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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Dr. Marlena Evans - Black - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Marlena Evans - Black Played by Deidre Hall on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Deidre Hall (NBC)

    Birthday: October 31 1947
    Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Deidre Hall
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Days Recap: That Creature.

    Wednesday, February 25 2015

    At Club TBD, Paul's mother, Tori, drops her china when he introduces her to Marlena. Marlena thinks Paul's mother must be proud of her son. Tori snaps that she would like to talk to her son alone before discussing him with anyone else. Paul tells Marlena he's sorry for causing the mess with Sonny and Will and follows his mother out. After, Hope meets Marlena, who asks about her time with Aiden. Hope mentions Ciara being away; it reminds her of when she was kidnapped and wonders what happens if it brings it back for her too. Marlena can't guarantee she won't remember, but advises Hope not to push it. Later, Hope tells Aiden about Ciara's kidnapping and why she talked to Marlena about it. Aiden thinks Hope's having those old feelings because of what he told her about Chase. She admits it, and prays Ciara never remembers. Aiden hopes the same for Chase. They'll protect the kids together. Across the room, Abigail confronts Chad, who says Jordan now believes everything she told her about him is true. Chad says he was falling in love with her, which was never supposed to happen. He leaves Abigail confused.

    Marlena arrives at the hospital and asks Kate about Will. They debate the state of their marriage. Kate hopes Paul's gone. Marlena says she just saw him.

    Days Recap: It Never Would Have Happened If...

    Tuesday, February 24 2015

    Will plays with Arianna at home when Paul calls to see how he's doing and asks to get together to talk. Will is having trouble coming to terms with sleeping with Paul who is in love with his husband. Paul learns Will has a kid and tells him how sorry he is. They hang up and Marlena arrives. Will spills everything to her.

    Paul's mother Tori arrives at TBD to take her son home to San Francisco. He won't leave. When Marlena arrives and introductions are made, Tori takes one look at Marlena and drops a mug of hot tea on the floor.

    Days Recap: Brainless Billionaire Brady.

    Monday, February 23 2015

    Marlena stops by Eric's to thank him for the gift which was unexpected. Serena perks up and asks about the gift, hearing that it was a photo of Marlena's mother. After Marlena's gone, Serena badgers him about the elephant.

    Marlena finds Jenn at home ranting about Eve. Marlena says it's a no-win and tells Jenn to back off. They laugh and Marlena goes. Jenn's not going to back off!

    Days Recap: What Do You See In That Wingnut?

    Thursday, February 19 2015

    In Marlena's office, Paul begs Marlena for help. He tells her he came out to his mother. She asks, "How did that make you feel?" He would rather avoid the cliché questions but carries on. He thinks she was fine with him living a lie. He tells her his father died before he was born and brings up his grandfather's support and how it relieved him. He hoped his mother would be in his corner. He thinks he's just a big disappointment to her. He brings up the expose and how he talked about the man he loved who wanted to marry him. He says it's all a mess now because he slept with Will Horton who turned out to be married to the man he was in love with. Marlena's eyes widen. Meanwhile, Sonny stews in his room and Caroline pops in for a visit with him and Will. She's grateful they found the ring and says their love gives her hope for the future. She kisses Sonny and Will walks her out. Sonny cries, thinking of Will in bed with Paul and of his wedding to Will. Will returns and through gritted teeth, Sonny lets Will know that Derrick told him Will and Paul were lovers.

    Days Recap: I Remember Everything!

    Wednesday, February 18 2015

    At the hospital, Will prepares to show Marlena his article when she hands him Sonny's wedding ring. In his room, Sonny yells to Paul, "You slept with him. How could you do this to me?" Paul learns Will's Sonny's husband and is taken aback. Sonny accuses Paul of knowing but Paul didn't know. "You never told me your husband's name." Sonny hyperventilates and tells Paul to get out as Abe walks in. Paul apologizes and goes. Abe recognizes Paul but says he is there to see if Sonny remembers anything. "I remember everything," Sonny starts. Will walks in and Abe leaves them alone. Will has a surprise for his husband. He places his ring on his finger. Sonny stammers.

    Days Recap: Roll Over And Play Dead.

    Tuesday, February 17 2015

    Kate arrives at Will and Sonny's and Marlena tries to get her to take over waiting for the babysitter. She asks how Sonny and Will seemed, making Marlena suspicious. Roman interrupts and upon seeing them together says he is surprised the walls are still standing. They both say, "Seriously?" simultaneously. Kate goes to the baby's room and they receive a call from the sitter who couldn't make it and is sending her sister as a replacement since she couldn't get a hold of Will. Roman hands Mar Sonny's ring which he found at the square. By the time Kate comes out, they have left.

    Days Recap: The Transylvania School Of Medicine.

    Monday, February 16 2015

    At the hospital, Sonny visits with Ari and Will. Sonny gripes about his memory loss. One of the baristas recalled him storming out. He flashes to meeting Paul in the park. Will gets a call from Zoe. He tells Sonny the article will be online soon. He flashes to sex with Paul. He's glad it's behind him. Sonny's proud. In Marlena's office, Paul flashes to telling Will he'll do it. Marlena enters. He says she was right about him from the beginning. She invites him to talk, or leave. Paul tells her about his pitching arm, and that he's gay. He invites her to gloat. Marlena asks about his family's response. He gets irritated and exits. At the nurses' station, John learns from Daniel that Brady is seeing Melanie. Daniel suggests he talk to Brady. After, Marlena visits Sonny and Will. They discuss Justin's return. Marlena and Will step out. They discuss Sonny's memory loss, which may never come back. Later, Sonny asks to see Will's article.

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