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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Maggie Horton Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maggie Horton Kiriakis Played by Suzanne Rogers on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Suzanne Rogers (NBC)

    Birthday: July 9 1944
    Birthplace: Colonial Heights, Virgnia
    Marital Status: Divorced from actor Sam Groom in 1982
    Real Name: Suzanne Rogers


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    Tightly Wound.

    Friday, November 28 2008

    Melanie arrives at Maggie’s place and Maggie finds that she’s distracted. Melanie asks for Maggie’s honesty and asks if she meant what she said about offering a place to stay. Maggie says what she wants and what she does for family, are two different things. Melanie is happy she can stay. Melanie starts to tell Maggie about her terrible day, but Maggie stops her. She doesn’t want to hear it, after what happened to Nick.

    Later, Melanie counts her money - a mere thirteen dollars and change. Maggie arrives with groceries and a note from Philip, who has reconsidered and offered her the job. Neither of them understands why!

    This is not Speed Dating, John!

    Tuesday, November 25 2008

    Melanie arrives at the Brady pub to apply for the position and meets Philip. "Don’t you own Titan Enterprises? Why do you still work?” Philip tells her to take a seat and looks at her resume. He pokes fun at her resume and she gets up to leave. He stops her and knows she’s been through a terrible time. He hopes things get better, but he can’t give her a job. She brings up the night he lead her on in her room and angrily stomps off. Maggie bumps into her and offers her a place to stay until she finds whatever she’s looking for. Melanie is shocked. Maggie says there’s a condition. It’s temporary. Melanie knows she’s being nice, but it feels like she’s blaming her. Maggie thinks if they leave Nick’s name out of conversation, they can make it work. Melanie takes a key from Maggie. Chelsea bumps into Maggie on her way into the pub. She brings up Nick and thinks Melanie has no compassion. Melanie doesn’t give a damn about how Nick feels and reminds Chelsea of what he did to her. Melanie thinks Nick’s crazy and says Chelsea’s the training wheels to Nick’s first murder. Melanie doesn’t know where Chelsea has the right to be judgmental, and brings up Zach’s death. She’s tired of Chelsea’s accusations and grabs her and throws her against a table. Catfight!

    Samantha is my Past....

    Monday, November 24 2008

    At the pub, Maggie tells Hope that it was devastating to tell Jessica and Joshua Fallon that their son Nick was arrested for murder. She cries and blames herself for not taking better care of their son. Chelsea asks Bo if Nick can get off easy, but Bo says his behavior after the murder makes things worse. Chelsea wants to visit Nick, but he needs psychiatric help, so she has to wait. Bo says Nick was once obsessed with her, but Chelsea denies it. She says they had a relationship. Talk turns to Kate and Bo asks Chelsea to join in the celebration of Kate’s release from University Hospital. Maggie goes off to stop by Mickey’s office to check on Nick’s defense.

    Brady shows up at the pub to Chloe and Lucas’ table. Chloe asks Brady to join them, much to Lucas’ chagrin and Lucas brings up Brady being clean for a year. In a jealous display, Lucas brings up buying the house for him and Chloe. Chloe tells Brady that Kate’s going to arrive for a celebration because she’s being released from the hospital today. “She has cancer.” Brady’s shocked and apologetic toward Lucas. He gets up and takes a call from Nicole, and she tells him that EJ’s on a plane to Argentina and there’s something wrong with the baby. He agrees to go get her and after he leaves, Chloe accuses Lucas of being jealous. They laugh as he admits it, but Chloe calls Brady her past and Lucas her future. They kiss.

    They’re Ingrates!

    Thursday, November 20 2008

    Nick apologizes to Maggie, at the station, and Maggie knew he was drinking and taking the pain pills. She should have been there for him. Maggie asks Hope if Nick will be convicted. Maggie sobs as Bo tells her Nick will definitely go to prison. “No, no, no,” she repeats, horrified. Nick’s mug shots are taken and Maggie says for him to hang in there. Uncle Mickey’s on his way. Nick walks by Melanie and tells her he loves her. He apologizes to Max for hurting her and leaves, as Melanie cries. Chelsea calls Melanie pathetic, because she can’t tell him she’s sorry, too. Melanie asks Max if he’s mad at her as well. “Please say you’re not," she cries, and Max hugs her close. Chelsea and Stephanie cry as Nick is led away by Hope and Maggie.

    Thumper and Cruella De Ville!

    Tuesday, November 18 2008

    At Maggie’s place, Hope tells Maggie and Bo that Melanie has left town and taken Nick with her. Bo calls for Max and Chelsea to come over and once they do, Bo explains what happened. Max assumes that Melanie is to blame, but asks if they’re certain that the two are going together. He recalls a discussion with Mel at the park. He told her that Nick was in love with her and it 'weirded her out'. “Why would she go away with him?” Bo makes a call and tells everyone that Nick got his prescription filled recently. In tears, Maggie shows Bo a note. “I saw you at the cemetery, I know what happened.” Chelsea wonders if Melanie wrote the note to herself and Maggie agrees. Hope says though the stationary is Maggie’s, the handwriting is what counts. Chelsea recognizes the handwriting as Nick’s!

    Maggie cries as she looks at Nick’s photo and leaves him a message to call her. She hears a knock and thinks it's him, and sobs as Philip and Stephanie come through the door. She apologizes and runs off to another room.

    Emotional Terrorist.

    Monday, November 17 2008

    Hope and Bo arrive at Maggie's place on an official visit, for Melanie. Maggie didn't see Nick's car in the driveway and calls to them. They're gone and she says since Melanie has moved in, Nick's always so worried about her. She's not sure where they are. Hope asks why she let Melanie move in with her. She thinks it's because she likes drama but really, she has been worried about Nick lately and thought that it would help him calm down. She becomes emotional as she tells them he's becoming agitated a lot and is taking painkillers. Hope remembers that Jessica took painkillers once. Maggie remembers that Jessica had a split personality and says it's not like that. Maggie admits he didn't say anything when she asked if he was on the drugs when he got the DUI. She suddenly panics that Nick could be driving right now, on those painkillers. Hope excuses herself to the bathroom while Bo comforts Maggie. Hope returns and tells them that Nick and Melanie have packed up and left.

    She Fell and Hit her Head... It was an Accident!

    Thursday, November 13 2008

    Maggie comes into the kitchen and finds Nick there. He welcomes her back from the Green Convention and finds out Mickey's in New York on business. Nick thinks she should have gone along, but she had to get back to work. So does Nick. He starts to walk away, but Maggie mentions she has an issue with Melanie still living there. She has no place to go, says Nick. Melanie comes to the door and eavesdrops as Maggie says wherever Melanie goes, trouble follows. Melanie comes into the room and thanks Maggie for allowing her to stay. When Nick leaves, Maggie tells her that they need to get a few things straight. Maggie tells Melanie she was surprised when Nick asked her to stay. Melanie says they're just friends and shows her the friendship ring. Maggie lets Melanie know that Nick has a big heart that is sometimes a detriment. She brings up Willow, who also didn't have many friends and with whom Nick helped. Melanie never heard of her and asks what happened to her. "She died, she fell, she hit her head. It was an accident," says Maggie. Melanie is shocked and Maggie says Nick got burned from her and she doesn't want to see that happen again. If it does, Melanie will answer to her!

    Nick arrives at home again and Maggie tells him that she put Melanie on notice. Nick becomes angry but they're interrupted by a phone call. Maggie leaves the room and Nick takes one of his prescription pills. Upon her return, she finds his pills and hangs up on the caller, asking why he has them. She accuses him of being on them when he had the DUI, which leaves Nick angry and insulted. He yells at her when she reminds him that she is a recovering alcoholic and is only trying to help. Nick apologizes and says he's in a lot of pain and, as her lip quivers, she asks him to promise he'll take care of himself. She needs to get to work, but thinks they should discuss it later. After she leaves, Nick says they won't be doing that because he and Melanie are taking a trip. Melanie walks in and overhears him. He asks her to go up to the Green Mountain Lodge, but she doesn't want to. Nick becomes angry and runs out on her, so Melanie berates herself for pushing away her only friend. Later, when Nick's cell phone rings, she reluctantly takes the call. It's Maggie, who asks her to leave a message for Nick to call her. Melanie goes to the desk to find paper and a pencil, and notices the paper is the same size cut as the anonymous note she received. She goes to her purse to retrieve it and realizes Nick sent her the note!

    Honesty All Around!

    Tuesday, October 14 2008

    At Chez Rouge, Lexi, Abe, and Theo walk in for Abe’s campaign speech. Maggie takes Theo away for cookies. Lexi admits to Abe that every time she looks at Theo, she thinks about losing him. Abe comforts her and Lexi says she’s so proud of his campaign. Abe promises that nothing will stop him from winning this race. Abe talks with his campaign manager, as Lexi tells Maggie what happened with Lacey and Theo. Maggie offers to help out with Theo, and cheerily says that Lexi will need to find a sitter soon, since the Carver household will be busy once Abe is elected as mayor.

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