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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Maggie Horton Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maggie Horton Kiriakis Played by Suzanne Rogers on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Suzanne Rogers (NBC)

    Birthday: July 9 1944
    Birthplace: Colonial Heights, Virgnia
    Marital Status: Divorced from actor Sam Groom in 1982
    Real Name: Suzanne Rogers


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    No means NO!

    Friday, March 23 2007

    Nick tells EJ that if he's a friend of Sami's, he should be asking Sami about this, not him! EJ comments that he's a smart guy but then tries to bribe Nick. He promises to buy him a sports car! Nick grins and sarcastically asks him," Can you add a penthouse apartment with a circular bed and mirrors on the ceilings? Cause if you did, you'd have yourself a deal!" he finishes. He then says to EJ, "In case you didn't take the hint, I'm not for sale." EJ takes the hint and tells him if he changes his mind, he knows where to find him! He pays for his drink and tells Nick that he's certain that they'll meet again, and then he leaves.

    Once EJ is gone, Maggie goes to Nick to ask how he knows EJ. Nick relays the conversation and they both wonder what business is it of EJ's where Sami gets her blood work done! Celeste listens to the conversation from a seat at the bar.

    Weaving baskets

    Monday, March 12 2007

    Jed and Willow dine at Penthouse Grill. She gives him a check and he demands to know where she got it from and what she has to do for the money. Willow lies that she got a real job, but Jed isn't convinced.

    Abby and Max arrive at Penthouse Grill for dinner and Jed drops by their table to apologize for showing up at his garage drunk. Max accepts his apology and invites both Willow and Jed over to their table for dinner but once he notices the look on Abby's face, Jed proposes that they visit another time. Abby is thrilled but Max is a little confused. Abby explains that she thought this was a date. She frets that she assumed wrong, and before he can answer, she receives a call from Nick who explains that Chelsea knows and it's not pretty! Abby feels bad but gets back to her date. Max lets her know that this is a date and that she's a very beautiful woman. Suddenly Abby hears Maggie's voice. She's at the restaurant!

    Back at Jed and Willow's table, Willow gives him the large check from EJ to hold on to. She claims that she might lose it. Abby comes over to Jed's table to ask him to dine with them, so that Maggie won't see her alone with Max. Willow leaves to run an errand, and by the time Maggie shows up at their table, she sees Jed and Max there. She doesn't appear impressed but asks Jed to take care of Abby, and leaves!

    Desperate measures

    Thursday, March 08 2007

    Abby storms off and ends up at Chez Rouge with Maggie. She rants and raves to her Aunt Maggie that someone she knows is going to ruin two lives, and Maggie worries that she's talking about Max. She goes on to let Abby know that she disapproves of her seeing Max. Abby explains that it's Nick with whom she's angry with, and while Maggie doesn't get the full scoop, she advises her niece to find someone to get through to Nick. Abby thanks her Aunt and runs off to see Billie.

    Nick arrives at Chez Rouge and Maggie explains that Abby was just there. She tries to figure out what the problem is and reminds him that his cousin is a smart girl and that he should take her advice. He flashes back to what he and Abby talked about earlier and then to his conversation with Chelsea about trust. He calls Chelsea and leaves a message for her to return his call.

    Say your goodbyes...

    Thursday, March 01 2007

    Jed and Abby arrive at Chez Rouge and Maggie thinks Jed is cute so she gives the two lunch on the house! Jed flirts with Abby and tells her she's beautiful. She is embarrassed and looks down while she admits that she doesn't her those words that often. Jed thinks that the people in Salem must be crazy not to notice her. Jed brings up the guy she's "kind of seeing" and she admits that she lied but she does like someone. She says that the guy likes her, but he's involved right now. She calls the other woman (Mimi) needy and says it's a complicated mess! Jed tells her that he thinks Max wants his cake and wants to eat it too! Abby is offended and tells Jed he knows nothing about it. Jed is quick to apologize but tells her "If you want to go after some guy who is involved with someone else, who am I to say anything?" She explains that she and Max have a connection and Jed understands. He urges her to 'go for it' with Max. Willow comes into the restaurant and Abby tells Jed who Willow is and that she was a hooker. . Jed is clearly upset and says "Let me re-introduce myself. I'm Jed Stark! Willow is my sister!"

    Willow comes to Maggie to ask for her job back. She appeals to Maggie's sensitive side and talks about being pregnant with Shawn's child but not having any money. Maggie scoffs at her and refuses to give her job back. Jed overhears the conversation and goes over to Willow as Nick enters the restaurant. Abby explains what's going on as Jed talks to Willow.

    Jed asks, "Willy, why are you here?" She lies and tells him she's off to a business meeting, but he accuses her of lying again. He heard her trying to get her job back, he says. She admits she was a waitress and he asks her about the baby. She can't answer and runs off. Abby asks him to let her go, "She's upset and needs to be alone," Abby tells him, but Jed hightails it after his sister. He doesn't know where she lives, so needs to find her now!

    Abby turns to Nick and tells her cousin that she has issues with relationships! He gives his cousin advice. "It's time to move on." Abby frowns and thinks he may be right. Maybe she should move on from Max and Jed.

    Outside Chez Rouge, Jed calls out for Willow, while inside Maggie calls [Hope] about Willow.

    The pawn kidnaps the ex-pawn!

    Friday, February 23 2007

    Chelsea and Dr. Rebert finish dining at Chez Rouge, and then the Doc takes it upon himself to teach Chelsea about fine wine. Chelsea looks uncomfortable and pulls out her calculus book. She's ready to talk calculus but when she sees Nick, spying on the two she tells the doctor that she's willing to learn whatever he wants to teach her.

    Maggie walks up to Nick and finds out that he's spying on Dr. Rebert and Chelsea. Nick explains that Dr. Rebert is a pig and likes seducing women. He explains that he's worried about her. Maggie thinks that Chelsea is tough and can handle herself but Nick knows better. They watch as Chelsea feeds Dr. Rebert food.

    Chelsea and Dr. Rebert discuss the hospital staff and he gives her tips on how to get by with the difficult nurses at work. In a loud voice, she tells him he's so much nicer than 'Boy Wonder', [referring to Nick]. Dr. Rebert plays on Chelsea's sympathies and tells her that he was hurt in the past and knows how she feels.

    Nick continues watching and gets a drink as he waits. It occurs to him that Chelsea is drinking wine and he lets Maggie know that Chelsea is drinking underage. Maggie goes over to investigate. She removes the glass from Chelsea's hand and tells the doctor that Chelsea is underage. Chelsea looks to the bar where Nick stands. She knows he was the one to rat her out! Dr. Rebert tries to get Maggie to allow it this one time but Maggie pulls rank on Dr. Rebert and tells him she not only owns the place, she is the attorney Mickey Horton's wife. Dr. Rebert invites Chelsea over to his place for steak and wine and gets their coats to leave while Chelsea goes to give Nick a piece of her mind.

    Chelsea comes up behind Nick and Maggie who are laughing it up over the fact that Maggie told Dr. Rebert to bring Chelsea for a Happy Meal, instead of taking her back to his house for Steak and wine. Chelsea calls Nick pathetic but Nick tells her that Dr. Rebert isn't nice or kind. She rehashes his faults and he agrees that he has a slight credibility problem but although he's jealous, he is there to protect her. He promises her that seducing women is his game. Dr. Rebert comes back and Nick lashes out at him, but it doesn't do him any good. The doctor tells Nick he knows that Chelsea isn't as sophisticated as she would have him believe and he prefers it that way! The two get into a scuffle and Rebert leaves without paying his bill! Maggie comes around looking for Dr. Rebert to pay the bill but Nick tells her they're gone. She tells him to fight for Chelsea.

    Willow is pregnant?

    Tuesday, January 30 2007

    Hope and the baby visit Maggie at Chez Rouge but are interrupted by Willow, who wants to speak to Hope privately. Maggie lets Willow know that she has no business being there, and at Willow's insistence, she goes to her office to look for Willow's last pay check while Willow talks to Hope. Before long, Willow shocks Hope with the news that she's pregnant with Shawn's baby. Hope calls her a liar. She doubts that it's true and points out that Willow must have used protection, considering that it would have been an occupational hazard for her to become pregnant. [Because she's a former prostitute.] Willow anticipated Hope's mistrust and whips out a note from her OBGYN to confirm the pregnancy. Hope points out that this doesn't prove that Shawn is the father, and tells her to leave. Willow becomes emotional and tells Hope that she'll go straight to the court to name Shawn as the father, and the press will get a hold of it. She asks Hope how it will look for Shawn when everyone finds out that he kidnapped one child and has another on the way. Hope knows that Willow wants money but advises her to do more dirty work with Victor. She isn't getting a dime; Hope says and then threatens Willow. She says that if Willow takes their family to court, she'll make sure that she is exposed for the tramp that she is.

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