, who tells him where Chelsea is. Bo is set to leave to find Chelsea, but Hope stops him to ask, "Bo do you really think Chelsea would have started the fire?" Bo admits that he would have thought it was one of EJ's stunts but since it has an amateur feel to it, he can't help but wonder if Chelsea did it. He wants to stick by Chelsea but he sadly confesses that he doesn't have much reason to trust her. Hope understands and agrees that although she has tried to gain their trust, she hasn't yet.

    They go to Billie's apartment Billie calls herself the worst mother in the world. Hope tells her she's not a bad mother but she's no saint! "None of us are," she admits and reminds Billie that she put her life on hold for her daughter. "That says a lot," she tells a thankful Billie. Billie admits she isn't sure that Chelsea had nothing to do with the fire, and opens a bottle of wine. Hope takes the wine away and encourages her to start forgiving herself, instead of punishing herself. Hope takes Billie's hand and together, they drain the wine bottle into the sink!

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