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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Maggie Horton Kiriakis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Maggie Horton Kiriakis Played by Suzanne Rogers on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Suzanne Rogers (NBC)

    Birthday: July 9 1944
    Birthplace: Colonial Heights, Virgnia
    Marital Status: Divorced from actor Sam Groom in 1982
    Real Name: Suzanne Rogers


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    Days Recap: Sonny learns once a cheater, always a cheater applies to Will

    Monday, June 29 2015

    Victor stumbles upon Theresa at the Kiriakis mansion and demands to know what she's doing there. He's about to call the police but Brady and Maggie intervene and let him know she's staying there. "Over my dead body," Victor states. "Whatever," Theresa quips. Maggie asks where he's been and he flashes to letting Xander go. He claims he was taking care of business. Maggie sends the men away to discuss Theresa moving in and Theresa thanks her, thinking she's defending her. Maggie sets her straight. "Can it Theresa. Victor only says what everyone thinks." She goes on to say Theresa's not welcome there. "What do you think we're idiots? That we have amnesia? Don't forget. I've got your number, cookie." In the foyer, Brady tells Victor Xander tried to kill Eric and Nicole. Victor's pissed. He explains that he knew about Xander's history but thought he could help him. He says Xander can rot in hell after what he did. They get back to arguing about Theresa living there. Victor sighs that Brady won't just be dealing with Theresa, but her whole family. "It's like living in an episode of "Honey Boo Boo." Meanwhile, Hayley the nanny appears to take Tate to bed, causing Theresa discomfort. The men return and Victor tells Theresa to stay the hell out of his way. He invites Brady and Tate to get together later for a little male bonding. Later, Maggie asks Victor privately what he's not telling her about Xander. He only says that his psycho nephew was up to something and he told him to get out of town. In the other room, Brady asks Theresa to go back to work. She snarks, "You don't expect me to work?" Indeed he does!

    Days Recap: Jenn catches Eve snooping on Marlena's computer

    Thursday, June 18 2015

    Anne stops Theresa from going into Tate's room at the hospital. Theresa bats at her hands when she fusses with the hem of Theresa's dress, suggesting her friend show a little leg because Brady's inside. Inside Tate's room, Maggie assumes he and Theresa will want to bring the baby to the mansion. He shuts her down. He wants nothing to do with Theresa. He's protecting his son, not wanting Tate to ever see his rage for Theresa. Maggie can't argue with that.

    Back at the hospital, Anne says since Brady's "main squeeze is gone he's going to need somebody to scratch is itch." Theresa doesn't want to deal with Brady. Eve pops up. They argue about going in to see the baby but when Eve sees Marlena, she follows her into her office and asks for therapy. She puts on an act and talks about wanting to die. Marlena gets her an appointment for the next day. Eve fakes a coughing fit and while Marlena gets her water, she scours Doc's computer for information on Laura Horton. In the hall, Marlena receives a text from Xander as Eric, telling his mom he just needs space. Meanwhile, Jenn turns up in Marlena's office and catches Eve red-handed!

    Days Recap: Will turns to drastic means to hold on to Sonny

    Wednesday, June 17 2015

    Daniel leaves a message for Nicole from the hospital and asks her to text him. Marlena meanders in looking puzzled. She tells Daniel that Eric broke up with Serena and guesses something is up. Since Serena wouldn't open up to Doc, Daniel offers to talk to her.

    Days Recap: Xander strangles Nicole

    Tuesday, June 16 2015

    At the mansion, Daniel muses to Maggie how he finds it strange that Nicole wants to see Victor. Maggie almost collapses and Daniel goes to her. "Mom? Mom?" She admits she missed lunch and is sure the spell is from low blood sugar. He says he'll call Nicole and tell her not to come. He's taking Maggie to the hospital.

    Maggie is admitted to the hospital. Dan worries her Myasthenia Gravis is the issue but she's doubtful. He gives her some glucose and once her blood sugar levels are up they visit Tate.

    Days Recap: Theresa's hurt when Brady lays down the law

    Monday, June 15 2015

    At the mansion, Maggie's surprised to hear Victor say Xander has worn out his welcome. She tells him Brady called. The baby's coming home tomorrow. He can't get over that Theresa's going to be a mother of a Kiriakis baby. He knows she'll use the baby to get whatever she wants. Daniel arrives and Maggie notes he seems happier. He tells them he and Nicole are working things out. Victor's unimpressed. Maggie goes and Victor says he won't start trouble for him. He brings up Xander and says after tonight, nobody in this town will have to worry about him.

    Days Recap: Go Fish.

    Tuesday, June 02 2015

    Maggie, Daniel and Parker arrive home. There's a note beside the elephant statue.

    Melanie arrives home and Maggie takes Parker to his room. Daniel read her note and tells her she doesn't have to leave town. Mel insists she does and hopes he and Nicole patch things up. They get weepy. Maggie appears. They say a tearful goodbye. Everyone files out to pack the car and Melanie stays behind. "There's no place like home." Before she goes, Brady materializes. He's glum but understands she needs to do this. He's going with her to the airport and tells her she'll always be in his heart.

    Days Recap: I Hate Her.

    Monday, June 01 2015

    From Daniel's, Melanie explains to Brady she's leaving Salem. She's the only thing standing between him and his son. She can't return until that changes. Brady says it could be for good. She nods. He won't let her go. He loves her. She loves him and this is why she has to let him go. She cries that if she doesn't that Theresa will use Tate as a weapon. The only way to ensure that doesn't happen is for her to go. Brady argues that she's the reason Tate has a father. Melanie asks him to wait there for her while she runs an errand. Maggie arrives and upon seeing him looking devastated, she recalls Melanie's earlier conversation about family and wonders if Melanie's saying goodbye. Later, Maggie and Brady have talked and Maggie understands Melanie's reason for leaving. Brady weeps but knows they've got to let her go.

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