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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Maggie Horton Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maggie Horton Kiriakis Played by Suzanne Rogers on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Suzanne Rogers (NBC)

    Birthday: July 9 1944
    Birthplace: Colonial Heights, Virgnia
    Marital Status: Divorced from actor Sam Groom in 1982
    Real Name: Suzanne Rogers


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    The wedding commences

    Tuesday, May 08 2007

    During the wedding, Father Kelley comes to the part where he must ask, "If any person present knows of a reason this man and woman should not be joined in holy matrimony, let him speak now or forever hold his peace." Kate and Sami exchange glances and then EJ walks into the church and winks at Sami. Sami stares at Lucas.

    Another Piece Of The Puzzle

    Monday, April 30 2007

    At Chez Rouge, Sami screams bloody murder as she sees EJ's body slumped over in the bathroom stall. At their table, Kate and Lucas jump at the screaming and Maggie and Lucas run to see what's going on. Sami hurries from the bathroom and into Lucas' arms, screaming, "I saw him! I saw him!" Kate asks her if she knows who the man is and Sami shakily tells Kate that she didn't recognize him. While Lucas and Maggie search the bathroom, Kate stays with Sami and asks her if she's alright. She offers her a glass of water and tells her to take a few deep breaths, as she's hyperventilating. Sami tries to refuse her help but Kate forces her to be seated and to drink the water.

    Maggie and Lucas search the bathroom but find nothing. Maggie thinks that Sami could have been seeing things. They go back out into the restaurant and Sami faints into Lucas' arms.

    Let The Games Begin

    Monday, April 16 2007

    Max arrives at Chez Rouge is confronted by Maggie, about visiting Abby in New York. He tells her that it was completely innocent but she thinks he's a player. Max laughs and asks her how she came to that conclusion and says he thinks that Abby is smart enough to make her own decisions. Although Maggie agrees that Abby's smarter than the both of them put together, she tells him he has a history of breaking girl's hearts. She warns him not to get on her bad side and then storms off.

    Stolen Evidence

    Wednesday, April 04 2007

    Max arrives back in Salem and goes to see Nick at the lab. He explains that Chelsea is in New York and a mess. Nick admits that they've had issues lately and Max understands but just wanted to let him know how she was. Nick wishes that Chelsea would get her act together, even though not everything in her life is her fault. Max confesses he thinks Chelsea is trying to turn her life around. He gives Nick the phone number for the hotel in New York. After Max leaves, Nick puts the brush in his backpack!

    At Chez Rouge, Kayla shows Roman the photographs and fingerprints that she took from Stefano when she was in Italy with Max. Roman asks her if she's trying to get herself killed and panics at the thought of EJ finding out about this. She justifies her actions and tells him that Steve is losing it in the hospital. He tells her that going against the DiMeras is not smart and its worse that she brought Max along. She is insulted and retorts, "If this were Bo who had gone to Italy you'd be fine with it." Roman starts to tell her that Bo is trained. She is stubborn and doesn't care. She simply doesn't want EJ to win, she says.

    Maggie sits with Roman after Kayla leaves, and he tells her he needs to talk to Max and lets her know that Max is visiting Abby in New York. She tells him it's no trouble but ponders his words.

    All is not as it seems!

    Monday, April 02 2007

    At Chez Rouge, Nick looks glum while he explains to his Aunt Maggie that a friend of his is asking him to compromise his principles. Even though he doesn't tell her what he's on about, she reminds him that any friend who truly cares about him wouldn't ask him to do such a thing.

    No means NO!

    Friday, March 23 2007

    Willow joins Nick at Chez Rouge to ask Nick if he has spoken to his uncle Mickey about housing. He tells her to be patient and then when the two are interrupted by EJ, Willow runs off. EJ talks to Nick about Sami and asks Nick if he knew anything about the results amniocentesis that Sami had. He wonders if Nick's lab processed the results yet! Nick apologizes. He can't help him. EJ tells Nick that he wanted to purchase Sami an expensive gift for her shower today, and that's why he wanted to know the results, but Nick doesn't budge. He explains to EJ that he hasn't heard good things about him and thinks perhaps EJ should wait until the baby is born to buy a gift! EJ thinks he can bribe Nick and invites him for a drink, promising to make it worth his while. Nick tells EJ, "No means NO!" and while the two are chatting, Celeste arrives at Chez Rouge. She and Maggie greet each other warmly, with a hug and then Celeste notices EJ and Nick talking. She listens in to their conversation.

    Nick tells EJ that if he's a friend of Sami's, he should be asking Sami about this, not him! EJ comments that he's a smart guy but then tries to bribe Nick. He promises to buy him a sports car! Nick grins and sarcastically asks him," Can you add a penthouse apartment with a circular bed and mirrors on the ceilings? Cause if you did, you'd have yourself a deal!" he finishes. He then says to EJ, "In case you didn't take the hint, I'm not for sale." EJ takes the hint and tells him if he changes his mind, he knows where to find him! He pays for his drink and tells Nick that he's certain that they'll meet again, and then he leaves.

    Once EJ is gone, Maggie goes to Nick to ask how he knows EJ. Nick relays the conversation and they both wonder what business is it of EJ's where Sami gets her blood work done! Celeste listens to the conversation from a seat at the bar.

    Weaving baskets

    Monday, March 12 2007

    Jed and Willow dine at Penthouse Grill. She gives him a check and he demands to know where she got it from and what she has to do for the money. Willow lies that she got a real job, but Jed isn't convinced.

    Abby and Max arrive at Penthouse Grill for dinner and Jed drops by their table to apologize for showing up at his garage drunk. Max accepts his apology and invites both Willow and Jed over to their table for dinner but once he notices the look on Abby's face, Jed proposes that they visit another time. Abby is thrilled but Max is a little confused. Abby explains that she thought this was a date. She frets that she assumed wrong, and before he can answer, she receives a call from Nick who explains that Chelsea knows and it's not pretty! Abby feels bad but gets back to her date. Max lets her know that this is a date and that she's a very beautiful woman. Suddenly Abby hears Maggie's voice. She's at the restaurant!

    Back at Jed and Willow's table, Willow gives him the large check from EJ to hold on to. She claims that she might lose it. Abby comes over to Jed's table to ask him to dine with them, so that Maggie won't see her alone with Max. Willow leaves to run an errand, and by the time Maggie shows up at their table, she sees Jed and Max there. She doesn't appear impressed but asks Jed to take care of Abby, and leaves!

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