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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Bonnie Lockhart - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bonnie Lockhart Played by Judi Evans-Luciano on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Judi Evans-Luciano (JPI)

    Birthday: 1966-07-12
    Birthplace: Montebello, California
    Marital Status: Married Married Michael Luciano ( November 20, 1993 - present) 1 child
    Real Name: Judi Evans-Luciano


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    Austin and Carrie let things go too far - Lucas catches them!

    Friday, September 22 2006

    Philip runs to the lab, demanding to see the test results for the DNA test for Shawn Brady. Phil asks him to get away from him, as he comes in the door after him. Shawn explains to the lab technician that it's okay for Phil to see the results. The lab technician (Nikita) shows Phil the results but Phil still doesn't believe it! He throws the paper down in anger, but Shawn tries to calm him. He tells him that he understands how upset he is and he has a right to be. The security guards come into the room to take Claire from Philip. They take the baby and cuff Phil, who screams at them to "Give me my baby!"

    Phil comes into the PD. Roman asks the charge - disorderly conduct and attacking the Lab Technician- and when Shawn walks into the room with Claire, all eyes are on he, Claire and Belle. Claire goes home with Shawn and Mimi, who lets Belle know that if she needs her, to let her know.

    At Belle's loft, Mimi and Bonnie prepare Claire's meal. Bonnie still wishes she would have changed the DNA tests, but Mimi tells her mom that it's all said and done. If Shawn knew that she knew about the paternity since before they married, he'd divorce her.

    Later, Shawn feeds Claire while Mimi and Bonnie laugh at watch. Claire keeps pulling away and isn't hungry. Philip and Belle arrive home and Belle asks him to stay calm. He tells her he will, but Claire is his, no matter who her biological father is!

    Jack and Jen move to London England!

    Wednesday, September 20 2006

    At Salem PD, Frankie finds out from Bo that Jack and Jen are back, and Mimi, Bonnie and Shawn all gather around Abe, imploring him to allow them to see Patrick. Abe explains what happened and they tell him he has made a big mistake. Abe tells the gang that Patrick's fingerprints are all over the disc, and that because of this, Patrick isn't going anywhere.

    Mimi and Bonnie visit Patrick in jail. They're very emotional and ask what they can all do for him. They tell him Bo may be the one to have set him up, and Patrick is incensed, thinking if it is Bo, he'll really commit murder.

    In Abe's office, Shawn hangs out. He's angry and Abe can see that so the two talk. Just then, Abe gets a call from the hospital. The DNA tests are in and being sent over via messenger.

    Abe goes to get Mimi and Bonnie to bring them to Abe's office, as the messenger is coming with DNA results.

    All gather to hear the results in Abe's office. Mimi and Bonnie try to slow things down, asking Shawn to read them at home later, but he opens them anyway and tells them he is Claire's father! Mimi and Bonnie look sad.

    Jack and Jen are rescued!

    Tuesday, September 19 2006

    Bonnie meets Mimi at the hospital. She tells Mimi that they need to get to the lab before Shawn finds out that Claire is his! Mimi doesn't want to do anything to mess things up for herself worse. Against her better judgment, Mimi follows her mom.

    The two walk away while Bonnie hides under 'Nikita's' desk while he speaks on the phone to a colleague 'Serge'! Bonnie struggles to stay still and not sneeze while hiding!!

    Mimi and Shawn go into the lobby and she lies about what she was doing near the lab. Shawn tells her that Patrick was arrested for murder.

    Bonnie's cell phone goes off and Nikita the Lab Technician finds Bonnie under his desk. She runs off saying she has to meet someone and he lets her out the door, saying he won't say a word about this!

    Shawn takes a DNA test!

    Monday, September 11 2006

    At Chez Rouge, Maggie greets her customers, Shawn, Mimi andů even Bonnie! Mimi requests her mom be on her best behavior for the night. Shawn is distracted, thinking about Chelsea. They discuss how she was taken in for questioning, and Bonnie almost chokes when Shawn admits that Chelsea said she was trying to help him!

    Later, Maggie serves the threesome and overhears them discussing Claire. She tells them that Claire doesn't resemble Belle at all. Shawn gets a phone call from his dad, and leaves to get a DNA test. Mimi is tense! After Shawn leaves, Mimi wonders how she will hold on to Shawn when he finds out the truth. Even without Mimi's blessing, Bonnie suggests changing the DNA test results, like Sami has done in the past! Mimi is frustrated, saying she's coming clean with the truth about Claire. Bonnie gives in too easily to Mimi and so she asks her mom what she's up to!

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