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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Maggie Horton Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maggie Horton Kiriakis Played by Suzanne Rogers on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Suzanne Rogers (NBC)

    Birthday: July 9 1944
    Birthplace: Colonial Heights, Virgnia
    Marital Status: Divorced from actor Sam Groom in 1982
    Real Name: Suzanne Rogers


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    Hide the Silver!

    Wednesday, April 09 2008

    E.J. and Sami arrive at Maggie's restaurant, Chez Rouge, where E.J. warns her to act like they're in love. Once seated, Sami tells him she doesn't think she can do it. He tells her to smile as Maggie approaches again. Once alone, E.J. stresses to Sami that he needs to get his Visa in order to stay in the country and be a father to his son. Sami sighs and says she will help him until he gets his citizenship. They discuss the boys and E.J. wonders if she will still allow him to be in Will's life once Lucas comes back. She says 'of course', but notes sourly that Lucas isn't coming back anytime soon. As they continue to talk, Nicole and Philip come into the dining room. Nicole spots Sami and rushes off to say hello. Philip muses, "Maybe I should tell Maggie to hide the good silver!" Nicole tells Sami it is so good to see her. "You look like you just had twins!" Sami tells her to get lost! Nicole introduces herself to E.J. and asks if he's the father of one of the twins. As Sami again tells Nicole to leave, Philip comes to take her to their table. Sami is disheartened to hear that Nicole is back to stay. Sami fills E.J. in on Nicole, telling him that she is married to Victor, and that she once tried to kill him! E.J. and Sami share a laugh. Across the room, Philip tells Nicole that her unexpected arrival has upset his father. She protests that she's sorry, but she really does want this to work! Philip exclaims, "You really are crazy!" He warns her that she won't be getting any money if that's what she thinks. Suddenly she jumps up and says she needs to talk to a lawyer. With that she heads back over to E.J. and Sami's table!

    Mickey Horton Returns!

    Tuesday, April 01 2008

    At Chez Rouge, Mr. Burke asks Sami if she loves her husband but she doesn't answer. "We have a family together," she stalls. He threatens deportation so she gasps, "Of course I love him!" EJ returns and he tells them that Mickey Horton offered him a partnership in his company. He says Mickey's semi-retired and wants a young lawyer to come take the reins over for him. Mr. Burke asks if he's going to law school and EJ says, "No… not again!" Sami is surprised but covers and suggests Burke update his notes. EJ says he's gainfully employed but Mr. Burke reminds him that his work ethic isn't the best. EJ replies that he works hard, when he does work. Mr. Burke still doesn't like that they have separate apartments and wants to see them around with their family more. They'd like it too, they say and they fool around. EJ grabs Sami's nose and she kicks him under the table when he calls her feisty! Mr. Burke leaves and will be in touch, he says. Later, Sami chastises Maggie for giving EJ job. "Whose side are you on anyway?" Maggie's on Johnny's side and Sami comments that she misses Lucas. Maggie does as well but says Mickey's serious. Mickey shows up and tells Sami he is okay with this and EJ returns with wine and the discussion of his being a lawyer comes up. He tells them he has a license to practice in the USA. Maggie tells EJ bringing John back to Marlena means a lot to her and Mickey hopes he is nothing like his father. EJ claims he isn't and Sami agrees. Mickey puts EJ on a probationary period. He calls it lots of work, very little money! Maggie asks that EJ doesn't make a liar out of her. EJ thanks Maggie and Sami and they resume their seats and discuss their living arrangements and extended family. EJ isn't sure his Uncle John would be up for a visit but Sami thinks Marlena would.

    At Chez Rouge, Mickey tells Maggie, "You know, red, I have a hard time saying no to you," when she thanks him for taking a chance on EJ.

    Back at their table, Sami warns EJ not to make Mickey look bad. Mickey stops by and notices them arguing. He comments they're like an old married couple. Mickey leaves them alone and EJ thinks she made Mickey uncomfortable. He tells her the man is his future employer. She says that they need to stop arguing and she has a plan. EJ says he likes arguing with her.

    High Maintenance...

    Friday, March 28 2008

    John is seated at a romantic spot at Chez Rouge by Maggie. Moments later, Marlena arrives and tells Maggie she was at a charity event and was summoned to here. She sees John and frowns. She realizes why she's there and goes to him and accuses him of luring her there under false pretenses. He apologizes and this causes her to wonder why he suddenly cares. John admits her opinion of him matters but he's not sure why. She asks if he has had memories resurface but he shoots her down. He hasn't but he feels bad when he disappoints her and finds her smart and classy and helpful. A misinformed John thinks that by giving her jewelry it'll smooth things over. He hands her a box holding a diamond necklace. "All is forgiven, right?" he asks but Marlena feels bribed and again accuses him of bribing Paul, the customs agent. John denies it and says he thought diamonds are a girl's best friend but Marlena says her husband has always been her best friend. She misses him more than ever. John is confused but Marlena apologizes that he went through all this trouble but he can't buy her the way she bought the customs agent. What he did was immoral. She takes the necklace and gives it to a stunned Maggie and leaves the restaurant. Maggie sits with John and tells him that he made a big mistake. She suggests he listen to Marlena and sell the necklace and give it to a worthy cause. John calls Marlena too high maintenance, which causes Maggie to laugh. "We both know that isn't true," she says and leaves the necklace with him.

    Failing Pancreas

    Thursday, February 28 2008

    Bradys gather at the Brady pub for an Irish wake to celebrate Shawn Sr.'s life. Nick and Maggie agree this is the type of wake that Grandpa Shawn would have wanted but Chelsea's feeling down in the dumps and Lexi feels uncomfortable. Steve tries to perk up Kayla by reminding her it is a time to celebrate her dad. EJ complains about his discomfort to Sami but she tells him he's a DiMera and he should tough it out. EJ turns from her, exasperated. Hope notices how pale Bo is and asks Steve to stay close in case they need him. Outside the pub, Ava watches. Caroline wishes Pop was there and Roman says Pop would have wanted this wake. He gives Caroline a hug.

    Kayla says a toast for Pop about how tender, outgoing, loving and wonderful he was. She also calls him fiery and obstinate too. Nobody could give a better Irish toast than her pop. She and Roman hold up their glasses and each Brady says a line of an Irish poem. (No idea what this poem is. If you know it, feel free to send it to us!) Caroline thanks Kimberly for the lovely speech and says her father will always be with her. Kimberly is upset that she didn't get to say goodbye to him but Caroline points out that she just did! Kimberly hugs Caroline and Kayla. Nearby, Bo still feels guilty for Pop's death but Hope reminds him that his dad died a hero. Bo starts to cough and Hope calls Steve to come quickly. They want to get him to the hospital. Kimberly tells Bo she is supposed to leave on a flight to Los Angeles today but she'll stay for him. Bo doesn’t want her to. He tells her to come around more often though and starts for the door while Marlena and Victor watch with worried expressions.

    Back inside the pub, Kayla asks Caroline to stay with them but she refuses. John finds Chloe and asks if she's having as much fun as he is. Chloe comments that they're just covering their pain with the wake. She explains that he didn't know Shawn that well. John didn't either. EJ finds them and asks if there is room for one more!

    Hope returns from dropping Bo off at Steve's car. She says goodbye to Kimberly, who offers her help and asks she and Bo to visit her in California. Hope happily tells her she may take her up on that. She tells Lexi that Bo was just taken to the hospital so Lexi goes after Bo and Hope asks Shawn to take care of his grandmother so she can go to the hospital. At the bar, Roman and Max drink shooers.

    Back at Brady Pub, Steve asks Abe to run Ava Vitali's name through the police computer as a favor. Abe reluctantly agrees just this one time to do it. Nearby, Victor and Caroline sit. Victor is at a loss for words for once, he admits but is sorry for her loss. He says he never stopped caring for Shawn as a friend and at the time, he hated that she chose Shawn over him but he understood it. Caroline admits she was in love with two men but needed to be true to herself. Victor is happy to hear she loved him once. They discuss how Bo came out of their love and Roman and Max get the family's attention so Max can give a speech about how wonderful Pop was. He says Pop always had answers to anything he questioned. Sami smiles as he talks and Max says Pop made him feel special. He toasts Pop and everyone raises their glass. He asks for no more tears. Belle, Roman, Philip, EJ, Nick, Victor and Caroline all say a poem or Irish joke and the family laughs and raise their glass to Shawn's photo.

    Pop's legacy: Honesty, hard work and love

    Wednesday, February 27 2008

    Chloe and Philip arrive at the church and Chloe gives her condolences to Sami, who lashes out at Chloe regarding Brady's disappearance. EJ interrupts by introducing himself to Chloe. Sami makes more snide remarks about Chloe and Philip lashes out at EJ. Roman interrupts and Sami tells Roman that Lucas, Carrie and Austin were saddened that they couldn't be there today. Roman understands and says Cousin John is here. Sami comments how different he is.

    Bo arrives at the church and reminisces with Roman about how he still went to Pop for advice. Roman comments that he was a wise man and offers Bo advice in the future but Bo jokes, "Yeah right!" They remember how funny Pop was and Roman says, "Again, you can come to me for that." Bo says, "You're not funny!" Roman disagrees and they start arguing about it until Hope arrives, hugs Roman and gives her condolences.

    Stephanie, Kayla, Shawn, Belle and Steve arrive at the church. Chelsea goes off to find Nick while Steve waits outside. He sees Ava spying on him and races after her but she's long gone. He finds Lexi and Abe and asks to talk to Abe about a favor later. They head inside.

    Inside the church, family greets one another with hugs. Maggie asks Marlena how things are going with John. Marlena says very strangely. John doesn't remember anything. Sami comments that he cares only for money but Marlena catches the odd glimpses of the real John once in a while. Kimberly asks Bo how he's doing and Bo asks who spilled the beans. He assumes Kayla did but she cries out that she's not a blabbermouth. Roman admits he told her. Kimberly goes to the casket and tears well up in her eyes. Roman goes to her and holds her hand, Kayla holds his and Bo holds Kayla's and they comfort each other.

    Nick arrives at the church and hugs a crying Chelsea. EJ tells Sami that he can tell how much her family cares for each other. Sami says they may not always get along but they're still family. EJ thinks her grandfather did a good job raising the family and hopes he can be like Shawn Sr. someday. Sami doesn't say anything, instead she goes off to call Doug and Julie and check on the twins.

    Victor arrives at the church and takes a seat behind Philip who asks where Caroline is. He says she walked - alone. Caroline arrives and sees EJ. She's glad he made it and he tells her a promise is a promise. "I wasn't about to let you down," he says. Caroline smiles in thanks and EJ offers his arm to take her to her seat. Sami watches the exchange.

    Roman starts his eulogy. The family chuckles when Roman says Pop would have wanted them to raise a few pints to him! He says he's honored that Pop was his father. "He taught me a lot." He says Pop taught them about hard work, with his work at the junkyard and fish market. Roman was thrilled when Pop was able to realize his dream and open the Pub. He thanks John Black for putting up the money for that. He says Pop taught him honesty and about love. He says Pop may be gone physically but his spirit will live on with his children and his entire family. "Honesty, hard work and love. That will be his legacy!"

    Kimberly says Pop was known for his temper and she says she wishes she was there recently to show him how much she appreciated and loved him. She breaks down and Kayla takes over.

    "My Pop liked to fish," she starts. She remembers fishing with him and loved the undivided attention he'd give. She looked forward to the advice he gave. He had a lot to say about her relationship with Steve. Steve grins and she flashes back to a day Pop admitted to having misgivings about Steve but says he soon grew to love him. Kayla says her father gave her the strength to be the woman she is today and she is proud of him. Tears flow as she goes to the casket, kisses it and tells him she loves him.

    Bo stands up and says that Pop wasn’t his biological father and he didn't make it easy on him. "Mostly because I was a big pain in the keester, as he'd say." Bo says he was always there for him, even after he found out Bo wasn't his blood. That is a sign of a great man, he says. He thinks his Pop had a big heart and flashes back to a toast Shawn gave to Bo. "He was a hero," says Bo. He feels pain and pauses and Roman and Hope stand up but he tells them he's fine. He goes to the casket and says he'll never forget what Pop gave him. "I love you, Pop," he says.

    The family gets up to kiss the casket and say goodbye. Several of the family leaves personal items. Hope leaves a rose, Steve leaves his harmonica, and Chloe sings. Shawn leaves a flask, Maggie leaves a rosary, Lexi leaves another rose and Victor leaves a framed photo. Eventually, the family leaves the church, leaving only Pop's children and Caroline behind.

    We see a flashback to Shawn proposing marriage to Caroline as Maggie and Alice watch! Caroline says an Irish Blessing, "May the earth rest easy over you when you are laid under it. May the earth rest easy over your spirit as it makes its way to God. Goodbye Shawn, she says hugging the casket, crying. "I will love you forever."

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