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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Abe Carver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Abe Carver Played by James Reynolds on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Reynolds (NBC)

    Birthday: August 10, 1950
    Birthplace: Oskaloosa, Kansas
    Marital Status: Married Lissa Layng (December 21, 1986 - present) 1 child
    Real Name: James Reynolds
    Web site:


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    Days Recap: Stop-Gap.

    Monday, December 23 2013

    At the Brady Pub, Hope and Abe discuss Sami's earring. Hope says something doesn't add up. They talk about Lexi and Bo not being there for Christmas. Hope doesn't know how she'll tell Ciara. Hope takes a call from Rafe that Stefano's back. Abe agrees to watch Ciara, who later tells him all she wants for Christmas is her daddy to come home.

    Days Recap: Great Picture Of Justin Bieber.

    Thursday, December 19 2013

    Theresa watches Abe and Jenn discuss her date at the hospital. Anne pulls her aside and gushes about how glorious it was seeing Jenn and Dan go at it. Theresa grins and leaves to 'twist the knife a little'. She brings Jenn her new ID card and says she's happy to hear Jenn is moving on. She admits she and Dan were only ever friends but Jenn doesn't want to hear it.

    Days Recap: De-Sex The Story.

    Wednesday, December 04 2013

    Kate runs into EJ at the Square. He brings up the virus attack and wants to know why she said she shouldn't have listened to Sami while the virus was attacking her laptop at the pub. Kate ignores a call from Sami and says that's just her mantra. He should try it. She walks away and gets to the park when Sami calls again. She tells her nemesis to find that earring - fast! Nearby, Theo fiddles with the earring while Abe's on a call.

    Days Recap: Case Closed.

    Monday, December 02 2013

    At the Brady's Pub, Rafe agrees Jordan is completely different when Abe comments on her change in demeanor. Nearby, Jordan tests Theo's strength to show him what her job is all about before he leaves. After, Rafe asks Jordan if she's ever worked with children. She has and remembers it as being the greatest feeling. Rafe likes seeing her like this but she decides it's time to get going.

    Later, Rafe walks in the park. He apologizes when he falls into Jordan and they kiss.

    Abe calls out to Theo who finds Sami's earring near the river. Theo puts it in his pocket and rushes off. Moments later Sami gets dirty trying to find her earring in the same location. Someone texts her and she runs off and meets Kate close to the Square. Kate informs her that she's handling Nick's things and that Gabi isn't sleeping. Sami's upset that she lost an earring and shows Kate the match. Kate notes it's $30,000 for just the one. Sami can't look for it now and rushes off. She almost knocks over Theo in the square. Later, Theo looks at the earring he found when Abe's not looking.

    Days Recap: Fairy Tale.

    Thursday, November 21 2013

    Nicole bumps into Eric at the Horton Square. He tells her he has been suspended though he's still a priest. He has to find Kristen to clear his name and make things right between him and Nicole. Abe walks up. He couldn't find him at the church. Eric says he moved into a room above the pub and goes to take a call. Abe thanks Nicole for supporting Eric. She says that's not what she's doing. Abe leaves and Eric returns. Nicole tells him she's moving on and walks away, leaving him looking lost.

    Marlena finds Abe and Eric discussing Kristen at the Horton Square. Abe goes and Eric tells her what's been going on. She asks him to stay with her but he won't and doesn't want her help. He runs away.

    Days Recap: Double-teamed.

    Wednesday, November 20 2013

    Abe drops by Daniel's to see Nicole. They discuss Kristen destroying Brady and Eric's lives. Abe asks Nicole to reach out to Eric. The family would appreciate it since he's not speaking to them. Nicole calls it a bad idea. He pushes and she agrees to consider it. He goes and she sits in front of the fire thinking of Eric. She can't help him.

    Rather See Brady With Lindsay Lohan.

    Friday, September 20 2013

    In court, Abe whips out the razor Bernardi almost used on Rafe. It just came into his possession. Sami gasps and cries tears of joy. Bernardi's prints were found on the handle and the lab found his blood on it from the shooting. EJ flashes to his realization that Stefano's had the razor all along. Abe shows a photo of Gloria Nash, who was a nurse at University Hospital until she got wind that SPD was questioning the nurses again about the case. She took off for Morocco, where there's no extradition treaty. The cops searched her apartment and found the razor, financial records from a bank in Morocco and lifted DNA and prints that match Bernardi. They recovered emails to her from Bernardi. They're not sure the gunshot wound is what killed him. Abe shows Kayla's and the surgeon's testimony which states the cop died of complications after surgery. Gloria Nash was on duty and in the vicinity of the recovery room the night Bernardi died. She had the means and motive to kill him. He had just informed her he'd never leave Marge because of little Timmy. The judge takes Justin and Melinda into his chambers. They return moments later, and the state withdraws all charges against Sami. There are hugs all around.

    An Awful Mess.

    Thursday, September 19 2013

    Abe warns Hope, in her office, that they can't afford mistakes on this. Justin barges in demanding to know why they're on recess. Abe tells him he's not welcome and Hope puts him out. Hope takes a call. Abe says he'll go tell forensics, and they'd better handle this personally.

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