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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jason Morgan (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jason Morgan (Past) Played by Steve Burton on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Steve Burton (ABC)

    Birthday: 1970-06-28
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Married, Sheree Gustin (January 16, 1999), 2 children
    Real Name: Steve Burton
    Height: 5'11"


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    You Got A Boat?

    Wednesday, August 15 2012

    Inside Alexis’ room, the doctor checks her out and Sam fills him in on her cancer and chemo history. Steve comes in to take a look and asks Sam about the mark, but she is not aware of when Alexis got it. He tells Liz they need to look into it. Sam tells John and Jason about Alexis’ trip to Wyndemere. She got dizzy and thinks she laid down but does not remember. Kristina heads in to see Alexis while Michael goes to Carly. Carly is sure she is worried about nothing, but Joss' fever is spiking. Michael assures her that it is no big deal and hugs her. Meanwhile, John calls the security company but they have no record of a call or alarm trip. He tells Jason Alexis was lured there. What do Joss and Alexis have in common? Jason tells John he has a boat docked and they leave together for Wyndemere.

    House Of Horrors.

    Tuesday, August 14 2012

    Jason visits Carly and she tells him how Josslyn went missing last night. He is very concerned and wants all of the details - maybe it was Jax. They ask Joss, but it is clear she does not remember. Carly asks Jason why he is there and he tells her he and Sam are divorcing. She is livid because Sam swore up and down she could accept him and the first time something goes wrong she takes off. Jason thinks when something is broken this bad, let it go. Later, Josslyn hugs Jason and Carly notices a mark on her arm. She does not want to overact, but she is still on anti-rejection meds. They take her to the hospital and ask Steve to look at it.

    A Night to Remember.

    Monday, August 13 2012

    At Alexis' house, Sam and Jason discuss taking steps to begin separating their lives. Jason believes a divorce is a fairly easy legal procedure. Sam begs him not to minimize what they meant to each other. They discuss finding lawyers. A distraught Sam considers trying a trial separation or counseling. She loves Jason and doesn't want to destroy the beauty of their relationship simply because she's still angry at him. Sam forces Jason to say the word goodbye because if they don't say it, it won't be real. Jason fights back his tears. They share an emotional embrace and begin to kiss as they flashback to special moments in their life together. Sam dissolves into tears. They are both obviously heartbroken. Jason leaves.

    This Won't Hurt A Bit.

    Friday, August 10 2012

    Jason confronts John and Sam as they break from their embrace at Alexis' house. Sam explains that Alexis is handling John's case because Todd pressed assault charges against him. Jason wants to know how Todd got a picture of her kissing John and why he sent it to Natalie. Sam says that the kiss meant nothing but it made Natalie leave John. Jason asks John if the kiss meant nothing to him. Sam says that John is only there to work with Alexis so that he can get back with Natalie. John tells Jason he and Sam should talk. John leaves. Jason says, "Let's talk." Sam gets emotional when she sees that Jason removed his ring, and doesn't know if she can move forward. He confirms her pain is because of his actions but he never wanted the baby to be gone. He grieves for the baby and he is sorry. He wants to regain what they had and asks if she can forgive him. She cries that if the baby had lived, it may be easier to forgive him. She says that John is her friend and will help him fight for his son. She asks, "Can you accept John McBain in my life?" He doesn't know. Sam and Jason agree that they need to divorce.

    Like A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes.

    Thursday, August 09 2012

    Spinelli arrives at the gym for a boxing lesson with Jason. Spinelli says he has joined an online dating service and wants to get into shape for female suitors. Spinelli pretends Matt Hunter’s face is on the bag. While Spinelli babbles about his anger towards Matt and Maxie, Jason takes over the punching bag and flashbacks to the many times he’s seen Sam with John McBain. He accidentally punches Spinelli. Jason apologizes. Spinelli says that Jason is still angry about John kissing Sam. He encourages Jason to communicate with Sam and decide if he should throw in the towel or fight for his marriage. Spinelli notices that Jason has disappeared after seeing the front page featuring John.

    Big Plans For Port Charles.

    Monday, August 06 2012

    At Kelly’s, Liz tells Jason that when Ewen was treating Helena Cassdine’s daughter he was living on Spoon Island. Jason thinks it is strange but Liz assures him she was cautious at first but now is okay. He has been nothing but kind and decent, and it is she who has been holding back. Suddenly, Aiden starts choking, but he is okay. Liz worries she won’t see the danger in front of her kids until it is too late, like Jake. Ewen walks in and Jason pulls him aside to tell him Liz is very important to him. He leaves and Ewen tells Liz he needs to tell her something.

    Heck Of A Guy, That Johnny.

    Friday, August 03 2012

    Sam is picking up breakfast at Kelly’s when Jason shows up. He wants to talk about their marriage. She agrees, then sees Liz and leaves. Liz hopes it wasn’t because of her. Jason asks her about her lunch with Ewen and hopes he did not make it weird. She admits she was looking at Jason because she notices when he is around. They act a little shy – he notices her too. He apologizes again for kissing her – he does not want to mess things up with Keenan. She tells him she held back on dating Ewen because of her kids, but also something else, something that happened on the island.

    Crisis Of Confidence.

    Thursday, August 02 2012

    At The Floating Rib Jason thinks about his encounter with Sam. Sonny arrives and tells him about his visit with Joe – he threatened his kids by name. He wants tighter security without the kids knowing. Sonny tells him that Kristina is worried about him and Sam. Jason thinks there are some things you can’t get past. He has tried to talk to Sam but something always happens. Just then, Liz and Ewen walk in. Ewen shakes Sonny’s hand and they grab a table. Liz apologizes for the awkwardness. Sonny asks Jason if there is something going on with him and Elizabeth, and he spills about kissing her and Sam kissing McBain. Sonny reminds Jason that no matter what, Sam is still his wife. If he can’t make it work, call it quits now for everyone’s sake. Jason can’t divorce her. He just wants the pain to stop. Jason wants to know more about Joe Jr. Sonny is sure he already has a plan in place to move against his kids.

    Flipped On The Griddle.

    Tuesday, July 31 2012

    Sam is working on the safe in Todd’s office when Jason comes in. He wants to know if this job is a cover while she investigates Todd. She wonders why he cares and he shouts back she is still his wife. Todd is dangerous and he does not want to see her on his bad side. Carly told him Todd was at the baby’s funeral. She then tells him that Todd kept a clipping about her baby’s death. She admits she is investigating Todd. She thinks Heather has something on Todd and vice versa - a mutual extortion. She is close to opening the safe and he offers to cover for her. Todd shows up just as she gets it. They pretend like Jason just arrived and Sam is upset to see him. Todd wonders if Jason is such good friends with Carly, why doesn’t he tell her she can do better than Johnny? Alone, Sam thanks Jason before he leaves. Inside his office, Todd can see his safe was tampered with.

    Join The Business.

    Monday, July 30 2012

    Jason and Carly chat at Metro Court when Todd calls. She tells Jason Todd is in a bad place because of Blair getting married to someone else. Jason wonders why they are friends. Does she know anything about this guy? He has a history of violence. He has taken hostages, shot someone who pissed him off. She knows she has a tendency to see things the way she wants them to be, but not this time. She is not stupid and Todd is just interesting to talk to. He was so kind to Sam after the baby died. Jason wonders why Todd would care about Sam’s baby. She tells him about the job and Jason is confused – Sam would never give up being a PI. He thinks she is working a case. Carly thinks Sam might appreciate to hear his concern.

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