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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Stefano DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stefano DiMera Played by Joseph Mascolo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Joseph Mascolo (NBC)

    Birthday: March 13 1935
    Birthplace: West Hartford, Connecticut, US
    Marital Status: Married (Patricia Schultz)
    Real Name: Joseph Mascolo
    Height: 6' 1"
    Web site:


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    I Could Squash You Like A Bug!

    Thursday, September 20 2007

    At the funeral home, Stefano yells at Mr. Griffin about the Salem PD putting him up as bait. He is lucky to have had the Kevlar vest on; he says and wants Mr. Griffin to arrest Bo and take a civil suit out on Salem PD for what they did to him. Steve comes into the room to ask, "How are you going to press charges against Roman when he's on ice?" Stefano asks Steve to can his theatrics and Rolf steps up and forbids this discussion. Steve continues and asks Mr. Griffin if he is aware of Andre DiMera, the serial killer. Stefano tells Griffin Steve just got out of the nuthouse and Mr. Griffin thinks Stefano has a good civil case against the Salem PD that could easily make millions! Stefano sends everyone but Steve away and Steve asks Stefano how he is doing since he stabbed him to death! He asks where Roman is but Stefano says he doesn't know. Steve says he's glad Roman's not around and does a funny impression of Roman that makes Stefano laugh and clap his hands in amusement! Stefano finally says it's now time for Judas' last curtain call! Steve lies that the Bradys threatened to bring him back into the nuthouse if he didn't fake the stabbing. Stefano asks how Steve would feel waking up in a coffin. Steve says, "I've been there but I think you already know that!" Stefano gets up and yells, "I could squash you like a bug." He tells him that he will regret siding with the Bradys. Steve wants to make a deal with Stefano, so Stefano reluctantly agrees to listen. Steve says the Salem PD knows where Andre's hideout is and they want to get a hold of the leather folio that holds the secret to the vendetta. He says they won't hurt Andre and confesses that Bo knows he's there but Steve still wants to help Stefano. He wants a promise that Stefano won't hurt Benjy and will stay away from all his kids, including Pocket. Stefano has no idea who Pocket is and says he'd never hurt a baby. Steve promises he'll help save Andre if Stefano helps him. The men agree and Steve asks him to drop the lawsuit and charges against the Salem PD, before he leaves.

    Stefano and Rolf make their way to the car. Before they do so, Rolf leaves curious markings on the funeral home door. (See below or photo!!)


    Steve watches from behind the bushes nearby.

    Pandemonium in Salem!

    Monday, September 17 2007

    At the funeral home, Benjy signs that he wants to pay his last respects, but when he wheels himself to the casket, he pulls his gun and shoots Stefano in the chest! Everyone screams and Marlena and Tony rush to the casket. Marlena is shocked when she finds a pulse on Stefano and doesn't understand how this can be. Stefano's eyes open and he panics when he realizes he's in a casket! In shock, he starts yelling and jumps up, wanting out. Abe comes to him, and tells him he's staying put. He explains the situation as Benjy is taken to the psych ward by Marlena and Lexi. Stefano tells Abe he is supposed to be recuperating, not used as bait to flush out Andre. The lights go out and Stefano asks what's going on. Abe explains that he's in for it, after stealing part of Benjy's kidney. Stefano denies any such doing. Abe tries to get the funeral procession going. He calls to Willie to see if he's ready. Willie tips his hat. Since the room is darkened and they're standing many feet apart, Abe can't tell that it is actually Andre tipping his hat!

    A terrible beauty is born!

    Thursday, September 13 2007

    Stefano lies in a casket at the funeral parlor with Roman leaning over him with a gun. He tells Stefano that it's good to see him like that. "I told you we'd settle that score one day, Stefano. That day is here. That day is now," he says. He wants to pull the trigger but tells Stefano that they will settle the score the right way - later. Flowers arrive and he tells 'Willie' that the coffin in the hearse is empty and asks if the safe house is ready. Willie tells a shocked Roman that the flowers are for him!

    Anna, Tony, Bo and Hope arrive at the Funeral home and Hope comments on the flowers. She finds a card in it and when Roman reads it. "So sad to hear of your untimely death - Andre."

    Now it's your turn to touch the sky!

    Friday, September 07 2007

    Elsewhere the hospital, Rolf explains to Stefano that they're going home. EJ and Tony take Stefano's hand and he tells them that they must forgive each other. "Family conquers all." He says, but EJ says he believes it is love that conquers all. Tony agrees.

    Steve arrives outside Stefano's room, but is ushered away from the door by a nurse. He says he's here to find out if his friend Stefano is going home today. The nurse can't divulge that information, so Steve hides behind a wall to wait for Stefano!

    Two orderlies arrive to take Stefano out of his room, and on the way out, Roman and Bo arrive. They stop Stefano from leaving. Bo says it's a matter of time before they find out that he sliced Benjy open to steal a piece of his kidney, and he's there to give Stefano a police escort home. Stefano mocks them. "If my life is going to be in the hands of the Salem PD, I may as well slice my wrists now!" Roman encourages it and then Steve shows up. Roman tells him they don't want any trouble, but Steve says he wants to apologize for what happened before the surgery. He explains that Benjy is important to him and he lost it when he found out someone butchered him. Stefano says he had no idea that Benjy would have been hurt in any way. Steve says he believes that family is the most important thing to Stefano. Bo asks Steve to wrap it up, and Steve says, "No hard feelings? Can we shake on it?" Roman asks Steve to shoot the breeze later, at Stefano's place, and Tony yells at Roman to get Steve out of here. Stefano holds out his hand to Steve, and they shake. "You've been a good soldier. We'll talk, huh?" Stefano says.

    You're a good man, Roman Brady!

    Tuesday, September 04 2007

    During Tony's visit to Stefano in the hospital, Rolf says Stefano's going to be released into his care today. Tony tries to convince Stefano to stay in the hospital, but Stefano's skeptical and concerned for his life. Tony tries to convince Stefano to stay and says that they've both disappointed each other over the years, but this makes them true father and son! Rolf leaves the two men alone, and Stefano tells Tony about a dream he had. "The Bradys murdered me in cold blood!" He asks Tony to get him out of the hospital. Tony says he will, and admits that as much as he denies it; he'll always be a loyal DiMera. Stefano says they both have regrets and feels that a man has to belong to his destiny - his family. Tony nods his head in agreement, and Stefano asks him to protect him. In return he will give him all that he has. "Despite the suffering at my hand, I want you to carry on the DiMera legacy," he asks Tony, who kisses him on both cheeks and says it'll be an honor.

    Sounds like a broken record!

    Thursday, August 30 2007

    Things get tense at the hospital when Steve grabs the liver cooler. "Just taking the liver this pig stole from Benjy." He screams. Bo warns that he'll have to arrest him, and begs for the cooler. Steve refuses to let go. The doctor is told that Benjy's liver is in the cooler and he wasn't on the donor list. Since they have no legal recourse and a frustrated Bo goes to Steve to get the cooler. "You're going to have to pry it from my dead hands," he says and reminds Bo that Benjy never hurt a soul. When Steve grabs bleach from a nearby janitor station, threatening to pour it on the liver, Bo tackles Steve and holds him while the doctor and Rolf wheel Stefano away - with the liver. Steve calls Bo a coward but Bo says they have to pick their battles. Steve wants to fight fire with fire, but Bo reminds him he's a cop!! They'll get the folio and put an end to the vendetta. Steve makes fun of him, but Bo asks if he'd rather be in jail?

    Rolf finishes up surgery and tells them that the phoenix has risen again. Bo and Steve say they know,…they know. "Sounds like a broken record!" Once he's gone, Bo tells Steve they're going to bend a few rules. Steve's in! "Lay it on me!!" Bo says they're targeting Andre and Stefano. "We off the old man," says Bo, but he explains that they fake Stefano's death in order to capture Andre. Bo says they have to pass it by Roman, Abe and Internal affairs.

    Truth or Dare

    Wednesday, August 29 2007

    Rolf tries to convince Stefano that this is not the end, but Stefano begs Rolf to destroy the folio or he won't be able to die in peace. Rolf takes a phone call and tells Stefano, "This is going to make you a very happy man!" He leaves Stefano briefly and once he returns, he happily tells Stefano, "We've found a donor from you - with a little help from that remarkable nephew of yours." He says. The doctor arrives and Rolf tells him that the operation is going to happen. They've found another donor - a family member from Italy. Stefano sees Santo sitting in a chair nearby. "Go away. Leave me alone…" he says, sadly. Rolf tries to calm him down. Santo sits in the chair, wordlessly, while Rolf agrees to keep Stefano's secrets and destroy the folio.

    A more coherent Roman and battered Lucas enter Stefano's hospital room and find out that Stefano's being prepped for surgery. When they find out there is another donor, Roman quickly surmises that the donor may be Benjy. Lucas heads back to the gym to find Sami.

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