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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Billie Reed (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Billie Reed (Past) Played by Julie Pinson-Warlock on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julie Pinson (NBC)

    Birthday: November 7 1967
    Birthplace: Fremont, California
    Marital Status: Married (Billy Warlock August 26, 2006)
    Real Name: Julie Pinson-Warlock
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    Green wedding plans

    Monday, March 26 2007

    Hope arrives early for the shower so makes her way to Billie's apartment to discuss Chelsea. Billie is down on herself for her mothering skills, she confesses sadly, but Hope tells her she has learned this year not to judge anyone or jump to conclusions to quickly! Billie tells Hope that she doesn't believe that Chelsea is a thief or an arsonist. Hope knows that Chelsea is unpredictable and lets Billie know that Chelsea is in serious trouble. Billie gets the picture but reminds Hope that Chelsea lashes out at those she's upset with. She thinks that Chelsea would have gotten back at her, not Hope or Bo. Billie asks Hope if she really thinks Chelsea is capable of arson and Hope admits she has seen positive changes in Chelsea but she's still looking for answers.

    Chelsea and Kate stand outside Sami and Lucas' apartment, waiting for the couple to leave so they can get inside. Sami and Lucas leave and the two ladies go in to start decorating. Kate makes barbs about Sami and Chelsea asks why she's bothering having a shower for Sami if she doesn't like her. Kate admits she's doing it for Lucas. Chelsea confesses she's been spending a lot of time with Sami and she thinks Lucas and Sami belong together. Kate has advice for Chelsea, "Don't let love make you stupid." Chelsea wonders if she has been stupid with Nick but Kate thinks that's different. She tells Chelsea to get over Nick! She defends Billie's mistake, much to Chelsea's chagrin. She reminds her grand-daughter that Nick and she had nothing going on together at the time. Chelsea realizes this, she says but she also knows Nick claims to have been in love with her at the time. Kate suggests that she make Nick suffer for his transgression but thinks she ought to move on, already! Kate requests a hairbrush from Chelsea, to touch up her hair before guests start arriving but Chelsea does not have one. She tells Kate she lost hers! She goes to get the door and is uncomfortable when she's confronted by both Billie and Hope. As they enter the apartment, Chelsea wanders back over to Billie's place for some solitude.

    Hope follows Chelsea over to Billie's place and lets her know that Kate, Billie, Sami and Lucas all believe in her and are supportive of her. Chelsea is happy to hear this but her happiness is bittersweet. She knows that Bo and Hope don't believe her about the fire and she accuses Willow of arson, considering that she started a fire to Shawn's place previously! Hope tells Chelsea that Willow's brother has given her an alibi, but Chelsea still thinks Willow could have done this. Hope ponders this and admits that Willow does pay all of Jed's bills! He would have given her an alibi if she needed one! She smiles and tells Chelsea that she believes in her! Hope promises to tell her dad that she believes in her innocence, and with tears in her eyes, Chelsea hugs Hope! Billie walks in, interrupting the two and is thrilled to find out that Hope believes in Chelsea. She lets the two ladies know that Bo is on his way over for official business and she could use Hope's support.

    Hope runs off to follow up on an idea and Chelsea allows Billie to help her through things with her dad and the police!


    Thursday, March 22 2007

    Billie arrives home to find Chelsea packing a suitcase. Chelsea notices the cuts on Billie's face from the accident and panics, but Billie assures her that she's fine and has a mild concussion. She explains how Steve forced her to help him escape. While she talks, Billie feels dizzy and Chelsea has her sit down. She wants to give her mom Aspirin but doesn't want to mix whatever the doctor in ER gave her, so she makes a call to the ER to find out what Billie was given. While she's on the phone in another room, Billie stumbles upon Chelsea's diary in her suitcase! She starts reading it and finds that Chelsea has written about how much she hates her mom for what she did to her and wishes she could forgive her but she just can't. She reads on and finds out that Chelsea is concerned with failing school and that she thinks that Bo will never believe that she didn't start the fire.

    Chelsea gets off the phone and tells her mom that she can take Aspirin. They sit down to talk and Chelsea tells Billie that Sami gave her advice. "She told me that it's not good to hold a grudge." She says and goes on to admit that what Billie did to her left her feeling embarrassed and humiliated. She blames herself partially and thinks everyone is laughing at her. Billie interjects and promises that is not the case and begs her for another chance.

    another chance. Chelsea asks her how she could hurt her by sleeping with Nick. She says that there are two Billie's. One is her mom and the other is a drunk. She gets her stuff and heads to the door. On her way out, she bumps into Roman. He comes in and tells them that they have new information about the fire at Bo's place. Roman questions Chelsea about her whereabouts during the fire. She admits she was there and left a note behind when she didn't see Bo's car out front. Roman tells her that they never found the note, and since the fire was far away from the door, it was not burned. He lets her know he spoke with Abby, who told him that Chelsea was in need of money and whoever started the fire, stole Hope's jewelry. Chelsea freaks out and denies stealing anything. As Chelsea screams that she's been set up, Billie sticks up for her daughter and yells at Roman to get out. She tells Chelsea not to say another word until they get a lawyer. As Billie shoos Roman out the door, Chelsea starts to cry. Billie hugs her and promises that she won't let anything happen to her and that she won't have to go through this alone. Chelsea leaves for Sami and Lucas'. Billie promises to come with her to the station when she makes a statement and Chelsea hangs out by the door and then tells her to take care of the bump on her head, before she leaves.

    Dudley Do Wrong!

    Wednesday, March 21 2007

    At the cabin, Steve laughs at Marlena when she tells him that she's going to do what she can to bring him in. Steve accuses Kayla of calling the institution and thinks they'll be there soon but Kayla denies this. Before the words are out of her mouth, Marlena comes clean. "I called Roman!" she tells them. Kayla is shocked but Marlena knows that she wouldn't have approved and confesses that the police will be here any moment. Marlena and Steve argue about forcing him there and Marlena maces Steve in his eye and Billie gets a rope for Marlena. Marlena ties him up while Kayla looks on. She's frozen to the spot in worry. Steve is angered. Billie feels woozy from the accident and goes outside for air. Marlena goes after her, to ensure she's okay and leaves Kayla behind to look after Steve. When they're gone, Steve begs Kayla for help. He apologizes for past mistakes and professes his love for her. He tries to talk her into cutting him loose so they can run away forever. She toys with what to do and kisses him. She starts to cry and then tells him he'd say anything to get her to untie the ropes. He agrees and she leaves the cabin with tears streaming down her face.

    Marlena sits with Billie in her car and apologizes for not having anything with her to help her but Billie tells her it's just a minor concussion. She is visibly upset and asks Marlena what 'they' [The DiMeras] did to Steve. Marlena tells her that EJ and Stefano were behind the brain washing. Billie claims that EJ called Kayla to tell her that Steve was at her apartment. Marlena tells her she's in too deep and doesn't realize how much trouble she's in.

    Billie comes to Kayla and supports her."Steve will get the help he needs and you two will be together, like it's meant to be." Kayla tells Billie she hopes she's right. We hear sirens as the police arrive. Marlena gives Steve a sedative as he tries to escape.


    Tuesday, March 20 2007

    Steve carries an unconscious Billie into an abandoned cabin and lays her on a bed. To the unconscious woman he asks, "Why did you have to fight me? I have to leave you here alone before someone finds me or they'll send me back . I just can't go back to that place." He covers her with a blanket and yells that if nobody finds her it's her own fault. "You should have done what I told you," he yells before he goes outside. Billie wakes up after he leaves with a big headache! She calls for Steve, who of course doesn't answer, and she falls back unconscious. Steve comes back later with a wet and cold cloth that he soaked in the stream behind the cabin. Billie seems to be fine and encourages him to leave and although he is going to soon be on his way, he tells her he couldn't leave without ensuring she was okay. Billie is thankful and says that even though she left the map behind for someone to find, she's happy that he still stayed behind with her! She asks him not to run away and promises that she'll talk to the hospital on his behalf. Considering she left the map behind he's not sure he can trust her. Steve refuses help and gives her his cell phone. He opens the door to leave and finds Marlena and Kayla standing there! The two ensure Billie and Steve are physically okay and then try to help Steve but Billie tells them it's futile. Marlena stops Steve and tells him he's not going anywhere until he turns himself in!

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