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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Patrick Brian Lockhart - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Patrick Brian Lockhart Played by Brody Hutzler on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brody Hutzler (NBC)

    Birthday: 1971-04-20
    Birthplace: Fairbanks, Alaska
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Brody Hutzler
    Height: 6' 3"


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    The gloved hand strikes again!

    Wednesday, October 18 2006

    Patrick arrives at his house to talk to Chelsea, who tells him that now is the perfect time for him to make a move on Hope. She reasons that Bo messed up, coming to her rescue when Shawn was in trouble.

    Outside the Quarter Master's offices, Patrick talks Hope into going away again. She still does not trust him, and lets him know. She tells him that she'll 'take care of him herself' if she finds out that he is not trustworthy. They go to Chez Rouge for cocoa, as Chelsea watches from behind a box. Bo leaves Hope a message on her machine and leaves the pier, while Chelsea smirks to herself!

    The pay off!

    Friday, October 13 2006

    At the Brady Pub, Hope and Bo wonder how Shawn is doing as they sit down to breakfast when Bo sees Patrick. Bo is annoyed when Patrick tells Bo that he wants to speak to Hope. An angry Bo calls Patrick a cop killer and stalker, but allows them to talk in private.

    Patrick sits down, asking her to make a decision for their future. He demands to know what she wants, but she explains things have changed. He asks her to give him a chance, even the playing field by going away with him - separate rooms. He wants them to reconnect. He asks her to go to Chicago with him. She isn't sure if she should leave and he asks that she think about it while he does research about Chicago's restaurants. He leaves the pub.

    Patrick talks on his cell phone outside the pub. "I have your money. Where do you want to meet?!"

    Later, we watch as Patrick pays off Dr. Bader for altering the DNA tests to ensure that it looks as though Patrick is the father of Hopes baby. Bo is actually the father, and the doctor tells him that the truth will come out with more tests during Hope's pregnancy. Patrick disagrees, telling her he is taking Hope away and never will return!

    Steve remembers!

    Friday, October 06 2006

    In court, Cameron tells the judge that Bo had a vendetta for Patrick. Patrick stands up to speak for himself. He apologizes ahead of time. He shares the news that Hope is pregnant with his baby and married to Bo. Bo retaliates and says that the evidence sticks, but Roman walks into the court to provide them with the new evidence. Roman tells the story about the accident involving Steph and Max's cars. He tells them he determined one car was tampered with - left behind was a burned toy car, a wrench and a note telling them that Patrick was framed. Patrick's case is dismissed!

    Hope is upset with Bo for not seeing this. Roman takes Bo out into the hall to talk.

    Hope apologizes to Patrick but he is upset when she tells him she wishes they wouldn't have aired their dirty laundry in public. He explains he had to do this so he didn't go to jail, and she forgives him.
    Hope is upset with Bo for not seeing this. Roman takes Bo out into the hall to talk.

    The race is on!

    Thursday, October 05 2006

    In court, (lawyer) Cameron Reese tells Patrick and Bonnie that the evidence is piling up against him. Patrick thinks that Bo set him up. Mimi and Bonnie stick by him, and Cameron tells him he's being charged murder One - he'll be put to death if is found to be guilty.

    Mimi tells Hope and Bo that she knew (since the transplant) that Claire was Shawn's baby. She admits she and Shawn are through and apologizes for her selfishness. They're shocked and Hope becomes emotional. She gets a call and rushes over to the hospital.

    Roman shows up at the courthouse to support Bo. He prepares him for the defense tactics, but Bo says he'll stick to the evidence even faced with his own credibility being touched upon.

    Patrick pleads not guilty and tells the judge he was framed, as he looks at Bo. Cameron asks for the evidence to be reviewed and they ask Bo to the stand.

    Bo goes up on the stand as Hope arrives back at the courtroom. Cameron tries to show the court that Bo had a good reason for setting up Patrick.

    Race preparations underway

    Wednesday, October 04 2006

    Mimi visits her brother in jail. She tells Patrick that Shawn found out that she knew about Claire being his all along and that he's gone for good. Patrick apologizes, knowing his sister is in pain. She explains how Shawn found out. She forces him to move on to discuss his situation which she considers far worse. Tek is poking around to find out what's going on, he tells her. He is upset that his good friend Jen called in a tip on him. Mimi tells Patrick that Jen left town with Jack and all that entails. Mimi is upset to learn that Hope doesn't support him the way that Mimi thinks she should. She thinks like mother like son, because Shawn is gone when the going gets rough. She thinks he will go back to Belle and Patrick isn't sure he or Bo will have a chance with Hope again, either.

    Later, Bonnie comes in to lend her support and they're escorted out.

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