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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Victor Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Kiriakis Played by John Aniston on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Aniston (NBC)

    Birthday: July 24 1933
    Birthplace: Crete, Greece
    Marital Status: Married Sherry Rooney ( June 14 1984 - present)
    Real Name: John Aniston
    Height: 6' 3"


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    Lucas is a Horn-Dog!

    Monday, July 14 2008

    Bo visits Victor, who asks for Caroline. He needs Bo's help with Philip. Bo promises to keep an eye on Philip. Chelsea visits Victor and tells him how she appreciates his help during her post-surgery. She promises to take the best care of him that she can. Victor smiles.

    Situation Critical!

    Friday, July 11 2008

    Caroline leans over Victor who is on the floor of the pub. Max appears and hollers for someone to call 911. Outside the pub, Kate and Chloe have a run-in. Kate tells her to stay away from the Kiriakis men. Chloe says she'll be happy to know that she and Phillip have broken up! Kate says she is happy about it, but Chloe says she wouldn't be if she knew the rest of the story! Kate asks Chloe to fill her in, but then notices the commotion inside the pub. She runs inside when she realizes it's Victor! Morgan calls Phillip and Kate thanks her and heads to the hospital. Caroline tells Max he needs a break to get the answers he needs. When Max argues, Caroline becomes very upset, scaring Max. As Caroline leaves, Max says to Stephanie, "Let's just hope Victor's alright - she can't take losing someone else she cares about!" When Max keeps cleaning up in the pub, Stephanie asks if he is going to take his mother's advice. She also pushes to find out whether he is going to pursue finding his half-sister. Max becomes impatient with her, but then tells her he loves her. She heads out to the hospital and they share a kiss. As soon as she is gone, Max runs upstairs. When he comes back down, he has a conversation with Pete about how he is going to Europe. Pete says it sounds like he's running away from home, but Max says it's actually the opposite! He writes a letter saying goodbye to Stephanie, and then looks at a framed photo of Shawn Brady, thinking back to visiting Shawn's grave to tell him what he meant to him. He then picks up his bag and leaves the pub.

    At the hospital, Chelsea tells Daniel that she is so excited about her amazing new job and she has him to thank for it. She marvels that he knew what she needed before she did. He is pleased to see her so happy. They beam at one another. Daniel says he wants to kiss her, but she says her employee handbook says no PDA's in public. As they make plans to meet after his shift, a hospital worker comes over to inform him about Victor! Daniel tells the person to get a room ready, and then turns to reassure a worried Chelsea. Victor arrives, and Daniel examines him. There is some facial drooping, and Victor can't say his name. Daniel discovers that he is also weak on his left side. He orders tests. Philip arrives and Daniel says it looks like a stroke. Bo comforts a very shaken Caroline. Daniel chats away to Victor when they are alone. He tells him that he's pulled through this before, and he'll do it again. Out in the waiting room, Kate frets to Philip. He chooses that moment to tell her that Lucas is back in jail. He explains that he broke his house arrest - apparently to go see Chloe! Kate steams. Nearby, Bo and Chelsea discuss whether Daniel can save Victor. Bo and Caroline say that it isn't his first stroke so it's very serious. Chelsea tells Caroline that she is the love of Victor's life. Caroline notes that family is the most important thing in life. Stephanie turns up and Chelsea fills her in on Victor's status. Caroline tells Stephanie to go and be with Max - it's mother's intuition! Stephanie offers to stay for Chelsea, but she tells her to go see Max as well. Inside the hospital room, Victor tries to speak, but is unable. In the waiting room, Kate tells Philip she can't believe that Lucas went to be with Chloe. Kate rails that she can't understand their interest in her - she was with Brady, Philip, and now Lucas!

    Daniel comes into the waiting room and tells Kate and Caroline that the test results have confirmed that Victor has had another stroke. He says they have no idea yet how much damage there will be. He says he has given him a drug and now he is able to speak a little - he is asking for both of them. The women go into the room. Victor says, "I'm leaving behind my sons. Your sons. I'm so proud of them." Still in the waiting room, Daniel faces Bo and Chelsea. Bo asks, "The truth, man. Is he going to make it?" Nearby, Philip asks Morgan if she has heard anything about her father's whereabouts. She says she hasn't, but if someone hurt him, they're going to pay! Kate and Caroline come out of Victor's room and send Philip and Bo in to see him. Caroline tells Chelsea she is going to go back to the pub. Chelsea hugs her, then goes to stand in the doorway of Victor's room. Nearby, Kate tells Daniel that she is glad Chelsea has him to lean on. He asks if she is sure about that, and she says that she is, but Chelsea can never find out about what happened between them - it would kill her! Kate is unaware that Chelsea is listening nearby!

    To Happy Endings and Good Health.

    Thursday, July 10 2008

    Caroline brings Victor her famous apple pie, in the pub. They discuss Max, and Caroline's going to let the cards fall where they may, but she's not good at leaving things to chance. Neither is Victor. They hold hands and Caroline says she has burdened him enough.

    Max tells Stephanie that Lucas was arrested. He thinks it's crazy that he was caught violating his conditions. They discuss how Caroline was encouraging of him to find Melanie and then he flashes back to trashing Trent's hotel room and finding Melanie's photo.

    Max meets Trent, at a table nearby. Trent is surprised Max called. Max is tired of hating him. His anger builds when he remembers how Trent hurt his mother, and doesn't like how it's affecting his behavior. He asks Trent to come to an understanding. He gives the photo of Melanie back and asks that if they see each other around, they pretend the other does not exist. Trent doesn't think that will be a problem. He asks if Max will ever forgive him. Max won't, but at least he doesn't hate him anymore!

    Inside the pub, Victor tells Caroline it's his pleasure to support her. He plans on celebrating after the signing of the divorce papers. He tells Caroline that he'd like her to join him in seeing a revival of Citizen Cane, at the retro theatre. Caroline smiles and giggles it's been a while since she has seen a movie. She'd love to go! Nicole and EJ interrupt and Nicole reminisces about meeting Victor and their relationship in the beginning. She flashes back to making love to him the first time, to their wedding, and the day Victor confronted her for trying to kill him! Caroline brings champagne, that Nicole requests and Victor adjusts his tie as Nicole makes a toast. "To happy endings and good health," Nicole says. Victor's sight is blurred and Nicole notices. "Victor, are you alright?"

    Caroline and Stephanie work behind the bar, while Stephanie asks how Caroline feels about Victor's divorce. She wonders if it would be nice for her to go out with Victor, sometimes. Caroline becomes flustered and Stephanie says she doesn't want her to be alone. Caroline's not alone. "Grandpa was my partner and he's gone. My life is just fine," she says. They discuss Max and Caroline hopes Melanie is nothing like Trent! Caroline thinks that Max will need her support if the situation doesn't turn out well. She looks to Trent and Max as she talks. Stephanie won't let either of them down, she promises. Max finds Stephanie and tells her he's fine. He gave the photo back to Trent. Stephanie offers to help him find Melanie but he refuses her. They argue and he says he's not going to look for her. Stephanie finds it odd that he's suddenly changed his mind. She doesn't understand it but later tells him she supports him. Later, Stephanie leaves to visit her brother, and though Max was warned by Steve not to contact Melanie just yet, he decides to anyway.

    Nearby, Trent listens to Nicole, EJ and Victor as they chat, laugh and drink their champagne.

    EJ wants to call 911, when he notices how Victor's acting, but Victor refuses. EJ gets him a glass of water and Nicole comments perhaps he's just excited to see her go! He agrees.

    EJ looks over the divorce papers as Nicole goes to Trent. EJ watches, puzzled by her behavior, and Nicole asks Trent if he is spying on her. He tells her he noticed she hasn't severed her relationship with EJ. She explains that he's her Lawyer. She tells him to stay out of her life, and goes back to her table.

    Nearby, Caroline goes to Trent and tells him it's time he left! Trent will try not to bother them again and leaves. Victor and Nicole sign their divorce papers and say goodbye. Victor goes to the bar, while EJ wonders why Nicole isn't happier. She is, but when he asks to take her to lunch, she can't. He asks her to dinner to celebrate, but she won't. EJ doesn't understand why she's cutting him out of her life. EJ follows her out of the pub. He wants to know why she's pushing him away. She calls herself a selfish woman. She refuses to share her man and he's still in love with Sami. She storms off.

    Victor tells Caroline that tomorrow, he'll be free from Nicole. They're celebrating Tuesday night, with a movie. Caroline says, "It's a date…" and Victor's vision goes blurry once again. He falls to the floor as Caroline yells his name.

    Onward and upward, Blondie!

    Monday, July 07 2008

    Everyone in the Brady family watches as Chelsea and Daniel make out, while Hope tries to get Bo to take it easy. Caroline notes to Victor that his talk with Daniel didn’t do much good, and when Kate arrives, she sees Daniel and Chelsea kissing and promptly passes out! Kate's brought to a lounger and Victor is upset with Chelsea since Kate just had surgery and this isn't what she needs. Bo thinks it's the heat and Hope says she's still weak. They get her some juice and Kate finally comes to. Abe and Lexi arrive, with Theo, and Lexi is surprised that Daniel got involved with Chelsea. Kate comes to and right away wants to talk to Chelsea.

    Kate and Victor bring Chelsea into the house and Kate asks her to break off with Daniel. Chelsea is confused as to why everyone cares so much.

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