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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Abe Carver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Abe Carver Played by James Reynolds on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Reynolds (NBC)

    Birthday: August 10, 1950
    Birthplace: Oskaloosa, Kansas
    Marital Status: Married Lissa Layng (December 21, 1986 - present) 1 child
    Real Name: James Reynolds
    Web site:


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    Down on bended knee!

    Tuesday, February 13 2007

    Mimi and Max show up at Abe's house to tell him that the DNA belongs to Mimi's father, David Lockhart. Abe is surprised and apologizes to her, and then lets them know that they'll have to talk to Roman about this now. He also tells them that they can't ignore the fact that her brothers and mother could be involved in a homicide. They leave and Celeste arrives with Theo, who is still on a high from his ice cream! The little guy runs off to remove his outdoor clothes while Abe asks Celeste if she has spoken to Theo about staying with them. She is happy to announce that she has, and Theo is very happy with it. He offers her the master bedroom to stay in, admitting to her that he can't sleep in there anymore because it's too painful.

    At the hospital, Dr. Rebert tells Nick that he's running an ad in the paper for the lab assistant job. A flustered Nick quickly calls Abby and tells her he's in trouble and needs her help!

    Nick meets with Abby at Java Café and explains that he lied to Chelsea about there being any openings at the lab for her and now Dr. Rebert has put an ad in the paper for the position of lab assistant. He's worried that Chelsea will find out that he lied to her about there being any available openings and if she goes to apply for it, he's through! She'll find out everything once she sees Dr. Rebert. Abby fails when she tries to get Nick to finally come clean. She warns him that Chelsea is going to find out on her own and it will be worse! They leave the café and Nick thanks Abby for listening to her. She adds that she only wishes that he'd listen to her! They agree to go together to the hospital.

    Secrets revealed

    Monday, January 22 2007

    Lexi comes home to Abe looking at photographs with a magnifying glass. Lexi asks him if he has forgotten that Theo is spending the night at Celeste's place. They're supposed to be having a nice romantic evening. Abe tells her that there are some discrepancies in the police report of the night that John got shot. According to her statement, she was on the phone with him that night when she heard a noise and went to the boathouse. He tells her that it's not possible and asks for an explanation. Lexi tells him that she saw EJ shoot John. He shows her a cell phone bill. "You were on the phone with me when EJ shot John," he tells her. Lexi sticks to her guns but Abe isn't buying her lies. He asks her to come clean. Lexi sighs and tells him the truth, that Tek saw the shooting. Abe is angered and hurt but she tells the truth about how Tek jumped into her car and that she tried to get him to leave. She says that he came back after he saw EJ shoot John. Abe thinks that Lexi and Tek are lovers again, and nothing Lexi says changes his mind. He kicks her out of their home. Lexi starts to cry when he tells her it's over. Lexi tells Abe that she tried to be the type of person that he wanted her to be and apologizes for all the pain she has caused him. She packs a bag and unwillingly leaves their home.

    As Lexi's leaving, Bo arrives. She tells him what's happening and declines his offer of help. She leaves and Bo asks if he should come back. Abe tells him to stay, so Bo does so and tells him that Steve took EJ's travel visa, so as soon as EJ crosses the border, they can nail him! Abe tells Bo it won't matter, because Tek was the one who saw EJ shoot John. Not Lexi. He thinks that EJ Wells is going to get away with murder. Bo thinks they can have Tek go on the witness stand. Bo gets a call from Steve, who relays what's going on. He gives Steve his blessing to help Shawn and Belle and hangs up without letting Abe in on what the conversation was about. Bo asks Abe if he can do anything to help him, but Abe refuses. "I want to be alone tonight."

    Court is in session

    Friday, January 12 2007

    Abe and Lexi arrive at the morgue to ask the morgue attendant what happened to the skeleton. The man (Joel) has no idea but thinks they were stolen. He relays what happened last night with Bonnie and Connor. Abe is furious but the attendant wonders if it could have been a high school prank. He thinks they could bring them back. Abe has a police sketch artist brought down to the morgue.

    At the Lockhart home, Bonnie and Connor argue about stealing the skeleton. She holds up her hand to him and asks, "You want a fresh one?" They still have the bones and decide to hide them in the basement and then bury them in the back yard, late at night. Connor is reluctant and demands cash in return for hiding the bones. He wants to get his bike out of the impound, so she agrees to get the money but demands that he hurry and get the bones in the basement before anyone finds them! Just then, Abe arrives at their door!! They hide the bones in a dresser and let Abe and Lexi in. They greet Connor and ask for Mimi. Bonnie stutters as she asks him what he wants with Mimi. He tells her that he can't explain and then she explains that she's at Max's house. As they leave, and Abe comments on how frantic Bonnie seemed!
    Later, the two search around their area to make sure that they're not being watched, and then throw the bones in the basement!

    Back at Max's apartment, the two are ready to leave when Abe and Lexi arrive. He tells them that the skeleton has gone missing and explains to the shocked duo that Abe thinks that the killer stole the bones. He says that they'll have a composite drawing soon and asks Mimi about the ring, once more. Unfortunately, she remembers nothing yet, so Abe and Lexi leave.

    EJ is fingered!

    Wednesday, January 10 2007

    Outside of Abe's office, Tek calls Lexi. She knows that this won't be easy. She tells him that this is the last time she wants to speak to him again. Abe comes into the PD just then. Lexi jumps out of her skin when he slams the door. He tells her to go home without him and once she leaves, Roman arrives to tell Abe that he is worried about Lexi.

    Abe goes over to Max's garage to tell Max and Mimi that it'll be a month or more before they have answers about who the skeleton is. Abe tells them that the ring found on 'it's' finger was stolen, and not during the Civil War! Abe needs to discover when and where the ring came from, so he is opening all robbery investigations. In the meantime, he asks for Mimi to figure out what was familiar about the ring that belongs to 80- year old Harold Cavanaugh. He asks her to trust her feelings and dig around in her memory to figure out why the ring looks familiar. Abe leaves the two, and they promise to keep in touch. Max again asks Mimi to stay with him at his place, when she comments that all of this talk about murder has made her feel uncomfortable. Max promises to stay on the sofa! She agrees to it as long as she gets the sofa and is allowed to make him some pasta for dinner. Max washes up while Mimi calls her mom to let her know that she'll be away from home tonight.

    Off the wagon

    Monday, January 01 2007

    Abe and Lexi dine at Chez Rouge. Lexi is upset at the way that Roman treated her, but Abe explains that Roman is just doing his job. Lexi asks Abe a hypothetical question. "What if I didn't see EJ shoot John?" Abe responds by telling her, "Then I'd wonder why you said you did." He asks her if she's considering changing her story because she's afraid. She tells him that she has a lot to lose and wonders if Abe would have a case without her? He wouldn't. Lexi asks Abe what they will do about the cornea rejection. Abe tells her he has a prescription for medication and could get another transplant but wonders how many times he put himself through this. Abe tells her that although going blind is scary, he is more afraid of her having to take care of him. "I'd rather die," he says.

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