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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Patrick Brian Lockhart - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Patrick Brian Lockhart Played by Brody Hutzler on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brody Hutzler (NBC)

    Birthday: 1971-04-20
    Birthplace: Fairbanks, Alaska
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Brody Hutzler
    Height: 6' 3"


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    Trouble at Max's Garage.

    Wednesday, December 13 2006

    At the Brady house, Bo leaves to see Roman. Patrick shows up with two first class tickets for them to go away together - to Cabo San Lucas! Hope is surprised that the wants to take her all the way to Mexico and tells him this is just a business transaction. She has no interest in him. "From here on out, the only thing you and I will be sharing is custody of our child," Hope promises. He isn't discouraged, and tells her he thinks she'll change her mind about him!

    Back at the Lockhart house, Mimi asks her mom to come clean with the reason why she is stealing from Patrick. Bonnie has nothing to day, so when her back is turned, Mimi looks through her ledgers. She's shocked to find that Bonnie took a second mortgage on the house and worries that her mom is in over her head. Bonnie tells a partial truth. She says that she has invested in something and in three months it will pay off - big! Mimi doesn't believe her but has to leave after she takes a call from Max. She promises her mom, "This conversation is not over!"

    Steve Remembers!!

    Friday, December 08 2006

    At the Lockhart house, Bonnie helps Patrick get ready to go over to see Hope. Patrick is incredulous when Bonnie tells him that she is blackmailing EJ. Patrick tells her to "Keep your little nose out of this or you're going to get us all killed!"

    Patrick arrives at Hope's house to tell Hope that Bo should be in jail. He asks her to keep up her end of the deal and go away with him. She promises she will but asks that he not tell Bo. She will do that herself. He wants her to go away just before Christmas but she balks at that. She doesn't want to leave her family and this is going to be a difficult Christmas, she reminds him. This is the first Christmas without Zack. She doesn't trust Patrick and thinks there is something 'off'. He tells her to be ready to allow him to convince her that he's the man for her.

    As Patrick leaves Hope's house, he is met by EJ, who threatens him. "Your mother ever asks me for another dime you're going to rue the day," he promises. Patrick reassures EJ that it will never happen again. EJ lets Patrick know that if Bonnie ever asks again, it'll be the last thing she does.


    Tuesday, December 05 2006

    At Salem PD, Bo tells Patrick he is crazy to think he'll grovel to him for dropping the charges, since he didn't beat him up! Roman tells Bo that Salem PD has also agreed to drop the charges against Bo, but Bo refuses to allow the charges to be dropped. He wants to see Patrick in court; wants him to find evidence to show that he hit Patrick. Roman tells him it's over.

    In the outer office, Billie tells Patrick that she knows very well that Bo didn't lay a hand on him. She accuses him of lying. She also guesses that Hope agreed to allow Patrick to get closer to her, if he agreed to drop the charges! With a menacing look, Patrick warns Billie to stay out of it, but she refuses to. She snips at Hope for not being there for Bo when he needed her, and the argument is cut short by Bo, who asks Hope if it's okay that they go home now, "If I have a home?" he asks. She asks him to come home with her, and Billie agrees to take Patrick home. When they're alone, Patrick warns Billie off his trail. Billie is shocked when Patrick promises her that if she crosses him again, she and her daughter will pay!

    Bo takes Hope into Abe's office, demanding to know what kind of deal she made with Patrick to drop the charges. She doesn't have a chance to answer.

    Bonnie makes a new.... friend!

    Monday, December 04 2006

    At the hospital, Patrick discusses his stolen money with Bonnie. She tries to get him off the topic; and then lies to him, saying that she asked around the hospital but nobody has seen his 3 grand! With raised eyebrows, Patrick wonders aloud how she knew he had 3 grand? She panics, telling him that she overheard him tell the nurses how much money he had in his pants. Patrick isn't buying her story, and realizes that she stole his money - again. He demands that she give it back, but of course Bonnie denies taking it. When Hope drops by, Bonnie leaves the room, to get his release papers in order. Hope has a request for Patrick. She asks that he drop charges against Bo, but he refuses. She pleads with him, saying that Bo's parents need him right now, and that she has invested many years together in Bo. She can't just blow that off. Patrick agrees to drop the charges against Bo under one condition. He wants her to go away with him for the weekend. After some thought, she agrees to it, but with a few of her own conditions. He agrees to get single rooms, but expects that she will give him a chance to prove himself.

    At Salem PD, Roman tells Bo to "Keep your nose clean." When Bo asks to work behind the scenes, Roman just laughs and tells him that it is not a possibility. Billie agrees with Roman. She is worried that if he stays involved, someone will end up dead! Roman asks him to go home, watch some movies and chill out for a while just as Patrick and Hope walk into Salem PD. After a cold silence, Patrick tells Bo he has decided to drop all charges against Bo. Hope asks Bo to "Let it be over." Patrick also asks Bo to put the past behind them saying, "I'm doing this for the sake of the baby and Hope." Bo is disgusted. "I don't take hand outs from dirt bags like you!" he says snidely.

    Ride of a lifetime.

    Thursday, November 30 2006

    At the hospital, Patrick thanks Hope for sitting with him. He's almost grateful to Bo for beating him up, he says. She's appalled, but he goes onto explain that it allows him to spend time with Hope. He reminds her of their time together on the plane, and when he told her he loved her. He wants to go back to that time, when she trusted him. He asks that she think of him as a friend. The nurses come in to examine Patrick while Bonnie goes through Patrick's pockets, accidentally finding the bloodied money he was given to by EJ. She stuffs it down her bra!

    Shawn shows up at the hospital, and tells Hope he is positive that Bo didn't beat up Patrick. He gives her a note sent to her from Bo. Mimi arrives at the hospital, says hello to Hope, and gives Shawn the cold shoulder. Bonnie dashes off; while Mimi tells Patrick he had the beating coming to him! She doesn't believe his "I'm a victim story!" She questions his job and he lies that it's auto racing business. He's in pain, and asks that she let him get some rest. He asks her to hand her his pants to get the cash out of them, before she leaves. He can't find it! "My money's gone again! I can't believe this," he shouts. He accuses the nurses of stealing. She takes a call from Max, who tells her to get to the garage. They've found Philip! She is on her way, thanks him and says, "Love ya!" At the garage, Abby comments she told him so and Mimi has a look of surprise on her face!

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