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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Belle Black Kiriakis Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Belle Black Kiriakis Brady Played by Martha Madison on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Martha Madison (NBC)

    Birthday: July 27 1977
    Birthplace: Newport News, Virginia
    Marital Status: Married AJ Gilbert September 2007
    Real Name: Martha Madison


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    The Man is Scum!

    Monday, March 24 2008

    Marlena is shocked to find out that Shawn and Belle bought a boat and they're leaving Salem. She assumes wrongly that they're taking a short trip but Belle tells her they'll be a long time away. They've told most everyone. Sami arrives and she too is surprised that they're leaving town. Marlena does not want them to leave and Sami jokes that she's forbidding it. She'll be so lonely with them gone. Marlena is angry when she finds that John has bought them a boat. Sami takes Shawn and Claire into the kitchen and Marlena blasts Belle for accepting the boat but Belle thinks this is his way of showing he cares. "This is not your father," Marlena says and thinks she should seriously consider taking the gift. She doesn't want her to read much into it. Belle doesn't find it fun to be psychoanalyzed by her mom but she knows she's right. Still, she thinks John is trying, even though he doesn't know it. She loves him and will take what she can get! Marlena calls her daughter wise. Marlena gives Belle her blessing and admits she's not happy with her taking the boat from her father but she'll be okay. She'll never give up on John, she says. Belle promises they'll keep in touch. Belle calls it strange that Claire bonded with John when nobody else could. Marlena hopes this has softened his heart enough for him to fall in love. Marlena promises to pray for her daily and Belle says she'll keep her in her heart and asks if she could come visit them at some port. Marlena likes that idea and says possibly John will come with her. Belle starts to cry as she says goodbye. Sami arrives at their side and Belle jokes that she can focus her energy on Sami. Sami cries as they realize that girls night will never be the same. A group hug ensues.

    At the bar, Sami finds out Shawn's not thrilled with John giving them a boat but he'll go along with it because it makes Belle happy. Claire's finished with her juice and they joke they'll need a bigger boat just for Claire's juice boxes! Sami tells Shawn that their grandparents would be happy for them. They discuss Grandpa Shawn and how much they miss him and Sami says when they're out there sailing, he'll be able to look up at the stars and know he's out there looking down on them. Shawn hugs Sami in thanks. Shawn tells everyone it's time to go and Belle tells them it's a fresh start. She wishes they could come but Sami comments they haven't a boat big enough for all the Bradys! Shawn says Salem's their home and they can't stay away forever.

    Sailor man, Smooth Sailing!

    Friday, March 21 2008

    Belle, Shawn and Claire arrive at the mansion. Rolf lets them in and Belle tells John they're leaving town. John coldly says they didn't have to come all the way down here. They could have called! Belle rolls her eyes and says they're leaving for good. John offers to buy them a boat and when he goes off for juice and champagne with Claire, Belle talks Shawn into allowing John to buy the boat. She thinks he's doing it out of love. Shawn agrees, maybe she is right. Belle wants to get out of there. John returns and Belle is surprised to see Claire with a juice box. John says he knew how much she liked juice so he had the cook buy some. They refuse the champagne and say they'll accept the boat and name it Fancy Face 4! "Glad to do it, dinkā€¦" he says. "It's Tink," she corrects and he asks them to treat him like family and use him for as much as they like. Belle starts to cry and hugs John goodbye. "Have fun," he says, uncomfortably. John says goodbye to Claire and tells her he'll miss her. She's the only one in the whole town who really got him. He starts to cry and whispers, "I think there's something in my eye." He tells them not to forget to send a postcard and they leave.

    Shawn, Belle and Claire arrive at the hospital to say goodbye to Bo and Hope. Hope has a hard time with it but Bo encourages them to go. They explain about the boat and how they've called the marina and the boat will be ready to leave in the morning! They say goodbye and Hope has a hard time with it. They promise they'll be back and Bo is sure they'll email, use satellite phones and keep in touch. Hugs ensue and Belle thanks Hope for her patience and understanding. Bo tells Shawn to go through the garage and take any equipment they need before they leave. "Sailor man, smooth sailing," Bo says and they salute each other.

    Bon Voyage, I'll Miss You.

    Thursday, March 20 2008

    Steve goes into Bo's room to pressure Kayla to go home and rest but she refuses. Caroline wants to stay as well. Bo wakes up and with a smile he asks how he can get any sleep without all this arguing going on! The family laughs and Hope says she knew he'd make it back to her. Bo is confused. "Without the surgery?"

    Lexi steps outside Bo's room and tells the family Bo has woken up and as far as they can tell, the surgery went well. She allows them to go in to see him for just a few moments. Inside his room, Hope explains that she signed the consent forms for Chelsea and him to have the surgery. She tells him Chelsea's fine and begs him not to be mad. Caroline says none of them could bear to lose him. She says Victor can't always express his love for Bo but his actions spoke louder than words as he waited for Bo to come out of surgery. She calls Lexi relentless and says she'd like Lexi on her side in a bar fight! She says the family was all there for him, pulling for him. Tears stream down Caroline's face as she says Hope couldn't have had a better name. What hope they didn't have, Hope gave to them. She thinks Pop is looking down on him and thanks God for saving him.

    Philip keeps Belle behind and asks her what's going on. Belle confesses she, Shawn and Claire are going to sail around the world. Philip is upset that he won't see Claire but Belle says he'll see her again. Just not for awhile. Philip tells Belle "Bon Voyage, I'll miss you," and they hug as Belle cries.

    Dr. Jonas visits Bo and Hope in Bo's room. Hope complains Bo is so pale. He asks Hope to leave while he examines Bo and tells her Chelsea's doing just fine. Hope goes to see the family and tells them that Bo's being examined now. Eventually, Dr. Jonas comes out of Bo's room and he tells the family that there is no reason why Bo can't make a full recovery. Chelsea's doing great, he admits and the family cheers. Meanwhile, inside Bo's room, Bo panics and appears in pain.

    Rabid Pit Bull!

    Wednesday, March 19 2008

    Belle tells Shawn and Philip that Bo's being prepped for surgery and they can see him once more beforehand. Philip comforts Shawn and Belle almost slips and mentions them leaving town but she stops herself. Nearby, Marlena tells John they're blessed with a good family and he's a part of it. He prefers to keep his distance as he fears one of the family could get caught in the crossfire. Caroline tells Steph and Max that she and Victor were told they couldn't see Chelsea. She's being prepped for surgery. Caroline thinks the two can beat the odds. Marlena comforts Belle and Shawn and John says he doesn't know how Marlena or Belle can work in a hospital. It's so tense. He comments how Belle is a ball of sunshine and she must get it from her mother. Belle thanks him and says she gets it from him, too. Steve tries to lighten the mood by telling Steph, Max and Roman that he gave up a kidney to his brother Jack (Devereaux) and he's ok. They try to joke around and keep things light to disguise their real concerns.

    Family says goodbye and good luck to an unconscious Bo as the doctors wheel him out. Meanwhile, Lexi, Kayla and Dr. Jonas prepare for surgery.

    Not Really Part of the in Crowd?

    Tuesday, March 18 2008

    Dr. Jonas and Kayla escort Hope out of Bo's room and Dr. Jonas confesses he has nothing. He's frustrated and doesn't want Hope and Kayla to get a journal that she showed him earlier and each doctor runs off. Outside the room, Hope tells Caroline and Victor that the doctors need a little space. Hugs ensue. Nearby, Philip comforts Roman and he says though he and Bo are half brothers, it never felt that way. He thinks it was because they were brought up differently but wants them to be more of a family and says luckily, he and Shawn have gotten over their issues. He asks what Roman thinks of the new John. "Not a whole hell of a lot," he admits. Neither does Philip. Nearby, Marlena and Belle and Shawn discuss John and how he sometimes acts like the old John. John comes upon them and they ask if he has any ideas. John seductively tells them, sure but it's nothing that he can say in front of Isabella! Belle is disgusted and asks him to act more like her father, while Marlena rolls her eyes and wonders why he continues to try to shock her.

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