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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Victor Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Kiriakis Played by John Aniston on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Aniston (NBC)

    Birthday: July 24 1933
    Birthplace: Crete, Greece
    Marital Status: Married Sherry Rooney ( June 14 1984 - present)
    Real Name: John Aniston
    Height: 6' 3"


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    Surprise behind the secret panel.

    Tuesday, November 14 2006

    They come to a wall which leads to a secret passage way, which he unlocks and they enter. He shows her the surprise; someone sitting in a wheel chair, bandaged from head to toe! (It's Philip!)

    Champagne shower!

    Wednesday, November 08 2006

    In Victor's office, (At Titan) Belle returns the $100,000 check, just as Shawn walks in telling "Take your check and shove it!" They both realize that they're there for the same thing. Victor explains he is trying to make amends, wants to be a part of Claire's life. He knows he has lied, but was trying to protect Philip. Shawn isn't letting him off so easily; counts, much to Victor's irritation. Victor retaliates by reminding his grandson of his struggle to get where he is. Shawn gets rude to his grandfather, telling him he'd shoot himself if he ends up like him! Victor asks for a few minutes so he can explain, "Then if you want to drive a race car through my house, you can!" They agree to listen, and he tells them both that he's honored to be a part of Claire's life. He wasn't able to be there for his kids and wants to give the love to Claire he wasn't able to give his children. He feels that Claire is his only link to Philip, now that Phil is gone. He has talked to detectives, private investigators, Interpol, etc. Anyone and everyone and nobody has seen Philip since he left JFK (airport). Victor gets emotional and leaves the room, while Shawn and Belle speculate as to whether Phil is okay. When he returns, Victor asks again to be a part of Claire's life. Belle decides to allow it, wanting Claire to always have Philip in her heart as well as Victor. He goes off again to a meeting while Belle knocks heads with Shawn, reminding him that she has been with Claire since day one, while he has spent time driving someone else's car through a house, and risking his life at sea to protect a prostitute. She doesn't trust him. Shawn realizes he has disappointed her and he has straightened himself out. He shares news about his new job, and is finding a place to live. He tries to impress her, hoping she'll relent, and allow Claire to spend time with her. He gives her a wad of cash for Claire- his first child care payment! She's shocked at the amount of money he gives her, and he lies that the job is 'just mechanic stuff'. She is impressed that he'll give this to her weekly. She is a little envious as she just realized she too needs a job. Shawn comforts her, telling her that she is a good mother, and it's all she needs to be right now. Shawn explains Willow had a rough childhood. Belle understands but says she doesn't want her daughter around 'that'. He agrees it is not a problem, and Victor shows up, asking what the verdict is. She has agreed to allow him access to Claire. They leave, and Belle is happy that Claire will be able to be in his life now.

    Cliff's notes for Steve!

    Friday, November 03 2006

    Back at the hospital, Max meets with Shawn, asking him to come back to the shop. Shawn is thankful but he has already gotten another job, explains how he is working for E.J. Wells. He flashes Max a wad of money and leave. Leaving the hospital, he bumps into Victor who stops him, asking to talk. Shawn is bitter, when Victor offers his help, he tells him he doesn't need his money, sympathy or anything. "You are no longer my grandfather," he spits out. "You mean absolutely nothing to me!"

    Gone too far.

    Tuesday, October 17 2006

    Outside at the Penthouse Grill, Victor and Kate are worried. There has been no word on Phillip. Victor had Nico check his credit card records, finding out he is on his way to New York. Kate regrets not telling him the truth and Victor isn't sure he is going to forgive them because he has just run off. They come indoors to see Hope and Belle dining. They see how their lies have turned things upside down. Kate cancels their dinner, and rushes off to a meeting, asking Victor to share any news with her as soon as he hears.

    Hope and Belle are having dinner together at the Penthouse Grill. Hope helps Belle deal with the loss of the baby, her husband. She tells Hope that Mimi knew about the baby the whole time and said nothing. Hope tells her that her parents adore her and she has a beautiful baby to take care of. She isn't sure she wants to stay with her parents much longer but isn't sure Shawn will be there to help Claire or her. She shares what happened at their last meeting. Hope is certain that Shawn still cares about Belle and Claire because she has spoken to him about it. She tells Belle that Shawn didn't want to interfere with her marriage to Philip. Belle isn't sure if anything will happen between them, and decides to get going.

    Victor notices Belle has cramps and tells her they need to talk but Belle isn't interested in hearing his apology. She tells him she has always looked up to him and he destroyed all of their lives. He explains himself and apologizes again. He offers his help but she tells him she'd sooner live on the streets than ask for his help.

    Stink bombs and other shenanigans!

    Wednesday, October 11 2006

    At Chez Rouge, Hope and Bo dine, as he asks her to think about their future. Hope is back to not being sure what to believe, and tells Bo that Patrick will be a part of her future. Henderson (Victor's butler) calls Bo to tell him what Shawn is up to at Victor's mansion.

    At the mansion, Shawn gets up out of the rubble, yelling at Victor and Kate, while Nico (Victor's bodyguard) comes out brandishing a gun. Shawn tells Victor he wants him to feel the same pain that he has felt. Nico holds Shawn to calm him and Victor apologizes that this all happened, but he tells him he has no right to drive through his house this way. He asks who he is really trying to hurt - he asks, "Me, or yourself?"

    Nico leaves the two men to talk and Hope and Bo show up. Bo is fuming, asking Victor if he has not learned from all those years of Bo not knowing who his father was. Shawn takes off with Hope trailing behind him.

    Victor tells Bo he regrets what he has done and Victor isn't sure how he is going to make it up to Shawn and Philip.

    Outside, Hope tries to talk to Shawn, who is close to tears and is frustrated that his life is a mess now. Hope holds him and he explains why he dropped the custody suit. He asks her what is going on with she and Bo, but she isn't sure. Victor and Bo come out of the house and Victor apologizes again. Shawn tells Victor he is through as his grandfather and warns him that Philip will not be through with him. Victor isn't pressing charges.

    Hope agrees to breakfast with Bo tomorrow!

    Welcome home!

    Tuesday, October 10 2006

    At Victor's mansion, Kate and Victor discuss what happened with Philip at Chez Rouge. (She leaves out admitting that he knew about Claire's paternity!) He's visibly upset and takes a drink, but tells her he thinks that Phil needs time to cool down, realizing it's understandable that Philip is angry. He tells her he'll call Philip tomorrow to smooth things over. She gets ready to leave when he demands to know what she is hiding. She admits she also accidentally told Philip that he also knew about Claire's paternity. As they talk, we hear the screech of brakes and they look around as Shawn crashes into the house! Shawn gets out of the car, into a pile of rubble telling his grandfather he is going to make him pay!

    Marlena is found!

    Monday, October 09 2006

    Kate and Victor talk about the future of Philip and Belle.

    Shawn interrupts Victor and Kate's discussion at the hospital. Victor tells Shawn that Titan is pulling funding of his engine. Shawn is shocked and extremely upset but Victor tells him that he can't avoid the bad publicity.

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