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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Stefano DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stefano DiMera Played by Joseph Mascolo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Joseph Mascolo (NBC)

    Birthday: March 13 1935
    Birthplace: West Hartford, Connecticut, US
    Marital Status: Married (Patricia Schultz)
    Real Name: Joseph Mascolo
    Height: 6' 1"
    Web site:


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    Justice will be served!

    Friday, October 05 2007

    Kayla arrives at Salem PD to visit Steve. She bumps into Bo, who relays information that Stefano's in his office. Bo goes off to get her access to Steve while Kayla pays Stefano a visit! "It's almost over." says Stefano, to himself. Kayla quietly walks into the office and with a slam of the door behind her, she agrees, "You got that right!" Kayla blasts Stefano for Benjy's death and disagrees when he blames Andre. Stefano doesn't want to listen, but Kayla corners him and reminds him how Benjy loved him and craved for his approval. Stefano asks, "By shooting me?" He tells her once and for all, voice full of emotion, that he has nothing to do with murdering his son. Kayla asks him to do what Benjy would have wanted and let Steve go! Stefano apologizes to her and thanks her for taking care of Benjy, but nothing he can do will bring the boy back. "Justice will be served," he tells Kayla, who spins around, in amazement. She tells him if he really wanted the vendetta to end, he'd do what she asks and stop punishing Steve. Kayla yells that she should have killed him when she had the chance in Italy. Stefano is shocked. He wasn’t aware of this and laughs when she explains it to him. He tells her he doesn't think she has the nerve and doesn't think she'll have the chance again. Kayla threatens that he'd better pray he doesn't end up in the hospital on her shift, before she stalks off.

    Once outside Bo's office, Kayla tells Bo she's going to make sure Steve is freed.

    Some days you get lucky

    Thursday, October 04 2007

    At the TV station, Andre slowly creeps out the door while holding Hope at gunpoint. After he vanishes, Bo runs after them, gun drawn. 'Well done Steve! You just saved Roman and got Hope killed!' Stefano sarcastically congratulates his recent captor. They begin to worry about what's happened to Sami at the pub. Roman is sure that it's too late for her. He tells the police officers to take Steve away and lock him up. Stefano vows to Steve that he will be spending the rest of his life in the mental hospital. 'For trying to kill you, I must be the sanest man in Salem, ' Steve taunts. As Roman is wheeled away by paramedics, he thanks Steve for saving him. Staring each other down, Stefano taunts Steve, telling him that it will be fun destroying him. Steve shoots a threat back. 'No one talks to Stefano DiMera like that for very long,' the old man threatens. When EJ arrives, Stefano is relieved to see his son. They sit down and he anxiously asks him what happened and if Sami is alright. EJ assures him that everything is okay and they just need to get him home now. Stefano is distraught though; he can't stop thinking about what Andre did to Benjy. He never wanted a life like this for his children. He failed his father, now he's failing his children, he sadly admits, taking a drink to calm his nerves. EJ reminds him that he taught him about family honor and how important it is to protect it. Stefano is skeptical, but EJ insists that a new DiMera dynasty is set to begin and their way of life will go on. He promises his father that Lucas will only be a part time influence on the children and won't be able to compete. Stefano doesn't think this is the best time to be making plans, but EJ disagrees. He only needs his father to help him separate Lucas from Sami for good. Stefano reminds him that the vendetta is ending and so is the violence. EJ already has a plan though, well, actually it's his grandfather's plan. As soon as he can marry Sami, he will convince her to give up everything she holds dead, just as Santo did with Colleen. Kayla runs in and embraces Steve. He tells her about Hope being taken captive and apologizes for upsetting her. 'What you did here was so brave, but it was so sad for all of us,' she tells him before he is led out, glaring at Stefano as he goes.

    Time will tell

    Wednesday, October 03 2007

    Bo and Hope are aghast as they see Steve on the news with a gun to Stefano's head. He starts calling the pub to get a hold of Andre. Lucas runs in, looking for Sami. Bo tells him that Sami is with Roman and he has a bomb strapped to him. They hurry over to the TV station where Bo meets with the station manager and tells him to keep the cameras rolling and things calm. Lucas starts calling Sami again. Bo goes to Steve and tries to keep him calm, pointing out that Andre is on his way with Roman. 'No one is going to die tonight,' he insists. Steve isn't so sure: Time will tell. Suddenly, Andre bursts in with his gun drawn and a gagged Roman in tow. He warns everyone that he will set the bomb off if anyone comes close to him. Stefano tells him that the vendetta is over and EJ and Sami will be married. 'Like hell they will,' Lucas blurts out. 'In Hell maybe...' Andre smirks. Lucas almost flies off the handle, but Bo holds him back as Andre explains that Sami may be no more than a memory now. 'She was a feisty one,' he says, but she and her babies were left behind to die. Roman can't deny this. Lucas runs off while Stefano comes forward, asking Andre what in God's name he's done this time. He lashes out at him for destroying EJ's future and threatens that he'll get what he deserves for this. As Andre realizes that his uncle has done all of this for EJ alone, he shouts back at him, feeling betrayed by everyone. Hope circles behind before trying to rescue Roman. In the fight, Andre grabs Hope and holds the gun on her. Bo asks him to take him instead and Stefano demands that his nephew release Hope. Undaunted, Andre dares Steve to shoot the old man; he doesn't care if they kill Stefano now that he knows that everything is going to EJ anyway. 'This war is over when I say it is! From now on, you're going to be dealing with Andre DiMera!' he challenges. Bo puts his gun down and asks to be exchanged for Hope. Stefano demands that Andre release her, but Andre refuses again: Hope is too good a bargaining chip. As he starts to back out of the studio, Bo pulls another gun and goes after them, trying to get a clear shot.

    You don't exist

    Tuesday, October 02 2007

    At the hospital, Steve roves around Stefano's room closing all the blinds as he levels a gun at Stefano's head. As long as Stefano ends up dead, Steve will be only too happy to go back to his padded room at the mental hospital. Before Patch can pull the trigger, Stefano asks for an explanation of what Andre's done this time. If he's going to die, he'd like to know why. Steve likes to hear him begging so he explains that they didn't find Roman buried alive... they found Benjy in the grave...dead. Stefano begins to quiver and becomes outraged at the news that Andre would dare to kill his son. Steve isn't convinced by the act and, reminding the old man that he trained him to be killer, promises to show him what a good job he did. Before he can, Stefano pushes him off with a scream and reminds him that if he dies, the vendetta will go on and on and it will be worse that ever before. 'Go on! Kill me!' he dares. Depressed, Steve slumps in the corner and wishes that he could have his lost years back and that he could have Benjy back. He asks Stefano if he remembers what Benjy was like as a boy. As Steve describes raising Benjy with Kayla, both men seem moved. 'I saw something in that boy that I have not seen since,' Stefano admits, mournfully. Steve lashes out at him again, reminding him of how scared Benjy was of disappointing him and how Stefano destroyed his life. He knew that one day he would be ordered to step up or else be punished. Benjy only wanted to be free of the DiMeras, but they couldn't leave him alone. 'You son of a b***!' Steve cries pushing the gun at Stefano's head again. The phone starts to ring and Steve tells him not to touch it. 'You think I'm afraid of death? Every day of my life I've lived in it's shadow. Death is but a breath away and there is a part of me that sometimes craves its release. Go ahead...pull the trigger and I will die knowing that you will spend the rest of your life suffering for my murder.' Stefano keeps taunting him to shoot, but Steve has other plans and tells him to get dressed.

    Bo calls and Steve tells him that he's going to finish what Benjy tried to do at the funeral. Bo and Hope hurry over to the hospital room, but by the time that they arrive Steve and Stefano are gone. She turns on the TV and discovers that Steve and Stefano have broken into the TV station. Shocking the crew of the local news show, a gun-toting Steve drags Stefano over to take the place of the weatherman. As Steve holds his gun to Stefano's neck, he declares that there is a good chance of murder in the offing. When Bo walks into the room, he's shocked by what he sees on the screen.

    Do you love the guy or what?

    Monday, October 01 2007

    Kate arrives at Stefano's hospital bedside. He tells her that he has a surprise for her. She's not in the mood. That changes, however, when he tells her that he has news about Lucas and his marriage to Sami. Her ears perk up and she sits down as Stefano explains about his son's upcoming nuptials. She thinks that he must be imagining things. Lucas and Sami are hopelessly in love, as much as she hates admitting it. He tells her that love doesn't make the world go round, money and sex do. When he explains that Sami and EJ have agreed to his terms to end the vendetta, she's flabbergasted and happily holds his hand. She's still not going to give him too much 'credit' until after the deal is sealed though. She offers him a 'long trip down memory lane' if this deal goes through and seals it with a kiss. All of a sudden, they hear Lucas screaming in the hallway. She runs to the door and tells the guard to let him in,. He demands to know what's going on and accuses them of being 'in on this' together. Her dream has come true, he says: Sami has asked him for a divorce. She does a double take but he's sure that she and Stefano are conspiring together. He starts to taunt Stefano but saves most of his insults for his mother. She continues to protest her innocence, but he defiantly turns, refusing to ever grant a divorce. As he walks out, she runs after him.

    Steve arrives outside of Stefano's room and the guard tells him to leave. Steve finds it hard to understand that Abe would want him to stay away. He tells the guard that Bo called him and asked him to interview Stefano. The guard doesn't believe him and turns him away, calling Abe and informing him. When Abe tells Bo, Bo wants to go over to the hospital and guard Stefano himself, sure that Steve will soon return. At the hospital, Steve does return and, through a ruse, manages to get Bo to tell the guard to get down to the graveyard. He promptly walks into Stefano's room and takes out his gun. 'This time you won't be going home.' Steve threatens.

    You murdered my sister!

    Thursday, September 27 2007

    Shawn goes down to the graveyard. Staring down at a grave he utters a curse on Stefano. He's surprised when Stefano suddenly appears from the mist. 'We have nothing to say to each other,' Shawn says. Stefano tells him that he needs to face the unpleasantness. When Stefano claims not to know where Roman is, Shawn accuses him of lying. Smiling, Stefano reminds his fellow patriarch that they've known each other for half a century. For all that time, they've been battling and only Shawn's family has grown closer through it all. Maybe now they can help each other? Stefano wonders. The men taunt each other until Stefano reminds him that it only took a few words to change their families forever. They remember the moment when Stefano told Shawn that his mother was still alive; if only he had lied, everything would have been different and they might have been raised as brothers. Stefano explains what happened to his father when they left. Losing Colleen made Santo into a bitter, hate-filled man. 'When Colleen died, my father died too,' Stefano explains. Shawn is unimpressed. 'It was all your fault! You murdered my sister!' Shawn cries out. Stefano flies into a rage and accuses him of driving a knife through his own sister's heart. As the two men start to fight, Bo jumps in between them and pushes Stefano away. As he grabs at the old man's throat, his father tells him to step away. Stefano declares that making peace seems impossible; he was willing to end this, but now...

    Sami and EJ meet with a shaken Stefano in his limo. They tell him that they know the terms to end the vendetta and will do it. Sami asks if Stefano went after Marlena to end the vendetta as well. He admits that he wanted that, but it didn't work out. He's only thankful that the two of them have such an uncanny resemblance to their ancestors: This is destiny. Sami insists that this isn't about love or anything like that: It's about ending the vendetta and getting her father back. 'Do we have a deal?' she asks. Stefano offers her one last chance to get out of this. She will go though with it, but only if her demands are met. EJ tells her that she's doing the right thing. She gets out of the car without another word and Stefano happily congratulates his son on achieving everything he wanted. Meanwhile, Lucas remembers his wedding day and refuses to let Sami get away with this.

    Can I have a do over?

    Tuesday, September 25 2007

    Back at the hospital, Stefano discusses the terms of the vendetta and says they're not impossible to meet, contradicting Steve. Stefano suggests they have a family meeting and says if everyone is safe and the terms are met, he'll see to it that Andre permanently diffused.

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