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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Victor Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Victor Kiriakis Played by John Aniston on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    John Aniston (NBC)

    Birthday: July 24 1933
    Birthplace: Crete, Greece
    Marital Status: Married Sherry Rooney ( June 14 1984 - present)
    Real Name: John Aniston
    Height: 6' 3"


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    Sex Starved.

    Wednesday, November 13 2013

    Hope goes to the Kiriakis mansion asking Victor and Brady for a statement. Brady says to track Kristen down or he will - and if he finds her, he'll kill her.

    Playboy Priest.

    Monday, November 11 2013

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie asks Victor if he has any idea of what he has done. "The ever righteous Father Eric. Can't seem to keep it zipped any better than the rest of us." Maggie talks about how unconscionable it was to stab Marlena in the back that way. Victor says there was no time to show Marlena. Maggie wonders why he didn't show Brady privately. He made a mother destroy her son. "You tricked her into doing it. It's unforgivable." Victor says he put family first. That doesn't include Marlena and her playboy priest. Maggie married into the Kiriakis clan and if she can't put family first, she may as well take a hike now. Hurt, she walks out.

    Is This A Joke?

    Friday, November 08 2013

    Father Eric begins the wedding ceremony for Kristen and Brady at St. Luke's. Brady addresses the guests and sets up the special video he has of Kristen, hoping it'll help them learn to love her. Sami turns off the lights and Marlena panics when she's unable to play the DVD. Eventually it plays and everyone gasps in horror as they watch Kristen making love to Father Eric. In shock, Marlena whispers, "It can't be." EJ holds Kristen's hand and Sami asks Eric if it's a joke. Maggie clutches her pearls and Brady yells to turn it off. Marlena wonders what she has done. She rips at the DVD player in an attempt to turn it off but winds up busting the temporary walls down on the tiny makeshift room. She yells at Kristen who in turn demands to know why she did this to her. Brady holds her back from attacking Marlena but Marlena yells that she didn't know! Kristen calls it a fake and won't shut up. Marlena goes to Eric's side. Pale, he asks how Kristen could do this. He mutters that the dream is true. EJ asks Eric if they should take a walk outside but Sami says to let him talk. Eric tells them he remembers. He was sick...Victor speaks up. He calls Kristen a tramp and asks her to attempt to clear her name. Sami assumes it's a fake and asks to play it again. Victor does the honors and everyone stands in church watching the sex tape. Hope tells Jenn, who is covering her eyes, that it's real. It's turned off and Eric accuses Kristen of drugging him. Brady punches his brother in the face and there's a big commotion as everyone tries prying Brady's fists from Eric's face. "She raped me," Eric yells. Brady doesn't believe the priest. He'll answer for it. Kristen walks out and Brady goes after her. EJ wants to follow but Sami says they've a lot to discuss, first. They go. Maggie notices Victor didn't look surprised once. He pockets the DVD and goes. Eric weeps and Hope thinks he should get some rest. He yells for everyone to leave and rips off his robes. Marlena cries. Eric prays and the guests file out.

    Sweating Up The Sheets.

    Thursday, November 07 2013

    Victor watches Kristen's sex tape at the Kiriakis mansion and calls Marlena to get over there. Brady heads downstairs and sees Victor, who looks like the market just crashed. Victor brushes him off and tells Brady he cares about him. He wouldn't miss the ceremony for the world. This makes Brady happy. He leaves. Marlena arrives. He tells her they have proof that Kristen's been cheating. She needs to sneak into the church and switch this DVD for the one Brady is playing for Kristen. She's reluctant and wants to see what's on it. He tells her there's no time. "You want a more graphic description? It's Kristen, sweating up the sheets with another man." Marlena wonders if it's Daniel. Victor says he wouldn't publicly humiliate his godson like that! Marlena sadly takes the DVD and goes.

    Back at St. Luke's, Brady hands the DVD over to the sound guy. Sami arrives and Brady asks Father Eric to do a speed wedding so he can skip to the honeymoon. They share a laugh. Sami fusses with his tie and when he asks where the ring is, Sami can't find it. She panics and he shows Eric privately that he has it. Sami figures out he's teasing and laughing ensues. They think Brady's long honeymoon will allow everyone to take time to get used to the idea of Kristen marrying Brady. Brady hugs Eric. He owes him. They run off to sip champagne while Marlena slips in and attempts to switch the DVDs. The sound guy catches her. She tells him Brady sent her to switch DVDs. He relaxes and does so, then asks her to stay. He has to fix some equipment at another wedding. She's forced to be the one to play the video and wants to leave but Sami, Eric, and Brady return, forcing her to hide. Hope, Jenn, Maggie, and Victor arrive. Victor spots Marlena behind a curtain and she gasps. She has to get out of there. He tells her there's no time and closes the curtain. EJ and Kristen arrive at the vestibule and Marlena is forced to play the Wedding March as EJ walks Kristen down the aisle. Father Eric starts the ceremony and Marlena accidentally rips out a cord to the audio visual machinery. The lights go down and she attempts to play the DVD. She finds the cord, plugs it in and the video starts. Everyone gasps as they watch Father Eric having sex with the bride.

    False Teeth As Wedding Souvenirs.

    Wednesday, November 06 2013

    Marlena meets Victor at the Kiriakis mansion. His computer guy says the encryption on the flash drive is the most sophisticated he's ever seen. He calls someone to find a better hacker. Marlena leaves before Maggie returns. Some hacker dude arrives and Victor sends him into another room with the flash drive to decrypt.

    Brady arrives home to the mansion and Victor grumps at him for taking three months off from the business without checking with him. Brady shows him the DVD tribute to Kristen. "Maybe you'll give out false teeth as wedding souvenirs. Better yet, you should pass out antacids," Victor quips. Brady's not impressed. He plans on making Kristen's day special. He leaves and the hacker returns with a DVD. It's ready. Alone, Victor watches it. When he sees Eric's face he rolls his eyes and sighs.


    Monday, November 04 2013

    Marlena goes to Victor at the Kiriakis estate. She's giddy and shows him Kristen's flash drive and tells him it's encrypted. He smiles. He can decrypt it! Victor goes into another room and when he returns, he pops it into his laptop. They find the video file but Marlena is concerned Daniel's on the tape with Kristen because of something she said. Victor calls it hogwash. "Daniel would never get involved with a whack job like that." Marlena says she found the flash drive in Daniel's office. Victor sighs. Marlena suggests not looking at the file and Victor says seeing Daniel with Kristen makes the gorge rise but they owe it to Brady. He attempts to open it but it requires a password.

    Where The Sun Don't Shine.

    Friday, November 01 2013

    Victor brings Maggie roses at the Kiriakis mansion and calls a truce. She declares a truce only if he promises he's not going to do something that will hurt a loved one. If he does, those roses are going 'where the sun don't shine'. "Thorns and all." Brady arrives and asks about Daniel and Theresa. Maggie says Daniel doesn't want to talk about it. Victor interrupts. As far as he's concerned, Daniel has done nothing wrong. Maggie goes to take a call from Chez Rouge and Victor tells Brady he'll be at his wedding tomorrow to watch him honor and love the psychopath of his dreams.

    Burning In Hell.

    Thursday, October 31 2013

    Marlena arrives at the Kiriakis mansion to an incensed Victor who feels left out of the loop. He snarks that he didn't get a text from Brady saying, "Wedding is off. Discovered bride to be is soul-sucking bitch. Lol." Marlena is unamused and doesn't like being yelled at. She feels bad enough that she blew her chance to stop Kristen. She is certain there's something incriminating on that flash drive. Victor remembers the good old days when proof of an affair meant lipstick on the collar and an earring in the bed. Meanwhile, the flash drive lies on Daniel's desk at work. Maggie walks in as Victor says Marlena's to blame if the wedding happens. She goes and Maggie's upset he's doing something behind her back. She asks him to fess up but he says he was comforting Marlena. They're not planning a coo. They're trying to protect Brady. She lets it go for now...

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