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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Abe Carver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Abe Carver Played by James Reynolds on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Reynolds (NBC)

    Birthday: August 10, 1950
    Birthplace: Oskaloosa, Kansas
    Marital Status: Married Lissa Layng (December 21, 1986 - present) 1 child
    Real Name: James Reynolds
    Web site:


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    Days Recap: Jenny Prissy-Pants And Dr. God.

    Wednesday, June 25 2014

    At the hospital, Abe tells Marlena he's performing Sami and EJ's wedding ceremony tomorrow. Marlena didn't know they were getting married and wishes she could be happy for them.

    Days Recap: Keep An Open Mind.

    Monday, June 23 2014

    At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Abe chat about the wedding. EJ asks Abe to perform the ceremony as Sami arrives. She grits her teeth as EJ tells Abe it's a surprise. Sami whispers that she has some surprises of her own. Sami makes her presence known and Abe agrees to be there for her at the wedding. He mentions Abigail being a great girl. EJ kisses Sami. EJ thanks Abe for putting his feelings about him to one side.

    Days Recap: Cooking Meth In My Spare Time.

    Friday, May 30 2014

    Lucas arrives at SPD. Hope called him in. Abe says she had to step out. Lucas asks Sonny what's going on. In the next room, Will tells Sami and EJ, "It's done." EJ offers to help with his resources. Will allowed Nick to blackmail him and allowed Lucas to take the blame for him shooting EJ. It's time to stand up. In Hope's office, neither Lucas nor Sonny is 100% sure Will shot Nick. Roman arrives and Will doesn't want to see him or anyone else. Sami tells Will that Lucas wanted to make that sacrifice for him. "Do you want to take that away from him? You talk to him before you say anything else. You owe your father that." EJ takes the statement and tells Will not to sign anything without a lawyer. Lucas walks in and hugs his son. Sami and EJ leave. Lucas admits he was going to shoot Nick but somebody did it before he could. Will says he did it. Lucas hates EJ but tells Will to listen to him. Will refuses and asks the guard to get Abe so he can sign his confession. Sami and EJ go in Hope's office where Sonny tells them about Victor's offer to move him, Will, and the baby to Indonesia. Sonny didn't kill Nick but the last time he saw the gun the night in question, Will had it. Everyone files back into the room and Hope and Gabi arrive. Gabi tells him not to sign. She knows he didn't kill Nick, "Because I did that." Everyone's jaw drops.

    Days Recap: Over My Dead Body.

    Thursday, May 29 2014

    At the station, Abe realizes Hope is struggling with Will's confession. Meanwhile, Will is brought in and put in a room. He recalls marrying Sonny. Hope and Abe place him under arrest for murdering Nick. They want him to reread his statement and sign it. Will confirms it's what he said. Hope asks, "Is it what you did?" Will is about to sign when the D.A. enters - he can't sign without legal representation. EJ appears and says he wants a moment alone with his client. Sami arrives and tells Will he's signing the confession over her dead body. Will tells EJ he pulled the trigger just like he did with him all those years ago and this time he killed a guy. Elsewhere, Abe is puzzled when Hope suddenly takes off.

    Sonny arrives at the station, and asks Abe about Will. Abe feels he's determined to sign the confession. In the room, Sami argues with Will, who tells her it's done. She replies, "The hell it is."

    Days Recap: The Temptress?

    Wednesday, May 28 2014

    At SPD, Will confesses he killed Nick to Hope. She tells him not to say another word and calls for Commissioner Carver. Abe arrives and Will waves his right to a lawyer. He confesses again and Abe sighs and reads him his rights. Will asks them not to tell anyone he's there and starts by telling them he knew Nick wouldn't stop until he took Arianna from him so Sonny took a gun from Victor's but Will forbade him from using it. They hid it in the closet and later, Will says he took it, went to the park and shot Nick. He says he left the gun in the park and returned for it after he left the hospital. He brought it home and put it back in the closet and Sonny brought it back to Victor's none the wiser. Hope wonders why he is confessing now and lied when she last questioned him.

    Sonny arrives at SPD. Hope swears she told nobody that Will was there. She and Abe file out and Sonny demands to know what Will did. Will is tired of people sacrificing for him. He needs to do this. Outside, Hope gets ballistics back but the gun isn't an exact match. She assumes Victor did something to the gun. They head back in and Sonny's begging Will not to do this. Will kisses his husband before he's led out to the cells for the night. They'll process him in the morning.

    Days Recap: Raised To Be A Better Liar.

    Thursday, May 22 2014

    At Daniel's, Jenn asks what's going on between him and Nicole. Daniel promised he wouldn't say anything until Nicole could find a way to deal with it. He sighs and assumes Nicole has already taken care of things. The ordeal is probably over. A knock comes to the door. It's Abe and Maxine, with food for their luncheon they were supposed to hold. Jenn's sorry - they forgot! She decides to pull it together. Abe and Jenn go get the salmon at the market and Maxine says she feels guilty. She was using Dan and Jenn as a crutch. Abe's been talking about becoming more than friends. They decided not to complicate things. Daniel thinks that's just fine. Maxine calls him a good friend. He looks unhappy and Maxine questions him. He admits he thinks he has failed a friend. It reminds him of being unable to promise his now deceased wife Rebecca that he wouldn't tell her family she was sick. Dan says he gave Rebecca an ultimatum to tell the truth - or he would. It worked out well but he gave the same ultimatum to a friend and it's not working out as well.

    At the square, Jenn tells Abe that Daniel and Nicole are keeping something upsetting from her and Eric. Later, Kate meets EJ and asks how the custody agreement is going. She asks EJ to tell Stefano the necklace is lovely but it'll get him nowhere with her. EJ snorts at that. Then why is she wearing it?

    Back at Dan's, lunch is over, and Maxine privately suggests Daniel tell Jenn about his friend. Abe and Maxine leave and Dan tells Jenn they'll talk after he receives a phone call.

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