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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Victor Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Kiriakis Played by John Aniston on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Aniston (NBC)

    Birthday: July 24 1933
    Birthplace: Crete, Greece
    Marital Status: Married Sherry Rooney ( June 14 1984 - present)
    Real Name: John Aniston
    Height: 6' 3"


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    Rather See Brady With Lindsay Lohan.

    Friday, September 20 2013

    At the mansion, Marlena tells Victor about her and Nicole's attempt to get information from Kristen's cell. Victor wants Nic's help but Marlena calls her a loose cannon. She's surprised Kristen didn't figure the whole thing out herself. Marlena gets a call and is delighted to hear charges against Sami were dropped. She tells Victor and leaves, beaming.

    Victor meets Nicole at the club. He tells her to let Marlena handle Kristen though Nicole thinks she can do better. They're arguing when Kristen walks in.

    I've Just Been Scorched.

    Thursday, September 12 2013

    Sporting a shorter hair-do, Nicole spots Victor at the club. She wants to work together to break-up Brady and Kristen but he's not interested and tells her to keep walking. Shouldn't she be off electrocuting someone? "Oh snap. Rush me to the burn unit, I've just been scorched," Nic says. The insults fly and frustrated, she takes off. He calls Marlena.

    Marlena meets Victor at the mansion. He hands her some spy device he had developed which will bypass the password to Kristen's phone and download the information they need. Marlena giggles and takes it.

    Father Eric Has Lost His Marbles.

    Tuesday, September 10 2013

    Victor stops by the hospital and talks to Daniel about JJ's arrest and how he wants to see Dan as happy as he is with Maggie.

    Brady arrives home and apologizes to Victor for not telling him... Victor says, "You're engaged. Secrets don't last long in this town." Victor shakes his hand in congratulations. Brady says he's "kicking it old school," doing pre-cana conferences and such. Victor starts to laugh, surprised he and Kristen are marrying in a church. Brady thinks if Eric can see they belong together everyone else will follow suit. Victor's face freezes in shock. Long moments go by and Brady takes a business call so Victor calls Marlena to tell her what's going on. "Father Eric has lost his marbles." They need to get together!

    Shove It.

    Friday, August 30 2013

    Marlena shows up at the mansion and tells Victor all about what she overheard Kristen say. She suggests that they try to pry it out of Jenn. The Kiriakis urges caution. The shrink is suddenly inspired, smirks and walks off.

    Soaked In An Old Gym Sock.

    Wednesday, August 21 2013

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Henderson gives Nick a box of Gabi's belongings she left behind. Nick smiles as he looks at a picture of Gabi. Victor asks if he's thinking about what might have been. Nick thinks about it all the time. Victor mentions tomorrow's a milestone for Nick. His parole officially ends and since he doesn't share his wife's nature to forgive, Nick's got to move out. Nick goes to Gabi's and later, Marlena arrives with a smirk on her face. She tells Victor Kristen's secret. He says for Brady they need 'ten kinds of proof and skywriting for him to believe it'. They need to find the other man.

    My Head's Going To Explode.

    Tuesday, August 20 2013

    Victor has invited Marlena to the mansion to discuss forming an alliance against Kristen. John's out of town, so he can't help, and Maggie doesn't have the capacity to get 'down and dirty'. Doesn't Marlena wish she could make Kristen go to hell? "Do not pass Salem," he says. She laughs. They'll start with Kristen's greatest weakness.

    A Shyster With A Posh Accent.

    Friday, August 09 2013

    At home, Victor catches Brady gearing up to call John to let him know he has reunited with Kristen. He tells his grandson he needs to learn to mumble and calls this a big mistake. Brady knows what he's doing. "So you're okay with pain and heartache?" They argue. Victor's been in his shoes with Kate, Vivian, and Nicole. Until he married Maggie he didn't know what happiness was. Brady denies being gullible and Victor asks what he and Kristen have in common other than sex. Brady refuses to answer but is a big boy. He leaves and Justin arrives. Victor asks him 'how's tricks' and jibes him about being in the DiMera's pocket and snarks that his wife's being the only man in the situation. Victor doesn't respect Justin for what he and EJ did to Stefano. EJ would be nothing but a shyster with a posh accent if it weren't for Stefano.

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