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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Abe Carver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Abe Carver Played by James Reynolds on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Reynolds (NBC)

    Birthday: August 10, 1950
    Birthplace: Oskaloosa, Kansas
    Marital Status: Married Lissa Layng (December 21, 1986 - present) 1 child
    Real Name: James Reynolds
    Web site:


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    Victor Will Have A Cow.

    Friday, August 31 2012

    Outside the pub, Nicole receives a letter about Nick's parole. "Like I care," she says. She sees Jenn hugging Abe inside. Abe and Jenn commiserate over the deaths of their spouses. Nicole interrupts with an apology to Abe for helping EJ play dirty to win the mayoral campaign. Kayla, Jenn and Abe almost fall over when Nicole hugs Abe. He agrees to move on and she tears up and gives him another hug. Kayla pulls Jenn aside to tell her the divorce papers are being drawn up. Jenn's sorry to hear but Kayla thinks it's for the best. Outside, Nicole grins to herself, hoping the apology gets back to Daniel. "Being contrite works up an appetite." She walks off and inside, Jenn asks Abe if Nicole's sincere. He's not sure but finds forgiveness easier than holding a grudge.

    Abby walks into the pub and overhears Kayla telling Abe she's getting a divorce and that she may work at University Hospital. Abby's upset with the news and Kayla assures her that Uncle Steve will be fine. How does Kayla know, Abby points out. Abby runs off, upset, and cancels a date with Cameron.

    Helicopter Dad.

    Wednesday, August 29 2012

    Abe and Theo arrive at the pub with hugs for all. The kids talk about eating chocolate cake and broccoli and run off to the kitchen while Abe assures Hope and Bo that he and Theo will make it through without Lexi. Maggie arrives and she and Hope discuss Nick. Maggie will be there for Nick, but is torn between him and her granddaughter. Hope goes off when Marlena walks in. She tells Maggie that Nick's healthy and well-adjusted and volunteers to talk to Melanie.

    Everything I Touch I Ruin.

    Wednesday, August 22 2012

    Abigail cries on Mel's shoulder at the house, over Jack's death as Chad lets Gabi in. She bears food and her condolences. Maggie takes the casserole to the kitchen and Chad threatens Gabi to stay away from them. Bo arrives and heads into the kitchen while Chad kicks Gabi out of his apartment. Melanie interrupts and Gabi talks about getting her modelling career back on track while Chad informs that he has ended his. Melanie leaves the room and Chad tells Gabi to move out of the state. He never wants to see her again. When Mel returns, Gabi leaves. In the living room, Jenn and Bo discuss how Abigail got her name. Hope brings in a jade plant that was left at the door. Jenn appears touched.

    Abe and Lucas drop by Jenn's to lend their support. Lucas admits he doesn't know what's going on with Will right now and he won't be showing up. He gives Jennifer his condolences. In the foyer, Melanie worries about Gabi. Chad doesn't want to discuss her. Bo gets a call from the SPD. There's been an anonymous tip. He and Hope get up to leave.

    Not How Your Story Ends.

    Tuesday, August 14 2012

    Roman comes to at the pub. Kayla and Marlena have to hold him down when he tries to get up to find Sami. Kayla learns Lucas left. He's risking his life. Roman admits to Marlena his reason for being at the ballroom. He wanted to stop EJ from leaving town on the DiMera jet. Marlena's shocked that Sami stood in the way of EJ's arrest. Abe turns up with Theo to help. Theo comforts a little girl nearby who lost her mother. Abe quietly finds out from Kayla where the deceased are being taken. Theo promises the little girl, Molly, they'll find her mommy and then sneaks off. Abe is fraught with worry until Theo returns with Molly's mother, who explains she passed out in the parking lot. Theo lets Abe know he listened to Molly's clues and was able to use them to find her mother. He wants to be a detective like his dad.


    Friday, July 27 2012

    Abe makes a speech at the fundraiser to raise money for Autism and to honor Lexi. Abe talks about Theo's great qualities, and then toasts to Lexi who was an inspiration. Theo tells the crowd he loves his mommy and wants to make her proud. Across the room, Ian and Kate discuss Brady and Madison. Kate has a grudging respect for her and thinks they deserve a happy ending. Jack and Jennifer marvel over Theo. Maggie wonders to Victor why she's there, and worries about attending Brady's wedding when Melanie's missing. Kate and Lucas discuss Austin and Carrie moving. Kate asks about Sami. Lucas notes that Ian's on his third glass of champagne. Kate asks if he's the AA police. Lucas is worried about her. Kate says she's fine, but confronts Ian about drinking. He claims it's nothing to do with Madison's wedding.

    Bo and Hope arrive at the fundraiser and greet Abe, Maggie, and Victor. Kayla appears and they discuss Melanie. Victor hopes Daniel doesn't show up with that floozy. Maggie says if Nicole can help Daniel through this difficult time then God love her. Outside the doors, Daniel decides he can't go in. They feel a tremor. Nicole hugs him. He tries to leave on the elevator alone, but Nicole says he needs her. He doesn't want her company. Inside, everyone wonders if they felt an earthquake. Bo and Hope ask Lucas for a word - about Sami. They discuss EJ skipping town. Lucas has no idea where Sami is. Kayla has Theo say goodbye and they leave for the pub. Abby and Jack share a moment. "I'll always be your little girl." Madison arrives and Ian overhears her asking about Brady. Ian snarks that maybe he won't attend his own wedding. John tells him to get lost. Marlena says no one has seen Brady. Madison tears up and walks off. Ian follows. Doug and Julie walk Abe out. Daniel makes his apologies about not staying for the wedding. He tries calling Chad again. Nicole gets pains. Abby and Cameron are leaving, but Cameron goes back for her shawl. In the corridor, Madison accuses Ian of sabotaging her wedding.

    At the fundraiser, the explosion rocks the ballroom and chandeliers burst and fall. People are hurt everywhere. Abigail's in the elevator and the cable is breaking!

    Sweet Sweet Place.

    Wednesday, July 18 2012

    Abe visits Marlena and John at the townhouse. They discuss John taking over DiMera Enterprises as John takes a call. "What a sweet, sweet place Salem would be," Marlena gushes. Abe's glad Stefano's dead but would have loved to have seen his face after he learned what John's up to. Abe's grateful that John's a DiMera but EJ will never be like John or Lexi. Abe asks for Marlena's help in making a toast to Lexi at the fundraiser coming up. John hangs up from another shareholder no further ahead. He refuses to give up. Abe asks if Marlena's fine with John being a DiMera. Being a DiMera doesn't change who John is and she claims to have no problem with it. John takes a fast call and learns Brady is in rehab because Ian's been drugging him. "The SOB is going to pay," John promises.

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