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    Days of Our Lives CAST - Stefano DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Stefano DiMera Played by Joseph Mascolo on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    Joseph Mascolo (NBC)

    Birthday: March 13 1935
    Birthplace: West Hartford, Connecticut, US
    Marital Status: Married (Patricia Schultz)
    Real Name: Joseph Mascolo
    Height: 6' 1"
    Web site:


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    Days Recap: Out Of Your League.

    Thursday, December 18 2014

    At home, Chad takes a call from Stefano, who congratulates him on sleeping with Miss Ridgeway. Chad doesn't want to discuss that. Stefano reminds him he had no inhibitions when he told him what he had in store for Abby and Ben. Harold announces Rafe and Chad asks what Stefano thinks Rafe has on him that could throw him in jail. Stefano muses that Rafe knows Chad's assisting Victor in covering up Samantha's fraud. Chad sighs. Stefano laughs. "Didn't know I knew that did you?" Rafe busts down the door. "It's time to put a DiMera behind bars." Chad hangs up with Stefano and taunts Rafe about Jordan. Rafe shows him a search warrant and gloats.

    In Italy, on a call, Stefano says the documents will be transferred to Rafe as soon as possible. His son's loyalty will be rewarded.

    Back at the manse, Rafe's man searches Chad's computer and Harold lets Mr. Bronson in. Bronson was hired by Stefano DiMera and provides them with a document which states that anything found on the computers to do with DiMera Enterprises can't be used against Chad because it'd pre-date his time as co-CEO. Rafe huffs and takes off. Chad calls Stefano to thank him. Later, Jordan arrives worried that Rafe's on a rampage. Chad reassures her.

    Days Recap: Time To Drop The Hammer.

    Friday, December 05 2014

    Back at the mansion, Kate receives a call from Stefano. He asks how she likes sharing CEO duties with his son. She says he'll cost them money with his inexperience. Stefano brings up the 'hill-billy from Arkansas'. "Is he teaching you to square dance?" He laughs. She gets rid of him.

    Days Recap: Mysterious Dance.

    Monday, December 01 2014

    At the DiMera mansion, Jordan tells Chad that things are over between her and Rafe. They kiss until his phone rings - it's Stefano, who wants him to handle Katerina. Jordan goes. Stefano complains to Chad about Clyde the country bumpkin and warns Chad not to let Jordan find out he's just using her.

    Days Recap: Full Disclosure.

    Thursday, November 20 2014

    In an undisclosed location, Stefano tells someone on the phone that he understands.

    Outside TBD, Chad takes a call from Stefano who confronts him about working with Katerina. Chad says he had to look out for himself. Stefano chuckles. "Well my son, you've made a huge mistake." Chad stands by what he did. Stefano tells him he made him proud. Chad is puzzled. Stefano says Chad did exactly what he would have done and has restored the DiMera name. Stefano laughs over Kate having a fit. Chad has the steel core his brother lacked. Stefano mentions Jordan and hangs up.

    Days Recap: Serenity And Peace.

    Monday, November 17 2014

    In an undisclosed location, Stefano tells Chad on the phone that it's time to tighten the noose on Katerina - she's taken the bait. He wants Chad to tell Kate he's not interested in the acquisition and talks about getting back on top. After, he toasts with his lady friend, Simone, to the total destruction of a woman who betrayed him.

    Days Recap: A Duck Dynasty Girl.

    Monday, November 10 2014

    At TBD, Marlena answers the phone to Stefano. She's terse, which pisses him off. He demands she tell her daughter to let him see the kids but Marlena won't. She brings up Kristen's latest chapter of destruction and when he can't get a word in edgewise, Stefano throws the phone in disgust. Marlena grins. "That was fun."

    Stefano listens to classical music and weeps over EJ in an undisclosed location.

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