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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Jennifer Horton-Deveraux - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jennifer Horton-Deveraux Played by Melissa Reeves on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melissa Reeves (NBC)

    Birthday: 1967-03-14
    Birthplace: Eatontown, New Jersey USA
    Marital Status: Married Scott Reeves ( March 23, 1990 - present) 2 children
    Real Name: Melissa Reeves
    Height: 5' 6"


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    Days Recap: Make Her Fix Her Shirt.

    Monday, October 20 2014

    Jenn bumps into Maggie at the hospital and they discuss EJ's passing and JJ's love life. Jenn realizes she's been dealing with one crisis after another and has some unfinished business to take care of. She toddles off and Maggie hopes it's Daniel.

    Days Recap: Elvis' Body Just Arrived...

    Tuesday, October 14 2014

    Abigail returns from a run home to find Jenn and JJ in a tense moment. Jenn tells Abby that EJ's been murdered. Abby mouths, "No." She breaks down and cries.

    Ben shows up at the Horton home to see how Abigail's doing. They hug and JJ and Jenn make themselves scarce. Abby feels hypocritical for crying when she spent all this time hating him. Ben understands her emotion. She should feel sad.

    Jenn and JJ arrive at the hospital. Jenn asks his thoughts on Ben. JJ thinks he's a step up from EJ DiMera. Jenn asks him to bite his tongue. EJ just died. JJ feels bad. Jenn considers inviting them to a dinner party. Maybe Paige could come. JJ says he thinks it's a good idea if he and Paige ease off for a bit and then runs when his phone beeps.

    Days Recap: You Are No Longer My Son.

    Monday, October 06 2014

    Jennifer calls Julie to the house to ask her to get Eve to back off JJ. Julie will do one better and invite her to her Bikram yoga class. That's not what Jenn had in mind so Julie gets the hint and takes off.

    Days Recap: Sami And EJ Take Two.

    Thursday, October 02 2014

    Jenn follows Eve home to defend Jack and JJ. They argue whether or not JJ was set up. Jenn knows Jack made mistakes but knows Jack was a wonderful man. Eve snorts. She starts in on Abby sleeping with EJ and continues bashing Jack and says Jenn loved being the victim. She calls Jenn a masochist and Jenn hauls off and smacks her across the face. Jenn tells her to stay away from her son and walks out as Eve holds her face. Eve mumbles that she's just getting started. Paige walks in and gets in her mother's face. They yell and Paige walks out on her.

    Jenn arrives home and notices JJ looking upset. She assumes it's because of Eve. She talks about her own run-in with Eve and says nothing is off limits with that woman. JJ tells Jenn he's in trouble. Jenn wants him to spill but he just talks about how Eve's going after him. Jenn takes a call and JJ tells himself he knows he has to tell Paige the truth.

    Days Recap: You Are The Evil!

    Tuesday, September 30 2014

    At the hospital, Paige listens as Kayla tell a rape victim that she knew her attacker too. Jennifer notices Paige seems off. Kayla joins them and they tell Paige how happy they are that she's working here. Paige looks rattled. After, Kayla and Jenn can't believe that dollbaby Paige is really Eve's daughter. Later, Daniel talks to Kayla about helping JJ. He hopes the kid catches a break. Kayla flashes to telling JJ that Jack raped her.

    At the pub, Eve thinks about making JJ the target. She spots Jennifer and insists she help keep JJ away from Paige. Jennifer says her son was set-up. They argue. Eve says she won't let Paige become a version of Jenn - JJ is just Jack waiting to happen.

    Days Recap: Listen To The Whacko.

    Tuesday, September 23 2014

    At home, JJ asks Rory for Jill’s last name. Jennifer sticks her nose into the room and Rory makes a run for it. JJ fills her and Abby in about what happened at the party. Abby leaves them alone. Jenn's so sorry this happened to him. She's not happy to hear Daniel knew about it and didn't tell her. She goes to work and Abby returns. She realizes JJ was set up and asks who would want to do this to him.

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