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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Patrick Brian Lockhart - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Patrick Brian Lockhart Played by Brody Hutzler on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brody Hutzler (NBC)

    Birthday: 1971-04-20
    Birthplace: Fairbanks, Alaska
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Brody Hutzler
    Height: 6' 3"


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    Bo makes an arrest!

    Friday, September 15 2006

    Alice tells Patrick to enjoy his dinner. Something tells her that this is going to be his last evening with Hope!!

    At someone's house, …hidden in a towel in the closet, Bo finds men's leather bloodied shoes, and what he is positive is the surveillance disc!! After he and another cop bag the evidence, they come out of the bedroom to find Patrick and Hope coming into Patrick's home! Bo arrests Patrick for the murder of Eve Michaels!!


    Thursday, September 14 2006

    Patrick shows up at Salem PD, asking Tek questions about the Eve Michaels case. Tek sees right through him, telling him that he's a rookie - he can't tell him anything. Bo walks in, angry and wondering why Patrick is there. Patrick asks Bo what his concerns are, "Are you afraid I will take over your case, like I took your wife?" and with that, Bo throws Patrick against a desk, preparing to fight him. Abe stops the two and Patrick is asked to leave.

    Patrick shows up at court, and Gran comments that he's there to ensure that Hope won't change her mind about the divorce. Patrick sits to talk with Alice, telling her that he just wants to take care of Hope, but Maggie thinks Hope can take care of herself, and she can always turn to family - including Bo!! Frankie walks into the courtroom. He too asks that she reconsider. Patrick comments to Hope that of course Frankie would ask her to reconsider, he's Bo's brother!!

    From the courthouse, Frankie calls Bo asking where he is. Bo explains that he's working on finding Jack and Jen, and that Abe is on to something.

    Hope tells Frankie that she wants to talk to Bo, until he tells her that Bo got caught up in 'something' at work. Frankie tries to explain that it's regarding Jack and Jen, but she won't listen. She tells Maggie that "It's over for good this time."

    Substitute lovers.

    Wednesday, September 13 2006

    Hope meets Patrick on a private plane. He's taking her for a special dinner to New York City! She's thrilled about the dinner, but skeptical about how he could afford the jet, when he tells her that he called in another favor. He baked her organic cookies and gives her milk, for her snack. They think of baby names. Patrick makes Hope very happy and emotional when he asks if it's a girl, they name her 'Addie'. This is her mother's name.

    As Hope goes to put the leftover cookies away, and almost takes a fall with light turbulence they're experiencing, but Patrick catches her and they kiss! He gives Hope a large gift basket for the baby, and she wonders where he got the money to pay for it all. He explains that he has a large nest egg and was taught how to make due. Hope wishes everyone could see him the way that she does. Patrick tells her that he loves her, and he always will, but Hope tells him that she's not ready to make a commitment - yet. He wonders if there will be anything between she and Bo ever again. She remembers that he was always there for her but can't stop thinking about the lies he told her. Hope admits that part of her doesn't trust Bo, because she isn't sure he didn't take that disc. She plans on ending her marriage.

    At the bar, Billie and Steve are getting to know one another. Billie admits to her past drug abuse, and involvement with Bo. She tells him it's all in the past and he agrees that Bo is a one woman man - the woman being Hope! The two kiss. After some discussion, Billie decides that she doesn't want to be the other woman again. She worries that he'll remember Kayla and doesn't want to be a temporary substitute. He understands but requests one dance from her.

    Lives are spinning out of control and lies are unravelling!

    Wednesday, September 06 2006

    At Salem PD, Tek and Patrick work on some evidence, when Hope walks in. She's looking for Bo, and when she finds out he's not there, she looks disappointed. She asks Patrick to go with her to the ultrasound.

    The two get to the hospital and Hope brings up Zack and her fears when he died and while Patrick is comforting her, Bo shows up. He is visibly upset, and walks out after he hears the technician call Hope "Mrs. Lockhart"!

    During the ultrasound, Bo comes back. Patrick wants to know the sex of the baby, while hope wants to wait. While they look at the ultrasound together, Bo watches from the door, forlornly. He then leaves the hospital.

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