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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Stefano DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stefano DiMera Played by Joseph Mascolo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Joseph Mascolo (NBC)

    Birthday: March 13 1935
    Birthplace: West Hartford, Connecticut, US
    Marital Status: Married (Patricia Schultz)
    Real Name: Joseph Mascolo
    Height: 6' 1"
    Web site:


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    Reunited With The Real Tony!

    Thursday, July 19 2007

    At the Brady Pub, Stefano shows Rolf an old key and says, "This is the key to the vendetta, both figuratively and literally, this key can put an end to the feud. Too bad nobody will be around to see what secrets it holds." Rolf wheels Stefano to the door and is stopped by Bo, who asks him to end the vendetta, period. Stefano says considered this but decided to see things through until the end!

    Andre DiMera?

    Monday, July 16 2007

    Tony sits in his car awaiting Stefano, who finally gets into the car in a huff. He reminds Tony he was resting and wants to know what was so important that they meet here. Tony tells him that he is afraid he has had to eliminate Elvis. "He has left the building, I'm afraid," Tony explains. Stefano is almost speechless and can't wrap his head around Tony's decision. He flails his hands and yells, "I asked him to teach him a lesson, not to kill him! You are mad,… you are mad. In disgust, Stefano gets out of the car, breathing heavily, with his anger. Tony apologizes and says it's for the best. Stefano again tells Tony he's mad, and then gets back in the car. Tony explains that EJ was a traitor and now they can claim the twins and Stefano can have a future as head of the family. Steve jumps into the back seat and says "Bona Sera dudes!" (Good evening/good night, in Italian) and tells them that the Brady's have a crazy theory about Tony, that he's an imposter. Tony grins and then starts to laugh when he hears this, and Stefano furrows his brow, as if contemplating Steve's words. Steve says, "They think you're that guy, Aaron, A… Andre. Andre DiMera!" Tony grins but Stefano's face doesn't change. Tony demands to know what Steve's motives are. Steve starts asking Tony sporting questions, "Who played third base for the 1927 Yankees? Oh, wait. That's too easy. It was Joe Dugan.... I know! Who won the 1972 World Cup fencing championship?" and this just angers Tony further. He pulls a gun on Steve but Stefano pulls it away from him and reminds him that he committed one horror already. Steve asks if they're talking about EJ, and explains that EJ's still alive. Stefano relaxes, and Steve tells them that John saved EJ's life. He leaves the men and Stefano tells Tony that he has committed an unforgivable act by attempting murder on his very own brother and has done irreparable damage to the family. "Elvis will never trust us again." He says, with fear and sadness in his eyes. Tony comments that John came out of the coma just to annoy him, but Stefano doesn't want to hear it and tells him to shut up! "You've done enough damage. If you were truly the son that I wanted, you'd carry pride in your heart for the DiMera name and focus every thought on what's good for our empire and family. You'd have poetry in your heart." Tony asks if he wants poetry or his life.

    Don't forget the butt paste!

    Monday, July 02 2007

    EJ comes to Stefano in the DiMera mansion and surprises Stefano with his good news. "I'm going to be a father!" he beams. Stefano is thrilled and accepts a cigar from his son. The two men hug and EJ tells Stefano that Sami's having fraternal twins. The two rejoice and Stefano asks how Sami took the news. EJ says Roman won't let him near her so he has no idea. Stefano says that the children must be brought up as DiMeras. "It's imperative." He says. EJ doesn't think there's a chance that this will happen unless the war between the Bradys and the DiMeras ends. Stefano reminds his son that if Sami marries EJ, it'll end. EJ says that's not going to happen and wonders what else they can offer her. Tony comes in and tells EJ to be a man. "Do you control the situation, or does Samantha?" he asks with disdain for his brother. EJ tells Stefano and Tony that he's trying to protect his children and doesn't want them caught in the war of the feud. Tony tells EJ to stop whining and encourages him to take the kids. Tony calls EJ a pitiful eunuch and EJ yells at him back. They continue arguing until Stefano yells at them to shut up. EJ begs Tony to understand that they need to stop the feud. They argue and argue to a point where Stefano collapses from the stress. EJ goes to get Rolf, who examines Stefano and tells the men that Stefano has taken a turn for the worse. EJ blames Tony and then they quiet down. EJ asks Stefano to make a deal in order to get the stem cells. Stefano says, "Fine. Get Samantha," and EJ leaves. Tony asks what's going on and Stefano tells Tony, " I'm afraid you were right about your brother all along." He feels that EJ's judgment is clouded and that he needs to learn a few lessons. He asks Tony to teach him his first lesson and says that the DiMeras bow to nobody. He refuses to beg for the stem cells. EJ listens in as Stefano asks Tony to get Samantha.

    Freeze Dirtbags!

    Thursday, June 28 2007

    At the mansion, Stefano can't wake Tony, Bart or Anna and he demands to know what Hope has done. She doesn't answer and he asks her to empty her pockets. She says she didn't take anything and shows him her cell phone. Stefano starts pushing Hope around and promises he can come up with something unpleasant for her so she'll come clean. Hope gasps as he grabs her throat and tells her he wants answers. Steve enters the morning room and demands, "Keep your hands off my woman!" Stefano removes his hand and asks what's going on. Steve apologizes to Hope and says that he knows that she didn't want it to come out like this. He checks on Tony and says he's fine. Steve pulls Hope into his arms as Stefano starts to laugh when he's told that they're cheating on Bo and Kayla. Steve holds Hope close and she puts her head on his shoulder as Steve tells him it's true. He asks Stefano to keep it from Bo! Steve tells Hope not to worry and says Stefano won't tell Kayla or Bo. Steve says it's been going on for a few months since he was in the nuthouse. "She'd come visit me and tell me stories to bring the old Steve back," He says and the two start kissing!

    Stefano tells Hope that he never understood what she saw in Bo Brady. She says, "Speaking of which, I have to go." Stefano invites her over to dinner to go over old times, and kisses her hand. He apologizes for the misunderstanding earlier and Steve and Hope leave.

    Stefano moves to the sofa, wakes Tony up with a start and calls him useless. Tony meanwhile, is oblivious to his surroundings.

    Stefano Catches Hope!

    Wednesday, June 27 2007

    Outside, Bo apologizes for not trusting Steve. Steve tells Bo that the DiMeras don't see Steve as a threat. Hope says she's done photographing the letters and asks Bo not to worry. Bo asks her to hurry and get out of there. Stefano shows up and Bo whispers for Hope to get out. Too late! Stefano sees Hope and asks her what's going on. He sees Bart, Anna and Tony passed out on the sofa and asks, "Hope, what did you do to them? Who let you in here?" Hope is motionless and speechless. "Answer me, what are you up to now?" Stefano asks her, impatiently.

    You LIED To Me!

    Tuesday, June 26 2007

    At the DiMera mansion, Rolf and Stefano are arguing when Rolf tells Stefano that he has a temperature. Stefano impatiently tells Dr. Rolf, "Physically I am fine." EJ arrives and asks what's going on and Rolf shakes his head in frustration and leaves. Stefano launches in on EJ, "My son... you were my last hope for the future of this family and you let me down." EJ asks his father how, and Stefano yells, "YOU LIED TO ME!" Stefano tells him that he can't count on him because he had a different report about what Anna's angle is from Steve. Steve walks in, stuffing his face with a hoagie and greets an annoyed EJ, who asks Stefano what Steve's doing here. Steve offers EJ a bite of food, but EJ ignores Steve and tells Stefano that Steve can't be trusted. Stefano disagrees and says that Anna has been conspiring with the entire Brady clan and that they want to get their hands on the other letters from Colleen to Santo. He says Steve told him. EJ says that the Bradys clearly lied to him, so Stefano calls him a fool and says that Steve found out indirectly - the way that he should have. EJ says he would never betray his father but Stefano says he can't believe him. He wants to but knows he has feelings for Samantha. Stefano understands those feelings he says. Steve butts in and tells them that Sami is crazy. Without looking at Steve, EJ mumbles, "You don’t' even know her." Stefano paces and says the bottom line is that he isn't sure he can trust his son anymore. He is clearly hurt, and says EJ's loyalty seems to lie elsewhere. He tells EJ that he has to reconsider his status and will be on his own and end up with nothing. EJ blames Tony's jealousy, but Stefano says that as erratic as Tony is, he's sure where his loyalty stands. EJ frantically tries to get Stefano to believe him, but Stefano shakes his fist and says he can't. EJ asks him to help him. He quietly begs his father, "Tell me how to prove my loyalty to you." Stefano considers him and then tells EJ to pick up 'merchandise' in a few trunks for him and drop them off at an airline. EJ starts asking questions about the merchandise but Stefano tells his son not to worry, that Tony is taking care of this venture but has other important things to take care of today, so he is going to have to do it. Stefano thinks that this will be a start to trusting him again, but urges him to get to the plane within the hour. EJ says he appreciates this. Steve asks Stefano if he really wants to trust EJ.

    Tony arrives at the mansion to Steve telling Stefano that he could get used to this lifestyle. Tony is angry that Stefano allowed EJ to take the trunks to the plane. Steve finishes his hoagie and gets ready for pie. He offers Tony some food, but Tony is disgusted with Steve and refuses. Tony calls Stefano's name a few times, but Stefano appears to be catatonic and doesn't move. He finally comes to and apologizes. Tony stares off, looking upset.

    May he soon rest in peace!

    Friday, June 22 2007

    EJ is in shock at seeing the photo of Santo that looks just like him. He asks to know more about Santo, and Stefano says, "In due time." EJ reminds him that time is of the essence, since Tony is trying to kill Samantha. Stefano assures him that he is the future and Tony is the past. "He knows this," Stefano says, and as he talks, Stefano starts to cough, choke and gasp for air. EJ sits him down and calls out, "Rolf! Rolf!" then runs to get the doctor. Rolf arrives and takes Stefano's blood pressure, saying it's ridiculously low. He wants Stefano in the hospital, but Stefano makes a wisecrack that Rolf should be in a retirement home! Stefano finally allows Rolf to take him up to bed, and asks EJ to talk to Tony.

    Tony answers Anna's call and she tells him that she heard he was out and wants to visit. She tells him that she has letters from Colleen Brady to Santo DiMera. He asks if she's free tomorrow, and she says she is. They hang up, with his promise not to have any henchmen present. EJ inquires as to who it was, and with a smarmy smile, Tony says it was his ex. He notes that there was no phone number, and they both agree that the Bradys were clever to have hidden it. EJ is happy to be able to meet Anna, finally he says. Stefano walks in and tells them that Bart says Anna's arriving tomorrow. Tony tells his father that she's bringing the letters from Santo. Stefano tells EJ that Bart is at the Brady Pub, and asks Elvis to find out why. "She could be making plans against us." He tells his youngest son. Elvis goes to the pub, while Tony asks if he should send EJ to the pub. Stefano tells Tony that if EJ goes against them, it'll be his loss. If EJ picks Sami over him, he'll be in for it deep.

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