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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Patrick Brian Lockhart - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Patrick Brian Lockhart Played by Brody Hutzler on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brody Hutzler (NBC)

    Birthday: 1971-04-20
    Birthplace: Fairbanks, Alaska
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Brody Hutzler
    Height: 6' 3"


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    Ride of a lifetime.

    Thursday, November 30 2006

    At the hospital, Bonnie finds Patrick grilling the nurses about his money, and ushers them out. She lies, promising to find the person who stole his money.

    Arresting developments!

    Wednesday, November 29 2006

    At Patrick's house, he gets off the phone as Bonnie walks in. She's off shopping, she says, but he stops her. He tells her he wants his money back, knowing she stole it. She denies it of course, acting indignant, and storms off. Once outside, she bumps into Bo on the way out. She cautions him to enter at his own risk! Bo barges in on Patrick, telling him he's to stay away from his wife. Hope calls, and as Patrick goes to pick up, Bo hits the phone from his hand, telling him not to stop by the house anymore. He also goes on to say that the authorities know what he and Wells are up to and everyone else will know it soon, too. Bo leaves, with Patrick locking the door behind him. Patrick invites him to hit him, but Bo isn't there to fight. He just wants to ensure Patrick knows that he's out of Hope's life. He'll get visitation rights for the baby, but doesn't want him in Hope's life. That's all he wants to say, and leaves.

    Patrick goes to lock the door, after Bo leaves, and a voice from behind him tells him he can't lock out the mess he's gotten himself into. It's EJ! He let himself in through a window, and is furious with Patrick for not paying Shawn for his services, telling him "I just chewed out the wrong man!" Patrick asks for a few thousand dollars, and EJ gives it to him, but when Patrick's back is turned, EJ removes his belt, wraps it around his knuckles, and tells him there is a price to be paid - he backhands Patrick, who goes flying across the living room.

    Back at Shawn's place, Hope drops by, looking for Bo. Shawn hasn't seen him, and he and Willow are just about to leave, so he says he can't invite her in. He asks what happened, and she shares the news. He tells her he can't help her, because he doesn't understand what Bo does anymore. Hope just gets a call from Patrick, and dashes off to be with him when she hears him say, "Hope, I need you. I think I'm dying…"
    Hope arrives at Patrick's house. She barges in and sees his furniture turned upside down, and a bloody, beat up Patrick lying on the floor. Hope kneels beside him, and he croaks out, "Bo did it! He's trying to kill me!" Bonnie walks in and after taking in the mess and Patrick, all bloody, she grows hysterical, crying out, "They should lock your husband up!" She grabs the phone and calls the paramedics and the cops!

    Patrick is in the hospital, being tended to by a doctor, while Bonnie encourages him to sue. Hope makes a call to Bo at the pay phone. She tells him she's surprised he hasn't left the city, but Bo is confused, asking her what she's talking about. He wants her to come home, so they can talk about 'the stupid picture', but she tells him he needs to get himself a good attorney. Bo is completely baffled, but she can't talk, as Bonnie comes by the phone to get her. Patrick is calling for her. He hangs up and there is a knock on the door.

    An officer comes to Bo's house, telling him he has to arrest him. Bo is confused, thinking this is a joke!

    In it deep!

    Tuesday, November 28 2006

    Patrick arrives home, showing Billie the anonymous email that he received - a picture of Billie and Bo, in bed! She is shocked, wondering who took the photo, but Patrick glances over at Chelsea, knowingly! Billie turns to her daughter, knowing he is right. She calls Chelsea on it. "You did this," she says, incredulously. Billie is livid, wondering how Chelsea could hurt Bo like this. She thinks that Bo will really disown her for good this time! Chelsea defends herself, says that her mom is still in love with Bo, and hopes this will bring them together. Patrick is disgusted, telling Chelsea she needs to grow up. He leaves, and as Billie explains to her daughter that she isn't interested in Bo anymore, Patrick stands outside, talking to Dr. Bader on his cell phone. He promises to get her the money as soon as he gets an advance from his boss. He reminds her that she needs to do the amnio herself, so that Hope never finds out that Bo is the baby's father.

    Patrick goes to see Hope at home. He notices she is upset and sees the photo of Bille and Bo in bed, on her bureau. He thinks that Bo is cheating on her, but she asks him to stay out of her personal life, and denies it. When they continue to argue, he accidentally bumps her vase and it smashes to floor, so frustrated, she yells at him to get out. He does so and she bends sadly to pick up a flower.

    Patrick arrives back home, telling Billie that maybe Chelsea did her a favor. He thinks she deserves better, saying "Steve doesn't know who he is, or what he wants!"

    Lost in a blizzard!

    Wednesday, November 15 2006

    Bo and Hope pick up Stephanie from the hospital. Stephanie fights them, but Hope wants her to come stay with her. She asks why Bo isn't coming home with them, and Bo shares that they're working on things. Dr. Berman interrupts the three. Bo and Hope step outside as he examines Stephanie one last time. Outside, they discuss what Stephanie said about them moving in together. He wonders if he could take her to the pub with him, but she thinks Caroline has her hands full. "Why don't you move back in with me," she suggests, while Bo's mouth drops open in shock! She tells him it's for Stephanie's sake, and the two smile, as he agrees to sleep on the couch, tub, sink… "We'll figure it out," she says. He tells her, "We always do!" Bo goes off to see Steve while Hope reassures Stephanie that she's okay with Bo moving back in. Stephanie is very happy, thinking that she and her uncle Bo could get back together. Steph goes off to get things from her bathroom, and in walks Patrick. Hope takes him outside the room to talk, explaining that she's taking Stephanie home - with Bo! "I've asked Bo to move in with me," she tells a shocked Patrick! He wonders if she can't move into the pub with Bo, but is told that Stephanie needs both she and her uncle. Patrick asks for her honesty, thinking there is more to this than he knows. He tells her that Bo is basically trying to ruin his life and he's not leaving until he gets to the bottom of it. She is honest, telling him that the police force found his ID in Eve's belongings. He thinks he's being set up again, and she tells him things keep piling up against him. She reminds him that she doesn't know him well, doesn't trust him. "What are you saying," he asks. Hope replies, "I can't see you anymore!" He can be there for their baby, but that's it, she says. She feels he's hiding something, and refuses when he tries one last time to get her to go away with him!

    Surprise behind the secret panel.

    Tuesday, November 14 2006

    At the hospital, Benjy watches from another room as the family wait for news on Kayla. (Nobody notices him.) Patrick walks in, reading the note that E.J. had sent over.

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