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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Stefano DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stefano DiMera Played by Joseph Mascolo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Joseph Mascolo (NBC)

    Birthday: March 13 1935
    Birthplace: West Hartford, Connecticut, US
    Marital Status: Married (Patricia Schultz)
    Real Name: Joseph Mascolo
    Height: 6' 1"
    Web site:


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    Truth or Dare

    Wednesday, August 29 2007

    Bo arrives at the hospital and finds Stefano being wheeled to surgery. He grabs the donor cooler and demands to know where the donor liver came from. Rolf lies that it came from a distant Italian relative. Bo grabs Rolf and says that he knows it's from Benjy. Steve arrives at the hospital, grabs the cooler and starts yelling. "There is no way I'm letting that bastard get this!"

    The end is near...

    Tuesday, August 28 2007

    While Bo takes the call from Sami, EJ uses a passed out Roman's key to remove the cuffs. He runs off and once Bo is off the phone, he looks around for EJ. Stefano starts to laugh, and Bo tells him to quiet down. It's not over yet!

    Loose Cannon

    Monday, August 27 2007

    EJ lies in a hospital bed, awaiting surgery. He mumbles that he's either crazy or stupid for agreeing to it. Stefano and Rolf enter his room and Stefano says he rejoiced when he found out that EJ was a match. Stefano professes is love and gratitude to his son and when he notices EJ's concern , he asks if EJ has doubt. EJ doesn't open up and Stefano tells him he won't hold it against him if he is doubtful. EJ finally admits that once upon a time he wanted to be just like him, but since then he has seen how many people he has hurt. "So I must pay for my sins, eh?" Stefano asks. "Please, try to understand." EJ begs, but Stefano doesn't understand and asks him not to be a hypocrite. EJ is confused until Stefano reminds him that he almost killed Lucas a few days ago! EJ confesses he did it for the love of a woman, but his father says he's still a DiMera! Stefano barks at Rolf that it's over. "We are not having a surgery!" Rolf wheels him to the door until EJ stops him, saying that they're more alike than he cares to admit, but he wants to be a better person; he says and wants to be capable of true love and friendship. Stefano thinks it's better to be feared than respected. He says friends let you down and love gets in your way. He mentions Tony's pathetic infatuation for Anna and all other women and says it has turned him into an idiot. He asks EJ if he wants to be a man, or not. EJ says he loves Stefano. He changes his mind and agrees to the surgery. Rolf barks, "Good!" and gets Stefano back to his room.

    Bo greets Stefano and Rolf in the hallway and tells them that EJ was arrested. Stefano is confused and Rolf is angered. Bo tells him that he can end the vendetta - hand over Andre, or cash in his chips!

    It's not over yet! The phoenix rises again!

    Friday, August 24 2007

    In Lucas' room, Kate is still on the phone with Stefano. She tells him she is afraid of Andre, who is psychotic and has done things Stefano has not approved of. Stefano says Andre won't hurt her, he knows what she means to him. Stefano pleads with her and says he needs the portfolio in order to destroy it. Kate mutes her phone and Sami and Lucas convince Kate to say yes. Kate doesn't want them to be in danger but finally agrees to meet Andre at the health club. Stefano asks her to destroy the folio if there is a chance it could fall into the wrong hands. When he starts to feel pain, he turns off the phone. Kate isn't happy to know that Sami and Lucas want to meet Andre, in her place. She asks them to reconsider but Lucas refuses. Kate runs off to get him released.

    Once Kate's gone, Sami leaves to find EJ to fill him in on the news. She leaves and Kate returns with news that the release papers are on the way. She argues that she should be the one to meet with Andre, not Sami or him. Lucas doesn't want her to get involved. "I don't trust you," he says. Kate laughs and asks if she has to open up a vein to prove herself to him. Lucas asks why Stefano gave her money and she claims it was a business transaction. Lucas thinks she slept with Stefano… Kate rolls her eyes but doesn't dispute this. She instead praises Stefano for giving her a future, and asks Lucas to stay out of her private business.

    At the hospital, Lexi, and Benjy hear out EJ, when he tells them that Stefano could live if someone gave him a section of their healthy liver. Tony laughs that he can't do it since he's not blood, and Lexi seethes. She refuses to even consider this and tells him to go to hell. EJ tries harder to convince her, but she calls Stefano a beast, "That man is pure evil." Benjy signs that he wants to leave, but EJ stops him. Benjy says he has a wife and baby to consider and since he hates Stefano, he won't do it! Benjy leaves and Lexi says it's up to EJ to save him.

    Stefano is visited by Lexi, Tony and EJ. Lexi tells her father that she refuses to be tested and Stefano asks if she wants him to die. Lexi says, "I wish I didn't, but yes… I do. When you die there will be one less piece of evil in this world." Lexi leaves the room and EJ apologizes because he needs a moment to think about becoming a donor. Tony closes the door behind him. "And then there were none," he says. "Would you care to be buried here or in the family crypt in Tuscany?" Tony asks, lightly!

    Inside Stefano's room, Rolf says there will be no more talk of funerals. In walks EJ and says if he is a match, he'll do the surgery. Tony wishes them luck and leaves. After EJ and Rolf leave, Stefano starts to laugh maniacally and says, "It's not over yet! The phoenix rises again!"

    A dying wish

    Thursday, August 23 2007

    Stefano lies awake in a hospital bed while Rolf looks after him.

    EJ enters Stefano's hospital room and holds his father's hand. Stefano starts to discuss finances with EJ but EJ stops him and thanks him for the many opportunities he has given him. They reminisce about stories that Santo told Stefano, and then EJ frowns. He has disappointed Stefano. Stefano reassures EJ that he can't fault him for simply falling in love. He says for Santo, love burned his heart. "I knew that he was playing with fire,… I knew…. I knew…" he finishes, with tears in his eyes. He thinks love was Santo's fate and that's why he swore never to be like his father, but to make his family his priority. EJ urges Stefano to make peace with the Bradys, but Stefano says it's too late. He can do nothing for them as he doesn't know where Andre is.

    EJ leaves Stefano's hospital room, morose. He asks Tony how he is to let go of his father. Rolf tells the men that if they can secure a single lobe from a healthy compatible liver, Stefano could survive - providing he did well with the surgery. He says that Stefano will still need the stem cells, but surgery will buy them time. EJ goes off to rally the rest of the DiMera children to see who is a match for Stefano.

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