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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Thomas Edward Kramer "Tek" - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Thomas Edward Kramer "Tek" Played by Rhasaan Orange on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rhasaan Orange (NBC)

    Birthday: 1975-08-25
    Birthplace: New York New York
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Rhasaan Orange


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    Face To Face With Stefano

    Wednesday, June 06 2007

    At the DiMera mansion, incense burns as Tony meditates on the floor, with a sword. His concentration is ruined when Dr. Rolf interrupts to tell him that Stefano is growing weaker by the minute. Tony is angered by the interruption and the news and says he'll hold the Bradys responsible if Stefano dies.

    Secrets revealed

    Monday, January 22 2007

    Tek picks Lexi up in his car and listens to what happened with she and Abe. He asks her to run away with him. She tells him that she doesn't want to go away with him and begs him to stop the car. The guy in the car behind Tek has his 'brights' on, and Tek can't see. Light shines in his eyes and he grabs Lexi as he loses control of the car.

    EJ is fingered!

    Wednesday, January 10 2007

    At the Salem PD, Lexi shows her anxiety when she arrives for the lineup. Abe tells her that without her testimony, they can't put EJ away. He asks her to put herself back at the boathouse during the shooting and tell Roman what she saw, but he still does not know that Tek was the one who saw the shooting. Abe steps out for a moment to take care of business, even though Lexi has concerns about his eyesight. Before she goes in to look at photos, she makes a quick call to Tek to tell him where she is and what she's about to do. She leaves him on the line while she goes into Abe's office. She sits down to look at photos of several men. EJ Wells is one of them. Lexi is hard on Roman. She asks for time to clear her head, but Roman questions her motives. She pressures him to leave, claiming she just needs a little time, so he leaves the room. She glances at the photos and picks up her phone. Tek is still on the line. She asks him to be certain of what he saw that fateful night. He is positive. Roman comes in and asks for her answer. She tells him, "Yes, I am sure. I saw EJ Wells shoot John." Roman is puzzled and asks her, "What changed your mind?" She leaves, but Roman stares after her, skeptically.

    Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson.. er... Reed!

    Tuesday, January 02 2007

    Lexi meets secretly with Tek at Salem Place. She asks him if he is 100% sure that EJ shot John. Tek reassures Lexi that EJ is the one he saw shoot John. She asks for a guarantee that she won't be found out. Lexi blames Tek for her part in this, but he tells her she's a hero. She did the right thing. Lexi may have to look at a police line-up. Lexi thinks that there may be a way for Tek to be there when she looks at photos. She thinks that if she gets Roman out of the room, snaps a photo of the line up and emails it to him, he can identify the real shooter - EJ or not! She needs him to confirm who the shooter really is, because EJ is her half brother, and she's going against the DiMera name. She tells him that after this is all over, she doesn’t want to see him again. He refuses her and tells her that he's in her life and she should get used to it. He knows that if she makes one mistake, she'll be in trouble, deep. She takes a call from Abe, lies about where she is, then dashes off home.

    A shooting in Salem!

    Thursday, December 28 2006

    Lexi calls Abe from her cell phone in her car. She asks about his test results but Abe is still awaiting news to find out if he has rejected Zack's cornea transplant. She agrees not to tell Theo about Abe's sight issues and hangs up. She jumps as Tek enters her car. "I have to talk to you," he says. She reminds him of the restraining order she has out on him, and he presses her for five minutes alone. Eventually she gives in, and they drive somewhere secluded.

    While they drive, Lexi tells Tek that she loves Abe and doesn't want to see him anymore. Tek tries to convince her that she wants him as much as he wants her, but she denies it. They stop outside the boathouse, and Lexi tries to get rid of him. He leaves once Abe calls, and wanders around the boathouse. He hears EJ and John's voices and watches to see what's going on.

    In his car, Roman cuts off John's call to take a call from Bo. Roman and the other cop leave to back Bo up at the warehouse. Once John hangs up, EJ toys with him. "Finally, alone at last," he says. EJ tells John, "You're either with us or against us." John asks EJ to tell him who else is on his hit list, and EJ shares the bad news - Bo and Steve. He spills to John that he has a secret assassin in place, and gives him a name. We don't hear it, but John does. He doesn't believe him and asks, "Why Bo and Steve?" EJ tells him that they're Bradys', and he needs to settle an old score. Suddenly, John goes to make a move and EJ shoots him. Tek witnesses the shooting, and makes a run for it then comes back when EJ leaves, and tells John not to worry, "I'll get help." He swears. He goes to get Lexi.

    In her car, Lexi talks to Abe once again. He tells her that he just found out that he has rejected the cornea transplant. "I'm going blind and my life will be changed," he declares. She tells him that no matter what, they all have each other. She promises to be home soon, and hangs up then starts to cry. Tek interrupts her sorrow as he pounds on her door and tells her to come quickly. "John Black has been shot," he yells. They run into the warehouse as EJ watches. EJ steals Lexi's car.

    Inside the boathouse, Lexi examines John. She is worried Abe will find them together and think that she's cheating on him again so she tries to usher Tek out. Tek tells her he can't go and explains that he's a witness! "I saw who shot John," he reveals. Although he didn't see EJ's face, he knows it was him. He saw him from behind. Lexi convinces Tek to leave but he tells her that if he does, she'll have to act as a witness. He leaves.

    The Italian Connection!

    Friday, December 01 2006

    At Salem PD, Abe is reading a document in his office. His vision is blurred, and when Tek walks in, he asks if he's Roman. Puzzled, Tek says, he's "A few years younger and not as white!" He's there to ask for a recommendation from Abe, and is concerned about Abe's eyesight. Abe is angry, thinking that there is something wrong with the acoustics - he's not giving him any recommendation! Tek pleads his case, telling Abe that he's a good cop; he busted his butt to do a good job and upholds the law as well as any cop. Abe brings up the restraining order, telling him that he should have thrown his butt in jail for ignoring it. Tek continues to press and reminds him they were friends once. He asks for a professional recommendation only -thinking it's fair request. Abe smirks. "Memorizing the police handbook doesn't matter. It's what is inside that matters", he says. When he slept with Lexi, he slept with his commander's wife, which caused issues throughout the PD. He tells him to "Get the hell out of here." Tek ignores him, hoping they could do it on the "DL" (down low) and turns, telling him that he had a call from the state's DA asking about Abe's performance after the EJ debacle. He blackmails Abe, "I can help him or I can help you!" He'll tell them that Abe pushed him out of the PD for sleeping with his wife. Abe finally agrees to write up the recommendation and mail it to him.

    The Jester and The High Priestess!

    Tuesday, November 21 2006

    Tek comes up to Lexie's table at Chez Rouge, asking to sit. She reminds him that he has a restraining order out on him. She asks, “Do you want to lose your job?” Tek says, “Finally, someone who understands me!” Lexi tries to be patient, telling him she won't say anything if he goes home and sleep it off. Tek is upset, telling her that once upon a time she couldn't get enough of him and now she has Theo and Abe back and wants nothing to do with him. She tells him she has lost everything, including her job and doesn't think he wants that. She slaps him, when she gets nervous and the bartender takes notice, calling the police. He grabs Lexi and Abe stops him, telling him to go home and they'll talk about it at the station. Tek tells him to kill him, fire him, and rants and raves, so Abe punches him in the face, and then tells him, “You've got your wish. You're fired. Come and clean out your desk tomorrow!” Tek claps his hands, happy with the news. Lexi hugs him, but has to stay as she's waiting for Hope. She asks him not to arrest Tek, she just wants this done with. He leaves and Hope shows up. After she shares her horrible run in with Tek, Hope tells her she has found her a job as a nurse to Kayla. Lexi isn't sure they'd want her, but its set! They already want her help, and Lexi happily accepts! They toast to 'New Beginnings'.

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