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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Abe Carver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Abe Carver Played by James Reynolds on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Reynolds (NBC)

    Birthday: August 10, 1950
    Birthplace: Oskaloosa, Kansas
    Marital Status: Married Lissa Layng (December 21, 1986 - present) 1 child
    Real Name: James Reynolds
    Web site:


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    Doin' The Do.

    Monday, June 24 2013

    Abe snubs Cameron walking through the square.

    Chad takes Abigail back to the cafe after the amusement park. Abby can't recall when she had such a good time. Chad pulls out cotton candy from her hair and they share a moment. Abby pulls away and he admits he has regrets about the way he treated her in the past and is glad she forgave him. They share another moment and Cameron watches from the window as Abby caresses Chad's face. She flashes to kissing Cameron and frowns. Cameron heads in and confronts her. Chad gives them space and Cam wonders if she prefers to string them along rather than commit to one guy. She realizes this is about sex and doesn't think this is the place for this conversation. He agrees and goes back to work. Chad returns with a stuffed animal to cheer her. They get back to where they left off, which Chad says, "Is right about here." He holds her hand to his face.

    Kate finds Gabi signing release papers at the hospital. They share their disappointment over Rafe being kept in the coma, though it's for the best. Kate blurts out that she fired Nick, which troubles Gabi. They disagree over what type of man Nick is and Gabi reminds her she isn't perfect, either. Kate doesn't want Gabi to repeat her mistakes. In his room, Will argues with Sonny, Sami and EJ about turning himself in. Abe interrupts. Sami and EJ file out so he can get their statements. By the hub, Sami is frantic with worry about Will. EJ talks her down. Back in Will's room, Abe learns neither Sonny nor Will saw Sami before the shooting, nor did they know Bernardi. Abe leaves and Sami and EJ return, relieved Will didn't sacrifice himself. Sonny takes Sami from the room while Will suggests Stefano's responsible for this. What is EJ going to do about it? EJ has no proof and if he confronts Stefano, he'll take the opportunity to throw Sami under the bus. EJ vows to help Sami to the best of his ability. By the hub, Sonny and Sami agree they'll get along better if they don't discuss Adrienne's thoughts about the Brady family. Sonny sees Gabi and the baby and they go off, while Kate asks Sami for an update on the case. Kate's on her side but thinks it sounds bad when Sami admits the blade was a razor, not a knife. Sami blames Kate for the whole thing for throwing her affair with Rafe in Stefano's face. Kate breaks down and cries. She feels terrible for this. She never wanted to hurt Rafe. Sami's taken aback and comforts her. In another room, Gabi and Sonny change Ari's diaper and Gabi thanks him for asking her to move in. "I know it's like 'Three's Company' with a baby." They head to the hub just as Will and EJ walk up. Everyone leaves Kate alone, and she admits she feels sorry for Sami but maybe a few years in prison would do her and everyone else some good.

    Cameron once again bumps into Abe at the square. Abe apologizes for his earlier rudeness and Cameron asks if he can spend more time with Theo. Abe's all for it but notices he's upset. Cameron brushes it off.

    Kristen Has Fangs, Horns, And A Tail.

    Tuesday, June 18 2013

    EJ finds Abe, Marlena, and Sami at SPD. He lets them know Justin has taken Sami's case. Roman takes Sami away to give an official statement about the attack. Marlena blames Stefano for this and asks what EJ's going to do about him. She rants about his family causing issues and asks him to make it go away. He promises. Hope walks in on Sami and Roman in her office and hears about the attack. She has bad news. The weapon Bernardi had still has not been found. Out of fear, she begs "daddy" not to let her go back to the cell. Abe arrives and Roman starts issuing orders. Abe tells him he's been relieved from duty for now. Sami feels terrible. She and Hope leave and Abe says Hope must be supervised but he's taking over. Roman's glad. In another office, Sami tells her mother and Hope she's not sure what the weapon was. Marlena hypnotizes her and Sami goes through the events that led up to the shooting. She sees the razor and gasps. "He doesn't have a knife." Roman walks in and hears Sami say, "It's a razor."

    You Didn't Spill Wine On My Carpet!

    Thursday, June 13 2013

    Sami wheels around in shock in the waiting room as she learns the woman she's been consoling at the hospital is Bernardi's wife. Roman tells Marge Bernardi's dead and she collapses into his arms. Sami, EJ, Abe and Hope stand around awkwardly. In Will's room, Sonny wants Gabi to move in with them. She turns up looking exhausted to tell them Bernardi died. They groan and ask her if she'd like to move in with them. Marlena finds Kate outside of Rafe's room with an outfit for Ari to wear home. She's taken aback when she learns Sami shot Bernardi. Back in the waiting room, Marge asks how Sami knows her husband, Joe. Sami says she's sorry. Maxine arrives and takes Timmy for frozen yogurt and Sami blurts out that she shot Bernardi. Marge is disgusted. Sami's sorry. "You're sorry? You didn't spill wine on my carpet." Marge is in shock and Sami explains she had to do it or he would have killed Rafe Hernandez. Marge slaps her hard across the face. Roman drags Marge off her as she calls Sami a cop killer. A cop takes her out of the room. Marlena rushes in and holds Sami in her arms as everyone else files out. EJ believes she did the right thing in protecting Rafe. Back in Will's room, the guys convince Gabi to move in. A nurse brings Ari in for a cuddle. At the hub, EJ makes a call, demanding someone 'pull them off the golf course' and then calls Justin to step up their plan. Kate goes to him. She agrees with Sami. Stefano was behind the hit and he's going down. She hears Bernardi's dead and asks how it feels that his future wife's ready to kill...for another man. Back in the waiting room, Sami explains to Marlena how the shooting was reactionary. What if they don't find the knife? She worries she'll end up on death row again. By the hub, Hope promises justice will be served, before Marge takes Timmy home. Maxine tells Hope Timmy wants to be a police officer like his daddy. They frown and Roman tells Hope forensics combed the entire hospital. They can't find the knife. Kate brings Marlena's gift to Will's room. She ordered a crib and changing table for the baby. Will stops her. Gabi's moving in with them - not her. Gabi's thankful for Kate's offer though. Kate seems happy with her decision. She leaves the room and Gabi hopes she didn't offend. They fuss over the baby. Sami and EJ go to Roman and hear that the knife is still missing. Sami starts to cry and Hope has no choice but to arrest her. Roman apologizes but they have to do it by the book. He cuffs her and Marlena promises they'll stand by her. Kate walks up and sees Sami being hauled off to SPD.

    Manicuring Rafe To Death.

    Wednesday, June 12 2013

    In his hospital room, Will listens as Sonny says the hospital's swarming with cops. They moon over Arianna being a good baby and wonder what'll happen with Nick and Gabi. Near the hub, Kate finds out from Kayla that Sami shot a cop. Maxine and Kate discuss Gabi. Kate plans on helping her find a place to stay. Elsewhere, Sami tells Abe, Hope, and EJ that she knows there was a blade in Bernardi's hand and he wasn't on the list of cleared visitors so why was he in the room? She did what she had to do and is incredulous to think they're accusing her of shooting an innocent man. EJ suggests they do another search for the weapon. He refuses to allow his client to say anything more. "I saved Rafe's life," Sami yells. Once the cops leave, Sami tells EJ Stefano put a hit out on Rafe. EJ doesn't believe it and why was she checking on Rafe in the first place? Sami accuses him of being jealous. EJ admits he'd rather Rafe was dead, than to see her in this mess. He doesn't want the love of his life to spend the rest of her life in prison. What'll happen when the police find out she lied about knowing Bernardi? Sami thinks he'll keep mum but EJ won't. Sami didn't even know it was Bernardi from behind, standing over Rafe. Detective Bernardi's wife shows up with her son Timmy at the hub and Nurse Emily seats her nearby after updating her on her husband's surgery. Hope and Abe search Rafe's room while Kate goes to Will and Sonny to let them know about the shooting. While Sami and EJ discuss the shooting in the waiting room, Detective Bernardi's wife heads there to let Timmy lie down. Sami reminds EJ she loves him before he steps out. Mrs. Bernardi shows up and Sami dries her tears. They bond over children. Mrs. B breaks down and Sami holds her. EJ wanders into Rafe's room and Abe gives him gloves. He helps search the room. Hope finds something in the heating grate as Roman walks in. He's shocked to learn Sami's the shooter. EJ fishes out a nail file from the grate. Abe sighs. "Bernardi was obviously planning to manicure Rafe to death." Hope decides maybe she should get CSI in there to open the second grate. Back in Will's room, Kate asks if she can bring Gabi and the baby home with her to live. Will asks for time to consider it. Kate leaves and Sonny wonders how Sami will take that. He suggests they move in across the hall from their place and Gabi can move in with them. Kayla interrupts the cops in Rafe's room to tell them Bernardi didn't make it. Detective Bennett tells Hope that the dead cop's wife is in the waiting room. EJ tells everyone that's where Sami is. They all head over there and Sami asks, "Daddy, how's Bernardi?" The wife asks how she knows her husband and Sami's face falls. Roman tells Mrs. B her husband passed and she breaks down sobbing.

    Excellent Sense.

    Tuesday, June 11 2013

    Abe tells Hope she’s in the clear in the café. She says she messed up. Abe points out that Will and Nick are alive because of her. Hope gets a call to the hospital.

    This Is Riveting.

    Friday, May 24 2013

    At the pub, Johnny tells Marlena he stole "something" from Ciara. Marlena asks to see it. Abe interrupts. Johnny goes off to draw and Abe says Theo's finally back on track since Lexi's death. He brings up how preoccupied John is and the bizarre text he sent asking Abe to look out for Marlena. She tears up and admits they're divorcing. Abe's taken aback. She tells him what's been going on and feels bad that she and John weren't a strong enough team and let this happen. Abe muses, "But you are." He has seen them find their way back to each other in worst situations. Marlena starts to weep and calls Abe a good friend. He leaves and Johnny returns to Marlena's table. He shows her the photo of Kristen and Sy.

    Is It Done?

    Monday, May 13 2013

    Kayla finds Abe in the square. They discuss Cameron's new position and reminisce over Lexi.

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