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    Days of Our Lives CAST - EJ Wells DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on EJ Wells DiMera Played by James Scott on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Scott (NBC)

    Birthday: January 1 1979
    Birthplace: Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
    Marital Status: engaged
    Real Name: James Scott
    Height: 6 '4


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    Days Recap: I Can't Stop Loving Him.

    Wednesday, July 23 2014

    Rafe runs into EJ and Johnny at the Horton square, who jumps into his arms, happily. They discuss Johnny's day camp, 'like school only with canoes'. Johnny goes off while Rafe says he's glad Sami kicked him to the curb. The men part and EJ takes Johnny to the park where he plays. Jenn walks up and starts in on EJ. He tells her what happened was impulsive and he regrets it. Jenn says Sami was out of line for what she did to Abby but she'd buy a ticket to watch what she'll do to EJ.

    Sami and Caroline argue about Sami's feelings for EJ. Sami claims she hates him. He's a worm. Caroline yells that she loves him. They argue and Sami breaks down crying. Caroline holds her granddaughter as she tells her he ripped her heart out of her body. "I hate him, I hate him, but I still love him. I can't stop loving him. I can't stop," Sami sobs. She thought he was going to love her forever and never suspected this. She felt like a bomb went off when she saw the photo. Caroline says she needs to feel this if she wants to get past it. This is the first time she has cried, she says. "I was surviving." That's what she does. She remembers how EJ thought he had gotten away with it. When he'd kiss her, she saw him kissing Abby. Caroline disapproves of the revenge. Sami says they were finally a family, "And he broke us." Sami bawls and then stomps around. She's not weak! Caroline's sure EJ never meant to do this. Sami thinks the two of them were laughing about it. Caroline doubts that. They embarrassed themselves. Caroline reminds Sami that she was EJ. She cheated on Grandpa Shawn and risked everything that made her life worth living. She's thankful Shawn never ditched her. She can't tell Sami to take EJ back but thinks Sami is the one paying if she holds on to this bitterness. Caroline says she's been through worse. She can do this. Sami hugs Caroline. She goes and Allie arrives. She tells her mom where EJ and Johnny are and gives her a wedding keepsake album. She uploaded all the photos and says they're an official family. Sami's verklempt. Allie shows her that EJ's teaching her to make origami cranes. Sami's touched. Allie goes and EJ returns. Johnny runs upstairs and EJ goes to Sami.

    Days Recap: All Out War!

    Tuesday, July 22 2014

    Out on bail, EJ arrives at the DiMera mansion looking for Sami, begging for a chance. He finds Kate who tells him she and Sami now share the house. He's astounded by the new portrait in Stefano's place of Kate and Sami. He makes a call to have Sami call him and Kate tells him that if he and Stefano try anything, it'll get out that they let themselves be duped by her and Sami. The board members will run. She's off to get a restraining order on him and his father.

    Sami arrives home. EJ finds her and tells her he's out on bail. She tells him to get out and busies herself with work. He can see something else is bothering her. Is it the children? Sami scoffs, like he cares now? He presses her. She tells him they're done and to get his stuff. He doesn't give a crap about his 'stuff'. He gave it all away gladly to get her back because he loves her. He doesn't care if she burns the house. He gets that she wants to punish him. She laughs. She's planning on punishing Abigail and annihilating him. Caroline walks in with Harold and yells to stop it. She gives EJ the boot but he only wants a chance to make things right. He goes and Sami assumes Caroline wants to tell her 'I told ya so' but that's not what Caroline wants. She asks if that's all Sami has is anger. Sami wants him to pay but Caroline points out he's still the man she loves.

    Days Recap: Pointy Hats And Brooms.

    Friday, July 18 2014

    Will visits EJ in jail and confronts him. EJ's sorry to have disappointed him but insists he loves Sami. Will thinks he has a funny way of showing it by sleeping with his mixed up grieving cousin! Will wanted to believe EJ had changed but he hasn't.

    Abby visits EJ. He's sorry for what she has been through and thinks he's getting what he deserves. She tells him that Sami told Ben the truth.

    Days Recap: How Could You?

    Wednesday, July 16 2014

    Sami visits EJ in jail. "If you really think were gonna work through this you're as delusional as Jennifer Horton." EJ wonders why she brought her up. Sami says she let Jenn know her daughter's a home-wrecker. EJ says that wasn't fair and blames himself solely - not Abigail. EJ grabs Sami and begs her to listen. He apologizes for betraying her. He calls it a mistake but she corrects him. "There were multiple assignations." He reminds her they've made mistakes and have gotten through them. She's the only woman he wants. Sami thinks she's been tolerant of the DiMera way yet he threw it all away. She knows he hired a hitman to kill Nick because he knew too much about him and Abby and asks him to admit it. He says it's true. He gives her a heartfelt plea which she doesn't believe. Sami thinks the joke is on her this time. She growls at him to shut up when he starts to apologize. She's done falling for his lies and remembers him as the man who drove her to keep her daughter from him. This is the man she thought deserved to be shot in the head. EJ's eyes widen in shock. He insists he has changed. She's not interested. She revels in her control of him.

    Days Recap: Sex With Abigail Under My Nose!

    Thursday, July 10 2014

    Sami confronts EJ at the SPD cells, asking if he thought he'd get away with having sex with Abigail under her nose. She tells him this is what payback feels like and assumes Chad told EJ how good Abigail was in the sack. EJ confesses it only happened once. Sami calls him out for lying. EJ loves her but she disputes that. If he did he wouldn't have betrayed her. He reminds her she kicked him out of her bed. "So it's my fault," she says, subversively. She brings up her surprising him in the shower with Abby. "I was there in that room while you did her." Sami imagines how soapy they were and says Abigail was probably promising God she was "arriving" sometime soon... EJ asks her to stop. Sami reveals she knew something was up. She went to security and looked at the tapes. She hopes he told Stefano and he gave him "a solid pat on the back." EJ tells her to stop. They need to fix this for their children. Sami bursts into peals of laughter. She wonders how or why she'd want to work through this. He asks her to calm down but she says she's known for "weeks and weeks and weeks" and so no, she's not going to calm down. She's dedicating herself to making his life a living hell. EJ's eyes widen in shock. She admits she put him in jail for tax evasion and he almost falls over. "I was just getting warmed up, EJ." He reaches for her but she leaves. He yells at himself for being an idiot and not seeing this coming. He rips apart his cell and sobs.

    At home, Eve rants to Paige about Jenn and JJ the criminal. Paige swears he has changed. Eve tells her he set Aunt Theresa up and almost had her thrown in jail. Paige didn't know. She takes JJ's call and confronts him before hanging up on him.

    Days Recap: What You Did To Abigail...

    Wednesday, July 09 2014

    In the SPD cells, EJ asks Abigail to lie for him. She huffily refuses to lie but won't tell anyone about their fling. She assumes he doesn't want anyone to know he hired a hit-man to off Nick. He whispers to shut up and begs her not to say anything. She agrees to keep quiet but tells him it's sad. With his brains and drive he could have been so much more. She goes.

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