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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Stefano DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stefano DiMera Played by Joseph Mascolo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Joseph Mascolo (NBC)

    Birthday: March 13 1935
    Birthplace: West Hartford, Connecticut, US
    Marital Status: Married (Patricia Schultz)
    Real Name: Joseph Mascolo
    Height: 6' 1"
    Web site:


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    Days Recap: She's Out Of My Life.

    Monday, April 27 2015

    On a call with Stefano at the mansion, Chad tells his father about Wolensky's murder. Stefano thinks they poked a hornet's nest digging into Ben's past and it's lucky they weren't the ones to get stung. Stefano tells his son things are still going in his favor regarding Abigail's feelings. Stefano's adamant he needs to be with Abigail but when Chad questions why he cares, Stefano backtracks. They hang up and Stefano peruses a document with Abby's name. "You can't let her go Chad. We need her too much." Abby arrives unannounced and Chad's happy to see her. She apologizes for telling him EJ ordered a hit on Nick. She admits she's still messed up about him. In the end she thinks EJ was trying to change and knows Chad's not EJ. He tells her it's not necessary and asks her to leave. She's thrown and upset. She thinks he's trying to get rid of her. He kisses her to show her otherwise.

    Days Recap: I Would Never Sabotage My Own Son.

    Monday, April 20 2015

    From the DiMera mansion, Chad calls Stefano and they laugh about Abigail embarrassing herself in front of Zoe. Stefano doesn't think it could have worked out better if he had planned it. Stefano has an idea for Will's next assignment. Chad finds his idea fantastic and laughs that by now Abigail is having healthy doubts about Ben.

    Days Recap: Iron Man.

    Thursday, April 09 2015

    From the mansion, Stefano calls and tells Chad the FBI will call about Kevin Reynolds - AKA Ben Rogers. He should be careful with this. Chad thanks him for giving him hope with Abby. They hang up and it's obvious Stefano has ulterior motives. Later, the FBI calls and fills Chad in. Chad texts Abigail.

    Days Recap: Well Played.

    Tuesday, March 17 2015

    Kate stands up at the board meeting in Salem and yells that Stefano used Victor to play her. The board members point out that she was conspiring with a sworn enemy of the company. Kate explains that Victor called her with a tip. A member takes out her laptop and tells the others that Shin is describing this as a hostile takeover and threatening to leave the board. Another member calls the purchase a clear conflict of interest. They all scramble wondering what to do. Kate offers to reverse the transaction. The lady tells the others that DiMera stock is down 30% already. Another member moves to reinstate Stefano as CEO of DiMera Industries effective immediately. Shin messages his proxy to this man and they all vote Chad and Kate out and Stefano in. Chad looks lost and is forced to vote against Kate. Stefano calls Shin and reverses the sale. Kate's asked to leave before they conduct the rest of their business. She announces that they're all going to get exactly what they deserve. "Well played," she tells Stefano. She goes and Stefano informs his son he's the sole CEO of the company now. Everyone files out and Chad muses to his dad that he could have warned him. Stefano tells him trust is something he needs to earn. He wants his son to learn the business because he's the future of this family.

    Victor takes a call from Stefano in the park. Stefano is flying out and thanks Victor. He wishes Pierce could have held on to the stay permanently. Victor smirks and says not to push his luck. Stefano owes him.

    Days Recap: Prissy Pants.

    Monday, March 16 2015

    When Stefano shows his face at the board meeting in Salem, Kate hides her shock and welcomes him back. Chad wasn't aware his father would be in Salem. Kate whispers to Chad that this changes nothing. She's still in control. Chad barks out a laugh. They've had a good fiscal quarter and Stefano compliments his son. Kate reminds him she's co-CEO. He thinks it's time for a change. Kate tells them all she bought Glendora Technologies. The board members call this a disaster but Stefano says, "I know exactly what must be done." Kate's confused. Stefano tells her Glendora is Shin's company - owned by Shin's wife. Kate realizes Stefano was going to buy the company. She yells, "You set me up!"

    Days Recap: Good Riddance.

    Friday, March 13 2015

    From the DiMera mansion, Chad gets a call from Stefano who confirms everything is in place with Katerina and he has Shin on his side. They just need to get the tax evasion charges dropped.

    Kate and Chad arrive at the board meeting, each burning with anticipation. They head inside and instead of Mr. Shin heading the meeting, it's Stefano. ‚Äč

    Days Recap: Helicopter Mom.

    Wednesday, March 11 2015

    At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor's on the phone with Stefano, who wants to team up for payback time on Katerina Roberts. They discuss Sonny and EJ. Victor wants to get down to it. Stefano says he'll be in his debt. Victor asks what he can do for him. Stefano gives him information to get to Kate, which will set things in motion. Later, Kate arrives. Victor tells her Stefano wants him to help bring her down. He gives her some paperwork. She signs her first name - if he can prove it's real she'll finish her signature. Victor says Stefano wants to steer her away from a certain company. She finishes signing. Victor mutters the fool still thinks he hates her more than he hates him.

    Days Recap: Four Dollar Haircut.

    Tuesday, March 10 2015

    At the DiMera mansion, Chad laughs with Stefano over the phone about the report that impressed Kate. Chad is serious about destroying her. Stefano warns him not to let her become suspicious. He asks where she is. Chad says she's with the hillbilly. Stefano warns Katerina's not stupid. Later, Kate arrives. They spar verbally. Chad says they'll stick to business; dirty business.

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