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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Billie Reed (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Billie Reed (Past) Played by Julie Pinson-Warlock on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Julie Pinson (NBC)

    Birthday: November 7 1967
    Birthplace: Fremont, California
    Marital Status: Married (Billy Warlock August 26, 2006)
    Real Name: Julie Pinson-Warlock
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    Internal Affairs.

    Thursday, February 05 2009

    At home, Hope looks sadly at her gun and flashes back to accidentally shooting Kayla. She criticizes Bo for keeping quiet about his visions. “We’re partners!” Bo reminds her she was in a hostage situation and did what she had to do. Chelsea comes down the stairs and offers to take care of Ciara, so they can take care of each other but Bo is off to work. Hope explains they need to go by the book. She makes a call to the hospital and is relieved to find out Kayla had a good night. Chelsea comforts Hope and asks what’s happening with her and Bo.

    High bilirubin and low alkaline phosphatase?

    Tuesday, February 05 2008

    Billie, Chelsea and Kate visit Victor, to discuss Crawford Decker. Victor says it's all over and done with. He made a proposition and Mr. Decker accepted it. Billie asks that he keep the proposition to himself. Roman arrives and tells everyone the coroner's results state that Ford Decker died from falling down the stairs. Victor tells Roman Decker has been taken care of and Roman smirks. He doesn't think he ought to know what happened but Victor says Crawford simply had a change of heart.

    Victor goes off to call Philip and asks if he has any news about Brady. He is told about how they met Shawn's sister Colleen Brady, but she says she has nothing to do with Brady's disappearance. Victor says he'll send someone there to get as much information as possible from Colleen. Philip explains Colleen kidnapped Claire to protect her and thinks it has something to do with Stefano. Victor says he still feels guilty introducing John as the pawn all those years ago. Phil says Colleen is old and frail and doesn't think she leads to Brady. Victor says he needs the plane back so Philip agrees to send it back without him and get a lift back from John, in his plane.

    Victor goes to the door when Crawford arrives. Victor has Roman show the coroner's report to the man and tells him there is no evidence to suggest it wasn't an accident. Crawford looks to Victor and says he'll accept that. The ladies are stunned and Billie wonders why he has a change of heart. Kate comments that she may understand how he feels as she thought she lost two of her kids once. Crawford growls that she has no idea how he feels, since she got her kids back. Victor is unimpressed with Crawford's tone and takes him outside the door and blasts him. He tells him he lost a daughter - Isabella - and he does understand what it feels like for Crawford. He puts Crawford in his place and tells him he thinks Crawford acted inappropriately to Kate and Chelsea and demands an apology. Crawford agrees to apologize and waits for Victor in his study while he makes a call.

    Victor calls Bo and tells him he heard the great news about Claire being found. Bo asks if anything is wrong and Victor says Crawford is no longer an issue. After some thought, he decided not to pursue the charges. Bo is amazed that Crawford changed his mind and Victor tells him about the coroner's report. Bo grins uneasily and says it's amazing how these things work out, especially when Victor's involved! When Victor asks if he'd like to know how he's involved, Bo laughs but would rather not! Victor mentions how Crawford will be using the company jet so Philip's sending it back. Once he hangs up, he tells a thrilled Kayla that charges against Stephanie and Chelsea were dropped.

    Victor and Crawford arrive back in the drawing room as Kate kisses Roman's cheek in thanks. Billie says she understands what he's going through is difficult but it doesn't give him the right to drag Chelsea into it. Crawford says, "You're right." He apologizes and leaves. Victor tells Billie that she did a great job in raising Chelsea and she laughs and says she'll put that on her resume. She was fired from Salem U, she admits, so Victor offers Billie a job in Titan's London office as head of security! Billie is shocked and happy. She accepts but when she comes down to earth and looks at Chelsea, she asks, "Unless you don't want me to go?" Chelsea thinks this is a great opportunity that she can't turn down. They hug and Chelsea tells Victor that as far as Grandfather's go, he's okay!

    For all the days of his life

    Friday, February 01 2008

    At the pub, Max tells Nick and Chelsea that he doesn't feel bad for Ford. Chelsea is sorry Max got involved but Max replies that there is nothing they can do now. Chelsea reminds them that Crawford said he wouldn't press charges against her but he didn't say anything about anyone else. Max thinks the autopsy will prove that Ford fell and wasn't hit. Stephanie wishes her parents were there but they're in Ireland and though Nick feels the truth is out and they can now move on, Stephanie doesn't trust Crawford. Just then, Crawford makes an appearance. He looks beaten down and lets the group know he came from the morgue after seeing Ford's ravaged body. "It was sickening," he says and he has had a change of heart. He's pressing charges. Max is angry that he's changing his mind but Crawford explains that an autopsy won't tell him anything and says Ford's body is broken and defiled. Max counters that Ford defiled sorority girls but Crawford retorts there is no proof. They argue about what type of a future Ford could have had and Stephanie tells Crawford they didn't want Ford to die; they wanted him to stop raping girls. Crawford wonders why then, did they lure him over to the Theta house. Chelsea stands up for what they did and calls Ford arrogant - just like his father. Crawford is going to the DA and will press full charges against Chelsea no matter the autopsy outcome. "May you rot in hell for what you did," he says, and then storms off.

    Kate and Billie arrive and comfort Chelsea, who is sick of defending herself for something she didn't do. Kate tells her Crawford is the one who needs to be afraid. "I know exactly how to handle this. Come with me," she says, and takes her from the pub. Nick leaves and Steph thanks Max for sticking up for them.

    Chelsea, Billie and Kate arrive at Victor Kirakis' mansion and after greeting Victor, they tell him about what happened with Ford Decker and Kate says Chelsea is still in trouble but did nothing wrong. Victor says, "Oh well we can't have that. Consider the matter taken care of." He picks up the phone, makes a call and says the deal is done. Chelsea is shocked. She tells him Max is involved and helped move the body but Victor hasn't many friends at the police department. He doesn't think that Max will do time, since he has no record.

    Billie and Chelsea arrive back at the pub and tell Max and Stephanie that Victor made a call and fixed everything for her but Max didn't get so lucky. He still has to go to the police station.

    Salemites arrive in New Ross, Ireland

    Wednesday, January 30 2008

    Chelsea, Stephanie, Morgan, Cordy and Billie meet at Salem PD in order to talk to the police about Ford's death. Stephanie calls Max to ask where Ford's body is but he again refuses to say. Billie tells them that their main concern is to keep them out of prison and tries to comfort the emotional ladies. Roman arrives with Crawford Decker at his side and tells the sisters that unfortunately, the DA signed an arrest warrant and Chelsea will be charged with the murder of Ford Decker. Crawford sarcastically tells Billie she should be so proud. "I am," Billie says quietly. Her daughter isn't a murderer. Stephanie yells that they didn't murder Ford and Decker lowers himself to calling her bawdy names. In her anger, Stephanie goes after him but the girls hold her back and Roman instructs Mr. Decker never to call her names again. Arguing ensues until Billie steps in and asks everyone to keep quiet. Roman tells Chelsea she needs to stop talking and get legal counsel. Decker wants the ladies to plead guilty to murder but Billie says it won't happen. She wants him and the DA to agree to drop all charges and promises if he does, they'll produce Ford's body. Roman takes a call to the DA and lets everyone know that they'll agree to the deal if Mr. Decker will, but Decker refuses them. Steph tells Decker that he can go ahead and take them to trial. She, Cordy and Morgan let him know they'll come clean about Ford being a rapist and asks if this is what he wants to hear at Ford's eulogy. Mr. Decker doesn't want that for his son. He just wants Ford's body, so he finally agrees to drop all charges if they tell him where the body is. Max walks in and tells Mr. Decker that he knows where the body is.

    Nobody is going to stand in my way!

    Wednesday, January 23 2008

    Nick grades lab reports from his Brain and Behavior class at the pub until he's interrupted by Billie who demands he talk to her about what he knows about Ford. Nick refuses and she reminds him Chelsea already has a criminal record. Nick says he's Chelsea's boyfriend, not her conscience. Crawford Decker walks into the pub with Dean Lochlan, Just as Billie asks, "I want to know what happened to Ford Decker" Crawford overhears and asks Nick tell him where his son is! The Dean tells Billie that the police will arrive to investigate at Theta House today and if they find out there was a cover-up, they're both fired and criminal charges will be pressed! After the men leave, Billie again appeals to Nick to tell her the truth but he lies for Chelsea again.

    Bo arrives at the hospital and greets Hope, who worries about Claire. Bo says they'll get through it. Hope admits she wants back on the force, fulltime! Bo is surprised but she tells him she wants this world to be a better place for their daughter and is a good cop. She says top priority is finding Claire. Bo thinks they can't help but find her with all the Brady's on the case! Hope ponders who her partner would be and Bo becomes a little jealous! Hope teases him and he admits he is jealous but not romantically jealous. He likes to see her brain work and will miss that! Billie arrives and interrupts the two. Hope leaves to see Marlena while Billie tells Bo that their daughter is in big trouble.

    Back outside John's room, Billie explains what's going on with Crawford Decker, Nick and Chelsea. She's sure they're lying to her about something and tells Bo she is certain Chelsea's in the middle of everything. Bo agrees and remembers Chelsea talking about parents missing their children over the holidays and says she was looking over her shoulder. Bo assures Billie they'll find out what's going on with Chelsea.

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