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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Bo Brady - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bo Brady Played by Peter Reckell on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Peter Reckell (NBC)

    Birthday: May 7 1955
    Birthplace: Elkhart, Indiana, USA
    Marital Status: Married; Kelly Moneymaker (18 April 1998) 1 daughter.
    Real Name: Peter Reckell


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    Partners For Life.

    Tuesday, October 30 2012

    At the pub, as Caroline and Kayla look on, Roman assures Bo he has everything covered, he'll look after Ciara and everything else. When Caroline and Roman leave, Kayla asks Bo to level with her about Caroline's progress. Ciara walks in with a picture of the family for Grandma to remember her by. They tell each other they love each other as Bo and Hope look on. Bo and Ciara hug tightly and promise to video each other every night. Later, Hope tearfully tells Bo he's fearless and she's proud of him. They kiss lovingly. She later gives Bo a disc of memories and a separate disc with info about Stefano. "Partner's for life" they tell each other. After an emotional goodbye, Bo leaves the pub.

    Safe Travels.

    Monday, October 29 2012

    Bo arrives at Victor's place, telling him he's brought some of Ciara's things. Maggie appears and greets him as well. Bo tells Victor and Maggie that he's taking Caroline to have experimental treatment in California. Maggie says she's sorry to hear it could be early dementia or Alzheimer's. Victor kicks himself for not realizing sooner. Bo says she put on a good show and that her distant memories will last the longest. Maggie and Victor tell Bo he's doing an incredible thing for his mother. Bo says he'll miss his family, but can't think of a better place to be than with Caroline right now. Victor is proud.

    Billie and Bo meet by chance in the cafe. They discuss Caroline. Billie mentions Chelsea not being there to say goodbye. Bo says Caroline will be back. Billie hugs him. "Safe travels." Marlena and John appear. Marlena embraces Bo, and they talk about Caroline. John says she's the only woman he recalls calling 'Mom'. Marlena takes a call and John and Bo discuss the frustration of pursuing Stefano. John's pleased to hear Bo isn't giving up - just putting Ma first. Marlena returns and they wish Bo luck. Bo leaves, and Marlena reminds John they need to talk about Kristen later. He goes to a meeting.

    Laundry Camper.

    Friday, October 26 2012

    Bo arrives to see Caroline at the pub. She can't believe it's her last day. Bo embraces her. They'll be back sooner than she knows. Sami turns up, complaining about the men in her life. Caroline forgets their names and Bo interrupts their conversation to inform Sami what she's been missing out on. Sami's upset to learn about the dementia. Why didn't anyone tell her? "You didn't ask," Bo reminds. Caroline asks Bo not to be so hard on Sami. She has her own life and it was a secret! Caroline hugs Sami and goes off to help Eddie with something in the kitchen while Bo apologizes for being short with Sami. They discuss what's been happening and Sami agrees to be there for Caroline. Caroline returns and promises Sami can still lean on her. Sami cries. "I love you so much, Grandma." Abe heads in and says goodbye to his old friend Bo. Later, Bo shares the story about Caroline thinking he was Shawn. Sami has high hopes for treatment. She calls around looking for Will to say goodbye to Caroline.

    Pretty Random And Brutal.

    Thursday, October 25 2012

    At the pub, Bo decides if Kayla thinks Caroline must go to Northern California for treatment of her dementia, he'll go along. Kayla tells Caroline about the treatment but she refuses to go. Kayla runs back to work and Hope tries to reason with Caroline by telling her she needs her back here, healthy for the holidays. Caroline considers it and later hands Bo a beer in lieu of pie. She's watching his calories. She agrees to let Bo take her to the treatment program - tomorrow. They talk about the fun they'll have at Yosemite as Hope looks on.

    Do I Have Three Wishes?

    Wednesday, October 24 2012

    Hope surprises Bo at the pub. Caroline interrupts to make jokes about Bo babysitting her. Caroline is relieved Bo has confided in Hope. Bo bluntly tells Caroline he and his siblings agree she shouldn't be working alone anymore. Caroline reacts badly. She has an event coming up for the fourth of July... Hope gives Bo a look and they discuss getting her a caretaker. Caroline feels humiliated and pissed, she stalks off. Later, Bo apologizes. Hope says they'll find someone discreet. Caroline finds it frivolous to spend money on that and doesn't want anyone hovering over her. Hope talks her into giving it a shot.

    Bye Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful.

    Friday, October 19 2012

    Bo and Kayla meet at The Coffee Bean to discuss how Roman's having a difficult time with Caroline's devastating news and Jennifer being incarcerated. Roman turns up and they discuss the test results. Caroline's not having mini-strokes and these events will only get worse. Bo relays what happened last night when Victor showed up. While Kay and Roman agree Caroline needs a caretaker, Bo disagrees angrily and decides he has to be the one to approach Caroline about it. He owes it to her after making her life difficult for years when he learned Victor was his biological father. They need to do this right. They owe her that much. Everyone tears up and Roman heads back to SPD.

    Fairy Godmother.

    Thursday, October 18 2012

    Victor walks into the pub and notices Bo sweeping. Did he quit his job at SPD to become a broom master or a bus boy? Bo smirks. Victor's brow furrows when Caroline calls for Shawn on her way down the stairs. Caroline snaps to the present and Bo gets them some Port and leaves them. Caroline reminisces about Bo working in the pub as a youngster. They talk about the past. Each still see each other as they once did. Caroline gives Victor a quick kiss on the lips and goes up to bed. Victor tells Bo how sorry he is. Bo remains positive about treatment. Victor offers to pay for it. Bo refuses. Victor's never been prouder of his son. They embrace as Maggie and Hope walk in. Maggie leaves with Victor and Hope learns that Victor knows what's up. Bo looks at Shawn's photo and vows not to let him or Ma down.

    The Child Is Mine.

    Wednesday, October 17 2012

    At Jennifer’s house, Bo struggles to tell Hope about Caroline’s memory lapses. He worries she could still be standing right there and slip away from them. Hope hugs and consoles him, saying Caroline needs love and support. Bo vows to be strong for her.

    At Jennifer’s Hope asks if Kayla has a diagnosis. Bo says she’s ruled out other deficiencies, but not Alzheimer’s. Bo is devastated that Caroline goes in and out of lucid moments. Hope is encouraging and says he can’t do this by himself, what his mom needs is for Bo to be the son that Caroline needs.

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