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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Maggie Horton Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maggie Horton Kiriakis Played by Suzanne Rogers on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Suzanne Rogers (NBC)

    Birthday: July 9 1944
    Birthplace: Colonial Heights, Virgnia
    Marital Status: Divorced from actor Sam Groom in 1982
    Real Name: Suzanne Rogers


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    Failing Pancreas

    Thursday, February 28 2008

    Back inside the pub, Kayla asks Caroline to stay with them but she refuses. John finds Chloe and asks if she's having as much fun as he is. Chloe comments that they're just covering their pain with the wake. She explains that he didn't know Shawn that well. John didn't either. EJ finds them and asks if there is room for one more!

    Hope returns from dropping Bo off at Steve's car. She says goodbye to Kimberly, who offers her help and asks she and Bo to visit her in California. Hope happily tells her she may take her up on that. She tells Lexi that Bo was just taken to the hospital so Lexi goes after Bo and Hope asks Shawn to take care of his grandmother so she can go to the hospital. At the bar, Roman and Max drink shooers.

    Back at Brady Pub, Steve asks Abe to run Ava Vitali's name through the police computer as a favor. Abe reluctantly agrees just this one time to do it. Nearby, Victor and Caroline sit. Victor is at a loss for words for once, he admits but is sorry for her loss. He says he never stopped caring for Shawn as a friend and at the time, he hated that she chose Shawn over him but he understood it. Caroline admits she was in love with two men but needed to be true to herself. Victor is happy to hear she loved him once. They discuss how Bo came out of their love and Roman and Max get the family's attention so Max can give a speech about how wonderful Pop was. He says Pop always had answers to anything he questioned. Sami smiles as he talks and Max says Pop made him feel special. He toasts Pop and everyone raises their glass. He asks for no more tears. Belle, Roman, Philip, EJ, Nick, Victor and Caroline all say a poem or Irish joke and the family laughs and raise their glass to Shawn's photo.

    Pop's legacy: Honesty, hard work and love

    Wednesday, February 27 2008

    Chloe and Philip arrive at the church and Chloe gives her condolences to Sami, who lashes out at Chloe regarding Brady's disappearance. EJ interrupts by introducing himself to Chloe. Sami makes more snide remarks about Chloe and Philip lashes out at EJ. Roman interrupts and Sami tells Roman that Lucas, Carrie and Austin were saddened that they couldn't be there today. Roman understands and says Cousin John is here. Sami comments how different he is.

    Bo arrives at the church and reminisces with Roman about how he still went to Pop for advice. Roman comments that he was a wise man and offers Bo advice in the future but Bo jokes, "Yeah right!" They remember how funny Pop was and Roman says, "Again, you can come to me for that." Bo says, "You're not funny!" Roman disagrees and they start arguing about it until Hope arrives, hugs Roman and gives her condolences.

    Stephanie, Kayla, Shawn, Belle and Steve arrive at the church. Chelsea goes off to find Nick while Steve waits outside. He sees Ava spying on him and races after her but she's long gone. He finds Lexi and Abe and asks to talk to Abe about a favor later. They head inside.

    Inside the church, family greets one another with hugs. Maggie asks Marlena how things are going with John. Marlena says very strangely. John doesn't remember anything. Sami comments that he cares only for money but Marlena catches the odd glimpses of the real John once in a while. Kimberly asks Bo how he's doing and Bo asks who spilled the beans. He assumes Kayla did but she cries out that she's not a blabbermouth. Roman admits he told her. Kimberly goes to the casket and tears well up in her eyes. Roman goes to her and holds her hand, Kayla holds his and Bo holds Kayla's and they comfort each other.

    Nick arrives at the church and hugs a crying Chelsea. EJ tells Sami that he can tell how much her family cares for each other. Sami says they may not always get along but they're still family. EJ thinks her grandfather did a good job raising the family and hopes he can be like Shawn Sr. someday. Sami doesn't say anything, instead she goes off to call Doug and Julie and check on the twins.

    Victor arrives at the church and takes a seat behind Philip who asks where Caroline is. He says she walked - alone. Caroline arrives and sees EJ. She's glad he made it and he tells her a promise is a promise. "I wasn't about to let you down," he says. Caroline smiles in thanks and EJ offers his arm to take her to her seat. Sami watches the exchange.

    Roman starts his eulogy. The family chuckles when Roman says Pop would have wanted them to raise a few pints to him! He says he's honored that Pop was his father. "He taught me a lot." He says Pop taught them about hard work, with his work at the junkyard and fish market. Roman was thrilled when Pop was able to realize his dream and open the Pub. He thanks John Black for putting up the money for that. He says Pop taught him honesty and about love. He says Pop may be gone physically but his spirit will live on with his children and his entire family. "Honesty, hard work and love. That will be his legacy!"

    Kimberly says Pop was known for his temper and she says she wishes she was there recently to show him how much she appreciated and loved him. She breaks down and Kayla takes over.

    "My Pop liked to fish," she starts. She remembers fishing with him and loved the undivided attention he'd give. She looked forward to the advice he gave. He had a lot to say about her relationship with Steve. Steve grins and she flashes back to a day Pop admitted to having misgivings about Steve but says he soon grew to love him. Kayla says her father gave her the strength to be the woman she is today and she is proud of him. Tears flow as she goes to the casket, kisses it and tells him she loves him.

    Bo stands up and says that Pop wasn’t his biological father and he didn't make it easy on him. "Mostly because I was a big pain in the keester, as he'd say." Bo says he was always there for him, even after he found out Bo wasn't his blood. That is a sign of a great man, he says. He thinks his Pop had a big heart and flashes back to a toast Shawn gave to Bo. "He was a hero," says Bo. He feels pain and pauses and Roman and Hope stand up but he tells them he's fine. He goes to the casket and says he'll never forget what Pop gave him. "I love you, Pop," he says.

    The family gets up to kiss the casket and say goodbye. Several of the family leaves personal items. Hope leaves a rose, Steve leaves his harmonica, and Chloe sings. Shawn leaves a flask, Maggie leaves a rosary, Lexi leaves another rose and Victor leaves a framed photo. Eventually, the family leaves the church, leaving only Pop's children and Caroline behind.

    We see a flashback to Shawn proposing marriage to Caroline as Maggie and Alice watch! Caroline says an Irish Blessing, "May the earth rest easy over you when you are laid under it. May the earth rest easy over your spirit as it makes its way to God. Goodbye Shawn, she says hugging the casket, crying. "I will love you forever."

    You show me yours and I'll show you mine!

    Thursday, February 21 2008

    At the hospital, Lexi tells the family the ambulances are on the way with their family. Sami and EJ arrive at the same time Shawn, Claire and Belle arrive at the hospital. Caroline hugs them all and Lexi tells them she wants them all examined. Stephanie, Max and Chelsea await the rest of the family and when they wheel in the dead pilots with sheets over their faces, Roman and Caroline's faces fall. The rest of the family moves in closer, pained expressions on their faces and Lexi has Claire taken off by a nurse for a snack. Philip and Chloe arrive and Victor and Kate rush to Philip to hug him. Philip tells them what happened to his leg while Shawn tells Roman what happened to the pilots. Chelsea and Stephanie comment how happy they are that their grandpa got to see his sister before she died. Caroline thinks she and Shawn should get away for a while. Shawn and Belle look to each other and Shawn is about to tell Caroline the truth when John and Marlena arrive. Sami rushes to her and Marlena tells Sami that it's thanks to John and Steve that they're alive. Marlena goes to Caroline, who happily explains how when Shawn gets there, they'll go for breakfast at the pub. Kayla runs into the hospital and into Stephanie's awaiting arms. Steph worries about Steve, who is wheeled in on a gurney but she relaxes when she is told he has cracked ribs and will be fine. Kayla tells Caroline," I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry…" Caroline asks why everyone keeps saying that and when she sees Bo being wheeled in on a gurney, she cries, "Oh Bo!" She asks, "Is this what you didn't want me to know?" Bo is wheeled away and Kayla is told by Steve to get examined. Hope holds Caroline tight and tells Kayla that it's okay for her to go. Caroline asks Hope what's wrong with Bo and she explains he's sick but they don't know what's wrong with him yet. Lexi explains about the abnormalities that showed up in his blood before he went to Ireland and she promises to start more testing. Hope looks to Marlena for guidance and Marlena tells Caroline that it's too soon to tell what's wrong with Bo. Shawn tells Caroline that there is something else she needs to know. Marlena tries to tell her about Shawn but Caroline wanders off, in search for her husband. She turns abruptly toward the family and asks why he hasn't gotten off the plane yet. Grandpa Shawn's body is wheeled in on a gurney and Caroline gasps and walks towards it. Roman puts his arm around her and in shock, they move closer to the gurney. Sami, Chelsea, Max and Stephanie stare in shock as Caroline calls out, "Oh no," as she realizes he is no longer with them. Roman asks Shawn what happened and Philip blurts out that he died a hero. Max goes to a weeping Roman and listens as Shawn tells them that his parents and Kayla were there. He stops, worried about it being too painful, but is asked to go on. He tells them about how they only had enough oxygen for a few and says Shawn refused the oxygen in order to save his family's life. Caroline wants to see him but Roman sobs that he doesn't think she should. Finally, he agrees and Lexi lifts the sheet. Sami sobs as EJ holds her and Shawn, Victor, Caroline and the family watch motionless.

    Maggie comes to Caroline's side and hugs her. Caroline tells Maggie it's not right and Maggie gives her support and love. Caroline can't let Shawn go and cries while Marlena goes to John, who stands staring into space. Marlena tells him that there was a time that he thought that Caroline was his mother. She asks if he can find it in his heart to offer her a few words of comfort. John doesn’t answer but goes to Caroline and tells her he heard that they were once close though he doesn't remember. He says from what he saw of Shawn, he truly wishes that he would have been his father. Caroline thanks John and he wanders off. Marlena grins to herself. Roman urges Caroline to go back to the pub but Caroline wants to stay with her family. Maggie promises to stay with her and Caroline, in shock, agrees to do it and in her shock she starts rambling about how she needs to make arrangements but Maggie tells her she needs to have time to grieve. Caroline kisses Shawn's head as she says goodbye. She's led away by Maggie with Victor trailing after. Kate stops Victor and Lexi sadly tells the nurse to take Shawn to the morgue. The family watches in shock as he's taken away.

    St. Luke's prayer vigil

    Tuesday, February 19 2008

    Back at Salem PD, a worried Maggie arrives and hugs Caroline. "I tried to call Doug and Julie but they're traveling and their cell phone is out of range," she says. Roman interrupts to tell them NORAD will be sending the search party out again tomorrow, when it's light. Victor asks if Abe can get more planes out there, more searchers, but Abe assures him they need to wait for daylight. Caroline asserts herself, "I know something we can do."

    Victor and Kate arrive at St. Luke's cathedral. Victor comments that Caroline's lucky to have faith to get her through this. He says his mother was devout and tried to instill it into him. "It didn't exactly take," he says. Kate mentions that Billie and Austin left town, Lucas is in prison and she has no idea what she'll do if they lose Philip. Maggie, Roman, Chelsea, Caroline, Lexi and Abe and Stephanie arrive at the church and each lights a candle and prays.

    Christmastime in Salem

    Wednesday, December 26 2007

    Sami waits for Lucas at Alice's place and when she calls, he doesn't pick up. Later, Billie and Ali show up, Billie says Lucas isn't coming. She tells Sami of the earlier conversation she had with Lucas and how he wanted her to take care of Ali if something happened to her. Sami cries and runs to find Lucas. Doug, Julie, Maggie, Sami all put up their Christmas bulbs. Belle, Shawn and Claire hang theirs while Bo and Hope hang their own. Maggie notices that Jeremy's is broken and they agree to fix it later.

    Back at Alice's house, Doug sings a lovely rendition of "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas" while Chelsea and Nick arrive. Billie and Ali, Belle, Shawn, Claire, Bo, Hope and Ciara, Chelsea and Nick and Alice all listen intently. We see Alice by the piano in a chair and with Hope beside her, Alice holds Tom's photo to her and says, "Merry Christmas Tom". The others say, "Merry Christmas!"

    Outside the dry cleaners, Marlena and Steve watch the snow fall.

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