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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Victor Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Kiriakis Played by John Aniston on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Aniston (NBC)

    Birthday: July 24 1933
    Birthplace: Crete, Greece
    Marital Status: Married Sherry Rooney ( June 14 1984 - present)
    Real Name: John Aniston
    Height: 6' 3"


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    Rabid Pit Bull!

    Wednesday, March 19 2008

    Nick arrives in Chelsea's room and apologizes for being so late. He wanted to find his old stuffed teddy in his apartment to give her for good luck. Chelsea accepts it happily and is told that his mom gave him 'Teddy' when he was 10, so he's only on loan! Chelsea's glad to see them both and Nick asks if she's certain about this surgery. He doesn't want to lose her. She asks him to have a little faith and the nurse comes to retrieve her and take her to the OR. Kate and Nick give her hugs and Nick kisses her hard. Steph and Max arrive to lend support and Hope stops her on the way to surgery to thank her. Chelsea says it'll be easy. She has to simply lie there and stay asleep. She'd do anything for her dad, she says. "I love you, Chelsea," says Hope, tears flowing freely. Chelsea and Bo's gurneys are stopped beside each other. Chelsea jokes she's disobeying him again by going for the surgery. He can yell at her when they go home, she says. She tells them they're in this together. "We're a team".

    Not Really Part of the in Crowd?

    Tuesday, March 18 2008

    Dr. Jonas and Kayla escort Hope out of Bo's room and Dr. Jonas confesses he has nothing. He's frustrated and doesn't want Hope and Kayla to get a journal that she showed him earlier and each doctor runs off. Outside the room, Hope tells Caroline and Victor that the doctors need a little space. Hugs ensue. Nearby, Philip comforts Roman and he says though he and Bo are half brothers, it never felt that way. He thinks it was because they were brought up differently but wants them to be more of a family and says luckily, he and Shawn have gotten over their issues. He asks what Roman thinks of the new John. "Not a whole hell of a lot," he admits. Neither does Philip. Nearby, Marlena and Belle and Shawn discuss John and how he sometimes acts like the old John. John comes upon them and they ask if he has any ideas. John seductively tells them, sure but it's nothing that he can say in front of Isabella! Belle is disgusted and asks him to act more like her father, while Marlena rolls her eyes and wonders why he continues to try to shock her.

    Kate, Stephanie and Max arrive at Chelsea's bed to find it empty. The nurse has no idea where she has gone. An angry Kate stomps off and finds Roman to explain what happened. Shawn and Belle are alarmed and an angry Shawn assumes that Chelsea did this on purpose. Roman tells Steve about Chelsea and they discuss finding her. Hope, Victor and Caroline are upset with the news but agree to stay there while the others search. Hope goes to check on Bo. Marlena thanks John for helping her look for Chelsea. She's happy he's there and finds it a comfort. "Just having you nearby lifts my spirits," she says. "We were that good, huh?" John asks. She tells him they were even better and that's why this is so hard on her to see him do things like declare war on the Kiriakis family. He says he'll do what it takes to gain control. Maybe he's overcompensating; he says but asks her not to judge. Philip comes upon them and says they've not found Chelsea yet. Kate comes to Philip and asks after his health. Philip says his new leg has taken some getting used to but he's okay with it. Kate thinks he's so matter of fact about it all and is proud of him for it.

    Chelsea arrives in Bo's room. She lies down beside him, crying and apologetic. She has been thinking of the day she found out he and Billie were her parents and wishes she'd have acted differently. She apologizes for being a brat and explains her feelings when she found out the truth. She cries as she tells him the Bensons were great but she has had the most amazing parents and wouldn't trade it for anything. She says he's been there for her even when she didn't deserve it, so this is her turn to do the same for him. Hope finds Chelsea and bumps into Dr. Jonas. They watch Chelsea and Bo and Hope admits no matter how much Chelsea misbehaves, you can always tell she loves her daddy! Dr. Jonas thinks that's obvious and smiles. He holds a syringe up and asks if she believes in fate. They go inside and tell Chelsea the family is looking for her. She apologizes and Dr. Jonas says they think they can buy some time. Lexi and Kayla take Chelsea off for another blood screening while the doctor administers the drug to Bo. Nearby, Lexi takes blood from Chelsea and they hope that there is still time. Lexi tells Steve what's going on and Victor finds Steve and congratulates him on Kayla's pregnancy. They agree second chances are important and they hope Bo gets one, too.

    Bo wakes up and finds Kayla staring at him. He tells her she's freaking him out and asks for a drink. She refuses him. It's too close to surgery. They reminisce about his first motorcycle and how Caroline blamed her for his interest because her cool, tattooed, ex-boyfriend, Roy, had a motorbike and Caroline felt Bo got the idea from him. Hope comes in and snuggles close to Bo. They kiss and Dr. Jonas says heart and respiratory is hanging on but glucose is not great. Hope takes Dr. Jonas into the hall and asks how Chelsea is. Hope is sure she'd never let her father down.

    Shipping for Dummies!

    Monday, March 17 2008

    Caroline and Hope try to urge Bo to change his mind about the operation. He wants to talk to Chelsea but Hope says she's every bit as stubborn as he is and she wants to do this. Lexi says if he decides to go through with surgery, she wants him to understand how it'll work. She gives him something for the pain and tells Hope she'll be assisting in the surgery. Bo falls unconscious and Lexi admits she upped his dosage. As soon as Chelsea's ready, they'll prep Bo and get he and Chelsea to OR. Hope worries that since Bo didn't sign the consent forms that they can't operate but Lexi explains, that's why she put Bo under. Hope can sign them. If she doesn't, Bo will die. Hope signs! Kayla goes to Victor and Caroline to tell them what's happening.

    Back at the hospital, Belle asks the family to leave Bo's room. Hope stays behind and tells an unconscious Bo that she knows he'll be angry with her when he wakes up. She leaves and meets up with the family. She's shocked to hear Chelsea is drunk and they can't do the surgery with this much alcohol in her pancreas. Victor worries about how long it'll take before Chelsea sobers up. Lexi says they're not sure yet and Kayla goes off to hold the OR for surgery.

    Hope goes to an unconscious Bo and tells him to hang on a little longer. Belle goes to her and explains that Chelsea was drinking because she was really upset about Bo. Hope is angry but Belle tells her that Chelsea feels bad enough as it is but Hope doesn't care. She's angry and is going to see Chelsea. Victor wants to go along and vent his anger but Caroline urges him to stay, knowing it won't help Chelsea or the situation.

    Bo wakes up and tells Caroline and Victor he needs to talk to Chelsea and let her know there'll be no surgery. He says he's saving his daughter's life. He falls asleep and Lexi and Kayla enter the room and tell Victor that it'll be a while. Bo goes into arrest and Lexi bags him. Victor and Caroline leave and Victor tries to support Caroline.

    Hope finds Chelsea talking to Kate. Chelsea says she'd die for Bo and Kate says she knows that. Chelsea says she killed Zach and she put her dad through that. She doesn't want to be the cause of his dying also. Hope continues to listen, tears glistening in her eyes. She walks away.

    Marlena and Philip arrive at the hospital and are told Bo has lost consciousness. Shawn and Belle arrive and Belle notices John hiding out around the corner. She's happy he's there and thinks he's worried. He tells her, "Don't tell anyone!" Dr. Jonas tells Hope they can save Bo if they do surgery right away but if they have to wait, she'll need to say goodbye.

    Lexi finds out that Chelsea's blood alcohol is still high and Kate thinks if she gets mad at something it may help.

    The Kiss of Death...

    Friday, March 14 2008

    Victor meets a sobbing Caroline at the park. She explains she was on her way to the hospital when it hit her that Bo could die. Victor is understanding and promises she won't lose Bo. He knows the procedure is risky but Daniel will do his best. Still they worry it won't be enough since Bo's body could reject the transplant. She says Kimberly is being tested in Los Angeles and is frantic with worry. Roman was tested but Kayla can't be. Victor is upset that he can't give his life for his son. He's too old to be tested. Caroline points out that they've already lost Shawn. Victor says Philip is healthy and is being tested as well but thinks they could speculate about this all day. They agree to get back to the hospital for more news.

    Outside Bo's room, Steve tells the family that Bo's awake. Victor and Caroline arrive and Shawn tells the family he's not the donor. They can't find the donor at the moment so things are on hold. Kayla explains they're trying to get a hold of the donor.

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