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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jennifer Horton-Deveraux - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jennifer Horton-Deveraux Played by Melissa Reeves on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melissa Reeves (NBC)

    Birthday: 1967-03-14
    Birthplace: Eatontown, New Jersey USA
    Marital Status: Married Scott Reeves ( March 23, 1990 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Melissa Reeves
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Days Recap: A New Liver Or Something.

    Wednesday, April 22 2015

    JJ has a terrible nightmare at home that Paige walks in on him in bed with Eve and freaks out and starts beating on him. He wakes up worried. Paige calls. He's late to meet her. He explains he overslept. Downstairs, Jenn wonders why Eve kept that leather jacket. She calls Eve to tell her she's coming over.

    Jenn arrives at Eve's and says she's planning a dinner party for their kids and she wants Eve to come. Eve isn't interested in watching Jenn's son paw her daughter. Jenn finds that interesting and asks what her feelings are for JJ. Eve refuses to answer and runs out.

    Jenn finds Eve at the square and grabs her and yells, "What feelings do you have for my son?" Nearby Paige and JJ watch...

    Days Recap: You're Fired!

    Friday, April 17 2015

    Jennifer finishes up at the hospital and learns Daniel's off duty. She flashes to his refusal to promise to keep JJ's secret and calls JJ, hoping to caution him not to push Paige until they know the secret won't come out. He doesn't answer.

    At the Horton house, JJ and Paige make love. He calls her perfect and she giggles. They go at it again. Jennifer arrives and calls out for her son. He quickly dresses and rushes down, buttoning his shirt incorrectly. He tells his mom he and Paige have been studying but she can see he's lying. Paige appears and it's awkward. JJ walks Paige out and expresses regret that his mom came home early. She tells him 'it' was perfect and goes. He heads in and Jenn reads him the riot act. He's sorry. She hopes he was at least safe. He insists he was but she's still concerned that Daniel won't promise to keep quiet. JJ tells Jenn that Eve has the brown leather jacket he wore the night they were together. He worries she'll use it against him.

    Days Recap: She Is A Monster.

    Monday, April 06 2015

    At the Horton house, Jennifer notices JJ hardly slept. He tells her he admitted the truth to Daniel. JJ says he was upset but they got interrupted. Jenn huffs that they agreed to keep it between them; they have to rethink everything now. "Leave this to me."

    At home, Daniel asks Melanie about using his computer to search pregnancy testing. Melanie assures him she's not pregnant. He's glad she's happy and everything's above board. She admits there's something she has to tell him about Theresa - later. She leaves. Jennifer arrives to find out what Daniel's going to do about JJ's secret. They bicker about whether JJ should tell the truth. Daniel warns Eve's a loose cannon and lies always come out. He gives examples. Jenn hears him, but wants JJ to be happy. Daniel wonders why JJ told her. Jenn flashes to catching JJ and Eve together. "It doesn't matter." She rants about Eve. "She is a monster." Daniel realizes it happened more than once and that the cover-up was Jenn's idea. He accuses her of getting back at Eve.

    At Daniel's, Jennifer stops him from leaving after he missed Nicole's call. She asks if he's going to keep his mouth shut or not as Paige appears.

    Days Recap: I Broke Sonny's Heart.

    Friday, March 27 2015

    In his apartment, Daniel confronts Jennifer about what happened between JJ and Eve. He knows they slept together and if JJ's keeping this from Paige... Jenn asks him to leave this alone but he doesn't think she has thought this through. He cares about her family and wants to help. Jenn shuts him out and emotional, walks out. Nicole's paused at the door ready to knock and asks what's going on. Daniel kicks her out so he can finish up with Jenn. Nicole eavesdrops and mistakenly thinks Daniel's trying to get back with Jennifer. When Jenn leaves, Nicole enters and confronts him. He's pissed she eavesdropped and leaves when he receives a text.

    At the Horton home, Paige goes on to explain finding out her mother hooked up with a guy after she found out she couldn't have vocal cord surgery. She could tell the guy was still there because she saw his brown leather coat which looked like Daniel's. JJ's face falls. They make plans to see a movie and she goes. Jenn shows up and confirms that Daniel knows the truth.

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