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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Stefano DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stefano DiMera Played by Joseph Mascolo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Joseph Mascolo (NBC)

    Birthday: March 13 1935
    Birthplace: West Hartford, Connecticut, US
    Marital Status: Married (Patricia Schultz)
    Real Name: Joseph Mascolo
    Height: 6' 1"
    Web site:


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    Days Recap: Straight And Narrow Disease.

    Wednesday, March 19 2014

    At the DiMera mansion, Stefano learns that Sami is marrying EJ in May. She doesn't care if she gets his blessing. Will he give EJ his freedom to move out? Stefano thinks deep down EJ wants to live there and Stefano's happy to have family around. Sami wanders off as he takes a call from Dr. Garcia. He tells her she's been most helpful and they hang up.

    EJ arrives home looking for Sami. Stefano watches, amused, as EJ kisses his intended passionately. He drags her upstairs for sex and she asks if he's going to talk to Stefano about his erectile dysfunction. EJ says there's a time for everything. She starts yelping when he throws her on the bed and kisses her.

    Days Recap: Up To Her Old Tricks.

    Thursday, March 13 2014

    At the DiMera mansion, Dr. Chyka catches Marlena's attention when he tells her he left his 'things' behind at the cottage when he escaped from Nicole's clutches. Suddenly an alarm goes off and Stefano says, "It seems that somebody's up to her old tricks." He grabs the USB drive and Marlena feigns innocence. Galen, Stefano's new henchman, comes in and destroys the drive and when Doc asks to speak to Chyka again, they pretend they don't know him. Stefano threatens that she'll pay for this as she walks out.

    Days Recap: Know-It-All, Stuck-Up...

    Wednesday, March 12 2014

    From her hotel room, Nicole texts Eric and fluffs her hair in the mirror. She tells her breasts it's 'showtime'. She opens the door to... Stefano. She tries to get rid of him. They get into it about Eric and Kristen. Stefano accuses Nicole of ruining Eric's life, not Kristen. Nicole knows he hasn't let go of what she did to EJ but she has changed. Stefano snaps that he has no use for her and takes off.

    Marlena arrives at Stefano's and is searched. He tells her it's a precaution and takes her cell phone. He gets her water and she hooks up her USB drive to the laptop. Later, Marlena Skypes with Chyka and asks him about his time in the cottage with Nicole and Daniel. Chyka tells her he forgets what he told them. She's disbelieving. He admits he left without taking his 'things' with him.

    Days Recap: Blood Sucking Vampire Zombie.

    Thursday, March 06 2014

    From the DiMera mansion, Stefano calls Dr. Chyka. He tells him, "That's an interesting story." He finds the information very helpful. He asks the doctor to keep his phone close. He'll be calling again.

    Marlena goes to Stefano's where she sees his laptop and assumes he has set up a video-chat with Chyka. Stefano says they're not chatting today, so Marlena huffs and walks out. He calls Chyka and tells him he'll be chatting with Dr. Evans but there are stipulations.

    Days Recap: Zip It!

    Friday, February 28 2014

    Marlena surprises Stefano at the DiMera mansion. She tells him Eric's future as a priest is in his hands. She asks him to find a way to right this wrong. "I would be forever grateful," she says. She just wants to have a conversation with Dr. Chyka. He acts as if he's never heard of him. She admits she wants to talk to Chyka about Nicole since he escaped on her watch. Stefano has to consider this. He'll be in touch.

    Days Recap: The Most Extravagant Present.

    Wednesday, February 19 2014

    Sami dreams he's kissing Sami who turns into Abigail and wakes up gasping. Sami arrives with breakfast. EJ missed her and thinks they're stronger for their struggle. They kiss and she tells him Will and Sonny are engaged. EJ's glad. He'll get them the most extravagant present. Downstairs, Abe thanks Stefano for his generous contribution to Lexi's wing at the hospital. EJ and Sami turn up. They agree Lexi deserves to be honored. Abe walks Sami out and warns her about the DiMeras. Sami thinks Lexi proved they can change and plans on inviting him to their wedding. Back inside, Stefano congratulates EJ on getting back together with Sami.

    Days Recap: Can You Spell Embezzlement?

    Wednesday, February 05 2014

    From the DiMera mansion, Ricardo stands by as Stefano can't get in touch with Dr. Chyka. He tells his goon he's anxious. Ricardo says Chyka was seen last week which concerns Stefano. He wants to ensure Chyka's no longer a liability. Ricardo goes and Theo and Abe arrive. Abe asks if he heard from Kristen. Stefano hasn't but knows she misses Theo. Theo asks if the kids at school are right. Did she do 'bad things'? Stefano talks in circles about Kristen and after Abe and Theo go, Ricardo returns and is told to find Chyka.

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