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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Victor Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Kiriakis Played by John Aniston on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Aniston (NBC)

    Birthday: July 24 1933
    Birthplace: Crete, Greece
    Marital Status: Married Sherry Rooney ( June 14 1984 - present)
    Real Name: John Aniston
    Height: 6' 3"


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    You Don't Swing That Way.

    Tuesday, July 02 2013

    Victor brings Ciara to see Eric at the rectory. Ciara thinks he's a hero for saving the new school. He looks at Nicole and says he had help. Ciara goes with a nun and Eric tells Victor how great Nicole was with the bureaucrats. Victor questions it. Eric gets a message about Sami and leaves. Victor asks Nicole what's really going on with her slaving away at the rectory. Nicole says maybe she enjoys it. Victor sneers that there's something she wants. Vargas arrives. Victor commends him for helping on the island and warns him away from Nicole. Later, Vargas tells Nicole he's leaving and suggests she deal with the fact that she's in love with Father Eric, He warns that he won't break his vows to be with her.

    At Least You're Not In Jail.

    Friday, May 31 2013

    Victor congratulates John at the pub. His plan to lure Brady away from Kristen was a success. John shakes his head. It's over but had nothing to do with his plan. John flashes to Brady demanding to know if he had sex with Kristen. Victor says he last saw Brady with Nicole, so John gives her a call.

    Brady heads into the Kiriakis mansion to tell Maggie and Victor that Kristen never really loved him. Maggie holds him close. She's sorry. Brady expects Victor to gloat but wordlessly, he hugs his grandson. Brady needs to go to an AA meeting. It's agreed that he'll move back in. Brady falls asleep on the sofa while they take off to see Will and Ari. Later, Brady wakes up to Kristen caressing his face.

    Not The Boss Of Me.

    Monday, May 06 2013

    Nicole goes to John at the pub, knowing he has to be angry about Brady marrying Kristen. He crushes his glass after downing it. She flips out. Maybe Kristen has changed? She doesn't know why he's so upset. It's not as if John wants Kristen. Victor heads in and John flashes to sharing his master plan with him and tells Nicole he wants his son's happiness. She asks how he's going to stop the wedding. He's not. Marlena heads in with Roman and all eyes are on them. John accuses them of looking 'close'. She asks if he cares. The men take a walk outside and Victor accuses Marlena of making things worse. He tells her to accept she has lost John and walk away, before things get worse.

    Home Free.

    Tuesday, April 30 2013

    Victor eavesdrops at the cafe as Marlena asks John about his fight with Roman. He's glad she's there. He hands over her storage key. She can't believe that's why he was glad to see her and starts in on him but he doesn't have to answer to her anymore. She's tired of being treated like this so he tells her to go see Roman then. She leaves and he throws his bag down in anger. Victor calls him over.

    Victor takes John back to the mansion and demands to know what's going on with him, Marlena, and Kristen. John reluctantly makes him swear on Isabella's grave that what he's about to say stays with him. He knows that Kristen still wants him. John plans on Brady finding them in bed making love. Victor finds it revolting and they agree he'll lose his son and wife.

    Sonny Is Mine.

    Thursday, April 18 2013

    From home, Victor tells Maggie about Kristen ruining his one-on-one time with Brady. Brady has likely already picked out the proposals without him. He's dying to find something to use against Kristen. Maggie purses her lips and lectures him. Henderson comes in and hands her the phone. Maggie leaves to chat with Daniel while Victor mumbles about being hopeful Kristen will slip up. Maggie returns. Daniel sounds good. She runs to Chez Rouge and will drop off Kristen's scarf on the way. Later, Kristen arrives and raves over Henderson's job skills while putting down Harold's. Victor says Maggie has her scarf. Kristen wants to put their differences aside. He's not amenable to that and goes to get her water while she snoops. Henderson returns with water. She learns Brady didn't leave behind the envelope.

    This Is Sheer Torture.

    Tuesday, April 16 2013

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor fingers the envelope which contains photos of Kristen paying off Sy. Brady takes it and starts to open it when he receives a call. Kristen takes the envelope and tells Victor, "This is sheer torture." She starts to open it and then hands it to Victor. Stefano calls and she says goodbye to Brady and leaves, while Sy calls Victor. He reproves Sy and tells him to call back in an hour. Brady picks up the envelope and tells Victor their business deal has hit a snag. They'll screen the proposals later.

    Daniel Picked Jennifer.

    Monday, April 15 2013

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady informs Victor he'd like to get Kristen in on their art project. Victor needs to see she doesn't have a hidden agenda. Victor gives Brady the go ahead.

    Victor and Brady finish business at the Kiriakis mansion. Kristen walks up and bumps into Sy's friend. He hands over the envelope and she assumes it's for the art project. Henderson lets her inside and she hands Brady the envelope. Victor mentions the police closing in on the mugger who attacked Brady. Brady goes to make a call and Kristen and Victor get into it about her relationship with Brady. Victor intends on rectifying the issues he and Brady had about her in the past. She tells him he'll see that she only has Brady's interest at heart. Victor warns her that he'll be there... Brady walks in. He was on the phone with the cops. The mugger has gone to ground, he says. Victor receives a call from Sy but Victor says his timing is off.

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