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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Austin Reed (past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Austin Reed (past) Played by Austin Peck on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Austin Peck (NBC)

    Birthday: 1971-04-09
    Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii USA
    Marital Status: Married Tara Crespo ( April 16, 2000 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Austin Peck
    Height: 6' 2"


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    A Pity Dance.

    Tuesday, September 27 2011

    At the town square party, Hope introduces her special guests, Marlena and John. Clapping ensues and everyone swarms them. Rafe's introduced. Kate and Chad converge nearby and Kate seems bored while Daniel and Jenn snuggle and kiss. Marlena hugs Will, calling him handsome, and John tells him how much better he's doing. Kate finds EJ and Patti and tells them she's preoccupied. EJ thinks she's bored. If Prince William and Kate were to walk in, Kate would be bored. Kate admits she needs models for her company so Patti tells her to look locally. Nearby, John tells Hope he hasn't seen Marlena smile like that in a while. "It's going to be hard to leave," he tells her. There are so many great people. Marlena heard about what Sami has been through and wishes she'd have called. Sami didn't want to worry her. Carrie and Austin discuss work with Abe and Marlena addresses the crowd to thank them for their prayers which got them through many grueling hours of John's rehab. John gets up and takes a few steps, shocking everyone. He still has work to do, he tells them and credits Marlena for how far he has come. He kisses her and calls her the love of his life. WXIR interviews Kate about Countess Wilhelmina Care and nearby, Sami and Marlena discuss a new beginning for all of them. Marlena admits that their John isn't entirely back yet. Nearby, Abby watches Melanie mope and asks Chad to dance with her. Jack follows Jenn around as Mel thinks Chad's dancing with her out of pity. Jenn bumps into Maggie and shakily admits she feels like there's something she's missing. Maggie assures her it's the ghosts of the past. Elsewhere, EJ eavesdrops as Nicole tells Kinsey she no longer needs a man to be fulfilled.

    Something Came Up.

    Monday, September 26 2011

    Everyone's dancing at the town square party. Hope gets up to address the crowd. She and Bo remember Gran telling them about how the square was once grand and became run down after years had passed. Tom and Alice wanted to give back to the city that had given them so much, so they gave their money for rejuvenation. Maggie and Victor, Doug and Julie, Will and Gabi, Abby and Chad, and Melanie all wander around. Bo and Roman accost EJ and Patti as soon as they are let out of their car. Bo can't help but think EJ's arrival means he's up to no good. Patti asks the gentlemen if they're looking for love but they're not interested. They excuse themselves and Abe unveils the Horton Town Square plaque of Alice and Tom. Jenn realizes EJ's date is Patty Stanger, the millionaire matchmaker. Nearby, Jack watches Abby and spots Jenn. He goes to her but the crowd of teens gets in the way. He spots Jenn kissing Daniel and wonders what's up. Elsewhere, after Nicole meets Patti and Adrienne takes Patti aside, Nicole admits she had a sleepless night. EJ learns Nicole's alone and gazes after her when she leaves Patti returns and assumes Nicole still means something to him. Bo thanks Hope for all her hard work. Sami and Rafe arrive and Roman wonders what kept them. Rafe says, "Something came up," and Sami elbows him. The special guest stars arrive. Carrie and Austin wave hello and the crowd cheers. Sami introduces Rafe and Hope gets up on the podium to say the next guests are tardy. Jenn tells Daniel that she and Austin worked together. Jack listens in as Chad and Abby gush about how happy Jenn and Daniel are. Nearby, Rafe learns that Austin's a Forensics Accountant and that Carrie's a lawyer. Later, in front of Rafe, Jenn asks how Sami's job interview went. Sami cringes, Jenn excuses herself, and Sami's left to explain. At their table, Lexi talks up Abe's abilities as mayor. The press interviews EJ and Patti, and Victor and Brady discuss Victor's plan. Maggie's suspicious. Nearby, Jenn and Adrienne discuss Sami's secret-keeping. Jack listens in as Adrienne sings Daniel's praises. Jenn admits she's happy. Adrienne thinks her brother blew it. Jack gets up to say something but Daniel returns and he stops. Sami runs away from Rafe and brings Will and Gabi to meet Carrie and Austin. Afterward, Gabi bemoans the fact that Will didn't introduce her as his girlfriend. Bo and Hope dance, and Melanie and Brady do the same. Nearby, Justin and Brady discuss how Philip may be open to letting Parker in her life. Nearby, Maggie walks in on Victor thanking Jenn and Hope for their help. Maggie asks what's going on. Hope announces that John and Marlena are there. Everyone gasps and claps when they see Marlena stroll in with John in a wheelchair.

    Australia awaits!

    Monday, February 05 2007

    Kayla is impressed with Steve when they arrive at Chez Rouge to a romantic dinner. While they're dining, Kayla tries to emphasize how important it is for him to contact Marlena for an appointment right away. He agrees to call her today. Their conversation is cut short when Steve looks up in disgust to see EJ waltzing into the restaurant. He figured that EJ would be in jail by now and is angry to see him free. He makes a quick call to Roman to inquire as to what went down. When Roman explains that they had nothing on him, Steve decides to pay EJ a visit. Kayla is opposed to the idea; however, Steve makes his way to EJ's table, and has a seat. EJ asks how his favorite buccaneer is and when Kayla comes to the table, EJ tells her she looks ravishing. Steve bangs his hand on the table and tells EJ not to look at his wife. He demands to know what the DiMera family did to his mind, but EJ claims innocence. Steve goes on to tell him that the first episode he had came on the night that he and Kayla had dinner with Benjy. EJ says that he and Benjy share a name but that's about all. He knows nothing about what's going on. While he talks, he takes a steak knife and starts rhythmically tapping the table with each word he says. Steve's eyes narrow in on the knife as he clutches his head in pain. Kayla fills EJ in on what happened and reminds him that when in Mexico, he taunted Steve with his knowledge that Benjy had something to do with his episodes. She pleads with him to help them, but EJ isn't interested and keeps tapping the knife. Suddenly Steve jumps up and yells at EJ to stop. He gets behind EJ, grabs the knife and holds it to his throat, as Kayla gasps in astonishment. She makes a move to Steve's side and demands that Steve look at her. There is a tense moment where it looks as though Steve will cut EJ's throat, but as he stares at Kayla, she forces him to let go of the knife. Once he does EJ jumps out of his seat yelling and promises that he's going to jail for attempted murder!

    Steve runs off and winds up crashing through a window!

    Wedding crasher!

    Thursday, October 26 2006

    Carrie, Austin, Marlena and John are all surprised to see one another at the Justice of the Peace. Carrie apologizes for not inviting them to the wedding, and tells them they're leaving Salem - tonight! Marlena and John are sad to hear the news, but they're supportive. They allow the two to marry first. Roman and Kate arrive as witnesses, congratulating John and Marlena on their own nuptials before the ceremony begins!

    Carrie and Austin say their vows and before there vows are over, clapping is heard! A drunken Sami crashes the wedding and says "All the gang is here!" She asks why she wasn't invited, but Carrie tells Sami that she is no longer family to her. Carrie makes it known that Sami isn't wanted, and tells her she'll never change. Sami doesn't think she'll ever be good enough for any of them and Carrie tells her she's done with her and yells to get out! Both Austin and Roman both back her up, telling Sami its' best that she just leaves. Sami is extremely hurt, and lashes out more, telling tells them that she hopes they live a long and miserable life together and tells Carrie to try and be faithful this time and stomps off.

    As the couples celebrate, Roman gets a phone call. He hears about what happened with Kayla and Steve and although he hates to ask but John has to leave to take care of things. She is very understanding and he asks her to meet him later. Roman explains that there is a situation to Carrie and Austin and he and John must leave. They say their goodbyes, with John telling Carrie to stay in touch.

    Weddings and disasters!

    Wednesday, October 25 2006

    Carrie meets with Austin, at the Penthouse Grill, feeling empty. She dislikes that she had to get Lexi fired, but Austin tells her not to blame herself. This is brought on by Sami, and things probably won't change until Sami is out of their lives. They hold hands, as Austin tells Carrie he wants to give High Style back to her! Carrie is ecstatic, but tells him it's not needed. He tells her that he wants to do it and to relocate the offices to Zurich. She tells Austin with a playful smile that she can't or won't marry him unless they marry first! He gets down on one knee with a ring and proposes, then the run off to find a justice of the peace!

    At the justice of the peace, Austin and Carrie arrive, all dolled up! They explain that they have their license and beg to be married as soon as possible. The JP's wife tells them that they're booked up, but when she hears that they've waited so long and Austin is leaving town, she takes pity, agreeing to do it after the next couple marry. Austin and Carrie turn around and find a dressed up John and Marlena! All four are shocked!

    The secret is out! Patrick and E.J. are working together!

    Friday, October 20 2006

    At Chez Rouge, Austin and Carrie agree that Lexi deserves to lose her license for what she has done. Austin tries to focus on their future. She can't let Sami and Lexi get away with nearly destroying their lives. Carrie asks to see Lexi alone and runs off!

    Tek meets with Lexi at the bar. He starts in on her, telling her how much he loves her. Lexi is infuriated, telling him once again that she doesn't want to marry him. It doesn't sink through to his thick skull, so she explains that she asked him there to give him a restraining order. He'll be arrested if he attempts to come near her again. He leaves and Carrie shows up, sarcastic and irate. She asks her "How the hell do you live with yourself?!" She cries as she asks how she could do this to her as a friend, and as a doctor and Lexi shares how Sami forced her to do it. She was afraid of losing it all, but knows there was no excuse. Carries goes on, telling Lexi she didn't back down, knowing how devastated she was, but Lexi reminds her she did try to tell her the truth, but an anonymous call told her not to, or her family's lives would be in the balance. She apologizes, but Carrie tells her she'll report her to the hospital board, and then tell Abe. She will lose her medical license and Abe.

    Cake fight!

    Thursday, October 19 2006

    Carrie and Sami are going at it pretty hard, (catfight) while Lucas and Austin yell at them and try to keep them apart. They flail out of control, grabbing one another and pushing each other around. The two land on the floor with Will's cake all over them, much to Sami's rage! She yells at Carrie that she has ruined her son's surprise, then they both start throwing pieces of the cake at one another, until they're rolling around on the floor with cake all ground in to everything!

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