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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Abe Carver

    Full detailed profile on Abe Carver Played by James Reynolds on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Reynolds (NBC)
    Abe Carver

    Actor: James Reynolds

    Who played Abe Carver over the years

    James Reynolds - (1981 - September 29, 2003; May 24, 2004 - present)

    Useful information on Abe Carver

    * Full name is Abraham Washington Carver.
    * Sued by Brady Black for shooting him.
    * Had s retina transplant surgery twice when the first one failed
    * Is married to Lexi Brooks Carver and they share a son, Theo, who was recently diagnosed with Autism
    * Was Salem PD Police Commissioner for years and is now Mayor of Salem


    Current: Mayor of Salem
    Past: Salem Police Captain
    Past: Salem Police Officer


    Abe grew up in Salem with brothers, Theo and Jonah. His passion for justice started young, but amplified after Theo was killed by a crooked police officer. Abe joined the Salem Police Department determined to rid the city of, filth including international crime lord, Stefano DiMera.

    Abe was the police officer who investigated Anna Brady's claim that she was sold into white slavery. She had reported the existence of her secret Swiss bank account to her husband, Roman Brady.

    He had a relationship with a woman named Nikki Wade, but this was cut short after he stood her up at a debutante ball in favor of heading up a drug bust. Before Abe's promotion to police chief, he met and married Alexandra (Lexi) Brooks. Just after their marriage, Lexi went searching through Aremid's files for her adoption records. She found out that her mother (Frankie Brooks- AKA Celeste Perrault), whom she'd always thought was her aunt, was actually her mother. She also learned that Stefano DiMera was in actuality her birth father. Conflict has risen many times in Abe and Lexi's marriage due to the presence of Stefano.

    His next major storyline involved the Aremid wedding of Peter Blake and Jennifer Deveraux. Abe was caught up in the investigation of Tony DiMera's murder. Abe and Lexi went to Paris to find Marlena when Stefano kidnapped her. They ended up finding and saving Marlena and catching Stefano but were unable to prosecute him, because only Stefano had a drug that would save Roman's life. Abe, Lexi, and John helped break Stefano out of jail and later he was pardoned for his crimes after returning to Salem with the drug Roman needed.

    Later, Abe and Lexi adopted baby Isaac, thinking he was the child of Stefano's alcoholic niece, Marlo. Isaac was actually Bo & Hope's son who Stefano had switched at birth. Abe was later appalled to learn that Lexi knew of the switch, but hid the truth from him. Abe filed for divorce and after Lexi helped Hope Brady and her son Zack, Lexi and Abe reconciled.

    Shortly after, Brandon Walker came to Salem with a deep hatred of Abe. Lexi slept with Brandon during a weak moment and became pregnant, not knowing who the child's (Theo) father was, but this was soon resolved. The baby was Abe's and they reconciled for good. Brandon's presence caused issues for Abe until it was revealed that he was Abe's son, by Faye Walker. After some time, Abe and Brandon embraced each other as family, and have since had a good relationship.

    Abe was shot dead on the day of Theo's christening. He was the first victim of the 2003 Salem serial killer. (Marlena)

    Months later he turned up on a remote tropical island, (melaswen/newsalem) which was a complete replica of Salem. His "ghost" started appearing to Celeste and Lexi, (this was not explained). He worked together with Roman and the others and got off the island. Abe was reunited with Lexi and Theo but went blind and learned he was impotent. His anger shone through and he became paranoid that Lexi was cheating with Tek. She wasn't at the time but did so soon after, and stopped her affair when Abe found out from the 'gloved one' (EJ Wells - Stefano and Susan's son) and their marriage was in turmoil for a while until he used Lexi in the EJ Wells investigation, then fell back in love with her. They stayed together.

    Recently, Lexi disappeared and now Abe is bringing up Theo with Celeste. His eyesight has started to deteriorate and he recently underwent a second retina transplant. Lexi has been found (in the tunnels under Doug's Place and the DiMera mansion, where Tony has kept her all these months against her will) and is now awaiting word on whether this transplant has worked.

    Abe's second retina transplant was a success!

    Lexi and Abe were reunited and after going through some tough times with their working schedules, their son, Theo, was diagnosed with Autism. This caused strife between the two but they saw a therapist and worked on their relationship and family issues. They continue to work together to cope with Theo's Autism.

    Abe quit his job as Police Commissioner and worked freelance for awhile before he ran for Mayor of Salem and won. He then appointed Bo Brady as police commissioner as his first act of duty. He and Bo vow to work together to make Salem a better, less corrupt city.

    Recently, he was struck by the Salem mugger and is now working with Hope Brady and SPD in order to find out who this mugger is. It was found that Hope was the mugger while under the influence of a sleeping aid and Abe is relegated to the background, though he and Lexi recently discussed having another child.

    Abe and Lexi met Chad Peterson-Woods, who is Stefano's son with now deceased Judge Madeline Peterson-Woods. Abe warned Chad to stay away from Stefano.

    Abe decided to run for mayor once again and went up against EJ DiMera. EJ played a few rotten tricks on Abe, who has allowed Jennifer to retaliate and do what they can to ensure EJ stays out of office.


    Alexandra Brooks Carver Married


    Fay Walker (Mendez)
    Valerie Grant
    Joan Hopkins
    Nikki Wade
    Denise Preston
    Tamara Price
    Alexandra Brooks Carver (dated then married)


    Benjamin Carver (father - deceased)
    Rita Carver (mother - deceased)
    Theo Carver (brother - deceased)
    Karen Carver (sister)
    Jonah Carver (brother)


    Brandon Walker (son with Fay Walker)
    Theo Carver (current) (son with Alexandra (Lexi) Brooks Carver)


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    Wednesday, August 13 2014: Days Recap: I'll Destroy You.

    Everyone gapes in shock as Daniel walks into SPD with Kristen. Sami stops Marlena from lunging and Kristen smirks. She didn't realize she'd attract such a crowd for her homecoming. "Miss me?" Sami and Marlena yell at her while Hope and Eric come between them. Abe shows up and Jenn and Nicole listen in horror as Daniel explains about the kidnapping. The harpies start again while Eric stares Kristen down. Hope takes Kristen into her office. Daniel collapses and Abe takes him to the hospital. Sami can't reach Brady - he left his cell home so Nicole learns from Henderson that Brady left home a while ago. Meanwhile, Kristen asks for her lawyer. Hope goes back to the others and asks her lawyer, EJ, to come with her. Roman walks in as EJ's led to Kristen. Nicole snipes she'll hold Sami responsible if EJ gets Kristen off. Jenn goes to check on Daniel while Hope cuffs Kristen and leaves a guard by the door while Kristen explains the kidnapping. In the main room, Sami and Nicole go at it. Roman comes between them. Sami and Nicole elect to watch Kristen since some of the SPD guards are on the DiMera payroll. Roman gives both ladies the boot and Hope asks Nicole for no press. Roman and Marlena head to the DA's office. In Hope's office, EJ calls his sister a twisted psychotic little b****. He tells her his access to everything DiMera has been curtailed because he agreed to keep her secret about Eric. Kristen thinks it started when he did Abigail. EJ says that was one of the biggest mistakes - another was not staying away from Kristen. "We are finished," he says. Kristen attempts to make a deal. She'll get Samanther back if he helps her out of this bind. Roman and Marlena return. There's enough evidence to charge Kristen with sexual assault and drugging Eric. She can't get bail. Hope refuses to allow Marlena a minute alone with the prisoner so she goes off to find Brady. In Hope's office, EJ refuses Kristen's help. She reminds him they're family. He tells her Samantha and his children are family. He'll help the DA put her away. Kristen warns that if he betrays her there'll be a steep price. "I'll destroy you." EJ grins and nods. He jokes to the guard that he's being threatened by someone cuffed to a chair. Hope arrives and EJ refuses representation.

    Monday, July 28 2014: Days Recap: Anybody Order A Hooker?!

    Abe arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. He says due to lack of evidence, the DA has elected not to press charges. Victor's thrilled. Abe tells Brady to wake up before he goes and Victor says, "That man loves nothing more than to sermonize." Brady says Abe was right and John's coma is still his fault. Daniel arrives and says there's still hope for John. He tells them he's going to a conference in St. Louis.

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