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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Celeste Perrault (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Celeste Perrault (Past) Played by Tanya Boyd on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tanya Boyd (NBC)

    Birthday: March 20 1951
    Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan USA
    Real Name: Tanya Boyd


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    Stephanie's Makeover

    Friday, April 20 2007

    They sit down and he caresses her face and takes a call from Kate, who wants to know if Sami is with him. He puts his finger to his lips as if to tell Sami to keep quiet while he tells Kate that maybe it's about time he told her the truth about he and Sami! Sami takes this as her cue and jumps on EJ and kisses him hard. She doesn't let up until he passes out from the drugged lipstick. Sami holds the cell phone but doesn't speak while Kate calls out her name! Celeste arrives and calls Sami's name. Sami's eyes widen and she closes the cell phone! She tells Celeste that Kate is on to them and Celeste tells her they have to hurry. She reminds her that EJ is a murderer and a DiMera when Sami gets cold feet.

    After some clever convincing, on Celeste's part, Sami tells her partner in crime to get the gasoline! Celeste douses the cabin and EJ in gasoline and almost in tears, Sami tells EJ she didn't want this but he forced her. "I don’t have a choice," she repeats as she stands over EJ and strikes a match.

    A woman with needs

    Thursday, April 19 2007

    Sami throws covers over Lucas and turns out the lights before she lets Room Service in. She giggles and tells Lucas playfully to stop tickling her and asks that the man leave the food on the sideboard and leave. Sami hurriedly calls Celeste to come upstairs [Remember, she has been waiting down in the lobby this whole time.] and help her move Lucas to the bed. Celeste and Sami put him to bed and put a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door. Sami is in tears as they rush to the cabin. Celeste assures Sami that "EJ may be a racecar driver but he's never seen me in action!"

    Kate Figures Out The Anagram

    Wednesday, April 18 2007

    At The Tower, Sami checks her messages on her cell phone and becomes edgy as she hears EJ's message. Lucas comes to her for affection but all she can think about is what's going to happen at the cabin. He tells her that a chocolate fondue is being sent up to their room and although she smiles, he can sense that something is up. She blames her mood on back pain from the high heels she's been wearing all day and figures a bath will help. She gets a text message on her cell phone and lies to Lucas and says it's from Marlena. He isn't happy that she's sending texts while they're supposed to be getting romantic but he goes off to the bathroom while she feigns a text to Marlena. As soon as he's gone, she dashes outside the room and bumps into Celeste, who gives her the tube of lipstick. "First you're going to use it on Lucas. One kiss and he'll be out and we'll be on our way." She tells a frantic Sami. Sami asks for 20 minutes and they agree to meet downstairs and go to the cabin together.

    Sami goes back inside and Lucas and she start kissing. Lucas stops and calls down to check on their room service. Once off the phone, they start kissing again. Kate arrives, much to Lucas' dismay. Sami goes off to shower while Kate tells him that she pressured EJ for more information about EJ's mystery woman. Lucas doesn't want to hear it but she tells him that the name EJ gave was an anagram and that Sami is going to leave him and marry EJ tonight! Lucas thinks that EJ made up the entire story because he's upset that Lucas threatened to tell all about him cooking the books. He tells Kate that she bought it but he doesn't want to hear it anymore.


    Tuesday, April 17 2007

    Sami and Celeste pace the floor at Sami's apartment. Sami has cold feet and wants to back out of killing EJ. Celeste tells her that it's either murder or losing Lucas and her baby to EJ. Sami isn't sure she can live with herself after she murders EJ but Celeste reminds her again, that if she wants her life back, she'll take out EJ. Tonight. Celeste relents and tells Sami that if she truly believes that she can't deal with this, that they'll stop things now. She pauses and gives Sami a warning. "I just pray you don't end up the same way Alexandra did." Sami thinks she can talk EJ into letting her go but Celeste doubts she can do this. Sami paces the room and then opens Will's back pack and finds $200 in it. She calls Will out of his room and demands to know where it came from. He says he did a little work for someone and reluctantly admits it was EJ. Sami goes ballistic on him and reminds him she wanted him to stay away from EJ. Will gets snarky and retorts, "What are you talking about? You spend more time with him than anyone!" He turns and stomps off. Celeste uses this new information to further convince Sami that she's doing the right thing. Sami agrees and they go over their strategy.

    Sami grabs her cell phone and calls Celeste quickly to let her know what's happening. Celeste tells her she must get rid of him because EJ is leaving and probably going to the cabin. Sami thinks their plans are off. Celeste tries to help out and tells her she knows what will happen if she doesn't show up at 9pm. She hangs up and Lucas comes out of the bedroom with their bags. EJ makes a call to Sami but she ignores the call. He tells her that he's on his way to the cabin and tells her that time is running out.

    Thick as thieves?

    Monday, April 09 2007

    Celeste arrives at Sami's place and knows before Sami tells her that EJ found out that the lab report was a fake and that he threatened her. They discuss their next move. Celeste tells her that the time has come. She has no choice but to kill EJ. "He has to die. EJ has to die." Sami says, and they decide that Sami take her own car to meet with Lucas at 6:00 for wedding plans and then pretend she needs to run some errands afterward. Sami is nervous about the entire act of murder but Celeste reassures her that ridding the world of Elvis DiMera is a good thing. Celeste tells Sami how to make EJ believe that she wants to be with him and tells her she needs to seduce him. She shows Sami a tube of lipstick that she'll be able to drug him with. She cautions her to coat her lips with as much lip balm as she possibly can before she puts the lipstick on so that she won't feel the effects of the narcotic that Celeste plans to inject into the lipstick. When she kisses EJ, she says that he'll fall asleep and stay that way until they can kill him by burning down the cabin! Sami gets cold feet but Celeste reminds her, "You're the one chance we have Samantha. You're the key." Celeste tells Sami that nobody will press charges because they'll all be glad to rid themselves of EJ. Sami agrees to go through with the plan and they get out a map and plan where they're going to meet and how the plan is going to go down!

    Love, Honor and ...Obey

    Friday, April 06 2007

    Abe and Celeste dine at Chez Rouge while Abe tells Celeste she has been his strength for the past few months. He calls her a Godsend to him and Theo. Celeste tells him it's great to feel safe and needed and she discusses how she sees Alexandra in Theo. The pleasant conversation is tainted when a drunken Kate arrives at the table and interrupts their chat to ask Celeste what she and Sami have going on. She tells Abe a few theories but Celeste tells her to shut up. They bicker back and forth and Celeste says, "This is always about your pettiness and jealousies." Abe calms the ladies and asks Celeste where Kate got the idea that Sami and Celeste were hiding something and she says she has seen them talking together, privately. Celeste blows her off and says, "I've asked and gotten Samantha to agree to a truce." Kate doesn't believe her and then brings up her theory of how EJ helped Sami move the log off of Lucas' leg. Celeste remains calm but Kate raises her voice and tells Abe to listen to his instincts. Much to Kate's chagrin, Abe says he believes in Celeste. Celeste tells Kate that she and Sami aren't confidants, and asks why would she assume that Sami would tell her anything? Abe puts Kate in her place and she finally leaves. Abe asks if there is anything that Celeste wants to share with him but she has nothing to say, so he asks her to be careful and the two order champagne!!

    All is not as it seems!

    Monday, April 02 2007

    After EJ leaves, Celeste comes by the apartment and Sami relays what happened with EJ. She tells Celeste that EJ appeared desperate and is surprised when Celeste snickers. Celeste says, "You don't have a clue, do you? EJ played you like a violin!" She goes on to say that this is just the beginning. She thinks that Sami should seduce him and then kill him but Sami outright refuses and asks Celeste to leave.

    Proof for Squire Boy

    Friday, March 30 2007

    At Sami's apartment, Celeste looks over Sami's shoulder as Sami forges the DNA report for EJ. Sami feels her eyes burning into her and remind Celeste that she has experience forging DNA reports and doesn't need her help! Celeste looks at the finished product and tells Sami that her report isn't good enough to fool a DiMera! Sami thinks that even though EJ may think it's a forgery, she doesn’t think EJ can get a hold of her medical records. Celeste asks, "What country are you from?" She reminds her that EJ can get what he wants. She is unwavering in her thoughts that Sami should, "Get rid of him!" Sami refuses again to kill EJ and so Celeste asks if she would consider telling Lucas the truth. She admits she thinks of it but it won't get rid of EJ. Celeste tells her that she'll regret not listening to her regarding this. Sami agrees to call Celeste once it's over with and she leaves. Sami makes a call to EJ to let him know that the results are in.

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