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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Maggie Horton Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maggie Horton Kiriakis Played by Suzanne Rogers on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Suzanne Rogers (NBC)

    Birthday: July 9 1944
    Birthplace: Colonial Heights, Virgnia
    Marital Status: Divorced from actor Sam Groom in 1982
    Real Name: Suzanne Rogers


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    You're A Fool.

    Thursday, July 11 2013

    Daniel confronts Kristen about looking at Eric's medical file at his apartment. She covers and says she was looking at Jennifer's note. Daniel relaxes and since he's pretty busy, she leaves and passes Maggie on her way out. Outside, Kristen sends Dr. Chyka the images she took of Eric's file. Back inside, Daniel says Maggie is making things worse for him and Jennifer by opening up her mouth about their private conversation about JJ. He doesn't want her help anymore but Maggie knows Jenn doesn't want to be alone right now. He considers calling but must respect Jenn's wishes. Later, alone, Daniel confirms with a specialist that his patient was not poisoned. He refuses to give up since it doesn't make sense.

    You Didn't Sell Tickets?

    Wednesday, July 10 2013

    Maggie stops by the rectory where Eric gives her the tickets for the dedication to the new school. She applauds his accomplishments and heard he was ill. Eric downplays his illness, saying Daniel's taking good care of him. Maggie beams. Eric asks Maggie to ensure Victor behaves because Nicole will be at the dedication. Maggie finds it sweet Eric's looking out for Nicole. She'll always be his first love. Eric comments that she looks out for him and saved his life.

    Once Nicole is gone, Maggie returns home. Brady asks if he could be addicted to love and breaking up. He can't let go of Kristen! She gives him advice and reminds him to take things one day at a time. He shreds the adoption papers.

    A Good Sign?

    Monday, July 01 2013

    Maggie stops in at Daniel's place. He admits something's wrong and he keeps making it worse. They discuss JJ getting arrested for shoplifting. Daniel says JJ then caught them kissing. Maggie reminds him they're responsible adults. Daniel says it looked like Jenn didn't care about her son. Maggie says she'll call later before bringing Parker back. After showering, Daniel answers the door to JJ.

    Maggie arrives at Jenn's place wanting to talk about JJ. Jenn's upset that Daniel told her what happened, but then apologizes. Jenn tearfully says she can't talk about it right now.

    JJ warns Daniel he can't turn his mother against him and leaves his place. Daniel then gets a text from Jenn asking him not to discuss JJ's problems with other people. He throws the phone down.

    You're Not Dad.

    Friday, June 21 2013

    By the fireplace at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady fingers his phone, wondering what Kristen's going through. Outside, Jenn bumps into Maggie and Parker and Maggie starts butting her nose into Jenn and Dan's relationship issues.

    Brady stares at his phone at the Kiriakis mansion. Maggie and Parker head inside and he tells Maggie Jennifer really thinks Kristen loves him. He admits he called Kristen and Maggie doesn't think it's over between them. This scares her. She learns Brady's leaning on Nicole and has a fit.

    That Weed Is Really Frying Your Brain.

    Thursday, June 20 2013

    At Daniel's, Maggie agrees to sit with Parker overnight while he works. He tells her he and Jennifer aren't seeing eye-to-eye right now. She encourages him to work through it. Daniel spills about JJ's irresponsibility with Parker and how he found his apology insincere. Maggie remembers seeing JJ at the hospital parking lot the day his car was vandalized. They wonder if he's responsible. Maggie doesn't want this to come between Dan and Jennifer.

    Kate bumps into Maggie and Parker at the cafe. Parker gives Kate a cookie and the ladies catch up on Arianna. Maggie hopes Gabi and Nick will reconcile. Kate thinks Maggie should concede that Nick's a monster. She won't, so they bicker and Kate leaves.

    Jenn runs into Parker and Maggie outside the Kiriakis mansion.

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