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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Patrick Brian Lockhart

    Full detailed profile on Patrick Brian Lockhart Played by Brody Hutzler on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brody Hutzler (NBC)
    Patrick Brian Lockhart

    Actor: Brody Hutzler

    Who played Patrick Brian Lockhart over the years

    Brody Hutzler (February 17, 2004 - 2007)

    Useful information on Patrick Brian Lockhart

    * Guilted Jennifer into paying his medical bills.
    * Worked with the DiMeras and the black gloved crimes.
    * Gets himself into trouble all the time but has a good heart!
    * In jail for kidnapping Hope Brady.


    Current: Prisoner
    Past: Conman


    Growing up with his mother, sister and brother, young Patrick spent most of his time looking out for the family while his father was on hiatus. This led him to dwell in the gray area of things and become something of a practiced conman before he had left his teen years and abruptly skipped town.

    He returned to Salem later and soon found himself involved with the Devereaux's after Jennifer accidentally ran him over with her car. After being rushed to the hospital, he soon recovered enough to guilt Jennifer into paying his medical expenses. In an attempt to be generous, she naively invited him to stay in her garage. He feigned injury in her presence and stole from her when she was gone. Discovering information on the presumed dead Jack, he began to spin a tale to Jennifer that he and Jack were acquainted.

    While Patrick tried to keep himself unknown in town, people were already becoming suspicious. Although he tried to convince Lexie and Hope that he was an honest man, he was more ambivalent in his communication with his mother, Bonnie. She thought that he should take Jennifer for every last cent but Patrick found it increasingly difficult to be so callous. Bonnie made matters worse by pocketing much of her son's money and spending it. Something he would not easily forgive when he was heavily indebted to some rather unsavory characters.

    As his sympathy for Jennifer and Abby grew, he decided that the best thing would be for him to move away. The women convinced him to stay however, and he soon became an asset, saving Jennifer's life on more than one occasion when she had one of her attacks. His mysterious veneer began to crumble as details of his past with Stefano began to come light. While attending Alice's funeral, a mysterious man aggressively reminded him that he had been sent to Salem for a reason. Patrick's second thoughts were getting him into trouble. Another secret of his quickly came out: He was Bonnie's son. Nonetheless, Jennifer looked past this deception and he remained with her through her pregnancy and helped to save her baby.

    When it was finally revealed that he had been hired to come to town and kill Jennifer, the other pieces of evidence began to fit together and Jennifer went to find Jack. Patrick, of course, now refused to harm her and teamed up with Hope to fly off and rescue Jack and the other hostages. Their plane was shot down and they had to swim to shore where they discovered the town's missing people. As they drifted through the jungle, he delivered Jennifer's baby baby before they were imprisoned in Tony DiMera's compound. It was there that it became evident that Patrick had always been part of the DiMera clan and had been helping in the hostage taking. In the end though, he sided with the captives and helped them escape.

    Returning to Salem, he remained friends with Billie and Hope, to Bo's chagrin. Seeing that Jennifer was with Jack now, Patrick decided to move on. He visited Morgan Island and began an affair with Hope. He revealed more details of his life, including his love for a woman who had been killed by the mob. He blamed himself for her death until Hope found evidence that the murder was caused by the woman's own problems with the mob. When they returned to Salem, she returned to Bo. Patrick did his best to break them up, including bribing her doctor into changing paternity test results to oust Bo from position. This didn't work and Hope remained committed to her husband. It didn't help when Hope discovered that Patrick was an associate of EJ Wells and was the infamous 'gloved hand'. Desperate, Patrick kidnapped her and told her that he only got involved with her on EJ's orders and now it was time to kill her. Bo tracked them down and, before they could escape, Hope's water broke and they had to delivery the baby which, Patrick admitted, was truly Bo's.

    He's since been taken into custody and waits in prison.




    Jennifer Horton-Deveraux-Brady (flirtation)
    Hope Williams Brady (fling)


    David Lockhart (father)
    Bonnie Lockhart (mother)
    Miriam Lockhart (sister)
    Connor Lockhart (brother)




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    Wednesday, January 03 2007: Skeletons in the Lockhart closet?

    In county lock up, Patrick apologizes to his family for putting them through this yet again. He admits that he did kidnap Hope but tells them that he'll never be in this kind of trouble again. Mimi is concerned about him but he promises Mimi that he'll be alright. Bonnie pressures Mimi to share the news about the skeleton in the abandoned church. This perks Patrick up. She informs her brother about what's going on and explains that the murderer killed the guy, dressed him in the civil war uniform, and then moved his body to the basement afterwards. Bonnie looks suspicious and tells Patrick that this is very interesting and then she asks him for money to help get a Lawyer. Patrick asks her to give him the money back that she stole from him, and Mimi and Patrick both ask her where the money went to but she doesn't answer. Instead she becomes defensive. Mimi offers Patrick what little money that she saved from her waitressing tips, and Patrick is grateful. Bonnie asks Mimi to leave she and Patrick alone so that Bonnie can talk to her son. She warns him, "If the police ever id who those bones belong to, you and I are in big trouble." Patrick is doubtful that the police will worry about the bag of old bones. Later, Bonnie warns Mimi not to get involved in the skeleton investigation and once Mimi leaves, Bonnie makes a phone call to her son (Connor) and tells him, "Your brother is in jail again, and you sister has stumbled upon something." She asks him to get his butt back to Salem. "We've got work to do," she says.

    Friday, December 29 2006: From bad girl to heroine...

    Bo breaks down the door of the warehouse, where Patrick is keeping Hope. He points his shotgun at Patrick and yells at him to stay away from her. Patrick explains that Hope is in labor, and calls 911. Hope quickly starts to have contractions that are one minute apart. Hope is ready to push, and Bo helps her to breathe, and delivers the baby girl! Patrick gives her his coat to wrap the baby in, and takes the baby. He gives the baby to Hope, and Bo tells Patrick that they'll raise her as their own. Patrick is obviously touched and decides to come clean. "She is," he says. Hope asks what he's talking about, and Patrick tells them that he paid Dr. Bader to lie to Hope and Bo about the baby. It's Bo's baby, he shares to the shocked duo. They ask him why he is telling them the news now, and Patrick apologizes to them for everything he has done. He says that he's not a saint. He's not a murderer either, and isn't even a "good" bad guy. He wants to put things right. Hope tells him that he has done the right thing. Hope and Bo realize what they have lost and they know that they can never get Zack back but are amazed that they have a "Beautiful blessing that was meant to be,. Always." Hope is taken out of the warehouse in a stretcher while Bo takes care of things with Patrick.

    Patrick tells Bo that he'll admit to everything he did, including setting him up for assaulting him. He comes clean and tells Bo that EJ was the one who beat him, but Bo already knew. Patrick won't put EJ away, because he's afraid of him. He says, "I won't commit suicide." He warns Bo, "You should be afraid, of EJ, too." The police take him away in cuffs.

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