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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Victor Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Kiriakis Played by John Aniston on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Aniston (NBC)

    Birthday: July 24 1933
    Birthplace: Crete, Greece
    Marital Status: Married Sherry Rooney ( June 14 1984 - present)
    Real Name: John Aniston
    Height: 6' 3"


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    Friday, January 26 2007

    While Victor and Lucas dine at Chez Rouge, Victor requests that Lucas go to Canada to find Claire and take her home, but Lucas refuses him. He doesn't want to be in the middle of a blood feud. Victor says he can't send Philip because he doesn't trust him. Lucas is confused but Victor spells it out. The war and losing Claire has changed Philip. He doesn't want anyone to get hurt and thinks that Lucas could be a good mediator. Lucas has a good question. "What if I find Shawn and Belle and they refuse to come back. What am I supposed to do then?" Victor answers that it would be his job to convince them. "Do whatever you have to do in order to get the baby back," he demands. Lucas flat out tells him "No." Victor asks Lucas whose side he is on. He gives him an ultimatum. Do it or he's fired. Lucas tells him to take his job and shove it and leaves the restaurant.

    The bandages are off!

    Monday, January 15 2007

    In court, Victor introduces "Lt Philip Kiriakis from the USA Marine Corps". Philip makes a spectacle of himself when he slowly removes all of the bandages from his face. Belle and Shawn are shocked to see his face and they object, "That's not Philip Kiriakis!". Victor reassures everyone that this indeed is Philip, and goes on to tell them the story about how he lost part of his face in the war. He grabs a file to show the judge that Philip has had extensive surgery, and says he also has DNA tests to prove that this is his son, Philip.

    Back inside the courtroom, Philip tells the judge that he is Claire's legal father and that he has been keeping their relationship up as he recuperated. He feels that he has more to offer his daughter than Belle and Shawn. Shawn jumps up and starts to argue that Philip left town without a care for his daughter, but Dan holds him back. The judge orders Belle and Shawn to take a parenting class and better their lives within the next 90 days. In the meantime, he awards temporary custody of Claire to Philip! Claire will stay with Philip until then. Belle cries out and Shawn makes a grab for Philip but is held back. Court is adjourned for 90 days and they all go outside of the courtroom. Belle begs Philip to let her have Claire. When he refuses and makes his way toward the doors, "You can't do this you can t take my baby," she sobs.

    As Mimi and Max stand outside the courtroom, waiting for court to be adjourned, they see Philip come out. They can't believe what they see. Mimi thinks that Victor must have had Philip hidden in his mansion this whole time! Bo and Hope are absolutely incredulous. They agree with Mimi and Bo says he also thinks that Victor orchestrated this entire thing, to make it a huge production. Hope wonders aloud what Victor is up to next.

    Kate arrives at the courthouse and stops in front of Max and Mimi. Mimi asks her if she came there to gloat, but Kate acts innocent. Max accuses her of helping Victor kidnap him and Mimi, but she maintains her innocence and says that they are full of conspiracy theories… and that they will have to prove it. She says that once they have kids, they'll understand. She goes off to be with Philip, and Mimi tells Max that she's going to pay a visit to Philip.

    Philip holds Claire in his arms as Belle comes out of the courtroom. She goes to him and begs him again to "Please don't take my baby, Philip!" Philip apologizes. This isn't the way that he wanted things, he explains. He leaves with Claire and his parents.

    Shawn follows them and overhears Victor tell Philip" Now that we have Claire, I'll make sure that Belle and Shawn never get custody of her."

    Court is in session

    Friday, January 12 2007

    At the courthouse, Shawn and Belle are surprised to see Hope, Bo and Marlena arrive. There are hugs all around, until Victor comes by. Bo asks Shawn to keep his Brady temper in check, but when Victor arrives at court, Shawn tells him, "I am never going to forgive you for this." They argue some and then Bo goes off with Victor to talk.

    In tears, Belle tells Shawn that she had a dream last night that Claire was crying for her.

    Victor explains that Philip was once a big part of Claire's life, and he doesn't want to be cut out of her life now. Bo reminds Victor that Shawn is Claire's father and asks if there is another way that they can remedy this situation. Bo asks him why he is fighting his son's battles. Victor says he's standing by his son, but Bo reminds him that he has never stood by him.

    In court, Victor tells the courts that he's there as a grandfather and loves both Belle and Shawn. He feels it's best for Claire that she is with the only father she has known - Philip. He tells the judge that both Shawn and Belle's lives are in complete disarray. The judge tells Victor to leave out opinion, so Victor tells him all about how Shawn used to live with a prostitute - Willow Stark- and has driven a car through his home, and wrecked his father's boat. He tells the judge that Belle is unstable because she has no job, and her parents are unstable. He says that Marlena has had mental issues in the past and John has recently been shot and is in a coma. He also goes into how Belle allowed Claire to wander off at the diner that time. The judge asks why Shawn's name is not on the birth certificate. He is told that Shawn hasn't bothered.
    Shawn and Belle's Lawyer, Dan, speaks for the couple. He reads a list of the entire family and friends of the couple who have gone on record to support them. The judge asks the two," Can you tell me if you're irresponsible parents or if Mr. Kiriakis has it all wrong?" Shawn explains that he has been in trouble but is changing his life for his daughter. He says that when he found out he was Claire's father, he was willing to give Claire up because he loved her enough not to take away the only family she knew. After Philip left, he has been committed to being a good father. He tells him that he's now a mechanic at Max's Garage; he is saving money for a new place to live and has goals he is working towards.

    Belle tells the judge that Victor has lied to them from the beginning. She goes on to say that Victor lied about Claire's paternity, Philip's whereabouts, spending time with Claire and never told them that he was taking them to see Philip. She starts to cry as she tells the judge that they've protected her and taken care of her when Philip was nowhere to be found. She begs the judge to let Claire come home.

    Victor admits that Shawn worked for EJ Wells, who is a known criminal, and they bring in Willow. She gets on the stand and tells the judge that it was obvious that Shawn never cared about Claire or how EJ made his money. She mentions that Shawn never mentioned a daughter but cared only for his new sports car. Shawn and Belle get up and yell at Willow, in anger, and tell the judge that she set fire to his loft, after he dumped her. They produce a police report and Willow is asked to step down.

    Willow leaves and Hope asks her what damage she has done. She says, "Only what Shawn deserved." She leaves and Marlena shows up again. Bo doesn't think Philip can win when he is 'hiding from the world'.

    Back inside the courtroom, Lawyer Dan asks the judge how they can grant custody to a man who can't even make an appearance in court today. Victor tells the judge that Philip is there now, and Philip is wheeled into court. Everyone is surprised when they see him in bandages.

    The lap dog retires!

    Monday, January 08 2007

    Bo and Hope take the baby for a visit with Caroline, at the Pub. Shawn and Belle burst into the Brady Pub to share their devastating news that Child Protective Services took Claire away from them. Hope and Bo are shocked when Kayla tells the two what happened. Belle cries that she can't handle the thought of Claire not being with them. An angry Bo comforts his son and daughter- in- law and takes Steve with him as they go over to see Beverly Healey. Shawn promises that they'll get through this. Caroline brings the baby over and Belle's tears turn to smiles when she holds 'doodlebug'. Victor arrives at the pub to an angry family. He asks to make peace. They refuse and remind him that Philip isn't Claire's father. Victor says that if they fight him on this, they'll lose what little access they'll have to Claire. He threatens Shawn when he tells him that he has enough dirt on Shawn to ensure that Philip gets custody. He claims that he is trying to protect his family but Belle sees things differently and yells, "You don't deserve a family." Philip asks to be named as Claire's primary parent, and this further angers Belle. Hope tells Victor that all of his money can't make a good parent and he comes back with, "We're giving you a fair offer." He thinks that they need to be selfless about this and lets them know that they're allowed to visit Claire when they like." Shawn calmly tells Victor, "Take your 'very fair offer' and shove it, and get the hell out of my face." He holds the Pub door open. Victor tries to make Caroline see things his way but she yells at him "This is my pub, and my property and I want you out!" "I'll see you in court," he promises. The family stares at Belle as she bitterly points out, "That man… doesn't deserve to live, does he?" Hope and Kayla comfort her and then a man comes in with a subpoena to appear in court tomorrow.

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