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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Abe Carver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Abe Carver Played by James Reynolds on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Reynolds (NBC)

    Birthday: August 10, 1950
    Birthplace: Oskaloosa, Kansas
    Marital Status: Married Lissa Layng (December 21, 1986 - present) 1 child
    Real Name: James Reynolds
    Web site:


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    Sweet Sweet Place.

    Wednesday, July 18 2012

    Lucas shows up on John's doorstep as Abe takes off. Lucas holds Alice's letter and tells John he has the key to the entire DiMera empire.

    Are You Out Of Your Mind?

    Thursday, July 05 2012

    At home, Abe thanks Kayla for helping. He asks her to stay - he can use the company. She'll stay as long as he needs. She mentions the time she thought she lost Steve - how she couldn't believe Steve would miss Stephanie growing up. Abe doesn't know what he'll do when Theo goes back to school. Kayla says he'll do something that makes a difference. Abe wants to set a good example for Theo and Kayla assures him that he does and he has an important job - he's the keeper of Lexi's memory. Abe asks about her and Steve. She's positive her marriage is over. Abby, Cam and the kids wander in and overhear. Kayla and Abby go to the garden to talk. The kids go play and Abe assures Cam that Lexi approved of his relationship with Abby and so does he. Soon Abe confesses that Lexi is his one true love. Cam hopes to find that kind of love and Abe suggests that maybe he has. Meanwhile in the garden, Kayla admits to the divorce. The talk turns to Abby and Cam. Abby shares that Cam's job was temporary but she doesn't want their relationship to end. Kayla suggests she tell Cam how she feels. Abby confesses that she's made mistakes in relationships before. Kayla advises her that love requires taking a chance. Abby and Kayla walk back into the living room just as Cam takes a call about a job. Kayla and Abe leave Cam and Abby alone. Cam tells Abby the job is in Salem and he's staying for Theo - and her. They kiss.

    Goodnight… Sweetheart.

    Friday, June 29 2012

    Abe, John and Marlena arrive at Chez Rouge. They mention how much good Lexi did in the world. Abe laments, "It shouldn't have been her time. It's just not right." Nearby, Jenn and Jack wander over to Kayla who's receiving a text from Steve offering his condolences. Jenn thinks he should be there. Bo and Hope overhear when Kayla admits her marriage is over. She confesses she’s getting a divorce. Meanwhile, Sydney and Johnny run over to hug EJ before sitting down. Soon Celeste, Cameron and Theo arrive followed by Abby, Chad and Gabi who catch up with Cam. Abby tells Cameron that Theo is lucky to have him in his life. Cam mentions how everyone knew his sister better than him. Gabi and Chad reassure him that everyone will share stories of Lexi which prompts Abe, who wanders over, to suggest that's what the party should be about as Lexi would like that.

    Cameron, Chad, Abby, Gabi, Abe, Marlena and John head to a table together. Cam asks how Abe and Lexi met. They laugh about Lexi being a cop before Abe reveals that Lexi and her partner, his brother, went out of the system earning the nickname, The Pacifier. Marlena flashes to when Lexi confessed to being The Pacifier and to her rogue police ways. Abe mentions how she moved on to med school, graduating at the head of her class. Kayla, Jenn, Jack, Bo and Hope wander over. Abe flashes to a moment with Lexi when they were chatting about starting a family. The group shares details of what a great doctor she was before Jenn admits all of their lives will be completely different without her. Abe stands and shares that finding out they were having a baby was one of the happiest days of his life. He flashes to Lexi giving him the good news.

    The group continues to mingle. Abe talks about dealing with Theo's autism. Lexi wouldn't let him be in denial. He flashes to a memory of Theo completing a train puzzle. He tells everyone about a foundation he's created in Lexi's name to support families dealing with autism. He hopes he has what it takes to raise Theo on his own. The group offers their support. Later Abby asks Chad if Mel knows about Lexi. He left her a message. Abby looks upset when Gabi comforts Chad. Bo and Hope wander over to Abe who is just finishing a call with Brandon. Bo tells him they forgave Lexi for trying to keep Zack for herself. Meanwhile Celeste sits down with EJ to share that Lexi wanted them to get along. EJ asks her, since she has a sixth sense, if they will catch Stefano’s killer. She says it will come out - is that what he wants? She believes EJ when he says he didn't kill him.

    Abe announces Lexi wanted there to be dancing. Everyone grabs a partner, including Gabi and Chad, Kayla and Abe, and after Johnny encourages them - EJ and Sami. With "I only have eyes for you" playing - the group dances. Kayla and Abe know Lexi is watching them all. Later, Hope offers a heartfelt toast to her friend Lexi as she talks about their wonderful friendship. Marlena takes the podium. In memory of Lexi, Marlena reads a speech from the fourth act of Shakespeare’s, "The Tempest." As she recites the passage, Lexi’s family and friends remember her in flashbacks. Marlena ends her tribute by simply saying, "Goodnight… Sweetheart."

    You Set Me Up!

    Thursday, June 28 2012

    At home, Abe puts on a tie for Lexi's memorial. John and Marlena arrive. Abe's not sure he is ready to say goodbye. He tells them this is a tie Lexi picked out for him that he thought was too busy. "Hope she knows I'm wearing it." He doesn't think he made the most of their time together. He doesn't remember his life before Lexi. "I don't remember who I am without her," he cries. Marlena and John go into the garden to pick roses. John remembers the last time he thought he lost Marlena. He goes off to find a rose for her and when she can't find him, she panics. He returns and she starts to cry, thinking she lost him. She can't believe she lost Lexi. Inside, Abe answers the door to Kayla, who has a DVD from Lexi. John and Marlena come in and they watch together. Lexi's in the garden. She knows today will be hard on him and asks him not to dwell but remember what they've shared. Their wedding day was the happiest of her life. Everyone tears up as Lexi speaks about loving every one of their 23 years together and how Theo will grow up to be just like his daddy. She jokes that he shouldn't walk out the door today without someone checking his tie. Everyone laughs and Lexi says goodbye.

    EJ arrives at Abe's. Is Abe ready for the service? Abe asks EJ to be a pallbearer. EJ'd be honored. "She loved you, EJ," Abe says. Despite his many faults, EJ knows Lexi saw the best of him. EJ calls them family and they'll look out for each other. Abe agrees. Nearby, Kayla mumbles about not trusting EJ. Everyone leaves for the memorial while Abe stops to get his keys and wonders how he'll go on. He tells Lexi's photo he'll try and will make her proud.

    Really Good At Being Bad.

    Thursday, June 21 2012

    John and Marlena show up at Abe's door with tears and hugs. In the garden, Cameron tries to get Celeste to head in to talk to Abe. She's not ready. She's sorry Cameron didn't have much time with Lexi. Cameron assures her he won't leave her. He's staying in Salem. Celeste assumes it's because of Abigail. She still has misgivings about Abigail and warns her son not to let Abby's darkness envelope him. Cam thinks he can protect her. Inside, Abe mutters about the flowers he and Lexi grew in the garden and how brave she was. They're surprised to learn Lexi was exposed to a toxic gas in the tunnels that caused her tumor. "She died because of Stefano," he tells them and Lexi knew. Still, she forgave him. Marlena receives a text about Will's release. John scoffs that the media doesn't check their facts but Marlena admits Will is gay. John's surprised she knew but it doesn't matter. Next time he sees him, he'll tell him he loves him. Abe respects those who learn their truths. So did Lexi. Abe realizes Chad may not know about Lexi so Marlena goes off to call him while John tells Abe it's okay not to stay strong. Abe figures he's still in shock. John cries and Abe talks about how Theo knew, the moment Lexi passed. Celeste and Cameron walk in and hug Abe. Everyone takes off and Theo asks, "Daddy, what do we do now?" They look at photos of Lexi together and flashback to better times.

    Grandpa, I'm Gay.

    Wednesday, June 20 2012

    In their garden, Abe sobs over Lexi's body, begging her not to leave him. Her ghost floats outside her body and she smiles down at him. She tells him he'll be fine. "I need you to believe me." Abe feels he's all alone without her but Lexi's ghost tells him he's not alone. He has their son, friends and wonderful memories. Abe cries that he's not ready. "I'm never going to be ready," he bawls. Lexi tells him she'll never leave him and then hugs him. Hope arrives and Abe tells her Lexi's gone. Hope starts to cry while Lexi's spirit hovers nearby.

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