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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Abe Carver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Abe Carver Played by James Reynolds on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Reynolds (NBC)

    Birthday: August 10, 1950
    Birthplace: Oskaloosa, Kansas
    Marital Status: Married Lissa Layng (December 21, 1986 - present) 1 child
    Real Name: James Reynolds
    Web site:


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    Under Surveillance

    Friday, November 10 2006

    At Salem PD, the contents of Patrick Lockhart's locker arrive. Bo and Roman start leafing through them, hoping to find something interesting. They get that number from Eve Michael's bank statement, and realize it's Lockhart's ID number! He is a threat, they all agree. Bo calls Hope. She explains she's getting a check up at the hospital with Patrick, (Patrick is not pleased with the call.) he decides just to say he's just checking up on her and hangs up. Roman is surprised that he didn't tell her, but he didn't feel it was the right time. He doesn't want to do something to endanger her baby, he tells Roman. He'll wait until they have something more concrete, to put him away!

    Champagne shower!

    Wednesday, November 08 2006

    At The Penthouse Grill, Will, Sami and Lucas dine, joking and laughing over a great day at an amusement park. Sami is blowing on a pinwheel, as they talk about the various rides, etc. drink to one day of being a happy family. Sami thinks they deserve the world's record for not fighting once, all day! She seals it with a kiss, (kissing Will on the cheek), but Will asks, "What about dad? He paid for all this," and Sami shyly says Lucas knows how much he means to her. She tells Lucas it does mean a lot to her that he is giving her a chance to be a family and they both compliment each other that they're both a lot of fun! Will dampens the mood by telling Sami that one of her enemies is there. She says, "That could be anyone, who is it?" She's told its Lexie, and suddenly gets cold feet, wanting to run. Will gives his parents privacy so Lucas can help Sami make the right decision - Lucas asks Sami to apologize to Lexi.

    A few tables over, Abe and Lexi drink champagne while they finish their dinner. Abe gives her a thank-you note Caroline and Shawn Brady, thanking her for the help she gave with the antidote! She doesn't feel worthy, but Abe reassures her she deserves it. She's still feeling guilty about betraying the trust of the people she cared about. They overhear Sami, Lucas and Will having a good time at their table, which makes Lexi a little on edge. Abe reminds Lexi that Sami doesn't feel guilt! She beats herself up over what she did to Carrie and Austin but would like to heave the champagne bottle at Sami's head! Lexie admits she has always felt as though she has had to work extra hard to prove that she isn't Tony or Stefano.

    Sami goes back to her chair, walking by a giggling Lexi and shocked Abe, "That was a $200 bottle of champagne!" They leave, as Sami acts lighthearted about what happened, as she jokes with Will and Lucas, spraying Will with Champagne from her hair!

    Facing the 'music'.

    Monday, October 30 2006

    Roman is at the Brady Pub, on his cell phone looking for Frankie's FDA friend. He has no luck, as the man is hiking in the Himalayas. Caroline encourages them to try harder. She says, "They (Kayla and Steve) only have a few more days!"

    Bo and John sit at a booth, contemplating if E.J. Wells is the mastermind behind the black glove. They discuss the evidence they have and wonder what the anonymous notes sent to Sami were all about. Roman overhears something, and asks what Sami is up to now, but John explains she hasn't done anything yet and clarifies what's going on. Bo agrees to head over to Sami's alone to discuss E.J. with her and find out what was in the notes.

    Abe and Lexi show up at The Brady Pub. She is nervous about going in and facing the 'music', but he tells her to 'face the consequences now' - be strong! She is frightened, thinking that the Brady's will all think that she's just like Stefano, but Abe disagrees. He reminds her that she made a mistake and has to make amends. He encourages her that they'll face whatever happens together, and she agrees to go in.

    Once inside, they're greeted with uncomfortable stares of the patrons. Abe asks Roman if there is anything they can do to help with Kayla and Steve, but Roman greets them rather coldly. Abe is determined, telling them that Lexi knows a study that might help Kayla and Steve. Caroline and Frankie perk up, wanting to hear about it and before she tells them, she apologizes, telling them that she knows they'll never trust her again. Caroline is compassionate, telling her that they all make mistakes, and knows that Sami put her in a terrible position. Roman concedes, asking Lexi if she could help. She happily tells them that she recently read about an antidote she had heard of that helps with exposure to biotoxins. She goes on Frankie's laptop to find the name.

    Bo goes off to Sami's to gain information regarding the anonymous notes and John fills Abe in on what's new. Lexi finds the antidote she read about, and excitedly tells the family, "It's a chance for Kayla and Steve!" She gives them the name of the drug and a doctor that she knows at CBC so they can get the drug. Roman, Caroline and Frankie are very thankful, hugging her! Lexi is happy she has proven herself! Roman, Caroline and Frankie scurry to the hospital and Lexi shares the concerns she has that the drug may not work. All they can do is try it, Abe replies. He lets her know that he's proud of the way she took responsibility for her actions and that unless she gives him reason not to, he'll stand by her forever.

    It's either Will and Lucas, or me!

    Friday, October 27 2006

    At Salem PD, John tells Abe that due to Bo's persistence, they think they've found the person behind the whole black glove deal! Abe is peeved and tells him he didn't follow orders and is about to kick him off the force for good! Bo pleads his case as John asks to give him some slack and so Abe listens to their lead about E.J. Wells. He's surprised, because E.J. is rich, and donates half of his money to charity. He doesn't see it, but they provide him with information on how John 'borrowed' his cell phone, transferring his cell phone history. John asks Abe, what other connection to E.J. would have to Patrick. Abe tells the men that they've traced the glove to a manufacturer in Florence Italy - there is only one place in town that sells the gloves and his men are searching for the buyer! Abe agrees to let them work on the case, telling Bo to be careful that this isn't a set up. John asks him to remind Bo of what Alex North did to him. John thinks he's got the connection to the crimes! Bo looks at a letter, remembering that E.J.'s prints were found on the anonymous blackmail envelope. They smile. They've got him!

    Wedding crasher!

    Thursday, October 26 2006

    Tek and Abe have issues getting along while they secure the crime scene in exam room 113.

    Bo runs into Abe, asking what's going on, but Abe can't tell him anything because he's suspended. Bo tells Abe Kayla was targeted, and thinks that it's Patrick Lockhart. He begs Abe to take him back on the force, pleading his case.

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