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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Philip Kiriakis (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Philip Kiriakis (Past) Played by Kyle Brandt on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kyle Brandt (NBC)

    Birthday: 1979-01-24
    Birthplace: Hinsdale, Illinois, USA
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kyle Brandt
    Height: 6'0"


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    Shocking discoveries

    Thursday, October 12 2006

    Mimi meets Philip as he prepares to leave Salem. She tries to stop him, but he's not changing his mind. He explains that when asked, Belle couldn't tell him that she wanted a future with him. Mimi starts to cry, blaming herself, but Philip says that its' not her fault, and that Shawn dropped the custody suit. He picks up his bag to leave, but Mimi implores him to stay. She hates who she has become, and wants to do the right thing. Philip apologizes but tells her he doesn't belong there anymore. He asks that Mimi please tell Claire about Philip and how much he loves her and always will, and that she'll always be his little girl. He takes the picture of Claire and leaves.

    Belle and Mimi and arrive at the airport when Belle stops short, seeing Philip getting his ticket. She realizes that she can't stop him and tells Mimi that Philip deserves more than what she can give him. She cries as Philip is seen walking on to the plane.

    Stink bombs and other shenanigans!

    Wednesday, October 11 2006

    At the loft, Philip puts Claire to bed as Mimi comes to the door, asking to talk about the future of their baby. If they give up their rights, Lauren (surrogate) can raise it or give it up for adoption. Lauren arrives, with Mr. Doyle to discuss the pregnancy and Phil agrees to give up rights and they apologize to Lauren, paying her for her services.

    Later, Belle calls to tell Philip that Marlena is home and she's with them. Philip is confused, wondering why she didn't call him, and Belle asks him to bring Claire by. He does so and things are uncomfortable as she tells Phil she'll be spending a few days with Claire at her parent's loft. Philip asks if she is leaving him and she starts to cry, telling him she isn't sure what she wants right now. Philip tells her he and Claire deserve more than someone who isn't sure if she wants to be with them. He gets misty as he asks her to give Claire a kiss for him, and he says goodbye.

    At the loft, Philip packs a bag, takes a photo of Claire and prepares to leave.

    Mimi shows up to the penthouse to talk to Belle. She apologizes about the baby and tells her Shawn and she is getting a divorce. She tells Belle its best she doesn't know the details and gives her blessing to her to be with Shawn. She shares the news about the surrogate, and asks Belle to admit that there is something between her and Shawn.

    Welcome home!

    Tuesday, October 10 2006

    At Chez Rouge Kate meets with a potential advertiser, when Philip interrupts the two to discuss how Kate kept Claire's paternity a secret! Kate tries to deny it. Kate apologizes to Eduardo as Philip asks him to leave.

    At Chez Rouge, Philip asks that his mother save her indignation! Kate tries to place the blame on Belle and Shawn, but Philip tells her that it wasn't their fault. They didn't know they slept together. She again tries to deny it when Philip bangs the table, in anger!

    Maggie hears Philip's display as she is letting Sami and E.J. into the restaurant. E.J. is puzzled as Maggie cannot find a reservation for them. She apologizes. They're completely booked. They leave, as Maggie calls Lucas to tell him, "The chicken has left the coop, the royal pain is going back to his castle!"

    Kate tells Philip she didn't mean to hurt Phil, and he laughs, saying she is right on cue. He doesn't understand why she always does this to him. She explains that she didn't want him to loose Belle or Claire. He tells her that her plan didn't work and that there is nothing she can do to fix this, and asks that she never comes near him again! She stops him and tells him he is upset and doesn't mean this, but Philip asks her to stop looking out for him. He tells her she is not his mother any longer. She accidentally spills that she isn't the only one who knew and tries to cover it up but he demands to know, threatening to break every plate in the place until she tells him Victor also knew. He is shocked and leaves.

    At the garage, Shawn is ready to bash Max's car when Philip stops him. Shawn explains that Victor stopped Titan's funding of his engine. Philip tells him that it's not the only thing Victor has done… to both of them! He explains what Kate told him, and Shawn is angered beyond belief and gets into the car, but Philip tries to stop him.

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