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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Abe Carver - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Abe Carver Played by James Reynolds on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Reynolds (NBC)

    Birthday: August 10, 1950
    Birthplace: Oskaloosa, Kansas
    Marital Status: Married Lissa Layng (December 21, 1986 - present) 1 child
    Real Name: James Reynolds
    Web site:


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    Days Recap: Sexy guitar music plays as Will and Sonny reunite

    Friday, July 03 2015

    At SPD, Roman is pissed when he learns he has to let Xander go because his alibi checks out. Abe tells Xander not to leave town. They've still got eyes on him.

    Days Recap: Sonny learns once a cheater, always a cheater applies to Will

    Monday, June 29 2015

    Xander arrives at SPD and Abe arrests him for attempted murder. Xander alleges he'd never hurt Eric. "He's my friend." Besides, he was in Chicago. He has witnesses. He tells the cops he left town after realizing his feelings for Nicole Walker were not reciprocated. He asks Serena to confirm this and she seethes, but admits he did tell her that's why he was leaving. Abe and Roman aren't buying what Xander's selling and Abe takes the man off to cross examine him. Serena's lawyer shows up and Roman goes for fresh air. The lawyer tells her not to say another word if she cares about her life. She knows the police are about to let her go anyway. She leaves and Abe and Roman return with Xander. They release Serena and Xander taunts her.

    Days Recap: Victor takes a knife to Xander's throat

    Friday, June 26 2015

    At SPD, Serena assures Abe she doesn't know Xander's whereabouts. She wants a lawyer. Roman says she can have one but he'll tell her to keep quiet and they need to know everything in order to keep her safe. Serena blathers about her feelings for Eric which are met with disdain since she's partially responsible for Eric and Nicole's attack. They're building a case against her and Xander for their attempted murder. Everyone leaves the room and Serena grabs John's cell and calls Eric. His instinct is to hang up on her but she wants to warn that if Xander's still out there, his life is on the line.

    Days Recap: Eric and Nicole are hospitalized with heat exhaustion

    Wednesday, June 24 2015

    At Titan TV, Eric starts to come around. He thrashes and yells, "Get away from me!" Meanwhile, Nicole has no pulse. Daniel works on her. Brady gets cold water and they rub Nicole down. She comes around and calls Eric's name. Serena tries to apologize to Eric but he tells her to get lost. Nicole passes out as John and Abe arrive. Daniel fills them in and calls Kayla, asking if she can check on the ambulance ETA. He tells them Eric and Nicole have heatstroke. She worries and reassures him they're on the way.

    Daniel, Brady, Serena, John and Abe arrive at the hospital with Eric and Nicole. Kayla ushers them into rooms and gives Eric water as his body temperature comes down. He begs her to find out how Nicole is. Daniel watches over Nicole in her room. He tells Brady her temperature is still 104 and her heart rate's elevated. The longer she's out of it the greater the risk of brain damage. In another room, John calls Marlena with an update. Brady's visibly upset. Nicole dreams about Daniel and Eric and starts to wake up. Daniel tells her she's safe. He's sorry he doubted her. He calls her strong and brave and professes his love. Nicole calls his name and he tears up. Meanwhile, Brady, Abe and Serena appear and Abe gets the scoop on what brought Brady and Serena to Titan TV and how he believes Xander Cook wanted Nicole and Eric dead. Abe takes a call. Xander's nowhere to be found. Abe tells the caller to check Victor's place. Serena goes to Eric. He's bitter and accuses her of not trying hard enough to get Nicole to leave Xander alone. Serena knows she deserves his wrath but is grateful he's alive. She admits she came to Salem for the wrong reasons and explains herself. She calls herself a coward but was terrified of Xander, who knew she cared for Eric. She sobs, sorry she hurt him. Kayla interrupts to tell Eric Nicole is awake. He's grateful. She goes. Eric admits he doesn't care what happens to Serena. She disgusts him and he wants her gone. Startled, she leaves, quietly. A cop stops her. She's wanted for further questioning. Back in Nicole's room, she asks if she's dreaming. Daniel assures her she's not and she'll be fine. She was so scared, she cries. They profess their love for each other and she flashes to kissing Eric.

    Abe, John and Brady return to Titan TV. The cops there tell them the security guard became sick after his lunch and left and the cameras were disabled. There are also no prints! John says whoever did this was a pro.

    Days Recap: Ben learns Abigail cheated on him with Chad

    Tuesday, June 23 2015

    At the pub, John tells Abe he's sure that Paul and Brady will get along fine. Abe says Theo wants to meet Paul. They both get texts to call the station and learn Brady called in a crime. They run off.

    Abe and John arrive at Titan TV. Downstairs, Daniel can't find a pulse on Nicole.

    Days Recap: Done With Love.

    Thursday, June 11 2015

    Jenn meets up with Abe in Horton Square and as they discuss her mother, Eve spies on them from a distance. Later, Eve looks Laura up on the internet and reads about her history and being committed to a mental health facility.

    Days Recap: It's Been Muted.

    Friday, May 15 2015

    From the DiMera mansion, Abe and Roman ask Chad to keep trying while they go off. Finally, Stefano answers and Marlena yells that he's going to kill her. "I was watching television, alright? It's been muted." Chad says this isn't funny. He won't let his father do this. He tells him the truth about what his daughter did. "If you hurt Marlena in any way, I will no longer be your son." He's trying to save the only family he has left. Stefano's shocked and tells his son he's sure that Marlena took a vacation and will return soon. Abe and Roman return and Chad's hyperventilating. He muses that he needs to 'get out of this damned house'. Meanwhile, Roman receives a call from Marlena who is with Stefano on his private jet. She assures Roman she's alright.

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