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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Celeste Perrault (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Celeste Perrault (Past) Played by Tanya Boyd on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tanya Boyd (NBC)

    Birthday: March 20 1951
    Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan USA
    Real Name: Tanya Boyd


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    Eye of newt? Tongue of frog?

    Tuesday, March 27 2007

    In the living room, Kate wants to know what Celeste is planning. She goes to her and offers her an avocado puff. "Eye of Newt? Tongue of frog?" she asks sarcastically, thrusting the Hor` Derves at Celeste. Celeste refuses so Kate asks her about what she meant when she spoke of murdering EJ! Celeste tells her she has misunderstood the meaning but Kate thinks she knows better!

    Lucas arrives at the party, happy to see that it is in full swing. Philip takes Lucas outside to apologize but Lucas refuses to accept his apology. The men go back inside and Kate tries her hand at getting Lucas to forgive Philip. It doesn't get her anywhere and Lucas asks where Sami is.Kate admits Sami has been in the bedroom with EJ this entire time!

    Celeste makes her way toward the door and Kate snidely asks her "Leaving already? You haven't murdered anyone yet!" Celeste makes something up about having a problem with an interview for Will's private school and that she wanted to talk to Sami about it. She was angry with the head master and wanted to kill him, she tells Kate. She leaves the party but once outside, she hurriedly text messages Sami to let her in on the lie!

    Green wedding plans

    Monday, March 26 2007

    Sami is met by Celeste in the hallway, when she is on her way home. They discuss EJ and the fake lab report that Sami plans to show EJ. Celeste tells her that EJ will destroy her when he finds out she's trying to trick him - and he will! Sami freaks out when she finds out that EJ knew that Celeste and she met at Penthouse Grill. Celeste warns Sami that bad things are to come if she doesn't get rid of him for good. Celeste tells her, "That bastard from hell deserves to die," and EJ opens the door with a look of pure evil on his face!

    No means NO!

    Friday, March 23 2007

    Willow joins Nick at Chez Rouge to ask Nick if he has spoken to his uncle Mickey about housing. He tells her to be patient and then when the two are interrupted by EJ, Willow runs off. EJ talks to Nick about Sami and asks Nick if he knew anything about the results amniocentesis that Sami had. He wonders if Nick's lab processed the results yet! Nick apologizes. He can't help him. EJ tells Nick that he wanted to purchase Sami an expensive gift for her shower today, and that's why he wanted to know the results, but Nick doesn't budge. He explains to EJ that he hasn't heard good things about him and thinks perhaps EJ should wait until the baby is born to buy a gift! EJ thinks he can bribe Nick and invites him for a drink, promising to make it worth his while. Nick tells EJ, "No means NO!" and while the two are chatting, Celeste arrives at Chez Rouge. She and Maggie greet each other warmly, with a hug and then Celeste notices EJ and Nick talking. She listens in to their conversation.

    Nick tells EJ that if he's a friend of Sami's, he should be asking Sami about this, not him! EJ comments that he's a smart guy but then tries to bribe Nick. He promises to buy him a sports car! Nick grins and sarcastically asks him," Can you add a penthouse apartment with a circular bed and mirrors on the ceilings? Cause if you did, you'd have yourself a deal!" he finishes. He then says to EJ, "In case you didn't take the hint, I'm not for sale." EJ takes the hint and tells him if he changes his mind, he knows where to find him! He pays for his drink and tells Nick that he's certain that they'll meet again, and then he leaves.

    Once EJ is gone, Maggie goes to Nick to ask how he knows EJ. Nick relays the conversation and they both wonder what business is it of EJ's where Sami gets her blood work done! Celeste listens to the conversation from a seat at the bar.

    Back in the hallway of Sami's building, Sami goes through the trash to find the lab report when EJ comes up behind her! "Someone as beautiful as you shouldn't be taking out the trash, Samantha," he says with charm. Sami rolls her eyes and says taking out the trash is a favorite chore and she was just looking to see if she dropped her keys in the basket! He asks her when he can expect the results back from the amniocentesis. She tells him when she knows, he'll know. EJ lets her know that he doesn't trust her and knows that she has a knack for messing around with hospital test results! Lucas comes out to ask her what's taking so long. EJ explains he was just saying hello to Samantha, so Lucas goes back inside, and EJ goes into his own apartment while Sami grabs the lab report and takes the trash out. Once she gets back inside, Lucas demands to know if EJ is hitting on her again. She tells him everything is under control. He goes to bed and Sami follows behind but gets a call from Celeste on her cell phone. She tells Sami they need to talk about EJ, but Sami has had enough EJ for one night and tells her to forget it. She hangs up on Celeste then hides the lab report in a chest of drawers.

    Dudley Do Wrong!

    Wednesday, March 21 2007

    Celeste sits at Penthouse Grill alone. She's deep in thought and when a waitress comes to her, she tells the woman that something is wrong. She says, "I've got to leave here. Right now! "She makes a run for the elevator and when it arrives, it's carrying EJ! EJ calls Celeste Francesca but she corrects him. "My name is Celeste," she informs him, but he already knows that and reminds her that his father used to call her Francesca! He notes that she's been at Penthouse Grill often lately. He tells her he saw her there earlier but Celeste denies being there. HE accuses her of being with Samantha but she laughs it off and says she'd rather break bread with Lucifer! He laughs and tells her he hopes so, for her sake. "I would sadden him deeply to know she has become involved in matters that do not concern you, Francesca!" he says. Celeste tells him she has no time or desire to spend time with Samantha. She's too busy with her grandson. EJ asks her to stay but she claims Theo is waiting at home for her. She tells him he's wasting her time and goes to leave but he demands her presence. They get seated at a table but Celeste wants to leave. EJ calls Celeste his family but she tells him they're not family and her daughter is dead. She lets on that she is certain that he ordered a hit on her daughter. EJ asks her mockingly if she had a mystical vision to tell her that Alexandra is dead. She tells him that Alexandra is his sister and not even Stefano would take a hit out on family. She lets him know that Stefano would be outraged if he knew what he did. She goes on but EJ grows impatient and stops her. "Finished yet?" he asks. She tells him she is and promises not to do anything to upset him but he calls her on her lies. "Then why have you been lying to my face?" he asks. He tells her to shut up and listen and goes on about how he and Samantha are grabbling with a few… "tender issues". He tells her he is sensitive about who Samantha is meeting with. She gets up to leave, claiming she doesn't have to listen to this, but he ignores her and says that he knows she met with Samantha at the ladies room, earlier. He tells her to sit down. She tells him she came for a drink with a friend who cancelled but he doesn't believe her. EJ tells her he believes her and apologizes. He gives his best to Abe and Theo and tells her that he has news about Stefano's health but she tells EJ she hopes Stefano rots in hell for all eternity. On that note, she leaves.

    Secret meetings

    Friday, March 16 2007

    Celeste secretly meets with Benjy DiMera in her car. Celeste starts out by explaining that EJ is out of control and has taken the madness of being a DiMera even further than Stefano! She goes on to say that Alexandra has been a victim of his and it's time to put an end to it all. Benjy appears frightened and signs to Celeste that the baby Sami's carrying seems to be an obsession with the DiMera's. He signs that all EJ told him was that Stefano considers the baby a gift from God. Celeste asks what that means but he doesn't know. He does know that it doesn't bode well with Sami.

    EJ sits with Dr. Abruzzi, who tells him that Stefano is not out of the woods yet. They aren't sure if his body will accept the kidney transplant and if it doesn't work, they'll have to consider a bone marrow transplant. EJ considers who could be a match. He tells the doctor that nothing is more important to me than my father's life and I'm holding you personally responsible for it.

    Celeste arrives at Penthouse Grill. Once she sees Chelsea sitting with Sami and EJ at his own table,she frowns and turns away before anyone can see her.

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