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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Alexandra (Lexi) Brooks Carver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alexandra (Lexi) Brooks Carver Played by Renee Jones on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Renee Jones (NBC)

    Birthday: August 15 1958
    Birthplace: Opa Locka, Florida, USA
    Real Name: Renee Jones


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    You Set Me Up!

    Thursday, June 28 2012

    At home, Abe puts on a tie for Lexi's memorial. John and Marlena arrive. Abe's not sure he is ready to say goodbye. He tells them this is a tie Lexi picked out for him that he thought was too busy. "Hope she knows I'm wearing it." He doesn't think he made the most of their time together. He doesn't remember his life before Lexi. "I don't remember who I am without her," he cries. Marlena and John go into the garden to pick roses. John remembers the last time he thought he lost Marlena. He goes off to find a rose for her and when she can't find him, she panics. He returns and she starts to cry, thinking she lost him. She can't believe she lost Lexi. Inside, Abe answers the door to Kayla, who has a DVD from Lexi. John and Marlena come in and they watch together. Lexi's in the garden. She knows today will be hard on him and asks him not to dwell but remember what they've shared. Their wedding day was the happiest of her life. Everyone tears up as Lexi speaks about loving every one of their 23 years together and how Theo will grow up to be just like his daddy. She jokes that he shouldn't walk out the door today without someone checking his tie. Everyone laughs and Lexi says goodbye.

    Grandpa, I'm Gay.

    Wednesday, June 20 2012

    In their garden, Abe sobs over Lexi's body, begging her not to leave him. Her ghost floats outside her body and she smiles down at him. She tells him he'll be fine. "I need you to believe me." Abe feels he's all alone without her but Lexi's ghost tells him he's not alone. He has their son, friends and wonderful memories. Abe cries that he's not ready. "I'm never going to be ready," he bawls. Lexi tells him she'll never leave him and then hugs him. Hope arrives and Abe tells her Lexi's gone. Hope starts to cry while Lexi's spirit hovers nearby.

    Bo and Abe sit in the garden and Abe says he feels numb. A part of him is missing. Bo tries comforting him. He's glad his friend had the opportunity to say goodbye. Abe's grateful for that. He cries that he knew Lexi was hiding her pain. Bo thinks Abe gave Lexi everything she needed and wanted and hugs him. Inside, Hope calls Celeste and asks her to come as soon as she can. Lexi's ghost puts a hand on Theo's shoulder and grins. Without looking, he knows it's her. "Hi Mommy. Do you have to go?" She is sorry but she has to. She asks him to take care of daddy. She tells him she loves him. She'll always be there when he needs her. She hugs him as Abe and Bo walk in. Bo tells Abe that Theo sensed Lexi's passing. Abe's not surprised. Theo's always had an amazing connection with his mother. Theo tells his daddy his mommy told him to look after him now. They hug and Lexi blows him a kiss and watches as. EJ arrives. Bo is sorry for his loss. Theo hugs EJ and goes to play with Ciara. Abe tells EJ how it happened and EJ says he doesn't want to intrude. Hope and Bo leave the room. EJ admits Lexi was his best and only friend - the most important person in both their lives. "What do they do now?" Lexi tells them they'll find a way but first, they need to make peace with each other. Abe wants to honor Lexi's wishes for peace. "You're welcome here anytime," Abe says. "You are our family." EJ is touched and thanks Abe and the men embrace. Hope and Bo return. Hope called Cameron, Celeste and Brandon. Lexi's ghost heads upstairs and then fades away.

    Wake up! Wake Up!

    Tuesday, June 19 2012

    Lexi's hands shake as she tries to take medication at home. Abe walks in. He'd like to go on a picnic but she's not up for it. Instead, she'd like to spend the day snuggling. They do that for a while and head into the garden where the roses are blooming. Lexi remembers the summer they bought the house and how Abe created this beautiful dream garden for her. She thanks him for always putting her first. He thanks her for giving him a chance. They grin and Abe kisses her cheek and her hand.

    Back in Abe and Lexi's garden, the couple lies on a blanket and reminisces about their past together. He bought more flowers for a bare spot in the yard that needs her magical green thumb. Lexi appears worried. He talks about how Theo's worried about getting rid of his training wheels. Lexi calls him an amazing father. Abe's doing his best and hopes it is enough. "You're going to do just fine," she promises. He worries about what he'll do if he makes a mistake. Lexi reminds him he's going to make hundreds of mistakes but he has family as back-up. Abe promises to do what he can to make her proud. "You already do," she tells him. They kiss. Abe thinks they should renew their wedding vows tomorrow at a picnic. Lexi tears up. This is the most romantic thing he has ever said to her. She thinks it's a good idea. "I love you so much honey," she whispers. She calls them two of the luckiest people in the world. Abe tells her he loves her. She wants to stay out until it's dark, to count the stars. She snuggles in and passes on quietly. Abe starts to cry and call out her name. "Wake up. Wake up," he sobs.

    Ghoulish Heart-To-Heart.

    Wednesday, June 13 2012

    At the DiMera mansion, EJ stands beside Stefano's casket. Lexi arrives with Chad and Melanie, and asks if he's okay. EJ thanks Chad and Melanie for coming. Chad says he hates whoever did killed Stefano. They leave the room, and EJ answers the door to Nicole, who tells him she knows he loved Stefano. She says she admired Stefano's protectiveness over his family. EJ moves to hug her, but she steps back. He tells her to show herself out. Nicole waits and goes in to tell Stefano that he had her convinced he was immortal. She wants her baby to be just like him and EJ. She says the baby is a DiMera, but can never know. Kate appears, and comments on Nicole's ghoulish heart-to-heart with a man she hated. Elsewhere, Lexi tells EJ he was everything Stefano wanted his son to be. EJ says he was everything he wanted in a father. EJ finds Kate and Nicole arguing by the casket. They apologize. Nicole leaves. EJ tells Kate to stay. Kate tells Stefano she loved him and always will. She tearfully wonders why he tested her, and was so unforgiving. She cries, "I'm sorry, my love." Later, Chad tells Stefano he liked living there - he didn't know what it was like to have a father who thought he mattered. He says, "I love you, Dad." After, Chad overhears Kate talking to EJ about Will's arrest. In the parlor, Lexi tells Stefano she knows his guilt over her illness was excruciating, and she forgives him and hopes he's at peace. Abe appears to embrace her.

    Sami comes to the DiMera mansion with the kids. EJ tells Johnny, "We are DiMeras." In the other room, Theo asks Lexi if she'll be going away like Stefano. She says she will. Abe assures him she doesn't want to. Lexi tells him she'll watch over him, and tells him never to forget how much she loves him. Meanwhile, Sami has gone to see Stefano. When EJ finds her, she says she wanted to see that he was really dead. EJ thanks her for bringing the kids. Sami tells him she knows what Stefano meant to him. EJ hopes everyone can breathe a sigh of relief now that he's dead. Sami says even death cannot stop him from ruining their lives. Later, EJ, alone with Stefano, talks to him about how he turned his back on him when he learned they weren't blood - it shouldn't have mattered. EJ says he loved him, then chuckles, "Now look at me. I'm alone!" He says the women in his life are afraid of him, his kids can't live with him, his sister's dying, and it all leads back to him. EJ feels he should be telling Stefano to burn in hell, but he can't do it because he loves him, and knows he loved him too. EJ tells Stefano he destroyed everything.

    You Guys Believe Me, Right?

    Monday, June 11 2012

    At home, Lexi and Abe discuss her part in planning Stefano's funeral. Lexi thinks it's something she needs to do to make her final peace. She admits that her father made it hard for her to love him and remembers all the strings attached to his love. She breaks down in tears. Even with all his faults, she loved him. He was such a tortured soul but she knows he loved her. Abe consoles her with a hug. He feels bad she didn't get the chance to say goodbye to him. Everybody thought Stefano DiMera would never really die. Lexi becomes more upset by thinking that someone close to them killed him. Abe is sorry he left his gun there but Lexi doesn't blame him. She confesses to thinking it was a blessing what happened since no parent wants to lose a child. Soon Jack and Jenn stop by. They are happy she feels well enough to see them. They offer their condolences. They chat about Jack's book before Abe leaves to run errands and Jack goes to see Theo. Through tears the girls chat about Lexi's impending death. Lexi admits how hard it is, seeing Abe's pain hurts her the most. She shares that she doesn't have much time left. When Jack joins them he and Jenn assure Lexi that Theo will always remember her.

    Picking My Carcass Clean.

    Tuesday, June 05 2012

    Abe picks out the newspaper at his door and heads in. He throws it in the bin. Lexi sees and retrieves it. She needs to know what happened. Roman and Officer Kent arrive and Roman tells Abe he is a suspect. His gun was found at the scene of the crime as the murder weapon. Abe admits he threatened Stefano with his gun last night but didn't kill him. Theo arrives and Lexi takes him into the kitchen and Abe says he left his gun behind because he didn't trust himself not to use it later. He had a twisted fantasy that Stefano would use the gun on himself. Lexi returns. She believes him. Roman asks him to submit to a gunshot residue test. The cops leave and Lexi peruses family photos. Part of Abe is relieved Stefano won't be around Theo. They debate about Stefano's part in her tumor. Abe says Andre was Stefano's puppet, and Abe can't make peace with it. Lexi gets a headache and Abe gives her medicine. Lexi says she has forgiven her father. She loves their friends and if one of them has done it, she doesn't want to know.

    My Father's Dead?

    Monday, June 04 2012

    Abe goes home, where Lexi finds him wet from the rain. This seems to disturb her. Is he alright? He assures her he's fine. She woke up in a cold sweat thinking about her father, feeling sad and disappointed. Abe promises never to let anyone hurt her again. Her favorite TV show is on. "You know the one with the cop and the guy..." Lexi goes to make tea while Abe turns the tube on and learns Stefano's dead. Lexi returns to ask what flavor of tea he wants and Abe shuts the TV off. He tells her the show's a re-run and hugs her.

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