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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Abe Carver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Abe Carver Played by James Reynolds on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Reynolds (NBC)

    Birthday: August 10, 1950
    Birthplace: Oskaloosa, Kansas
    Marital Status: Married Lissa Layng (December 21, 1986 - present) 1 child
    Real Name: James Reynolds
    Web site:


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    I'd rather laugh with the sinners!

    Tuesday, August 07 2007

    Jett drops in on Abe visiting with an unconscious Roman. The two men go outside the hospital room and Jett confesses that he told Chelsea that he was an undercover agent for the ISA! Abe can't believe that Jett came clean, but Jett says he couldn't help it because Chelsea was suspicious and hurt. Abe comments that Jett let his personal issues enter into his work, and that's a mistake. Jett tells his uncle that he's his hero and reminds him of some advice that Abe once gave him as a child. "You said that family was the most important thing." Abe retorts that work is all he has outside of Theo. Jett encourages Abe to call Lexi, but Abe lets him know that Lexi doesn't want to see him. "The last time I saw her, I told her I wanted her out of my life for good… and I meant it!" he says. Of course now he feels differently, and if Lexi walked in, he'd beg her for forgiveness and hold her tight. "And I would tell her that I love her," he finishes, sadly. Jett leaves to get to his inquisition. "Hope you smooth things over with the suits," Abe says, and tells his nephew that sometimes you have to think with your heart!

    Kate visits a still unconscious Roman in the hospital and tells him that if he were awake, he'd be wondering why she was there. She mentions Sami's rape and says that it's true she didn't believe her at first but that she wouldn't wish that on anyone, not even Sami. She tells him that she made a really big mistake. "I don't know why I'm telling you this!" she says but thinks it's because he's unconscious or that she used to think of him as her conscious. She confesses to sleeping with Stefano for money. Roman turns his head, opens his eyes and croaks incredulously, "You did what??" Kate wants to get a doctor, but Roman asks her not to. He hopes that she's not being truthful about what she did, but she says that she doesn’t want to discuss it. She says she saved her company, but Roman tells her she sold her soul. He says life's too short to go backwards. "You are not that woman anymore Kate. I can see it. Why can't you?" Kate is surprised that Roman always sees the good in her and thinks she still has self respect. She says she got what she wanted and doesn't think that Stefano or anyone controls her. "I'd rather laugh with the sinners," she says and kisses Roman goodbye. The doctor arrives to check on Roman and once outside his door, Abe greets Kate. Abe goes off to give Shawn and Caroline the good news.

    At the pub, Lexi and Abe are surprised when they come face to face!


    Wednesday, May 02 2007

    Abe and Theo play with Theo's toys at home when Abe is interrupted by a knock on the door from Kate. When he opens the door, she announces herself. He jokes that he can still see although not as well as before but he smelled her fragrance and knew it was her! He asks why she's there and she hems and haws. He reluctantly lets her in and has to run upstairs to read Theo a story and tuck him in. She asks if she can stay, and states that she has a few phone calls to make anyway. He doesn't like having her there but agrees to it and once he's gone, Kate starts rummaging through the desk and says to herself, "Okay Celeste, what are you up to?" When Abe comes back, he wants to know what Kate's doing searching through his things. She tells him she was looking for paper in order to write Celeste a note of apology. She goes on to say she is there to apologize for the other night at Chez Rouge. She blames Lucas and Sami's wedding stresses on her behavior. Abe tells her he appreciates her apology and heads to the door to call it a night. Before he can get there, Kate feigns a fainting spell. Abe catches her and when she fakes coming to, he offers to call her a taxi but she refuses and he admits that it appears as though she came over to rummage through his things. She acts appalled and tells him she needs a friend right now and since they go way back, she wants to chat. Abe agrees to a chat and goes off to get her some tea while she returns to his desk and finds the police photo of Sami with EJ in Lexi's car. She grabs the photo and stuffs it in her purse. "Naughty, naughty children," she says to herself. Abe returns with her tea but she says she has to dash and that something came up at the office. Before she leaves, he asks her to leave the note for Celeste. She admits she never wrote it and leaves but once out the door, she bumps into Celeste! They all return inside and Abe relays what has been going on since Kate got there. Celeste is angry and demands to know what Kate wants and why she was rummaging through the desk drawers. Kate again lies and tells Celeste that she came to apologize to her about accusing her to conspire with Sami but Celeste doesn't believe it for a moment and asks her to hand over whatever she found! Kate refuses and Abe realizes they can't force her to show her the contents of her handbag, so she leaves.

    Burn in hell!

    Monday, April 23 2007

    Roman and Abe enjoy dinner and celebrate Abe's new corneal transplant he's about to have when Kate barges in on their conversation to tell Roman that EJ and Sami are eloping. Roman can barely catch his breath as Kate launches into the whole story and tells them that she went to the Tower to talk to Lucas but nobody answered the door. Roman can't believe his ears and tells her she was crazy to go to the Tower when her son and his daughter are trying to have a romantic evening. She tells him that she made a call to EJ and heard a woman say Sami's name and needs Roman to get her into the hotel room as she feels Lucas is in grave danger! Roman tells her he needs to call a cab and she needs to go home and sleep it off. "You need to call Marlena in the morning because lady, you've lost your mind!" he finishes.

    Back at Chez Rouge, Abe speaks up and agrees with Roman that Kate sounds like she's drunk. Kate tells them, "Come to think of it, the woman's voice sounded like Celeste!" The men all but laugh at her and she rants and raves that if the Police Chief and commissioner can't help, she'll find out one way or another what's going on. Abe says he'll call Celeste if it makes Kate feel any better. He makes a call to Celeste.

    Back at Chez Rouge, Abe is off the phone and relays the information; Kate tells the men that she thinks they are going to live to regret not looking into this more. Kate runs off but Roman follows her. When he sees how upset she is, he tells her she's not being fair. Kate tells him she feels that Lucas is in trouble and wants to check on Lucas. Roman agrees to let her into the room just to see if Lucas is okay and she thanks him by hugging him. She calls Lucas at the Tower one more time to see if he's awake and although he's stirring in his sleep, he doesn't pick up the phone. Roman goes to Abe to tell him that he's going to the Tower, but bumps into Kayla and Stephanie to tell them that Steve has decided to give a testimony about EJ Wells. Roman goes to take care of Kate and tells them he'll be back to discuss it! He goes off to tell Kate that he has serious police business to take care of and apologizes that he can't go with her now.

    Love, Honor and ...Obey

    Friday, April 06 2007

    Abe and Celeste dine at Chez Rouge while Abe tells Celeste she has been his strength for the past few months. He calls her a Godsend to him and Theo. Celeste tells him it's great to feel safe and needed and she discusses how she sees Alexandra in Theo. The pleasant conversation is tainted when a drunken Kate arrives at the table and interrupts their chat to ask Celeste what she and Sami have going on. She tells Abe a few theories but Celeste tells her to shut up. They bicker back and forth and Celeste says, "This is always about your pettiness and jealousies." Abe calms the ladies and asks Celeste where Kate got the idea that Sami and Celeste were hiding something and she says she has seen them talking together, privately. Celeste blows her off and says, "I've asked and gotten Samantha to agree to a truce." Kate doesn't believe her and then brings up her theory of how EJ helped Sami move the log off of Lucas' leg. Celeste remains calm but Kate raises her voice and tells Abe to listen to his instincts. Much to Kate's chagrin, Abe says he believes in Celeste. Celeste tells Kate that she and Sami aren't confidants, and asks why would she assume that Sami would tell her anything? Abe puts Kate in her place and she finally leaves. Abe asks if there is anything that Celeste wants to share with him but she has nothing to say, so he asks her to be careful and the two order champagne!!

    Down on bended knee!

    Tuesday, February 13 2007

    Abe and Theo have breakfast at home when Celeste shows up with some groceries. Abe whispers to her that Theo needs Valentine's Day cards but she's one step ahead of him and holds up a box. Celeste asks Theo to go get some ice cream with her in the afternoon and he happily accepts, before he goes off to play. Abe trips over something while on his way to have a seat on the sofa and Celeste notices. She asks if he's taking his medicine every day but he admits to being more concerned about Theo than himself. He worries about Theo, because he's always asking where his mommy is. Abe goes on to voice his concerns that he won't be able to take care of Theo soon, either, but Celeste promises she will be there to help. Abe asks Celeste if Theo could go live with her for a while, because he needs someone to take care of him. Celeste is shocked and says that she'd love to have him in her home but she's worried he'd miss Abe too much, in addition to missing Lexi. She offers to move in and take care of them. Abe considers it and later agrees that it's a good idea. She goes to pack her belongings.

    Mimi and Max show up at Abe's house to tell him that the DNA belongs to Mimi's father, David Lockhart. Abe is surprised and apologizes to her, and then lets them know that they'll have to talk to Roman about this now. He also tells them that they can't ignore the fact that her brothers and mother could be involved in a homicide. They leave and Celeste arrives with Theo, who is still on a high from his ice cream! The little guy runs off to remove his outdoor clothes while Abe asks Celeste if she has spoken to Theo about staying with them. She is happy to announce that she has, and Theo is very happy with it. He offers her the master bedroom to stay in, admitting to her that he can't sleep in there anymore because it's too painful.

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