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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Celeste Perrault (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Celeste Perrault (Past) Played by Tanya Boyd on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tanya Boyd (NBC)

    Birthday: March 20 1951
    Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan USA
    Real Name: Tanya Boyd


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    Time will tell

    Wednesday, October 03 2007

    Chelsea is looking tired as she and Stephanie stand around the sorority house. She recalls Stephanie's taunts about her fear of being rejected and then sarcastically thanks her friend for dragging her there. Steph doesn't care, she just applies her lip gloss before Morgan strolls in and informs them that they will be forced to bare their souls as the brutal trials of sisterhood begin. The southern belle explains that the sorority does charity work every year and this year will ne no different. She asks them to sign up in pairs: The team that raises the most money will be voted in as that year's 'angels'. Chelsea finds this hilarious but Morgan doesn't find it funny at all. When she walks out, Steph starts to worry that she might not actually get in. They go out to a bar and try to figure out a way to raise money. Stephanie proposes a series of semi-legal ideas which Chelsea shoots down. Getting into a sorority would look good on her resume though, she admits. Steph is more interested in the hot guys she can be set up with. Chelsea wonders if she would say that if Jeremy was still around. 'There are many more fish in the sea,' she says, fondling her hair. Well, if she's over Jeremy, what about Max? Stephanie reminds her friend that college is about meeting new people. Aunt Adrienne comes around to take their orders and lets slip that she needs a waitress; it's game night so they could make a few hundred in tips. As the two young women go to the bar, Stephanie starts to size up all the boys in the bar. This gives her an idea: They should hold an auction! 'Let the coeds bid on hot male bods!' Steph explains. That sounds like a lot of planning to Chelsea. Stephanie strides over to a table and asks some guys if they'd be interested in being part of an auction. They're flirtatious, but Chelsea thinks this is still a long shot. Stephanie is convinced and passes the idea by her aunt. She likes the idea. Steph is even more excited; she knows that all frat boys think they're God's gift so it will be easy to get them on board. Chelsea finally breaks down under pressure and they high five to seal it.

    I'd rather laugh with the sinners!

    Tuesday, August 07 2007

    Lexi hovers outside the Brady Pub cloaked in black. She's caught by Celeste, who wants to know what her get up is all about. Lexi admits she's hiding and while she's still in therapy, Andre is still out there, so she's still in fear for her life. Celeste suggests she got o Abraham for protection but Lexi's too afraid. No amount of coaxing can persuade her, so Celeste tells her that she may as well go back to the abandoned tunnel because this is no way to live. Lexi is hurt and Celeste immediately apologizes. She just wants her daughter's happiness. "He's better off without me," Lexi says sadly of Abe. Celeste is sure that Abe wants to see her, but she thinks he too is afraid of getting his heart broken. Lexi thinks she deserves to be punished and lists her faults. Celeste asks if she too deserves punishment. "No," Lexi doesn’t think so. Celeste reminds Lexi that everyone in Salem was controlled by the DiMeras at one time or another but asks that she not let them control her future. She reminds Lexi they're in a war with the DIMeras and the Bradys and that Theo's in it too. She says they made Elvis a rapist and a would be murder.

    May he soon rest in peace!

    Friday, June 22 2007

    At the hospital, Lexi is sitting on the hospital bed, hands shaking. Celeste helps her apply makeup and once Lexi gets a look at herself in the mirror, she starts to cry, uncontrollably, thinking she looks as though she has aged 10 years since she was a prisoner in the tunnel. Celeste tells her she looks beautiful and when Lexi worries about what will happen with Abe, her mother tells her, "Speak from your heart when Abraham arrives." Dr. Burger arrives without Abe and tells Lexi she has bad news. Abe has been complaining of severe headaches and running a fever, so it could mean that he is rejecting the corneal transplant. Lexi tells the doctor that they'll wait to see him. The doctor leaves and Lexi thinks it's a sign that she should leave Salem and never return. Celeste poo poo's her thoughts about this being a sign, and says that her husband needs her. Celeste asks, "What about Theo?" Lexi says she'll call him, and this strikes a chord with Celeste, who indignantly tells her daughter that Theo needs his mother. Lexi confesses that she worries she'll hurt her family more, being back. Celeste comforts her with a loving, motherly hug. Lexi says she feels bad about what her mother has gone through, but Celeste lets her know that she always held out hope. She thinks this is Lexi's second chance and tells her to grab on to it and never let it go! Alexandra nods and thanks her mother from allowing her to make another terrible mistake. The doctor arrives again and tells them that Abe is resting and the fever has gone down. Lexi and Celeste are happy and Lexi tells the doctor she has changed her mind and would like to see her husband!! The doctor tells her that Abe's sedated and won't know she's there, but Lexi doesn't mind. She wants to be the first person Abe sees when his bandages are removed!

    The doctor leaves and Celeste tells her how proud of her she is for being so loving and kind, knowing she's a DiMera. Lexi's eyes are moist as she listens to her mother's praises. Celeste tells her she deserves a reward. She opens the door and Theo comes running in… "Mommy!!" he calls, as he's swept up by an overjoyed Lexi. Lexi promises her son she'll never go away again, and they tell one another how much they love each other.

    Family Meeting!

    Thursday, June 21 2007

    The family sits to dinner and Bart serves. He splashes some 'fishy sauce' on Celeste, who calls him an idiot. Dr. Rolf stands nearby, having already eaten. Tony and EJ argue about taking the stem cells from Sami's baby, and Stefano gets up and holds a stack of letters and says wars have been won and lost. He says when his father was in Ireland, he met Colleen, who became his whole life. "Colleen Brady changed the course of our family's history, but love did not conquer all. She was murdered in cold blood. A Brady took a Brady's life," he says with passion, and confesses that his father never recovered. He says Santo made Stefano seek vengeance on the Brady family. He asks his family if he should tell them to continue this vendetta or ask them to stop it now and forever. EJ tells them that they've allowed the vendetta to take over their lives and says Stefano has the power to stop this. Tony tells Stefano that he forced the vendetta on their lives, "And now you want to stop this because EJ fell in love with Samantha?" Celeste tells them that there is no magic eraser to erase the past, even though they want to. Stefano angrily threatens Tony that if he doesn't have loyalty to this family, he can pack his bags and leave. Tony yells back that he has been running the family for him for years, "Until this SOB fell in love with the blonde bimbo." EJ doesn't like the sound of that, and gets up and goes at Tony! Stefano yells at them to stop it and start acting like brothers! "Embrace each other!" Stefano urges the men. The men huff and puff and eventually hug each other, rather stiffly! Stefano allows Celeste to leave, and asks her to give a message to Lexi that he loves her. After she leaves, Stefano asks Tony to follow Celeste to ensure she doesn't go to the police or the Brady Pub.

    She Could Be a Twin

    Friday, June 15 2007

    At Doug's place, Lexi tearfully tells Hope that she's sorry but she thought that Bo had come to kill her. Hope tells Doug to take her to the hospital and starts climbing down the hole. Doug and Julie sit down with Lexi. She explains that there was an accident and she woke up in the tunnel. She was given food and water every few days but saw no one. When she heard voices, she found the mask and put it on, not knowing who was upstairs. 'No one is safe, no one,' she says frantically. They call her mother, who quickly arrives and pulls her daughter into her arms. Lexi asks about Theo and Abe and, after an update, Celeste wants to know what has happened to her. Lexi will explain, but right now they need to get her to a hospital. As they walk off, Julie looks down the shaft as music becomes audible. Doug looks in and starts calling down.

    Celeste takes her daughter to the hospital and tells her that whoever did this to her will have to be punished. Lexi begs her mother not to call Abe. The night of the accident, she was with Tek. 'Nothing happened, but...' Celeste still insists that Abe needs to know that she is alive. Is Tek alive? Lexi doesn't know, she hasn't been able to think, but she knows that she feels awful for what she did to Abe. When Celeste explains that Abe will be having his bandages removed tonight, Lexi asks if he can have it done here, in the room. She asks her mother to let her get fixed up beforehand. 'I want my face to be the first face that he sees.'

    Next on DOOL:
    EJ will betray his own brother to help Sami.

    Belle clings to the child.

    Bo tries to remember how to defuse a bomb.

    Fraternizing With The Enemy

    Thursday, May 24 2007

    Sami leaves, and Celeste shows up and tells him that EJ knows that he's the father of the baby. She tells her that the baby was conceived only to save Stefano's life.

    Voodoo Ritual

    Tuesday, May 22 2007

    Celeste kneels before a large cauldron and asks EJ to remove his shirt for the voodoo ritual. He does so and she asks the spirits to tell them who is the father of Sami's baby. EJ has on him a glove from Lucas and a handkerchief from Sami. Celeste asks EJ to blow on two peacock feathers that symbolize Sami and Lucas, and wrap them in his shirt. He does so, stating that he feels pretty silly, but she asks him to continue. At her request, he throws the items into the fire, and Celeste asks EJ to imagine the child is his and that Stefano rips it from his hands in order to add a few more years to his life. EJ can't take it anymore and wants to leave, but Celeste tells him he must stay until the fire has gone out. He kneels before the fire and she threatens that harm will come to him if she finds out that Alexandra is hurt or worse. She asks if he'll protect this child from his father if it's his, and he tells her he'll know what to do.

    EJ finds a peacock feather and asks Celeste whose it is. "It's yours," she tells him. EJ breaks out in a smile and laughs. "Now I can save my father!"

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