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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Maggie Horton Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maggie Horton Kiriakis Played by Suzanne Rogers on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Suzanne Rogers (NBC)

    Birthday: July 9 1944
    Birthplace: Colonial Heights, Virgnia
    Marital Status: Divorced from actor Sam Groom in 1982
    Real Name: Suzanne Rogers


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    Days Recap: I Slept With JJ!

    Wednesday, May 20 2015

    Maggie, Jenn, and JJ prepare the house for Paige's surprise party. Jenn tells everyone Eve's coming and she's sure that she'll behave. She finds the cell phone instructions on the floor and questions JJ. He brushes her off and tells Abby the news about his move to California. Rory and Daphne arrive and Daphne notifies them that they didn't go together. She concedes that JJ's a good guy. She has never seen Paige happier.

    Days Recap: I Wouldn't Cross The Street With You!

    Tuesday, May 19 2015

    At TBD, Nicole thinks back to Daniel slamming the door in her face. She laments not telling him about her investigation. Maggie drops by and asks Nicole not to hurt her son. Nicole says that's the last thing she wants to do and asks if she will let her into Daniel's apartment. Maggie refuses. She recalls what happened last time she let Serena in. She goes and Nic calls Eric. He comes by and she tells him she wants to make peace with Serena. He doesn't believe her. She brings up the African elephant statues and Eric admits there were two and that Parker fell in love with one. Eventually he goes and Nicole is positive the elephant isn't just a trinket. She gets an idea and calls Daniel's superintendent, Lou, for help getting into Daniel's apartment.

    While decorating the Horton homestead, Jennifer hopes Eve keeps her word and leaves JJ and Paige alone. Maggie arrives to help and Jenn says JJ's going to announce moving to California with Paige for school at the party. She's overwhelmed but thinks it's good for the kids. Maggie holds her, knowing this is rough.

    Days Recap: This Sick Game.

    Tuesday, May 12 2015

    Melanie calls Carly, her mother, to reassure her that she's fine after her return from Italy. They disconnect and Maggie urges her to see Brady. Melanie doesn't want to get in the way and tells her grandmother everything has changed.

    In the hospital, Daniel shoots Theresa a look when he comes upon her hugging Brady. She's surprised to see him there and clashes with Brady over Daniel being Christopher's doctor. Brady steps outside while Theresa demands Daniel stay away from her and her baby. Daniel tells her his personal feelings don't matter when it comes to caring for her child but Melanie's feelings do matter. She stomps off. Melanie and Maggie show up and Caroline gets to see her great-grandson. She tears up feeling blessed. Brady, Maggie, Melanie and Daniel gather in Daniel's office where he tells them another surgeon will take over Christopher's surgery tomorrow. Brady feels bad about putting him in an uncomfortable situation. Maggie and Brady leave and Daniel shakes his head. He doesn't trust Theresa. Melanie's hopeful that Theresa will be forced to grow up now that she's responsible for another life. Later, Theresa listens in, recoiling as Brady canoodles with Melanie and reminds her how much he loves her.

    Days Recap: Mr. Sunshine.

    Friday, May 08 2015

    Maggie and Daniel reunite with Melanie at Daniel's apartment. She fills them in on what happened with Kristen and Christopher and how he has an autoimmune issue but will be fine.

    Back at the hospital, Daniel examines the baby and updates Brady, Melanie, Theresa, Eve, Jennifer. Theresa brings up Melanie keeping their baby from them. Mel cringes but Theresa is grateful. Without Melanie she wouldn't have her son. She hugs her. Brady takes Mel off and kisses her in thanks. He expresses concern that he's not ready but she thinks it'll fall into place. He returns to the baby and Eve takes Theresa for a bite to eat. She immediately thinks her sister is up to something. Victor arrives and visits with Brady and Christopher. Vic thinks Isabella would have been proud and wishes she was there to see him.

    Days Recap: I'll Be The Judge Of That.

    Tuesday, May 05 2015

    Daniel arrives home and rages out. His mother waltzes in with news that Brady and Melanie left Italy several hours ago. They'll be home soon. Daniel relaxes but Maggie can tell there's something else bothering him. He admits it's Nicole but takes full blame this time. "I'll be the judge of that," Maggie declares. Daniel tells her about Nicole's part in Melanie's search for Dr. Mandrake. He calls Nicole 'the one'.

    Days Recap: Sample The Possum Stew?

    Monday, May 04 2015

    Xander arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor needs him to stay in Salem. Brady could use his 'skills'. Xander says he'll stay as long as he's needed. Victor says to keep his eyes open and his mouth shut and when the time comes, "Be prepared to do what I ask." Xander will do as he's told. Maggie interrupts the tense moment and Xander plants a smile on his face. Maggie invites him for dinner once Brady returns. He's happy for the invite. Once he's gone, they discuss Brady and the consequences of what happened in Italy. She tells him he can't always manage those he loves. Victor says everyone is a mess. They need him! Maggie giggles. "Everyone will be just fine."

    Days Recap: Your Sister Is Dead.

    Friday, May 01 2015

    At the mansion, Victor screams into the phone. Maggie questions if it's about Brady and Melanie. Daniel barges in. He knows it is and asks what's going on. Victor says Kristen DiMera's presumed dead. Daniel tells them Rafe's FBI contact says there were two others with Brady - Theresa and Melanie. Victor receives a call.

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