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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Celeste Perrault (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Celeste Perrault (Past) Played by Tanya Boyd on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tanya Boyd (NBC)

    Birthday: March 20 1951
    Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan USA
    Real Name: Tanya Boyd


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    Secret meetings

    Friday, March 16 2007

    Sami meets with Celeste in the restroom and Celeste tells her about the conversation she had with Benjy. She quotes him, "He thinks the child is a gift from God". Sami says it's more like a gift from the devil. Celeste tells her that the DiMeras will take her child away from her for good. Sami tells the woman she has a new plan in place to convince EJ that Lucas is the father of her baby. Celeste thinks she's not only playing with fire but she's naïve! They argue again when Celeste tells Sami that she needs to kill EJ. Sami tells Celeste to kill him herself and then asks her not to let EJ see her leave the restaurant. She goes back to her table and EJ eyes her the whole way back!
    Roman and Kayla get up from EJ's table to leave and EJ promises that he'll put out some feelers to find Steve. "Once I do I'll personally bring him to Salem PD! This way, everyone will understand that I'm just as interested in law and order as everyone else is! " EJ tells them with a grin. Roman & Kayla leave and EJ follows them out.

    Back at her table, Sami witnesses EJ leaving and wonders aloud where he's going. Chelsea tells her that it's funny because EJ came by their table while she was in the ladies room and asked the same of her! Sami insists that Chelsea tell her everything! S As they talk, Celeste takes off out of the ladies room and into the elevator … almost unnoticed! EJ spots her as he's on his cell phone and frowns.

    Sami is worried when she hears that her dad and Aunt Kayla went to talk to EJ, and she realizes that the fitting is coming up, so they rush out!

    Weaving baskets

    Monday, March 12 2007

    Back at St. Luke's Cathedral, Sami tells Celeste that her plan [to kill EJ] is crazy but Celeste assures Sami that this is her only way out. She calls EJ Satan himself. "If you're not willing to destroy him, he will certainly destroy you!" she guarantees. Sami reminds Celeste that she's talking about Lexi's half brother, but Celeste doesn't care. She knows who and what EJ is and that he has to be stopped. Sami admits that she still doesn't think that Lexi is dead, but Celeste disagrees. She's certain that EJ murdered her daughter and tells Sami that EJ wants to control her and even if the child is not EJ's, he'll always have power over her. "He'll tell Lucas that we had sex," Sami concludes, with a frown. She knows that Lucas won't believe the truth after all of the lies that have been told. Celeste promises Sami that unless she kills EJ he will eventually demand a son from her. Sami ruminates for a moment but doesn't think she can kill a man and worries that she'll get caught. Celeste tells her that she's going to help her rid the world of her daughter's murderer and suggests that Sami lure EJ to a secret place where they can kill him. Sami thinks about it momentarily but claims that she can't do it. Realizing there is nothing more to be said, Celeste wishes her good luck and leaves the church.

    The truth finally comes out!

    Friday, March 09 2007

    Sami and Celeste are still at St. Lukes, where Sami demands to know what Celeste's tarot cards said. Celeste admits that EJ wants her child and won't give up until he gets it. Sami already knows this; she admits and tells Celeste that EJ wants her to get a DNA test complete in 48 hours. Celeste tells her that EJ hopes to secure the family empire for the next generation. Sami doesn't know why, but Celeste reminds her that Stefano was obsessed with her mother and now EJ is the same with Sami. Celeste goes on to say that what they really want is a son to continue the line of DiMeras. "And God help that child," Celeste says with passion. Sami is indignant and reminds Celeste that it's her child she's talking about but Celeste answers that she is just trying to enlighten Sami as to what EJ wants and the reasons for it. Sami figures that EJ picked Sami because he figured any kid of hers would already be a bad seed. She wishes aloud that she told Lucas and Celeste agrees - she should have. Sami doesn't want a DNA test because she worries she may be carrying the DiMera spawn. She begs Celeste to tell her what to do, considering she knows more about the DiMeras than anyone. Celeste reminds Sami what she did to her daughter, Lexi and wonders why she should help. She tells Sami that she's not her friend but she will help her anyway. Sami wants to con a doctor into forging DNA results but Celeste reminds her that it won't work with the DiMeras. The only solution is to make it permanent. She goes on to say that if it doesn't work this time, he'll try again. Sami thinks she can hide from EJ but Celeste says it's impossible. She must kill him!

    Desperate measures

    Thursday, March 08 2007

    At St. Luke's, Sami is still trying to convince Lucas to leave Salem with her. He demands that she explain herself but all she can do is sob. Lucas asks her if she really wants to pull their lives apart like this but she tries to see it as and adventure and promises him she'll tell him when they're on the road. Lucas guesses that EJ is the problem and tells her they can leave town and he can get another job. Sami lies and tells him EJ isn't the problem but Lucas knows she's lying. "I've had it," he says with a sigh. "I'll do whatever you want. Just tell me why I'm doing it!" he asks, in frustration. "I can't," she whispers glumly. "Then I can't marry you," Lucas states. Sami thinks she will never be able to escape her past but Lucas doesn't agree and reminds her he has a past too! They go back and forth for a while and Sami worries that if she comes clean, he'll take back her love. After he promises not to walk out on her, a frightened Sami cries and admits that EJ was at the church when Lucas was gone. As she is about to tell Lucas what EJ said, Celeste walks into the church! She apologizes for interrupting them and says she's there to light a candle for Lexi. Lucas wants to leave but Sami decides to stick around. He presses her to finish what she started so she lies and tells Lucas that she's just hormonal and that EJ just messed with her head a little. Lucas tells her he has a prescription for that - one chick flick and a pound of chocolate! Sami smiles and the two part ways.

    Sami goes to Celeste and asks for her help. Celeste tells Sami she already knew this. "That's why I'm here!" She declares.


    Tuesday, February 20 2007

    At the Carver home, Celeste reads to Theo a little and sends him off to work on a puzzle while she opens the mail. She finds a speeding ticket for Alexandra and mutters to herself how she's always warning her daughter about speeding. She's taken aback when she sees something else within the ticket and murmurs, "That's not my Alexandra!"

    Sami arrives at the Carver home to find out what the problem is. Celeste discusses the disappearance of Alexandra, and asks Sami if she saw her daughter the night that John Black was shot. Sami is honest with her and denies seeing Lexi. She says, "Lexi and I weren't friends but I didn't have anything to do with her disappearance." Celeste tells Sami that she knows she was with EJ the night that John was shot. She shows her a picture from the photo radar. Sami's lip starts to tremble as she looks at a photo of she and EJ in Lexi's car! Sami knows there is no way out of this and tells Celeste that when Lucas was wounded, and her car wouldn't start, she flagged down the first car she saw. It turned out to be EJ in Lexi's car. She goes on to say that EJ offered to help her take the log off of Lucas' leg if she helped him get through the roadblocks. She starts to cry and Celeste stops her to ask why she didn't come forward with the information before. Sami explains that EJ had a gun on her and forced her to get him through the police barricades. Celeste doesn't believe her but Sami comes clean completely and tells her that she needed EJ's help with Lucas so she agreed to have sex with EJ if he would help her with Lucas' leg. Celeste is flabbergasted and says, "Darling, he raped you." Sami starts to cry and nods as Celeste envelopes her into a hug. The two sit on the sofa and Celeste comforts Sami. Celeste explains that this was rape and that she's a survivor, not a victim. She encourages Sami to go to the police, but Sami explains that she can't. She reveals that she's pregnant, and Celeste sighs as comprehension sets in. She knows that the baby could be EJ or Lucas' and mumbles that even if Stefano is dead, the evil never ends. Sami says that she just got engaged and that if Lucas were to find out that she cheated on him, it would be over. Celeste again reminds her that she didn't cheat. She says that it was rape and that all about control. Sami tells Celeste that EJ told her that Stefano sent him to impregnate one of the Brady women. Celeste is afraid the worst is to come and promises to keep her secret. They discuss Lexi and how either she or Tek must have seen EJ shoot John Black. While Celeste is devastated with the thoughts that EJ murdered her daughter, Sami comforts her and says maybe EJ has Lexi kept somewhere. They agree never to discuss the radar photograph of Sami and EJ for fear that EJ will learn of its existence and Sami leaves soon thereafter.

    Down on bended knee!

    Tuesday, February 13 2007

    Abe and Theo have breakfast at home when Celeste shows up with some groceries. Abe whispers to her that Theo needs Valentine's Day cards but she's one step ahead of him and holds up a box. Celeste asks Theo to go get some ice cream with her in the afternoon and he happily accepts, before he goes off to play. Abe trips over something while on his way to have a seat on the sofa and Celeste notices. She asks if he's taking his medicine every day but he admits to being more concerned about Theo than himself. He worries about Theo, because he's always asking where his mommy is. Abe goes on to voice his concerns that he won't be able to take care of Theo soon, either, but Celeste promises she will be there to help. Abe asks Celeste if Theo could go live with her for a while, because he needs someone to take care of him. Celeste is shocked and says that she'd love to have him in her home but she's worried he'd miss Abe too much, in addition to missing Lexi. She offers to move in and take care of them. Abe considers it and later agrees that it's a good idea. She goes to pack her belongings.

    At the hospital, Dr. Rebert tells Nick that he's running an ad in the paper for the lab assistant job. A flustered Nick quickly calls Abby and tells her he's in trouble and needs her help!

    Nick meets with Abby at Java Café and explains that he lied to Chelsea about there being any openings at the lab for her and now Dr. Rebert has put an ad in the paper for the position of lab assistant. He's worried that Chelsea will find out that he lied to her about there being any available openings and if she goes to apply for it, he's through! She'll find out everything once she sees Dr. Rebert. Abby fails when she tries to get Nick to finally come clean. She warns him that Chelsea is going to find out on her own and it will be worse! They leave the café and Nick thanks Abby for listening to her. She adds that she only wishes that he'd listen to her! They agree to go together to the hospital.

    The Death Card is missing!

    Monday, November 27 2006

    At the Carvers, Celeste arrives to a waiting Abe and Roman. She had a disturbing dream about Alexandra and Theo. She tells them because of the dream; she can't put the two at risk. She says, "It made what I have to do, perfectly clear." She agrees to help them, if they agree to protect Lexi and Theo. They show her the photos of the tarot cards, which she lies out. She feels disturbing vibrations, even with the photographs. She says the cards represent "Terrible calamities of those who have crossed EJ." EJ is the Chariot; notorious willful, and in control," she goes on to say. He began by upsetting relationships. Each new incident brings worse consequences, she says. "He isn't finished. The cards predict terrible danger to come." They all try to interpret the cards, but Abe is frustrated with the generalities of the cards. Celeste is a little annoyed, and blurts out, "I'm risking life and limb to do this!" They realize that the cards are actually instructions for EJ to follow… Lies, betrayal, adultery, etc. She explains that one card is missing from the deck. It's on its way from Italy - the Death Card! Bo arrives to the Carver home and they realize EJ will be instructed to kill someone, once he receives the Death Card. She believes that someone in their family will die! Celeste thinks EJ must be a DiMera. She refuses to sign documents to bring a case against Wells, much to the men's frustration. Bo thinks this leaves them one option - they need to crack this before someone ends up dead!

    Join in the festivities!

    Friday, November 24 2006

    At the Carvers, Lexi and Abe snuggle with Theo, and then ask him to go watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, (while they chat about the black glove case.) Abe's distracted, because they've lost Patrick and EJ, and is upset that the DA won't even let them investigate Wells. Lexi offers to speak to Celeste again. Abe goes off to work, promising to be back before dinner. After he leaves, Celeste comes by. Right away, Lexi asks her mom to help Abe. "I'll give you the same answer, darling," she says. "No." Lexi gets desperate, grabbing Celeste's hand when she goes to leave. "Mom, you're shaking," Lexi says. She pleads with her mom to come clean with what's going on, so the two sit, with Celeste saying, "You know who you are and where you came from…" Lexi puts a hand to her mouth, and her breath catches, as Celeste goes on to say, "One family has caused all this pain - the DiMeras!" Abe comes in at that point, overhearing that last bit. He asks Celeste to tell him what's going on, but she refuses. She starts to make her way towards the door, saying, "If we keep our eyes and mouths shut, we'll be safe." Abe pleads with her for help, but she says she's not that noble. She says, "I can't help and I won't." She's ready to leave, but they ask her to stay. She concedes when Theo comes into the living room, and Abe tells her that they're a family.

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