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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Stefano DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stefano DiMera Played by Joseph Mascolo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Joseph Mascolo (NBC)

    Birthday: March 13 1935
    Birthplace: West Hartford, Connecticut, US
    Marital Status: Married (Patricia Schultz)
    Real Name: Joseph Mascolo
    Height: 6' 1"
    Web site:


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    John Black, your death will count for something!

    Thursday, October 18 2007

    Stefano is in his hospital room reading the news about John Black's death when Tony walks in with a bottle of wine that he was saving for a dinner with John and Marlena. He thinks Stefano may want it to toast to his brother's death. Stefano asks him to go away. He doesn’t have time for his accusations but Tony tells him John's his problem. "You think you finished something last night, that you had the last word?" He goes on to tell him that once the tears have all dried, the Bradys will come after him with all they've got. Stefano says it warms his heart to know he cares but Tony chuckles and says as far as he's concerned, Stefano's already dead. That Tony keeps calling John his brother angers Stefano and he thinks Tony and Lexi will make good friends, considering they both have insulted the family. Anna comes to collect Tony and tells Stefano he deserves all he gets.

    Later on, Stefano angrily calls for a limo.

    John Black dies...

    Wednesday, October 17 2007

    In Stefano's hospital room, EJ tells his father that John's accident has been godsend. Though Stefano doesn't appear to be happy to hear that John's not going to make it through the night, EJ is adamant that his father had something to do with the hit.

    Outside the room, Bo remembers how John was always there for them in the past and takes a needle and an unknown substance with him while he goes to Stefano's room.

    Back in Stefano's room, Stefano asks EJ to look in on John and report how he's doing. EJ leaves the room just as Bo arrives. Stefano rolls his eyes at his presence but asks after John. Bo says he's not going to make it and asks who ran John down. He takes out the needle and threatens to stick it in Stefano if he doesn't give him a name! Roman interrupts the two and tells Bo to put the needle away! Stefano angers Bo when he tells him he hears Chelsea's hell on wheels, so Bo sticks him with the syringe! Stefano yelps and EJ arrives as Roman pulls Bo off of Stefano. Bo smirks and confesses that saline was in the syringe! EJ forces them out of the room as he comforts Stefano and later, Stefano says he's going to Italy for a while. Since EJ is upset that he won't be there for the wedding, he suggests that he and Sami marry straight away. Stefano grins and high fives his son!

    If Andre's dead, who hit John Black?

    Monday, October 15 2007

    At the hospital, a doctor apologizes to Stefano for the loss of Andre and then when Andre and Anna enter the room, the doctor is flabbergasted by Tony's looks. Tony explains that he and Andre being identical is along story and Anna tells him that the two are polar opposites. The doctor leaves and when Tony asks where Andre is, Stefano accuses Shawn Sr. of murdering Andre. Tony and Anna are shocked but Tony grins and says he wishes he could say he was upset! Stefano takes offense to this, but Tony reminds him of all Andre took from him these past 20 years. Stefano agrees that Andre wronged Tony, but Tony is aghast and says Andre not only wronged him, he stole his life! Tony is surprised when Stefano asks him to head up the DiMera dynasty. Stefano says, "I'm heading to Tuscany for business and while I'm gone…." Tony interrupts and jokes, "You want me to kidnap Marlena and reprogram Steve's brain?" Tony tells Stefano that he's not doing his bidding and that the cycle and mayhem dies with Stefano! Stefano replies sadly, that Tony always disappoints him. Tony argues that something good can come from this vendetta, like a book deal or a movie of the week. Anna asks the two to stop arguing and thinks they should leave. Tony walks out on them and Anna follows, asking what the use of being cruel is. Tony says he can't be cruel enough, and reminds her of Stefano's dastardly deeds, but Anna says things worked out right in the end. She feels for Stefano, but Tony thinks Stefano's having a good chuckle over this. Anna worries that Tony's sounding like a DiMera.

    EJ enters Stefano's room and gushes that he never ceases to amaze him. He says Belle would have set him back months but John was the better bet. Stefano appears confused. EJ asks where Andre is and is shocked to find out that Andre's dead. EJ's surprised and asks, "If Andre's dead, who hit John Black?" Stefano has no idea what EJ is talking about and says he wants nothing to do with death anymore. He calls John his greatest creation and can't believe someone brought him down, while a happy EJ would like to buy champagne for the person who hit John. He gets it in his head that since Sami figures he had something to do with John's death, she'll marry him! Stefano tells him he must learn from his own mistakes, and relays the story about how John won the heart of the woman he loved - Marlena. He laughs and says perhaps if it hadn't happened, the vendetta would have ended years ago. EJ promises to succeed this time and says history won't repeat itself. Stefano hopes that it doesn't or he'll end up alone, like him!

    In Andre's room, Stefano receives an envelope marked 'Confidential'. Inside there is a letter marked, "Samantha Brady" DNA results. Stefano reads and smiles. "Just as I thought!" he says!

    My best soldier.

    Friday, October 12 2007

    When the guard and nursing staff enter the room, they find Andre dead. Shawn leaves the room quietly and takes a seat in the lobby while Stefano enters the room and demands to know what happened. The staff is not certain but says they found an elderly man in Andre's room with his dead nephew. Stefano comes to the realization that Shawn was there. He orders the doctor to allow him to talk to him before the authorities arrive, then sits by Andre's side and tells him that he was loyal to the very end - "My best soldier." After he has said his goodbyes, he recites a phrase from an old opera. "What restrains me now? Why don't I just draw my sword?" Stefano goes to Shawn tortured and cannot believe that after he has bared his soul to his old friend, this is how he's repaid. He lets on that the vendetta could have been over but Shawn has now given it life and blood to avenge!! Shawn stares seething at Stefano.

    Back at the hospital, Bo arrives as Stefano's talking with Shawn. Bo doesn't believe Stefano when he accuses Shawn of killing Andre. The guard agrees that there is no proof yet of a homicide. Bo looks Stefano up and down with disgust and tells him he's falling apart at the seams and should just put a bullet in his own head! Stefano reminds Bo that if he goes, he has sons to avenge Andre's death. Bo laughs it off and tells Stefano that Sami ripped up the annulment. Stefano thinks Sami's stupid to have done so and says Bo underestimates Elvis. Bo is tired of threats and when Stefano goes into Andre's room, Shawn tells Hope and Bo of the events that lead up to Andre's death. Hope and Bo are surprised when they find that Andre turned off his own respirator. "He wanted it to be over," Shawn says. "I saw it. A brief flicker of remorse!"

    Bo meets Stefano in Andre's room to tell him this news. Stefano thinks Shawn's lying and asks Bo to dust for prints. Bo tells Stefano that no jury would find his pop guilty, so Stefano says if that's the case, he'll serve justice himself! An emotion filled Bo tells Stefano that Santo is to blame for his own pain and thinks Stefano's worse than his old man because of how his lies forced Shawn to live in pain all these years. Bo reminds Stefano that Shawn was just 8 years old and all he did was tell the truth. "The truth broke her heart and shattered his life." Shawn wasn't responsible, yells Bo - Santo was, with all his lies, just as he's responsible for training Andre to be a puppet all these years. A sickened Bo stomps off.

    You'll make an enemy of her for life.

    Thursday, October 11 2007

    Shawn Sr. arrives at Andre DiMera's room and talks the guard into letting him visit Andre.

    Inside the hospital room, Stefano talks to an unconscious Andre, asking him what he was thinking, killing Benjy and attempting to take EJ's life? He says he can't punish him because he blames himself for turning Andre into a twisted person. Stefano starts to cry and promises to fix everything.

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