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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Stefano DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stefano DiMera Played by Joseph Mascolo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Joseph Mascolo (NBC)

    Birthday: March 13 1935
    Birthplace: West Hartford, Connecticut, US
    Marital Status: Married (Patricia Schultz)
    Real Name: Joseph Mascolo
    Height: 6' 1"
    Web site:


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    If that's Tony,... then where is Andre?

    Monday, July 30 2007

    On the plane, Rolf preps Sami for surgery and Stefano tells him that his life is in his hands. "Don't mess it up," he says. A call comes through and a surprised Stefano asks Bart to put the caller on the speaker phone and to make it quick. Roman's voice comes over the speaker. He relays that he knows exactly what's going on. Roman threatens Stefano that if anything happens to Sami, he won't live to see tomorrow! Stefano looks at Sami, shakes his head, and lies. "I'm on my way to see a specialist." Roman tells him that he knows that he's got Sami. Lucas yells into the speaker phone at the PD and threatens to kill Stefano if he hurts Sami. EJ and Roman try to calm Lucas down. EJ speaks up and Stefano is angered beyond belief! "Elvis. Why am I not surprised?" he asks. EJ begs his father not to do anything to Samantha and his babies, but Stefano doesn't think he should listen, considering EJ's taking side with his enemies!

    Back at Salem PD, EJ tells Stefano through the speaker phone that he would never betray him and is loyal to him. He reminds his father that he never let anything or anyone hurt him and says he'll protect his children at all costs. "I know you're afraid to die, but these babies are future DiMeras." EJ says. We see Tony come into Salem PD while Stefano tells EJ that if the twins are anything like their father, they can't be his grandchildren! EJ threatens his father. "If you harm Samantha or the children, you won't see through the end of the week!" Stefano is angered by EJ's words and roars that he has turned on his own family. Tony (or is this Andre?) gets on the intercom and tells Stefano that he's going to assist EJ and the police in bringing him down. Stefano rolls his eyes and tells them it's time to go.

    Once off the phone, Lucas and EJ go to Marlena with news about the phone call. On the way out, EJ thanks Tony and leaves.

    On the flight, Bart rushes in with a clip board in hand. He yells at Rolf not to start the surgery. "You're not a match. Elvis junior is not the father of Sami's babies!" he yells. Rolf consults the report and tells Stefano that Bart's right. Stefano yells, "How could this happen?" Bart comforts Stefano and asks what comes next. Stefano stares at Sami.

    The Next Mrs. Nick Fallon!

    Friday, July 27 2007

    On a private jet, Bart ices a black eye given to him from a feisty Sami, before he drugged her. Rolf tells Stefano that Sami's almost ready to give her donation to them. Sami lies unconscious on a gurney while Stefano hovers over her and says that youth is wasted on the young! Stefano asks Rolf if God will forgive him for sacrificing Sami for his life. He regrets that he was not able to wait until his grandchildren were born. "Ah Samantha. I wish things could be different but I'm afraid you must make this sacrifice." he says as he rubs her belly.

    Your Reign Of Terror Is Over. Period.

    Tuesday, July 24 2007

    At the hospital, Andre lies in traction, bandaged up! EJ ridicules Andre and Andre mumbles something in return. EJ asks him to repeat it but Stefano bellows, "He said look behind you! He's paralyzed permanently and Bo Brady is responsible. We have to have a long talk, my son."

    Rolf wheels Stefano out of the room with EJ following. EJ yells "That's Andre in there!!" Stefano knows and tells EJ how disappointed he is in him. EJ can't believe that he knew all along that Tony was really Andre, but Stefano sneers and says that if he chooses to thumb his nose at the DiMeras, he'll reap what he sows!

    While the others are outside his room, André (paralyzed?) reaches over, grabs EJ's briefcase and looks inside.

    EJ, Rolf and Stefano return and EJ yells at his father that he has done all that was asked of him, but Stefano isn't interested and tells him he never wants to look upon his face again. EJ storms off, briefcase in hand. Stefano Andre if he planted a surprise for EJ, and he grins. The doctor arrives and is blasted by Stefano, who wants to know what's wrong with his son. He threatens to knock the hospital on its knees if he doesn't find out, soon!

    No sooner does the doctor leave but surprise visitor Tony arrives in Andre's room! Stefano looks as though he's seen a ghost. "My God, Tony…" he gasps, jaw dropped. Tony laughs and tells his father that indeed it's him and, "It' so good to be back!" he says smoothly. Tony greets his cousin, but before Tony can pick a bone with Andre, Stefano explains that Andre may never walk again. Tony says, "Well Hallelujah," and notifies Stefano that his adversaries are after him."Your reign of terror is over. Period." He spits out.

    Reunited With The Real Tony!

    Thursday, July 19 2007

    Bo summons Stefano to the Brady Pub, to discuss Andre. Rolf watches from the back of the pub while Bo tells Stefano that Andre has been posing as Tony for 20 years. Stefano thinks it's a joke and reminds Bo that Andre died many years ago, but Bo shows him DNA proof to support his claim. The two argue about the family feud and when an exasperated Bo asks, "When is this vendetta going to end?" Shawn steps up to the plate and retorts, "It doesn't!" Bo asks his father to explain what happened to Colleen, and Stefano answers for him. "Yes Shawn. Tell your son how you killed your own sister." Bo looks stunned as Shawn stalks off to the kitchen. Stefano refuses to tell Bo the rest of the story and threatens Bo. "Tonight I put an end to this vendetta. I'm going to make sure there are no more Bradys" Bo's jaw drops and in walks Roman, interrupting the men.

    Meanwhile, at the table, Stefano tells Rolf to gather all of his associates so they can go after the Bradys. Andre may not make it through the night, he says and won't let this go unpunished!

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