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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Shawn-Douglas Brady (past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Shawn-Douglas Brady (past) Played by Jason Cook on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jason Cook (Jill Johnson/JPI)

    Birthday: 1980-09-13
    Birthplace: Somerdale, New Jersey
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Jason Cook
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Christmas in Salem!

    Tuesday, December 26 2006

    Inside the Horton house, Maggie, Nick and Chelsea drink eggnog, while Julie and Doug put out Hors' D'oeuvres. Julie gives Nick a hug and then gives him a gift from his parents. They're still in France, but sent him a part he had wanted for his computer. He is thrilled to accept it and as he reads the card, he gets a little emotional. "I miss them so much," he says. Chelsea watches as he talks about his parents. She is feeling alone and upset and wistfully tells him, "I have all of these relatives who don't want to know that I exist."

    Hope and Bo comfort one another as they think about Zack. Bo asks her to promise him not to go away with Lockhart.

    Shawn, Claire and Belle arrive for Christmas celebrations as a family. They're greeted with hugs from all, and Claire is 'stolen' by Julie, for snuggles. Lucas drags Sami under the mistletoe as Belle happily looks on. She tells Shawn that she's happy that Sami and Lucas are back together.

    Chelsea is happy and feels loved when Hope and Bo hug her. One by one, the Horton and Brady families put up their Christmas ornaments. Sami smiles when Lucas tells her that it'll be her turn next year!
    Chelsea watches with tears in her eyes as an emotional Bo and Hope put up Zack's ornament together. She wants to leave, but Nick stops her. Bo says to Hope, "He'll always be with us." Hope tells Zack, "I'll love you forever." Chelsea goes to the tree to put up her ornament, but has a difficult time with it, when she stares at Zack's ornament. Hope notices this and sweetly holds Chelsea's hand as she puts up her ornament next to Zack's.

    Maggie makes mention that there are family members who are no longer with them and ones who couldn't be here today.

    Kayla and Steve are upset to find that Frankie can't make it home to find Max because he's stuck in an airport in Toledo.

    Stephanie, Steve and Kayla leave for the Hospital in order to read the Christmas story to the sick children. Steve is nervous when he begins but doesn't get far in the book when he stops. "I'm sorry kids. I can't read this," he apologizes. He has to tell them the story in his own words. The children adore his version of the story, which is laid back yet interesting! Bo and Hope drop by the hospital as he finishes up. They love his version of the story, and Bo tells Steve that he is a hard act to follow. (He's to dress as Santa!) Kayla and Steve leave for the Clay Aiken concert as Stephanie, Hope and Bo stay behind. Shawn, Belle and Claire arrive at the hospital. Belle tells the children that Santa's coming soon, and shares Claire's story of when she was in the hospital last year. She asks the kids to stay strong and have faith that they'll get better. Dressed as Santa, Bo arrives. "Ho Ho Ho," he says, and gives out gifts to all of the children with Julie and Maggie's help!

    At the Brady Pub, Lucas invites Sami skiing for New Year's Eve, Hope and Bo kiss, and Belle tells Shawn how good it feels to see his parents happy again!

    Max and Mimi burst into the Pub and are happily greeted by everyone! Abby gets a hug from Stephanie, but Abby is heartbroken with the knowledge that Mimi and Max are together. Steph comforts her.

    The Bradys' and the Hortons' all celebrate Christmas together. Caroline and Shawn Sr. kiss, Nick comforts a subdued Chelsea, Bo and Hope kiss, and Alice looks at Tom's picture and says, "Merry Christmas my darling Tom, and to all of us that we love near to us and that are far away, may the blessings be with you now and all the days of our lives."

    Surprise behind the secret panel.

    Tuesday, November 14 2006

    John and Marlena get set to leave the country, but Bo has bad news. The storm is getting worse and they may not get clearance to get their jet off the ground. He thinks things over, remembering he has a friend with a single engine. They can borrow it to fly to Ottawa tonight! Stephanie hugs John for his brilliant idea, and before Marlena and John leave, John secretly asks Bo to handle Lockhart until he is back. Bo agrees to it as Lockhart watches Marlena and John leave. Bo sees Patrick and tells Hope, "Lockhart came back, after you told him to leave." He looks tense, as does she. Hope finds Patrick, and tells him she's off to the pub for a bite to eat. While she and Patrick talk, Steve admits to Bo that he feels a lot of pressure with the family watching 24/7, so Bo takes the hint, asking family to leave and give Steve and Kayla some space. Caroline agrees to go home to fix dinner for the family. Stephanie asks her dad to take care of her mom, to which he agrees.

    Austin and Carrie let things go too far - Lucas catches them!

    Friday, September 22 2006

    Philip runs to the lab, demanding to see the test results for the DNA test for Shawn Brady. Phil asks him to get away from him, as he comes in the door after him. Shawn explains to the lab technician that it's okay for Phil to see the results. The lab technician (Nikita) shows Phil the results but Phil still doesn't believe it! He throws the paper down in anger, but Shawn tries to calm him. He tells him that he understands how upset he is and he has a right to be. The security guards come into the room to take Claire from Philip. They take the baby and cuff Phil, who screams at them to "Give me my baby!"

    Phil comes into the PD. Roman asks the charge - disorderly conduct and attacking the Lab Technician- and when Shawn walks into the room with Claire, all eyes are on he, Claire and Belle. Claire goes home with Shawn and Mimi, who lets Belle know that if she needs her, to let her know.

    At Belle's loft, Mimi and Bonnie prepare Claire's meal. Bonnie still wishes she would have changed the DNA tests, but Mimi tells her mom that it's all said and done. If Shawn knew that she knew about the paternity since before they married, he'd divorce her.

    Later, Shawn feeds Claire while Mimi and Bonnie laugh at watch. Claire keeps pulling away and isn't hungry. Philip and Belle arrive home and Belle asks him to stay calm. He tells her he will, but Claire is his, no matter who her biological father is!

    Family and friends say goodbye to Jack and Jen

    Thursday, September 21 2006

    At the loft, Mimi talks to a deep in thought Shawn. He has been up half the night waiting to tell Belle and Philip the news about Claire.

    At their loft, Mimi and Shawn prepare to tell Phil and Belle the news. They wander over to their loft.

    They arrive at the loft, telling the couple that he had a DNA test. He tells them that the results are conclusive. He is Claire's father! Philip and Belle are in shock thinking it is a mistake. Belle can barely talk, saying that they really did make love. She almost passes out, as Philip holds on to Claire, pacing the room. He doesn't hear Mimi ask him if he is okay. Phil talks to Claire about her birth, reminding her about how he will always be there for her. Phil sets the baby down and tells Shawn he'll be double checking to ensure the results are correct.

    Phil is angry as Shawn apologizes to him and when he yells at Shawn, Claire starts to cry. Shawn makes a move toward Claire to comfort her but Phil stops him in his tracks, telling him "Don't you touch my baby!"

    Jack and Jen move to London England!

    Wednesday, September 20 2006

    In Abe's office, Shawn hangs out. He's angry and Abe can see that so the two talk. Just then, Abe gets a call from the hospital. The DNA tests are in and being sent over via messenger.

    Abe goes to get Mimi and Bonnie to bring them to Abe's office, as the messenger is coming with DNA results.

    All gather to hear the results in Abe's office. Mimi and Bonnie try to slow things down, asking Shawn to read them at home later, but he opens them anyway and tells them he is Claire's father! Mimi and Bonnie look sad.

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