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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Bonnie Lockhart - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bonnie Lockhart Played by Judi Evans-Luciano on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Judi Evans-Luciano (JPI)

    Birthday: 1966-07-12
    Birthplace: Montebello, California
    Marital Status: Married Married Michael Luciano ( November 20, 1993 - present) 1 child
    Real Name: Judi Evans-Luciano


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    Bonnie makes a new.... friend!

    Monday, December 04 2006

    At Mystic, Kate makes herself a drink and tells EJ that Sami will turn him down. She leaves and Bonnie barges in to introduce herself. EJ is taken aback by her presence, so she gets down to business! She knows what he and Patrick are up to, with Shawn and tells him that she worries about her children. "Maybe I should call the cops about this," she starts off. She wants money, but dances around the issue by telling him how difficult it is to be a single mother, who is unable to make ends meet. EJ whips out a wad of cash, and hands it to her, saying "Maybe I can help you?" He goes on to ask for her friendship, and she's very happy with their arrangement, she tells him. She promises to keep her mouth shut, aand tells him that if he needs her for anything, he should just whistle! When she leaves EJ swears: "Damn you Patrick! You're more trouble than you're worth, my boy."

    At the pier, Bonnie brings Lauren the money EJ gave her, but Lauren is greedy. She wants more. She threatens to disappear unless Bonnie keeps it coming in.

    Ride of a lifetime.

    Thursday, November 30 2006

    At the hospital, Patrick thanks Hope for sitting with him. He's almost grateful to Bo for beating him up, he says. She's appalled, but he goes onto explain that it allows him to spend time with Hope. He reminds her of their time together on the plane, and when he told her he loved her. He wants to go back to that time, when she trusted him. He asks that she think of him as a friend. The nurses come in to examine Patrick while Bonnie goes through Patrick's pockets, accidentally finding the bloodied money he was given to by EJ. She stuffs it down her bra!

    Shawn shows up at the hospital, and tells Hope he is positive that Bo didn't beat up Patrick. He gives her a note sent to her from Bo. Mimi arrives at the hospital, says hello to Hope, and gives Shawn the cold shoulder. Bonnie dashes off; while Mimi tells Patrick he had the beating coming to him! She doesn't believe his "I'm a victim story!" She questions his job and he lies that it's auto racing business. He's in pain, and asks that she let him get some rest. He asks her to hand her his pants to get the cash out of them, before she leaves. He can't find it! "My money's gone again! I can't believe this," he shouts. He accuses the nurses of stealing. She takes a call from Max, who tells her to get to the garage. They've found Philip! She is on her way, thanks him and says, "Love ya!" At the garage, Abby comments she told him so and Mimi has a look of surprise on her face!

    At the hospital, Bonnie finds Patrick grilling the nurses about his money, and ushers them out. She lies, promising to find the person who stole his money.

    Arresting developments!

    Wednesday, November 29 2006

    Back at Shawn's place, Hope drops by, looking for Bo. Shawn hasn't seen him, and he and Willow are just about to leave, so he says he can't invite her in. He asks what happened, and she shares the news. He tells her he can't help her, because he doesn't understand what Bo does anymore. Hope just gets a call from Patrick, and dashes off to be with him when she hears him say, "Hope, I need you. I think I'm dying…"
    Hope arrives at Patrick's house. She barges in and sees his furniture turned upside down, and a bloody, beat up Patrick lying on the floor. Hope kneels beside him, and he croaks out, "Bo did it! He's trying to kill me!" Bonnie walks in and after taking in the mess and Patrick, all bloody, she grows hysterical, crying out, "They should lock your husband up!" She grabs the phone and calls the paramedics and the cops!

    Patrick is in the hospital, being tended to by a doctor, while Bonnie encourages him to sue. Hope makes a call to Bo at the pay phone. She tells him she's surprised he hasn't left the city, but Bo is confused, asking her what she's talking about. He wants her to come home, so they can talk about 'the stupid picture', but she tells him he needs to get himself a good attorney. Bo is completely baffled, but she can't talk, as Bonnie comes by the phone to get her. Patrick is calling for her. He hangs up and there is a knock on the door.

    An officer comes to Bo's house, telling him he has to arrest him. Bo is confused, thinking this is a joke!

    Finding the phoenix ring!

    Monday, November 13 2006

    Patrick is rummaging through his things, searching for his money when Mimi walks in. He asks if she took it and she is indignant,"I may be low on cash but I'm not a thief!" She thinks Bonnie did it. Patrick apologizes, knowing she didn't do it, but hates to admit Bonnie could have done it, until Mimi reminds him that Bonnie stole all her money for college from her bank account. She's not above stealing money from him!

    Outside, Bonnie is talking to someone on the phone, about her finances (bank?). She tells them she was forced to take a loan from her family already, and refuses to go that route again! "I'm about to get in bed with a Kiriakis," she grins! She enters the house and is confronted by Patrick. He confronts her, telling her he's on to her. He tells her he knows she stole his money!"I'm not leaving here until I get it," he says. She denies it, feigns a call Abe, to see if he will come to the house to investigate, but Patrick puts a stop to that quickly! Suddenly, Shawn shows up outside, with another envelope. Mimi is baffled, wondering what Shawn is actually doing for him, for work! Patrick opens the new envelope, reads the note. We see that the note reads, "GET INFO ON JOHN BLACK. FIND OUT HOW HE AND BO BRADY KNOW -- ASAP," and he makes a hasty exit.

    Mimi yells at her mom to come clean or she'll be in as much trouble as Patrick is in. Bonnie starts to smoke. Mimi notes. "You're nervous! You smoke when you're nervous!" She knows Bonnie stole the money, and tells her that Patrick didn't call the cops because he didn't want the police to know he had thousands of dollars stashed! The two argue some more and Bonnie cries, "I have my own problems to worry about," and saunters off.

    Full Circle

    Tuesday, November 07 2006

    Bonnie walks in to Patrick's house, to an angry Patrick. He accuses her of stealing the money in his locked box, but she tells him she only took $20 that she says she found in his passbook. He doesn't believe her, telling her he had 10's of thousands. Bonnie takes this opportunity to question where he's getting his money from and he lies, telling her it's from 'other sources', not his police work. Patrick is disgusted as she tries to blame Mimi, telling her son that since her husband just dumped her, Meem's capable of anything!

    The Rose...

    Monday, November 06 2006

    At Mimi's place, Bonnie tries on a new dress. Mimi wonders where she has got her money from and doesn't hold back, telling her mom that the dress is horrible. Mimi is exasperated, saying Patrick does nothing and is loaded! Bonnie's curiosity is piqued and Mimi shows her the cash in the lock box. Bonnie whistles, "That's a lot of lettuce," and Mimi asks if Bonnie can confront Patrick about it. She refuses! Mimi dashes off to work. After she leaves, Bonnie receives a call from Lauren. She worries, "Don't tell me there is something wrong with the baby!" It turns out the baby is fine, but she agrees to meet with Lauren, hangs up and turns to the box full of money. With a guilty look on her face, she grabs some and takes off, leaving the box unlocked!

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