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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jennifer Horton-Deveraux - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jennifer Horton-Deveraux Played by Melissa Reeves on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melissa Reeves (NBC)

    Birthday: 1967-03-14
    Birthplace: Eatontown, New Jersey USA
    Marital Status: Married Scott Reeves ( March 23, 1990 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Melissa Reeves
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Days Recap: Theresa will lie to win Brady back

    Wednesday, July 01 2015

    At the hospital, Theresa learns the couple with the injured child grew closer while caring for him. Anne appears and asks Theresa about her missing keys. Theresa denies knowing their whereabouts. Anne isn't buying it. Elsewhere, Eve and Jennifer bump into each other. Eve drops Laura Horton's file and hastily picks it up. They bicker and Eve storms away. In an office, Adrienne finds Abigail crying. Abigail talks about Bridget; things were simpler back then. Adrienne wonders what's got her so upset. Abigail flashes to sex with Chad. She says she's worried about letting her mom down. Jenn appears and reassures her - she's happy she found her soulmate. At the nurses' station, Eve joins Theresa and Anne, who stalks away. Theresa tells Eve she took a big risk for her. After, Anne is chastising Eve for visiting with Theresa at work when Theresa materializes with Anne's missing keys. Anne grabs them. Eve tells Theresa she got what she needs to get back at Jennifer. They discuss Theresa's situation. Eve advises her not to get into Brady's face. Theresa says she has a new plan to get close to Brady. She may call in the favor Eve owes her down the road. Anne returns and Theresa leaves to see Tate. Later, Jennifer talks to Maxine about her mother being admitted to a facility once; thankfully that's in the past.

    Days Recap: Eve's plan to ruin Jenn is in motion

    Tuesday, June 30 2015

    At home, Jenn overhears JJ making plans with Bev on a call and cautions JJ about using Bev. JJ says, "I just wanna have some fun." He's done talking about this. He feels like he's going totally insane. Jenn admonishes him for talking that way since mental health issues run in their family.

    Abby arrives at the hospital and tells her mother she's moving in with Ben. Jenn takes it well. She hands over an envelope from Ireland. Abby reads the letter inside from a woman writing on behalf of Bridget, the woman who cared for Abby as a child while she and Jenn were in Ireland. Bridget's health is declining and the writer asks Abigail to call her and keep her in her prayers. Abigail looks struck. Later, Theresa shows up. Anne calls it a miracle and says her sister's looking for her. Meanwhile, in her office, Marlena tries to get Eve a new therapist but Eve puts her off. When Theresa texts, Eve lies that it's her daughter and asks for a moment alone. She runs to find Theresa and asks to get the master keys for all of the offices so she can get back at Jennifer Horton. Theresa is in. She goes off and returns moments later with keys, saying Marlena has a staff meeting in five minutes. Eve's positively gleeful and rushes back to Marlena. Later, Anne gives Theresa a pep talk, telling her to give up on Brady. She's not going to seduce herself back into his life. Meanwhile, back in Marlena's office, Eve lies that her daughter just disowned her. She drums up some tears and Marlena is apologetic. She has to get to a staff meeting and allows Eve to stay and collect herself. Once she's gone, Eve uses the stolen keys to open Marlena's files. She steals Laura Horton's file and on her way out, it falls from her purse as she bumps into Jenn. At the hub, Theresa sees a couple worried over their son who is hurt after a fall. She gets an idea.

    Days Recap: Jenn brings up Jack and Laura's fling in the booby hatch

    Friday, June 19 2015

    Jenn finds Eve on Marlena's computer at the hospital and demands to know what she's doing. Eve claims she's trying to access her calendar through web mail so she can make an appointment with Marlena. Jenn's glad she's getting help. They start in on each other and Marlena returns with water for Eve. They schedule an appointment for the next morning and Eve asks how confidential the files are. Marlena reassures her that there's no cloud but that she has good security and old records are under lock and key. Eve acts relieved. She goes and Jenn wanders in. She tries to talk Marlena out of seeing Eve but Marlena stops her. She can't discuss Eve with Jenn because she may become a patient. Jenn's not happy but says she's there to talk about herself and her mother. Jenn brings up the time Laura and Jack were registered in the hospital under aliases and had an affair.

    Days Recap: Jenn catches Eve snooping on Marlena's computer

    Thursday, June 18 2015

    At the house, JJ takes a call from Rory. There's a kegger at the park - and babes! JJ doesn't care about babes. He just wants Paige. They disconnect and Jenn tells her son he needs to accept that things are over between him and Paige. He knows his hopes are stupid and thanks her for not giving up on him.

    Back at the hospital, Anne says since Brady's "main squeeze is gone he's going to need somebody to scratch is itch." Theresa doesn't want to deal with Brady. Eve pops up. They argue about going in to see the baby but when Eve sees Marlena, she follows her into her office and asks for therapy. She puts on an act and talks about wanting to die. Marlena gets her an appointment for the next day. Eve fakes a coughing fit and while Marlena gets her water, she scours Doc's computer for information on Laura Horton. In the hall, Marlena receives a text from Xander as Eric, telling his mom he just needs space. Meanwhile, Jenn turns up in Marlena's office and catches Eve red-handed!

    Days Recap: Hurt, Chad tells Abigail he slept with her to get even

    Friday, June 12 2015

    Brady sees Jenn at the hospital. She's sorry to hear Melanie left town and runs off to mail Laura's birthday present. Brady makes a call saying he wants to be one step ahead of Theresa.

    Theresa winds up on JJ's doorstep. He tells her she has the wrong address. "The free clinic is two blocks down." She taunts him about sleeping with her sister and bursts out into peals of laughter. She wonders if he's going to bed her mother next. JJ finds her disgusting but she sniffs that he's trash and what he did to Paige was disgusting. He knows. She gloats about her new life and baby. They exchange insults and Theresa goes. Jenn arrives and tells JJ she has failed him. JJ says this is all on him and he has to live with that. Jenn hates to see him suffer and hugs him. He goes and Jenn calls Laura to chat.

    Eve finds Jenn in the square and Jenn rolls her eyes and says to keep walking. "If you hurt my son again I promise, I'll destroy you."

    Days Recap: Done With Love.

    Thursday, June 11 2015

    Jenn drops by Daniel’s apartment, where he comforts her and tells her to stop beating herself up over what happened. Later after Jenn leaves, JJ drops by to see Daniel. JJ asks if he can talk to Paige for him, but he won’t and tells JJ to accept that it’s over with Paige. JJ goes to leave and runs into Paige at Dan’s door. Paige says she’ll come back, but JJ says he is leaving. After he leaves, Paige asks Daniel if he knew about the affair as well. He admits he did and apologizes. Paige asks Dan to tell JJ and his family to leave her alone, that she wants nothing to do with JJ. Dan says he will, but he thinks she needs to talk to someone about her feelings. Paige says she’s done talking and she’s done with love.

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