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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Phillip Kiriakis (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Phillip Kiriakis (Past) Played by Kyle Brandt on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kyle Brandt (NBC)

    Birthday: 1979-01-24
    Birthplace: Hinsdale, Illinois, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kyle Brandt
    Height: 6'0"


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    The wedding is on!

    Friday, August 25 2006

    Belle and Phil leave for Sami's wedding and Mimi and Shawn agree that they're happy they do not have to join them! They leave for home.

    Belle and Phil arrive at the church and Chelsea says to them, "Oh my God, you two are still together?" Belle looks confused and asks her what she's talking about.

    A surprising arrest is made!

    Thursday, August 24 2006

    At that point, Mimi and Philip turn up and Shawn explains what they have just read. Philip brushes it off, but Shawn says that he's a match for Claire's DNA. Belle shares her dream about having sex with Shawn, but she's brushed off by Phil and Shawn. She's unconvinced, and entertains the possibility that the baby could be his. Philip still thinks that someone has it in for them, and tells them that he is going to find out who it is!

    The group asks Lexi for her opinion, and she agrees to check with the lab. They're all stunned by this, and Lexi alerts security that there may be someone wandering the hospital that shouldn't be there.

    Lexi comes back from the lab, telling the group that there is no mistake with the lab, and all the information in the file is true!! She suggests that they do another DNA test just to clear things up.

    What can go wrong, will go wrong!

    Wednesday, August 23 2006

    Mimi is praying in the Chapel, aloud. She pleads with God to give Shawn the chance to be a father to Claire. She's going on about Claire's paternity and Phil walks in! He didn't hear a thing, but asks Mimi why she's so nervous! She blames it on Shawn being unconscious, but he soon shares the good news that he's awake!

    Sami's wedding day starts off on the wrong foot!

    Tuesday, August 22 2006

    In the waiting room, Philip reminds the girls that it's Sami's wedding, but Belle tells them that she's focused on Shawn. They're not going to the wedding.

    The Doctor explains that Shawn is getting better, but that they need to know worse case scenario that Shawn could be brain damaged.

    Hope visits the Hospital Chapel and prays for her son. She asks for him to please look after Shawn. Bo overhears her plea- if Shawn dies that she doesn't think that their family will survive. Hope takes Bo's hand and the two go back to Shawn's room.

    Shawn's life is at stake.

    Monday, August 21 2006

    Back at the loft, Belle and Claire wake up Phil, who explains where he has been the last few hours. In between him falling asleep on the table, she lectures Phil on how much he and Shawn drank, but Phil is still too drunk and tired to talk.

    Belle and Philip enter the hospital, and Mimi explains what happened. Bo lectures a stunned Philip, about drinking.

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