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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Henderson - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Henderson Played by Ron Leath on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ron Leath (NBC)

    Birthday: 1937-11-03
    Real Name: Ron Leath


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    Days Recap: Rode Hard.

    Wednesday, January 22 2014

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Henderson tells Brady to get to the hospital. Eric and Nicole almost died last night!

    Brady returns home and tells Henderson Nicole and Eric are fine - no thanks to him. He takes a drink.

    Days Recap: Father Big Mouth.

    Tuesday, December 03 2013

    Brady arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and takes out the cocaine. Henderson interrupts with a DVD. Brady decides to watch so Henderson makes himself scarce. It's Kristen sitting at the Kiriakis mansion, telling him how much she loves him. She made it before he surprised her about the honeymoon. She talks about loving him and being loved by him and starting their lives together. When she starts taking off her clothes and talking naughty, he rips the DVD from the laptop and opens the bag of coke.

    Soaked In An Old Gym Sock.

    Wednesday, August 21 2013

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Henderson gives Nick a box of Gabi's belongings she left behind. Nick smiles as he looks at a picture of Gabi. Victor asks if he's thinking about what might have been. Nick thinks about it all the time. Victor mentions tomorrow's a milestone for Nick. His parole officially ends and since he doesn't share his wife's nature to forgive, Nick's got to move out. Nick goes to Gabi's and later, Marlena arrives with a smirk on her face. She tells Victor Kristen's secret. He says for Brady they need 'ten kinds of proof and skywriting for him to believe it'. They need to find the other man.

    Sonny Is Mine.

    Thursday, April 18 2013

    From home, Victor tells Maggie about Kristen ruining his one-on-one time with Brady. Brady has likely already picked out the proposals without him. He's dying to find something to use against Kristen. Maggie purses her lips and lectures him. Henderson comes in and hands her the phone. Maggie leaves to chat with Daniel while Victor mumbles about being hopeful Kristen will slip up. Maggie returns. Daniel sounds good. She runs to Chez Rouge and will drop off Kristen's scarf on the way. Later, Kristen arrives and raves over Henderson's job skills while putting down Harold's. Victor says Maggie has her scarf. Kristen wants to put their differences aside. He's not amenable to that and goes to get her water while she snoops. Henderson returns with water. She learns Brady didn't leave behind the envelope.

    Daniel Picked Jennifer.

    Monday, April 15 2013

    Victor and Brady finish business at the Kiriakis mansion. Kristen walks up and bumps into Sy's friend. He hands over the envelope and she assumes it's for the art project. Henderson lets her inside and she hands Brady the envelope. Victor mentions the police closing in on the mugger who attacked Brady. Brady goes to make a call and Kristen and Victor get into it about her relationship with Brady. Victor intends on rectifying the issues he and Brady had about her in the past. She tells him he'll see that she only has Brady's interest at heart. Victor warns her that he'll be there... Brady walks in. He was on the phone with the cops. The mugger has gone to ground, he says. Victor receives a call from Sy but Victor says his timing is off.

    Our Little Secret.

    Monday, April 08 2013

    Henderson lets Victor into the house and he yells at Maggie, having heard Jenn broke up with Daniel. What happened? Maggie groans about how brutal the break-up was and how Jenn claims she hasn't gotten over Jack. Victor drones on about giving Jenn "what for" and stops when he notices Maggie sobbing. He apologizes. Her heart must be as broken as Daniel's. Maggie has never seen Jennifer so cruel.

    An Official Father Eric Project.

    Thursday, March 28 2013

    Henderson lets Brady into the Kiriakis mansion. Victor immediately assumes Brady has had enough of "that sneaky little bitch." Brady starts to tell him he's marrying her when Victor guesses it. He calls Kristen names and warns his grandson. Brady's pissed and stomps off. Victor calls him back. He digresses and gives Brady his blessing. Brady assumes it's Maggie's influence. The men embrace. Brady leaves and Henderson expresses how happy he was that they worked things out. Victor admits he doesn't accept anything but Brady needs a place to run to when his world catches on fire.

    Four Guys And A Bunch Of Coffee.

    Tuesday, January 08 2013

    Henderson interrupts Victor's work at home to tell him Philip's there with Parker.

    Cage Match.

    Monday, September 10 2012

    Melanie arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. Henderson goes to find Maggie when Nick surprises Mel by wandering in.

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