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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Victor Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Kiriakis Played by John Aniston on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Aniston (NBC)

    Birthday: July 24 1933
    Birthplace: Crete, Greece
    Marital Status: Married Sherry Rooney ( June 14 1984 - present)
    Real Name: John Aniston
    Height: 6' 3"


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    Court is in session

    Friday, January 12 2007

    In court, Victor tells the courts that he's there as a grandfather and loves both Belle and Shawn. He feels it's best for Claire that she is with the only father she has known - Philip. He tells the judge that both Shawn and Belle's lives are in complete disarray. The judge tells Victor to leave out opinion, so Victor tells him all about how Shawn used to live with a prostitute - Willow Stark- and has driven a car through his home, and wrecked his father's boat. He tells the judge that Belle is unstable because she has no job, and her parents are unstable. He says that Marlena has had mental issues in the past and John has recently been shot and is in a coma. He also goes into how Belle allowed Claire to wander off at the diner that time. The judge asks why Shawn's name is not on the birth certificate. He is told that Shawn hasn't bothered.
    Shawn and Belle's Lawyer, Dan, speaks for the couple. He reads a list of the entire family and friends of the couple who have gone on record to support them. The judge asks the two," Can you tell me if you're irresponsible parents or if Mr. Kiriakis has it all wrong?" Shawn explains that he has been in trouble but is changing his life for his daughter. He says that when he found out he was Claire's father, he was willing to give Claire up because he loved her enough not to take away the only family she knew. After Philip left, he has been committed to being a good father. He tells him that he's now a mechanic at Max's Garage; he is saving money for a new place to live and has goals he is working towards.

    Belle tells the judge that Victor has lied to them from the beginning. She goes on to say that Victor lied about Claire's paternity, Philip's whereabouts, spending time with Claire and never told them that he was taking them to see Philip. She starts to cry as she tells the judge that they've protected her and taken care of her when Philip was nowhere to be found. She begs the judge to let Claire come home.

    Victor admits that Shawn worked for EJ Wells, who is a known criminal, and they bring in Willow. She gets on the stand and tells the judge that it was obvious that Shawn never cared about Claire or how EJ made his money. She mentions that Shawn never mentioned a daughter but cared only for his new sports car. Shawn and Belle get up and yell at Willow, in anger, and tell the judge that she set fire to his loft, after he dumped her. They produce a police report and Willow is asked to step down.

    Willow leaves and Hope asks her what damage she has done. She says, "Only what Shawn deserved." She leaves and Marlena shows up again. Bo doesn't think Philip can win when he is 'hiding from the world'.

    Back inside the courtroom, Lawyer Dan asks the judge how they can grant custody to a man who can't even make an appearance in court today. Victor tells the judge that Philip is there now, and Philip is wheeled into court. Everyone is surprised when they see him in bandages.

    The lap dog retires!

    Monday, January 08 2007

    Bo and Hope take the baby for a visit with Caroline, at the Pub. Shawn and Belle burst into the Brady Pub to share their devastating news that Child Protective Services took Claire away from them. Hope and Bo are shocked when Kayla tells the two what happened. Belle cries that she can't handle the thought of Claire not being with them. An angry Bo comforts his son and daughter- in- law and takes Steve with him as they go over to see Beverly Healey. Shawn promises that they'll get through this. Caroline brings the baby over and Belle's tears turn to smiles when she holds 'doodlebug'. Victor arrives at the pub to an angry family. He asks to make peace. They refuse and remind him that Philip isn't Claire's father. Victor says that if they fight him on this, they'll lose what little access they'll have to Claire. He threatens Shawn when he tells him that he has enough dirt on Shawn to ensure that Philip gets custody. He claims that he is trying to protect his family but Belle sees things differently and yells, "You don't deserve a family." Philip asks to be named as Claire's primary parent, and this further angers Belle. Hope tells Victor that all of his money can't make a good parent and he comes back with, "We're giving you a fair offer." He thinks that they need to be selfless about this and lets them know that they're allowed to visit Claire when they like." Shawn calmly tells Victor, "Take your 'very fair offer' and shove it, and get the hell out of my face." He holds the Pub door open. Victor tries to make Caroline see things his way but she yells at him "This is my pub, and my property and I want you out!" "I'll see you in court," he promises. The family stares at Belle as she bitterly points out, "That manů doesn't deserve to live, does he?" Hope and Kayla comfort her and then a man comes in with a subpoena to appear in court tomorrow.

    Stefano and Susan's son Elvis John is ....EJ!

    Monday, December 18 2006

    At the Brady home, Belle teaches Claire how to spell and say 'Daddy', by placing magnetic letters on a blackboard. Shawn arrives and is a little upset that Claire doesn't recognize him as her dad, but is happy to be living under the same roof as her. He hopes this will change things for their bond. Belle is confused. She wonders why he is moving in. He tells her that he is moving because after he broke things off with Willow, she "torched" his home. He lets her know that she was right about Willow. Belle is stunned and doesn't know what to say. He tells her that he feels like a loser, after all that has happened but they're cut short by Victor, who calls to ask Belle for a favor. He calls from the secret room with Kate and Philip. He tells Belle that he's off to Canada on a business trip but wants to have one last visit with Claire. Belle thinks it's a little late for a visit, but eventually gives in and agrees to a short one. He promises to come by with a car to collect her, right away. Shawn overhears the conversation and is upset with her decision. Belle reassures him that Victor loves Claire. She asks him what his problem is with Victor. "It wouldn't be because he is Philip's father?" she asks. He admits to being jealous and they're interrupted again. This time, Roman arrives to question the two about Victor. He doesn't think Victor should see Claire, and tells them that they believe that Victor was behind Claire's kidnapping and Max and Mimi's disappearance. Shawn and Belle are incredulous. He goes on to explain that Philip was seriously wounded, transferred from Germany to the veterans hospital in Atlanta, and how he mysteriously disappeared. Shawn panics; as Roman explains that they think Victor has Philip stashed somewhere, and believes that it's no coincidence that Victor suddenly took an interest in Claire, just as Philip went missing! He warns them not to let Victor take Claire. Belle worries but agrees to make an excuse for her not to see him.

    Victor arrives and Shawn tells him it's a wasted trip. Belle tells Victor that Shawn is there visiting and they feel that she needs to be with him right now. Victor is confused as to why she'd change her mind so quickly but Shawn interjects that its way past Claire's bedtime. They ask him where Philip, Max and Mimi are, after Shawn points out that he's sure that Victor had them abducted. Victor realizes that Roman has spoken to them and lies when he tells them he had nothing to do with Max and Mimi's disappearance. He also feigns innocence about Philip's whereabouts. He warns them not to make an enemy of him. "You'll wish you didn't," he promises. With that, he leaves. After he's gone, Shawn and Belle agree to protect their daughter no matter what the cost, but are worried about Max and Mimi. Shawn believes that Victor is in on their disappearance and that Philip is in on it. "I think that they're trying to take Claire away from us," he says. Shawn asks her not to worry. He'll protect his family.

    Roman arrives at Victor's house, surprised to see Kate there. She tells him that she's there helping Victor pack for a business trip. Roman is skeptical but asks Kate about Philip. He tells her that Max and Mimi were both missing, too. He asks her what she found out about Victor's jet. We see Philip watching. He walks around the house with Kate asking him to stop. He notices that someone else was there, who drinks their coffee black - unlike Kate! Victor arrives home, plenty angry, promising to sue Roman and the entire two-bit department for searching his home without a warrant. Roman leaves and Philip comes out of the bathroom. Kate wants to go to Canada with them. Philip agrees, so she goes to pack. Victor tells Philip not to worry, that when he returns from his trip, he'll have his little girl with him forever.

    Trouble at Max's Garage.

    Wednesday, December 13 2006

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate continues to cry as Victor shares the news about Philip's face transplant. She asks him why he didn't tell her about Philip, and he tells her it was because "I knew you would be slighted!" Kate is amazed. She tells him that not being greeted by a friend at the grocery store is being slighted! She grabs the phone and starts to make a call to the hospital to get Philip 'round the clock' care, and then says she's going to make a call to Roman to find out how many laws Victor broke when he 'stole' Phil from the veterans' hospital! Philip taps his cane hard and reaches for Kate. It appears that he doesn't want her to make the calls. She puts the phone down and Victor fixes Kate a drink and agrees to tell her everything. He shares the news that Philip told Victor that leaving Claire broke his heart. When Victor heard this, it broke his heart, too. He shares the news that he is suing Belle and Shawn for custody of Claire. Kate has trouble taking all of this in but she agrees to stand by Philip - as always. Kate tells him that he has underestimated her, Mimi and Max. She explains her part in working with Max and Mimi to get information about Philip. She tells him it's touching; they really care about him! Victor tells Kate "Max and Mimi need to be kept on ice." He reassures her that Max and Mimi will not be harmed.

    With music playing in the background, ('When everything seems wrong', by Ari Hest, from their album, "Someone to tell") Kate and Victor spend time with Philip. Victor holds out his hand to Kate and she agrees to a dance.

    Kate gets the surprise of her life!

    Tuesday, December 12 2006

    At Chez Rouge, Belle, Shawn, Victor and Claire dine. Shawn tells Victor that he and Belle have decided to work things out, for Claire's sake. They share their thoughts that it is best to cut back on Victor's visits with Claire in the immediate future, just until she gets used to having Shawn around. They want to work on bonding as a family. Victor doesn't take this well and is quick to anger. Belle tries to comfort him, but Shawn isn't so comforting. He reminds Victor that he is lucky he sees Claire as it is. Shawn and Belle are shocked as Victor harshly tells the pair that they're not fit to be parents. "I'm the one stable influence in Claire's life!" he declares. He refuses to go away quietly and tells the two that Claire stands to inherit a lot of money, and thinks that he is the only chance that she has to have a future. Shawn stands up for he and Belle, explaining that he and Belle are Claire's parents and they will decide her future. "We'll see about that," Victor promises. As they talk, Kate arrives at Chez Rouge and asks the hostess for help getting a note to Victor, as she can see that he is busy with Shawn and Belle. The hostess gives her Victor's coat and Kate slips a note into Victor's pocket and secretly pulls out his house keys! "We'll see what secrets you've been keeping from me," she says to herself. After Kate leaves (un-noticed), Belle takes Claire to show her the Christmas tree, while Shawn talks to Victor to ask him to back off. Victor tells Shawn he'll never be half the father that Philip was, and promises that he will regret this! Victor leaves, angry but stops when he finds that he has no house keys! He talks to the hostess, who explains that Kate left him a note. It's in Kate's handwriting and reads, "I know all about Philip." Belle comes back to the table, and is shocked when she finds out that Victor is after Shawn! Shawn promises to make Belle proud, but she tells him that he already has!

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