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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Victor Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Kiriakis Played by John Aniston on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Aniston (NBC)

    Birthday: July 24 1933
    Birthplace: Crete, Greece
    Marital Status: Married Sherry Rooney ( June 14 1984 - present)
    Real Name: John Aniston
    Height: 6' 3"


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    Maybe she found your Stash of Vodka?

    Friday, May 09 2008

    At the pub, Victor asks Chelsea if she'd like to move back into the mansion with him. Nicole storms into the pub and disrupts them. "There you are, you bastard," she screams. She tells him Pooky (her dog) was poisoned and she thinks he has something to do with it. "Maybe she found your stash of vodka," Victor yells. Nicole blames him but he never touched that filthy mutt, he says, even though she left him a little surprise on his dining room floor this morning! Nicole yells to the pub that Victor tried to kill her dog and when the vet calls, she leaves. Chelsea tells Victor she didn't know Nicole was that crazy! They discuss her classes and how she has a lot of catching up to do, and Chelsea brings up Daniel. She tells Victor that he's leaving Salem and she'd like him to talk him into staying. When Chelsea admits she thinks Daniel's leaving town because of her, Victor sighs. She realizes he knows something. He replies that it's not his place to say, but Chelsea begs and admits she thinks she's falling in love with him. Under the strictest confidence, he tells her about one of Daniel's patients who had cancer.

    At the gym, Daniel is in the middle of telling Lexi about this cancer patient who he says he was crazy about. Even with his knowledge, he confesses he thought he could will her to get well. He says she suffered but never stopped smiling. At the pub, Victor says Daniel called him and told him he was going to marry her. Victor wasn't sure it was good idea. Later that night, she took a turn for the worse. Daniel continues at the gym with Lexi and says that she was in pain and they could do nothing. He says he couldn't handle watching her die and took her to the beach, where he knew she'd feel happy. Victor tells Chelsea that Rebecca died that night. Daniel was heartbroken and lost himself in his work and vowed never to put himself in that situation again. Chelsea chastises herself for pushing Daniel and Victor tells her whatever happens is for the best. Tears in her eyes, she leaves the pub while Daniel tells Lexi he can't go through that again. Lexi holds his hand as she tells him he can't keep running away.

    Boxers or Briefs?

    Tuesday, April 29 2008

    From the pub, Sami leaves Marlena an urgent message for her to call back regarding Brady. EJ urges her to get back to their questions and Sami is surprised that EJ knows the type of perfume she uses. EJ asks, "Boxers or briefs?" Sami has no clue but he reminds her they were trapped together in a steam room. Sami says she was nine months pregnant, her life was in danger and she didn't notice. EJ is doubtful and waits for her to tell the truth. Sami reluctantly says, "Boxers, blue, monogrammed!"

    Marlena arrives at the pub with John and Sami tells them that Brady was found, alive! Marlena is thrilled and when Victor arrives, she tells him Brady's alive. Sami angrily tells Marlena that Victor already knows and in fact he knew the whole time! Marlena is shocked and John becomes angry and tells Victor that he shouldn't have kept this from him. "I'm his father and you took over my job. You played God with my son. That's another mistake, Mr. Kiriakis."

    Philip arrives at the pub and tells Victor that he was at Salem PD, ensuring Victor didn't have charges pressed against him. Victor can fight his own battles, he grumbles. Philip says the blame lies with Brady, not Chloe and he berates Victor for allowing family to think Brady was missing. Victor tells him boundaries don't exist for him when it comes to family. Philip snorts that he's noticed.

    At a table nearby, John takes a call from Roman. He's off to Salem PD where Marlena's ex wants to talk with him. Marlena leaves with him and Philip decides to follow.

    The Morals of a Groundhog!

    Monday, April 28 2008

    Back at the pub, Nicole shows Chloe a photo of Brady at the rehab unit and comments that it doesn't seem like Brady would do drugs. Chloe says, "I tried to get him away from them…. I respected his addiction." Victor and Philip interrupt and Victor tells Chloe that Brady's addiction was her fault! Philip is confused until Nicole brings him up to speed. Chloe is astounded and calls Victor a bastard, for lying to everyone. Victor tells her to let them know her part in this. Chloe admits that Brady was lonely, so she introduced him to her friends. Victor shouts that they were drug addicts. Chloe says she tried to help him but Victor blames her for Brady's addiction. Chloe is angry that he let her take the blame for this and calls him a heartless bastard. Nicole grins and comments how much fun this is. Chloe leaves with Philip and Nicole laughs at Victor, then leaves.

    At the hospital, Ava is wheeled in, screaming. Hope and Bo rush outside Chelsea's room and Roman tells them what happened. He says Ava will be put under surveillance and on suicide watch. Ava sees Hope and blames her for everything. Victor arrives and tells them not to go up against the mob again. He's worried when he hears that there is an issue with Chelsea. They rush back into Chelsea's room and ask Dr. Daniel what's going on. Dr. Daniel says there is scarring in Chelsea's pelvic area. Her fallopian tubes were infected and he says he's sorry but as a result of the infection, she'll never be able to have children.

    Chloe and Philip go to Abe at Salem PD, where Chloe says she wants to press charges against Victor!

    I've Thrown out all the Trash!

    Friday, April 25 2008

    When Victor arrives to Chelsea's room, Nurse Jenny tells him Chelsea's getting tests. He can wait for her. Nicole arrives and asks him, "What part of we're married don't you understand?" She is angry that he kicked her out of his house and refuses to go. She asks if he threw Chloe out. "I did, I've thrown out all the trash," he says, without a trace of a smile. Nicole threatens to tell his dirty little secret and Victor accuses her of becoming more dramatic each year. Nicole threatens to spill his secret if he doesn't do things her way. She storms out of the room.

    At the hospital, Philip finds Victor waiting for Chelsea. Victor tells Philip he doesn't trust Chloe or Nicole. Philip wants Chloe to stay and thinks Nicole should stay until the lawyers figure things out. Victor is angry and wants to know why Philip is supporting Nicole over the family.

    Could She Be a Bigger Loser?

    Tuesday, April 22 2008

    Dr. Daniel examines Chelsea in her hospital room, while Kate and Nick and Victor wait for news. Dr. Daniel tells them that Chelsea has peritonitis, which is a severe secondary infection from the surgery. Kate yells that she knew this surgery was a bad idea. Victor wonders where Bo is during this all and Daniel reassures Kate that this kind of infection is common with surgeries. When Chelsea tells them she'll be fine, Nick calls her brave. Kate asks Daniel to promise Chelsea will be okay.

    Outside the room, Lexi calls Bo and leaves a message for him to get over to the hospital as soon as he can. Victor goes to Lexi and finds that she can't track Bo. She relays that Caroline said Bo and Kayla took off last night and admits that Bo was worried about not being able to get a hold of Hope, earlier. She tells him how Bo wanted to talk to Abe but changed his mind. Puzzled, Victor remembers that Bo asked him about the Vitalis. They assume they've something to do with this. Victor tells Lexi not to bring the police into it.

    Back in Chelsea's room, Nurse Jenny is surprised that Daniel's using probiotics for Chelsea's treatment. As he holds a cold cloth on Chelsea's forehead, Nick heads inside. Once he spies them, he quietly backs out of the room. Later, he returns with Kate and Chelsea struggles to stay awake as the results of her CT scan return. Daniel says they're getting somewhere now and gives Chelsea a shot of something that he hopes will lower her temperature. A few moments later, her fever is broken and she tells them she's hungry. Kate relaxes and apologizes to Dr. Daniel for being hard on him. He tells her he understands and says Chelsea will be fine. He leaves the room.

    Outside Chelsea's room, Daniel tells Victor the good news. Daniel asks him to tell Bo the good news but he can't. He doesn't know where he is. He says it's become a trend. First Brady goes missing and now Bo. Daniel is upset with the news and reminds Victor that he was supposed to have bed rest. Daniel returns to Chelsea's room long enough to hear Chelsea call Dr. Jonas her medicine man and say she has no problems putting herself in his hands.

    Chelsea later wakes up to find Dr. Daniel standing over her. He says he's been admiring her strength and courage and he couldn’t imagine his life without her. He tells her he loves her and she tells him, "I love you, too." They kiss and when they pull away from the kiss, she sees Nick. "Chelsea what's the matter?" Nick asks. Chelsea's face falls but she says she must have been daydreaming.

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