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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Bonnie Lockhart - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bonnie Lockhart Played by Judi Evans-Luciano on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Judi Evans-Luciano (JPI)

    Birthday: 1966-07-12
    Birthplace: Montebello, California
    Marital Status: Married Married Michael Luciano ( November 20, 1993 - present) 1 child
    Real Name: Judi Evans-Luciano


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    Victor gets custody of Claire

    Friday, January 05 2007

    Bonnie meets with Billie, at the Brady Pub. Bonnie has bad news. Since Connor (her youngest son) is coming home, she needs the room. She's kicking Billie and Chelsea out of her house! Billie is shocked and upset that she'll have to find a place. Billie is distressed and asks if she can stay in Patrick's room, but Bonnie maintains that she needs her family together - alone, right now. Billie barks, "I can't just snap my fingers and find someplace to live." Bonnie puts on crocodile tears as Billie rolls her eyes. She agrees to find a place for her and Chelsea. She goes up to the bar to look at the listings in the paper.
    Billie tells Caroline that she was kicked out of Bonnie's house, and needs a place to live. She is thankful when Caroline offers to house Chelsea in their spare bedroom. Billie thinks that she just may take Caroline up on her offer, but continues to look for a place.

    Back at the Brady Pub, Mimi meets with Bonnie, who tells her that she wants to discuss Connor. Mimi asks, "What has he done now?" and mentions how Connor has spent half of his life in juvenile boot camp! Bonnie informs Mimi that he's fine, but coming to town today. He was supposed to show up this morning, but hasn't. Mimi smirks and asks her mom if she sent Connor a ticket or money, for fare? Bonnie answers that she sent money, for a bus ticket. This doesn't sit well with Mimi, and she tells her mother that Connor is just like her. He has probably spent the dough! Mimi thinks that Connor should be living with them, or at least her dad. At the mere mention of Mimi's father, Bonnie clams up. Mimi wishes her family wasn't such high maintenance. Just then, Bonnie takes a call from Salem PD. Connor has been arrested!

    Skeletons in the Lockhart closet?

    Wednesday, January 03 2007

    Bonnie arrives at Salem PD, to meet Mimi. They are both stunned to find out that Patrick kidnapped Hope and that Bo is the father of Hope's baby - not Patrick! Mimi can't believe that all of this is happening and tells her that there's more. She informs her mom that she and Max found a skeleton in the basement closet of the church. When Mimi informs her mom that the skeleton is not as old as it was originally thought to be, Bonnie starts to panic. She demands to know more details, so Mimi tells her about the ring with the insignia that was on the skeleton. Bonnie almost collapses after hearing this news but covers it by telling Mimi that she's upset because of Patrick's issues. She begs Mimi to go to 'county lock up' with her, and they leave.

    In county lock up, Patrick apologizes to his family for putting them through this yet again. He admits that he did kidnap Hope but tells them that he'll never be in this kind of trouble again. Mimi is concerned about him but he promises Mimi that he'll be alright. Bonnie pressures Mimi to share the news about the skeleton in the abandoned church. This perks Patrick up. She informs her brother about what's going on and explains that the murderer killed the guy, dressed him in the civil war uniform, and then moved his body to the basement afterwards. Bonnie looks suspicious and tells Patrick that this is very interesting and then she asks him for money to help get a Lawyer. Patrick asks her to give him the money back that she stole from him, and Mimi and Patrick both ask her where the money went to but she doesn't answer. Instead she becomes defensive. Mimi offers Patrick what little money that she saved from her waitressing tips, and Patrick is grateful. Bonnie asks Mimi to leave she and Patrick alone so that Bonnie can talk to her son. She warns him, "If the police ever id who those bones belong to, you and I are in big trouble." Patrick is doubtful that the police will worry about the bag of old bones. Later, Bonnie warns Mimi not to get involved in the skeleton investigation and once Mimi leaves, Bonnie makes a phone call to her son (Connor) and tells him, "Your brother is in jail again, and you sister has stumbled upon something." She asks him to get his butt back to Salem. "We've got work to do," she says.

    Trouble at Max's Garage.

    Wednesday, December 13 2006

    At the Lockhart home, Bonnie and Patrick argue about his money. Bonnie lies to Patrick that EJ gave her money, but Patrick knows she's lying because EJ admitted that Bonnie blackmailed him. He goes on to tell her that she also stole his money and if he doesn't get it back, he's going to call the cops! Mimi grabs a wad of money from Bonnie's pocket and throws it to Patrick, telling him 'Merry Christmas, now I don't have to buy you any socks!" Bonnie reminds Mimi that she too siphoned off some of the cash and invites her to tell Patrick what she did with it. Patrick is hurt that Mimi would steal from him and after Mimi comes clean, he walks out on the two.

    Back at the Lockhart house, Mimi asks her mom to come clean with the reason why she is stealing from Patrick. Bonnie has nothing to day, so when her back is turned, Mimi looks through her ledgers. She's shocked to find that Bonnie took a second mortgage on the house and worries that her mom is in over her head. Bonnie tells a partial truth. She says that she has invested in something and in three months it will pay off - big! Mimi doesn't believe her but has to leave after she takes a call from Max. She promises her mom, "This conversation is not over!"

    Bonnie watches as Lauren dines on lobster at Chez Rouge. Lauren wants more money. Bonnie pleads with the pregnant girl to be patient. The big pay-off is coming soon, she promises. Lauren agrees to let her off the hook, but warns her that she'd better come through or her "little gold mine" will disappear - permanently!

    Steve Remembers!!

    Friday, December 08 2006

    EJ meets Bonnie at the Cheatin' Heart. She tells him that Patrick is over his head working with EJ and thinks Patrick needs more 'resources' in order to get out of town. EJ tells her that he has already given Patrick money, but Bonnie tells him that Patrick has misplaced it! She pulls EJ aside and tries to seduce him! He tells her he is flattered but he is already spoken for. "It's not your heart I'm after, "she says. He gives her a wad of money and asks her to take it. It is in your best interest and your son's interest, he says! She's grateful for the cash, and says "Just in case your heart is ever not spoken for." She then licks her hand and drags it across his mouth! EJ grimaces.

    Bonnie makes a new.... friend!

    Monday, December 04 2006

    At the hospital, Patrick discusses his stolen money with Bonnie. She tries to get him off the topic; and then lies to him, saying that she asked around the hospital but nobody has seen his 3 grand! With raised eyebrows, Patrick wonders aloud how she knew he had 3 grand? She panics, telling him that she overheard him tell the nurses how much money he had in his pants. Patrick isn't buying her story, and realizes that she stole his money - again. He demands that she give it back, but of course Bonnie denies taking it. When Hope drops by, Bonnie leaves the room, to get his release papers in order. Hope has a request for Patrick. She asks that he drop charges against Bo, but he refuses. She pleads with him, saying that Bo's parents need him right now, and that she has invested many years together in Bo. She can't just blow that off. Patrick agrees to drop the charges against Bo under one condition. He wants her to go away with him for the weekend. After some thought, she agrees to it, but with a few of her own conditions. He agrees to get single rooms, but expects that she will give him a chance to prove himself.

    Bonnie counts Patrick's money as she walks towards the nurses' station. She sees Mimi coming and stuffs it into her bag. Mimi asks her mom for money to find Philip, but Bonnie feigns being broke. Mimi isn't in the mood for her games and says "Give me some of the money you stole from Patrick!" She knows Patrick already suspects Bonnie of theft, and threatens to tell him that he's right on target! Bonnie reluctantly agrees to give her the money, and Mimi opens up with her mom that EJ and Patrick are thick as thieves! She tells Bonnie, "My guess is that EJ roughed up Patrick, not Bo." Mimi heads back to the garage, while Bonnie grins to herself while thinking that this might be worthwhile information!

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