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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Victor Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Kiriakis Played by John Aniston on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Aniston (NBC)

    Birthday: July 24 1933
    Birthplace: Crete, Greece
    Marital Status: Married Sherry Rooney ( June 14 1984 - present)
    Real Name: John Aniston
    Height: 6' 3"


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    Grunt Number Three!

    Thursday, April 03 2008

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole tells Chloe that her scars healed up nicely. She asks where Brady is, and is interrupted by Henderson, who brings her a Martini which she promptly gulps down and requests another. She tells the family she's back for good but Victor is incensed and tries to throw Nicole out, even when she reminds him they're married. He comments that he still thinks she killed Colin and she's playing with fire coming back to Salem! Nicole always did like hot things, she grins as she introduces herself to Daniel as Chelsea's step-grandmother! Daniel is taken aside by Chelsea, who reports on Nicole's connection to the family. Kate tries to calm Victor down but he yells at Nicole that she tried to kill him. She says she's happy she didn't succeed. If she had, she would have had no place to stay! Victor assumes she's up to no good and asks if the police are involved but she denies it. They step into the hall to argue in private!

    Meanwhile, in the dining room, Kate busts out, "I can't believe the tramp is back!" Philip and Chloe feel it's a nightmare but Daniel thinks Nicole's pretty hot. Kate advises him to stay as far away from Nicole as he can. Chloe tells Philip she can't forgive Nicole for her cruelty in the past. Philip doesn't think Victor can refuse Nicole from living there so they agree they may need to find a new place to live! Daniel calls Nicole a real firecracker. "It must run in the family," he says and looks at Chelsea, who thinks she could do without the comparison! They discuss how Nicole was married to Lucas. Kate says though she wasn’t proud, she ended that union because she cares about her kids. Daniel calls her "Momma Wolf!" He says goodnight to Chelsea while Kate takes her upstairs to rest.

    Near the door of the mansion, Nicole and Victor argue about whether or not Victor has to put Nicole up and pay her liquor bills. Nicole says she found an attorney and plans on staying. She asks him to have Henderson draw a bath for her and unpack her bags.

    In the dining room, Chloe and Philip rant about Nicole and Daniel says things are about to get interesting. He asks Philip to thank his dad for his hospitality and Phil in return thanks him for saving his brother's life.

    Daniel goes to Chelsea's room and Kate says goodnight to them. Chelsea asks if this is an official visit. "Am I going to be poked and prodded?" They both grimace, thinking that didn't sound good. He asks if she'll come to the hospital for regular visits. He tells her Bo is doing well and he says goodnight. After he leaves, Chelsea grins from ear to ear.

    Nicole and Victor return to the dining room and Victor tells everyone that Nicole's staying, at least for the time being. Kate leaves and Victor tells her she may have won this round but the battle has just begun! Nicole plans on winning the battle too, she reports.

    I'd Sooner Choke on a Schnitzel!

    Wednesday, April 02 2008

    At the Kiriakis mansion, in the dining room, Victor tells Philip he's certain that he can handle the thorn in their side, John Black. Chloe and Chelsea arrive and Victor fawns over Chelsea, helping her to her seat and giving her water. Chelsea asks him not to fuss but he enjoys it. Dr. Daniel Jonas arrives and introductions are made. Chloe makes herself known to Daniel and Daniel asks Chelsea not to call him 'Doctor' tonight. Henderson reports that they've made the menu just for the doctor and serves them champagne to celebrate. Victor toasts to Philip, Chelsea and Daniel. Chloe notices that he didn't include her and sulks. The doorbell rings and Kate arrives, unannounced. Everyone asks her to stay and dine with them so she takes a place beside Chloe and Victor tells Kate what they're celebrating. Victor gives Chloe the evil eye when she says they're celebrating her just for being her and Kate comments this should be an interesting night. Daniel and Kate toast to Victor and dig in to the delicious food. Daniel says this reminds him of a dish he ate in Italy. He tells them about a case of a sick girl and they admire that he saved her life. They toast to him as Chloe asks Henderson to refill her glass several times! He says he was in France when he learned to surf and goes into detail about the beautiful beaches, waves and excellent night life. He says he gambled and lost his shirt! Victor happily tells the family he has had a special desert made for Chelsea and asks Kate to figure it out. Kate guesses chocolate and Chelsea gets in on the guessing game. Kate is thrilled to see her granddaughter smiling and enjoying herself for a change. Everyone appears to be happy to have the family under one roof except for Chloe, who says, with a roll of her eyes, "We're a regular "Little House on the Prairie!". Henderson brings a divine chocolate cake and red wine. Daniel says both have antioxidants when taken in small quantities. Daniel admits he has attended one of her operas, "The Magic Flute". He isn't into opera but she was terrific, he boasts. Chloe loved it; she says and accepts the compliment. He calls her the talk of Vienna and under his breath, Victor comments, "They're still talking!" This prompts Chloe to run off with Philip at her heels. She flashes back to her recent audition and how poorly it went because of her reputation in Vienna. Philip asks her not to let his dad get to her and Chloe says she's tired of the pointing fingers. Philip asks what he can do to make things better and she wants Victor to apologize. Philip laughs.

    Back at the dining room table at the Kiriakis mansion, Victor apologizes for his temper and Kate tells him if he continues on this path, he'll push Chloe into Philip's arms. Chelsea explains to Daniel about the family and Brady's disappearance. Daniel is lost! "I think I have to meditate on this one. Actually, I think…. Medicate," he jokes as he sips wine. Daniel comments that Kate and Victor seem to get along well and Kate says they manage. Chloe and Philip return and Kate comments, "A wise man knows when to apologize." Victor apologizes, but it's not the best… Philip shrugs. It's as good as it's going to get and before they're able to sit down, the doorbell rings. Everyone argues and Victor yells for everyone to stay quiet. Henderson brings the guest in…and it's Nicole Walker, who arrives with a little puppy in her arms, much to everyone's chagrin!

    Sailor man, Smooth Sailing!

    Friday, March 21 2008

    Victor arrives at Marlena's office uncomfortable and second guessing himself for coming to therapy with her. Marlena tries to set him at ease and she tells him she knows he has never had closure over Isabella's death. Victor admits he can't talk to Philip as a father and shouldn't show his weakness to his children and that Caroline has her own issues. He was afraid he'd lose Bo and regrets not being there when he lost Isabella. Marlena knows Isabella knew he loved her. Victor feels he's letting his family down. He knows he has done things to let people down, including Marlena but he always loved his children. Marlena comments he must be proud of Philip but Victor has always wanted something more for him. Victor's phone rings and he apologizes for not turning it off. He takes the call and Philip relays what happened at the docks. Victor says he knows Paul. He has fallen on hard times. He'll deal with him. He hangs up and tells Marlena he has to go. She assumes John is a part of this.

    Morgan and Paul sit and chat about the issues surrounding her parents and their divorce. She's not sure how to handle this.

    Nearby, Max meets Victor and explains why he's there. Victor asks him to spy for him. He asks if Max has seen John Black around but Max hasn't. Victor explains that he's simply wondering if John has had the same shipping issues as he.

    Victor goes to Paul and tells him he'd like his cooperation with his shipping. Paul agrees to it but since there are serious discrepancies with the manifest, he has to investigate. Victor apologizes for his divorce and says he doesn’t want him to become a target for John Black. Victor says whatever John's paying him, he'll double it. Paul isn't for sale and says he'll have him arrested if he tries to bribe him again. Later, Victor rethinks his idea of Max spying on him.

    Bon Voyage, I'll Miss You.

    Thursday, March 20 2008

    Dr. Jonas visits Bo and Hope in Bo's room. Hope complains Bo is so pale. He asks Hope to leave while he examines Bo and tells her Chelsea's doing just fine. Hope goes to see the family and tells them that Bo's being examined now. Eventually, Dr. Jonas comes out of Bo's room and he tells the family that there is no reason why Bo can't make a full recovery. Chelsea's doing great, he admits and the family cheers. Meanwhile, inside Bo's room, Bo panics and appears in pain.

    Rabid Pit Bull!

    Wednesday, March 19 2008

    Belle tells Shawn and Philip that Bo's being prepped for surgery and they can see him once more beforehand. Philip comforts Shawn and Belle almost slips and mentions them leaving town but she stops herself. Nearby, Marlena tells John they're blessed with a good family and he's a part of it. He prefers to keep his distance as he fears one of the family could get caught in the crossfire. Caroline tells Steph and Max that she and Victor were told they couldn't see Chelsea. She's being prepped for surgery. Caroline thinks the two can beat the odds. Marlena comforts Belle and Shawn and John says he doesn't know how Marlena or Belle can work in a hospital. It's so tense. He comments how Belle is a ball of sunshine and she must get it from her mother. Belle thanks him and says she gets it from him, too. Steve tries to lighten the mood by telling Steph, Max and Roman that he gave up a kidney to his brother Jack (Devereaux) and he's ok. They try to joke around and keep things light to disguise their real concerns.

    Family says goodbye and good luck to an unconscious Bo as the doctors wheel him out. Meanwhile, Lexi, Kayla and Dr. Jonas prepare for surgery.

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