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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Celeste Perrault (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Celeste Perrault (Past) Played by Tanya Boyd on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tanya Boyd (NBC)

    Birthday: March 20 1951
    Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan USA
    Real Name: Tanya Boyd


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    Five month countdown!

    Monday, May 21 2007

    Back by the family plot, Celeste says she didn't want to be pulled into another of his family's plots but if she wants to see Alexandra, she had no choice but to do Tony's bidding. She tells him Stefano needs those stem cells immediately, and becomes angry when it dawns on her that the stem cells are to come from Samantha's baby. She demands to know where Alexandra is, and EJ puts her off, giving her his word that he will tell her when he is ready. Celeste knows his word is meaningless and is steaming mad at him for raping Samantha in order to get her pregnant, just to save Stefano. EJ suggests she leave but she ignores him and tells him he doesn't owe Stefano anything. She warns, "I promise you. He will destroy you." EJ disagrees and says his father loves him. "I think I know my own father," he says, but Celeste says that Stefano hides behind his wealth and power because he's selfish. She says that Stefano raised him as a weapon. EJ's face falls as she goes on to say that Stefano would destroy his child for his own sake. "If you are the father, you need to stand up to Stefano and save this baby's life. How far will you go to save an evil old man?"

    Sami and Lucas come to tell EJ of their agreement find Celeste there. Celeste says she's there to see EJ on family business, and EJ asks what the verdict is. Sami tells EJ that he'll have to wait 5 months until the baby is born. EJ is furious and says, "I'm not waiting 5 months, Samantha." Lucas asks what the rush is and EJ stumbles over his words. "I want closure," he says. EJ flashes back to his conversation with Celeste when she asks him what type of father he is to put Samantha through hell during her pregnancy, when he knows he's also putting the child through hell. He appears grim, and Sami says, "The child comes first, before everything else." Celeste agrees and EJ ponders finally agrees to defer to her until the baby is born. The newlyweds leave and Celeste tells EJ she's impressed and asks what he's going to tell Stefano. A desperate EJ suggests that Celeste perform some sort of voodoo ritual to find out the paternity of the child!

    Whatever EJ wants, EJ gets…

    Friday, May 18 2007

    EJ is told to stay behind and suddenly Celeste comes out of nowhere and surprises EJ. She tells EJ that she has a message from his brother Tony, "Stefano's condition is deteriorating. To save his life, you need those stem cells. Now!"


    Monday, May 07 2007

    At home, Sami talks to her baby. She tells him or her that she hopes that EJ won't do anything to ruin her big day. She considers that it’s altogether possible that she could have a happy wedding day. Lucas and Will arrive home with their wedding suits and get ready for the wedding. Sami answers a knock at the door from Celeste, who barges in to tell Sami that Kate has the photo taken of Sami and EJ in Lexi's car. Sami paces and worries that she's in for it now but Celeste tries to convince Sami to spill to Lucas. "It will set you free, Samantha." She urges, but Sami refuses and realizes that EJ won't let Kate use the photo because it could implicate him. Celeste continues her lecture and it appears that she has gotten through to Sami this time. She leaves the apartment and when Lucas comes out of the bedroom in his suit, looking dapper, she is ready to come clean. Lucas promises that this time their wedding will go off without a hitch. He reminds her that it’s getting late, when she asks if they can discuss EJ. Lucas asks her not to tell him."Don't do this to me," he pleads. He reassures her that everything will be fine and asks that she not give EJ and Kate anymore ammunition to hurt them. When she tries yet again to tell him the truth about her secret with EJ, he puts a stop to it and says he doesn’t want to know. He asks her if she loves him. She replies in the positive and he asks her if they can just be happy and let the past stay in the past. Sami doesn’t really have a choice and Will runs out of his room, camera in hand. He takes a few shots of Sami and Lucas and runs back in his room for the rings. Will and Lucas leave.


    Wednesday, May 02 2007

    After Kate leaves, Abe goes to check on Theo and Celeste runs outside to find Kate. She grabs her handbag and the two get into a scuffle. The bag drops and the photo of Sami and EJ is in plain sight! Celeste gasps, "Oh dear God!" and Kate smirks and says she knows about Sami's little secret.

    Another Piece Of The Puzzle

    Monday, April 30 2007

    EJ arrives at The Tower as per Celeste's request. She asks him where he has been this whole time and tells him that she has done all that he has asked and wants him to stop tormenting Sami. He says he's just getting started! She disgustedly tells him he's shameless, but he's not offended! He gives her back a tube of lip balm that he wore when Sami kissed him at the cabin, and thanks her for it. She tells him it's time for him to hold up his end of the bargain. "Tell me where my daughter is. Where's Alexandra?" she asks. EJ ignores her and tells her how happy he is about how things turned out. Celeste can't believe her ears and reminds him that he spent all night soaked in gasoline. He asks her where her sense of romance is and tells her, "Last night was proof that Sami still has feelings for me!" "You are truly a sick man, EJ Wells." She replies. She says Sami was ready to murder him but EJ disagrees and points out that Sami couldn't bring herself to do it. "This was some ridiculous test?" she asks, and tells him he is more delusional than she thought. "For all of her faults, Samantha is not a cold blooded killer, like you!" she says. EJ tells her that he couldn't plan a future with the mother of his child until he knew he could trust her. "That's what makes what I have to do even more difficult," he says. Celeste asks a third time for him to tell her where Alexandra is but he refuses her. He has plans to tell her after the wedding he says, because he needs assurance that she won't go against him. Celeste tells him that if it wasn't for her daughter, she'd have lit that fire and roasted marshmallows over it herself! EJ laughs and calls her feisty! She reminds him that every time he puts Samantha in hell, he puts what could be his own child at risk. She asks him, "What kind of father does that make you?"

    Once EJ leaves, Celeste calls Sami and leaves a message telling her that she can't find EJ. Kate just happens upon her and listens to her conversation!

    An awful fright!

    Friday, April 27 2007

    Sami rents the Tower hotel room out for one more day in order to get rid of the gasoline can that was left on her bed. She asks Celeste over to see it and relays where she found it. She tells Celeste EJ left it for her but Celeste reminds her that he was in the burning cabin. "He couldn’t have survived,… come on!" she says, hopefully. Sami says she's positive that EJ placed the can there so that she would know that he's on to her. Celeste looks ashen and says that she should have lit that match when she had a chance. Sami yells that she didn't invite her there to say "I told ya so". Sami needs her help! Celeste turns to go but Sami asks her to talk to EJ and tell him that she couldn't light the match. Celeste says that it won't matter much in his world but Sami offers to do whatever EJ wants … An alarmed Celeste tells her, "You can't mean that." Sami begs. "You are my only hope. You have to try!" Celeste agrees to do what she can but asks her not to get her hopes up. Celeste encourages her to tell Lucas the truth but Sami obstinately refuses and doesn't see how it'll change anything. Celeste thinks it'll give Elvis one last thing to hold over her head. "But it'll give Lucas a reason to leave me." She says. She thinks she may never see her child grow up. She leaves with Celeste calling after her to be careful. After she leaves, Celeste calls someone and says, "I need to see you right away!"


    Tuesday, April 24 2007

    Celeste and Sami stand outside the burning cabin arguing about whether or not Sami should go in and save EJ's life. Sami cries gut wrenching sobs and breaks free of Celeste and enters the smoke filled cabin in order to save EJ's life, but the smoke is so thick that she can only hear EJ begging for her to save him. She can't see and Celeste runs in after her to remind her to think of her baby. Sami listens and staggers out of the cabin coughing and choking with Celeste in tow. The police arrive and Celeste drags Sami away before they're caught.

    Burn in hell!

    Monday, April 23 2007

    Sami stands over EJ with a lit match [that goes out] and cries, "No matter how sick and twisted you are, I can't do it. I can't kill you. I thought we were friends but you didn't care about me at all. You just wanted to make your daddy proud. For that … for that you raped me, you used the fact that I loved Lucas so much to force me to have sex with you and you've been torturing me ever since. Lucas loves me and he's forgiven me so many times. He doesn’t deserve this…" she says through tears. She promises she won’t let him destroy her future and strikes another match. She lists off the names of her entire family and all those he's tortured and tells him she hopes he burns in hell.

    Abe calls Celeste at the cabin and tells her that Kate's insisting that Sami left Lucas in the hotel room and ran off with EJ. He asks if she knows anything about it but she laughs and says that she spoke with Samantha a few moments ago. "They were sharing a romantic dinner," she says. Abe thanks her and hangs up. Celeste fumes about Kate but Sami reminds her they have more pressing matters. They look at EJ. Sami notices he's waking up and decides she needs to tell Lucas the truth, even if it means he leaves her. They go to the door to leave but EJ calls her name. He tells her he smells gasoline. She tells him he's dreaming and hurriedly puts on the lipstick and kisses him again. Once he passes out, she wipes off her lips and runs outside. As soon as she's out there she remembers to go back and get her suitcase. She runs in and looks at the sofa. EJ's gone!! She turns around and screams bloody murder when she sees EJ stumbling up behind her! He groggily asks, "Samantha. What did you do to me? What did you do to me?" He falls to the sofa and passes out again. Sami runs outside to tell Celeste and the cabin starts burning.

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