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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Tad Martin - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tad Martin Played by Michael E. Knight on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michael E. Knight (ABC)

    Birthday: 1959-05-07
    Birthplace: Princeton, New Jersey
    Marital Status: Separated from OLTL's Catherine Hickland
    Real Name: Michael E. Knight
    Height: 6'1"


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    Maternal Moment.

    Monday, July 27 2009

    Tad is at Taylor's house rocking the crying baby. Taylor gets up, and after a brief exchange where Tad complains about her snoring, he tells her the baby needs something he doesn't have - breasts! Taylor is dumbfounded. Tad goes on to say that the baby needs curves, bumps - he's used to being cared for by a woman. The baby calms when Taylor takes him. She explains to Tad that she was always a career girl - she wanted to be a general, not a mom! She looks at Tad, and says, "I want a baby. I want one of these!" After she puts the baby to bed, they reflect on her 'maternal moment'. Suddenly, they hear a noise in the other room - Taylor says she left her window open and, telling Tad she's trained for this, rushes in see what happened!

    At Taylor's house, Amanda is apologizing profusely for wrecking the flat screen television. She says she couldn't help herself - she had to check on the baby. Tad says she should stay for awhile - it's like a slumber party without the slumber! Tad and Taylor step aside as Amanda picks up her son. Tad asks Taylor not to tell anyone that he let her handle the 'burgler'! Once Amanda falls asleep on the sofa with her son, Taylor tears up at the sight. Tad is moved.

    From Trevor to Tracy!

    Wednesday, July 22 2009

    Liza shows up at the Martin house in the middle of baby boot camp. Tad answers the door and Liza asks if that's a baby she hears crying. He says it's Jenny, but Liza remarks that she just saw her with Opal! Tad distracts her by shouting, "It's all coming back to me about Stuart's murder!" As Jake, Taylor, and Amanda try to keep Trevor quiet and gather up his things, Tad creates a complicated imaginary scenario about the night of the murder. Liza says it's ridiculous! He keeps talking manically as the others try to sneak by them and leave the house. Tad grabs Liza and kisses her passionately. She wipes it off and asks what the heck he's doing?! The others make it out!

    At Taylor's place, Jake and Amanda discuss how it's a good thing Tad can tap dance well! Amanda is still leery about leaving Trevor with Taylor, who has no baby experience, but Taylor says she's been in the army - she will take great care of him! The doorbell rings, and Amanda thinks it's David, but it's Tad bringing baby stuff. More baby boot camp ensues as Taylor gets up to speed on everything she needs to know. Tad suggests that they also turn Trevor into 'Tracy' - because David is looking for a boy. Amanda is taken aback, but agrees. Tad then offers to spend the night to help Taylor! Amanda and Jake leave, and Tad impresses Taylor with his babying skills.

    Baby Boot Camp!

    Tuesday, July 21 2009

    Tad walks into the Martin house and finds Jake there. He brings up the baby issue, and Jake tells him not to worry - David's given up. He then says he'd like to introduce him to someone - Amanda appears holding her son! Tad struggles to understand the entire explanation Jake gives him, saying he's giving him another in a long line of headaches! Tad and Jake bicker at one hundred miles an hour, before Tad takes a breath to say that at least Amanda is happy again! Tad says David won't stop, and they launch into another debate. Suddenly, Taylor walks in holding a grocery bag, saying, "Your brunch date's here!" They all sit down and Tad assures Amanda that Krystal won't be stopping by - he cleared everyone out for his brunch. Jake says the plan is to keep Amanda with the baby, and they can't go to their penthouse because David's probably watching it. Taylor offers to have the baby at her house. Jake says she'll need a little baby boot camp!

    Back at the Martin house, Tad holds baby Trevor, and Taylor is seated beside him with a doll in a blanket mimicking his actions. There is a knock on the door and they all scramble. Tad goes to the door - it's Liza, wanting to know more about what he remembered. Tad freezes as the baby cries in the background.

    Why Can't We Just Love Each Other?

    Tuesday, July 14 2009

    Tad arrives home and announces to Jake that David is running a DNA test at a private lab! Jake isn't very upset about it, but Tad is ranting that Jake is going to lose his wife and everything else!

    Taylor shows up at Tad's house, where he admits he forgot about brunch. He apologizes, but won't let her leave. They agree that they're not really the Yacht Club type of people anyway, and decide to hang out there at the house. She lets Tad know that she told Brot about their meeting, and it was really hard. She then asks how he's doing - he says he wishes someone would put another bullet in his head! He talks about his migraines, and she talks about leaving the military - it's all she knows. He proposes that they go on a mission together!

    Loose Ends!

    Friday, July 10 2009

    At the Martin household, Krystal and Tad banter as he tries to go through boxes and get rid of stuff. She offers to move out if there's not enough room. Tad rolls his eyes and says next she'll be reuniting with David! Krystal muses that he's too busy obsessing over Liza's baby! She explains what happened at the Yacht Club and comments that David just can't help himself when it comes to babies - he feels cheated. Tad excuses himself.

    Liza is outside at the Yacht Club when Tad finds her. He tells her that he needed to warn her - David's got his sights set on her baby! Liza scoffs that Amanda held the baby and didn't recognize him. She says that she and Jake will handle anything that comes up. Tad says it's going to come out - and their little scheme will be ripped to shreds!

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