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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Dr. Marlena Evans - Black - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Marlena Evans - Black Played by Deidre Hall on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Deidre Hall (NBC)

    Birthday: October 31 1947
    Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Deidre Hall
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Days Recap: Hope arrests Stefano after Kate calls 911

    Thursday, June 25 2015

    Roman takes a call at the hospital from John who is wrapping things up at Titan with Abe. John says they've zero forensics evidence. They disconnect and Roman goes to Serena. She hopes he found Xander Cook. Meanwhile, Eric flashes to kissing Nicole. Marlena asks if he's okay. In her own room, Nicole dreams about kissing Eric and gives her head a shake. Daniel walks in and she cries and asks to see Eric. She learns that Daniel, Brady and Serena found them. Abe talks with Serena while Roman goes to Eric who names Xander Cook as their attempted murderer. John appears and Roman goes to talk to Nicole while John questions Eric. In Nicole's room, she tells Daniel that Xander and Serena were smuggling blood diamonds from Africa. Daniel's shocked and realizes that's what the secret compartment in the elephant was. She goes on to say that Xander is a murderer but Victor got his sentence shortened. Daniel's floored. Why didn't she tell him? She needed proof, and didn't want to put Daniel in danger. Roman interrupts to get a statement from Nicole. Serena finds Marlena and asks how Eric is. Marlena's short with her, blaming her for getting Eric into this mess. She tells the younger woman to stay away from her son - forever. Later, John finds Doc and promises her they'll get Xander Cook. He asks her if their relationship is okay. He realizes he's been blaming her for something that doesn't even matter now. She says through it all she never stopped wanting to... He cuts her off. "I know, I feel the same." Abe approaches Serena, ready to get her statement when Daniel intervenes, offering to help if she won't talk. Serena asks for a lawyer.

    Days Recap: Jenn brings up Jack and Laura's fling in the booby hatch

    Friday, June 19 2015

    Jenn finds Eve on Marlena's computer at the hospital and demands to know what she's doing. Eve claims she's trying to access her calendar through web mail so she can make an appointment with Marlena. Jenn's glad she's getting help. They start in on each other and Marlena returns with water for Eve. They schedule an appointment for the next morning and Eve asks how confidential the files are. Marlena reassures her that there's no cloud but that she has good security and old records are under lock and key. Eve acts relieved. She goes and Jenn wanders in. She tries to talk Marlena out of seeing Eve but Marlena stops her. She can't discuss Eve with Jenn because she may become a patient. Jenn's not happy but says she's there to talk about herself and her mother. Jenn brings up the time Laura and Jack were registered in the hospital under aliases and had an affair.

    Days Recap: Jenn catches Eve snooping on Marlena's computer

    Thursday, June 18 2015

    From her office, Marlena leaves Eric a concerned message asking her son to call her.

    Back at the hospital, Anne says since Brady's "main squeeze is gone he's going to need somebody to scratch is itch." Theresa doesn't want to deal with Brady. Eve pops up. They argue about going in to see the baby but when Eve sees Marlena, she follows her into her office and asks for therapy. She puts on an act and talks about wanting to die. Marlena gets her an appointment for the next day. Eve fakes a coughing fit and while Marlena gets her water, she scours Doc's computer for information on Laura Horton. In the hall, Marlena receives a text from Xander as Eric, telling his mom he just needs space. Meanwhile, Jenn turns up in Marlena's office and catches Eve red-handed!

    Days Recap: Will turns to drastic means to hold on to Sonny

    Wednesday, June 17 2015

    From her hotel room, Serena flashes back to her last chat with Eric and worries about him going after Xander. Marlena arrives and demands to know what's going on with her and Eric. Serena won't say and starts to cry and yells for Marlena to get out. Marlena eventually takes the hint and Serena tries calling Eric.

    Days Recap: The Town Pariah.

    Wednesday, June 10 2015

    At TBD, Arianna's party is in full swing. Outside, Lucas runs to Adrienne's side. He wants to make their relationship public. Inside, Kate outs Adrienne and Lucas' relationship to the crowd. Adrienne and Lucas walk in and Will reveals what just went down. Kate insists she didn't know this was news and muses that affairs always come out. Abigail looks guilty. Later, Arianna blows out candles on her cake and Abigail texts Ben to meet her. Marlena comforts Adrienne while Kate tells Lucas she didn't intentionally try to humiliate Adrienne. Adrienne apologizes to Hope for not telling her the truth sooner but Hope hugs her and is understanding. Will gives a speech, thanking his family for all the love they give his daughter and says he's glad to have Sonny with them, considering they almost lost him. Sonny admits to Rafe and Hope he has healed pretty good since the attack. He goes off and Hope and Rafe discuss the possibility of Clyde's involvement with the attack. Nearby, Will tells Kate he sent her an advance copy of Clyde's article. She thanks him for not treating her like a pariah. "I get it. I tell the truth for a living," Will says. Rafe and Hope leave and Rafe asks her to back off since they've no proof Clyde's connected to Sonny's stabbing but Hope needs to protect her loved ones. Back inside, Kate tries to make amends with Lucas but he reminds her they're over. He goes to Adrienne and tells her to brace herself for the first PDA. They kiss and leave. Kate takes a call from Clyde and tells him to meet at the pub. She has a surprise for him.

    Days Recap: Some Things Happen For A Reason.

    Tuesday, June 09 2015

    At Will's, Marlena knows Will ditched his first therapy session and asks if he really wants to save his marriage. Will insists he does and says they're going to be seeing Dr. Meyers because he has a 100% success rate. Marlena doesn't recommend the psychiatrist and reminds her grandson in order for it to work, he has to want it. Will reveals that Sonny's still in love with Paul. Marlena says Sonny also is in love with Will and is committed to him. If he manipulates Sonny, he'll lose him and have nobody to blame but himself.

    Marlena and Will arrive at TBD. Sonny tells Will he saw Paul on his way but that they only talked a few minutes. Will says okay and Sonny goes off to greet people. Marlena goes to Will and applauds how he handled that. Abigail arrives looking guilty. Roman shows up and Abby takes family photos. When Will kisses Sonny's cheek while being photographed, Sonny chastises him for putting on a show and Will lashes out about him being with Paul, earlier. Kate approaches Abigail and thinks it must be nice being with a kind and decent man such as Ben after being with 'those two DiMeras'. Abigail gets uneasy and excuses herself. Rafe goes to Kate and says it's good to see her without Clyde for a change. She asks, "Is it? Do you enjoy being alone all the time?"

    Days Recap: A Ghost Just Stole Your Lunch Money.

    Thursday, May 21 2015

    On the DiMera plane, Marlena asks where they landed. Stefano won't say. They're not at Salem Airport he says. He's a wanted man. He blames her and John for being responsible for ruining Kristen's life. Marlena's sorry for his loss and suffering but he still has Chad. Stefano motions for Carson and he grabs Marlena while Stefano says to take her and finish it.

    Marlena's dropped off in the park by Carson. He tells her this never happened. She rushes to the square, sees John and jumps into his arms. She tells him she's fine and asks after the baby and Paul. John tells her about Tate and says things with Paul aren't going well. He fills her in.

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