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    Days of Our Lives CAST - EJ Wells DiMera - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on EJ Wells DiMera Played by James Scott on Days of Our Lives Daytime Soap Opera.

    James Scott (NBC)

    Birthday: January 1 1979
    Birthplace: Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
    Marital Status: engaged
    Real Name: James Scott
    Height: 6 '4


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    Days Recap: Direct Hit.

    Monday, October 13 2014

    At the hospital morgue, Sami cries over EJ that he's too young for this and they need more time. "Why are we here?" She flashes to meeting EJ and talks to him about being a part of her life ever since then. "I took a direct hit that day too, EJ." Sami tells him he was never alone in this; she was meant to love him. She laments that after everything they lived through, this isn't fair. Sami angrily sobs that he promised her now and forever. "How can we be here?" Sami recalls some romantic times and talks about how well she came to know him. She's upset that the killer took his ring - they worked so hard for their rings. She thinks about them starting over and EJ's speech when he put her ring back on her finger. Sobbing, she climbs on the slab with him. Sami cries that their love is never going to die and she'll raise the children the way they talked about; she'll keep them safe from Stefano. Suddenly, Marlena's there. Sami kisses EJ and gets up. Marlena embraces her. Sami doesn't know how to leave. Marlena assures her she's not alone. Sami wants to go tell the kids. She tells EJ, "You were worth everything." Marlena and Sami both cry as she leads her out the door. By the nurses' station, Rafe marvels to Abe about EJ biting it this way. Marlena and Sami appear. Sami thanks Rafe for what he did. Rafe is there for her. He holds her as she breaks down again. Abe talks about telling Theo that EJ's with his mom now. He promises to find the killer.

    Days Recap: He Died In Her Arms.

    Friday, October 10 2014

    Miguel shoots EJ in the park. EJ looks shocked and does a face plant into the dirt. In the parkette, Sami hears the gunshot and calls out, "EJ?" She calls the cops. Meanwhile, Clyde asks what the hell Miguel was thinking. Miguel mutters that EJ attacked him. Clyde asks him to take EJ's wallet and wedding band. The men cover their tracks and go. Sami calls EJ, demanding to know where he is. She walks through the woods and comes upon him.

    Back in the woods, Sami feels for EJ's pulse. She finds it and the gunshot wound. She tries to stop the bleeding and yells at him to open his eyes. He does. She cries a little as she tells him to hang on. He falls unconscious and she yells at him to stop bleeding. He wakes up again and chokes. He tells her he doesn't want to leave her. She coaches him to fight but he asks her to tell the children...they profess their love and kiss and EJ dies in her arms. Sami tells EJ she loves him twenty-five times. Elsewhere, Clyde meets with Jeremiah. He hands over EJ's belongings and Jeremiah cleans them off as Clyde gives him instructions. Back at the scene of the crime, Rafe arrives with paramedics. Sami babbles and Abe arrives and makes calls while the paramedics work on EJ. Rafe asks her to tell him what happened but she's in shock and can only talk about the blood at first. The paramedics stop working on him and call the time of death. Rafe tells Sami but she says, "He does this." She babbles that they need to make the blood stop coming out. Rafe tells Sami that EJ's dead. He's gone. They take off to the morgue and Sami continues to tell EJ she loves him. Rafe's shocked that Sami just doesn't want to hear it. Abe says, "You're never ready."

    Sami and Rafe arrive at the hospital. The paramedics take EJ to the morgue. Sami's still in shock. She tells Rafe EJ didn't have his ring on. Someone must have stolen it. She doesn't want Rafe to call anyone. She just wants to see EJ. It's awkward. Rafe attempts to make her understand EJ's dead but she talks about the kids expecting her. She just wants EJ to come home with her tonight. Rafe says that's not going to happen. She won't leave EJ alone there. Sami says she forgot her purse so Rafe goes to get it and to see if she can see EJ. Stefano calls on EJ's phone asking for his son. Sami tells Stefano, "The EMTs took him to the morgue." Stefano demands to know what she means. She lets the phone drop. He thinks she's lying. Roman arrives and Rafe tells him EJ died in Sami's arms but she's in deep shock. The cops discuss the case. Rafe doesn't think it was professional. Roman's worried for his daughter. He goes to her. She tells him the 'paramedics are fixing EJ up' and asks him to take the kids home. He tells her he will and that he loves her and she grins. He goes and Rafe brings her to see EJ at the morgue. He's on a slab. She feels his chest for a heartbeat but feels nothing and finally bursts into gut-wrenching sobs.

    Days Recap: Thick As Thieves.

    Thursday, October 09 2014

    At the DiMera mansion, Sami thinks of Chad saying it's all on her. Johnny appears, ready to go to a party. Outside, EJ takes a call from Miguel and orders him to get Clyde to a meeting place. He goes inside and hugs Johnny as Sami smiles. EJ tells Sami he went to see Will and everything is fine. EJ says Sonny will be taking Sami and the kids - he'll see them there. Sami goes to change and Johnny tells EJ the kids at camp made fun of his name - DiMera. EJ gives him a pep talk. Johnny is proud of his name because it's his daddy's. Once alone with Sami, EJ opines that Stefano will settle down because in the end they're family. Sami knows he wants that to be true. She offers to grovel to Stefano. EJ will deal with it himself, but now wants to go to the party and be happy. He tells her he told Will to go ahead with the article. She thanks him. EJ gets a call and has to take care of it. They kiss. Outside, EJ looks thunderous. Inside, Johnny has something for EJ but Sami says he can give it to daddy later.

    In the park, EJ hollers at Miguel about sticking to the assigned territory. They walk away to meet Clyde. Sami looks around for EJ and tries to get a signal on her phone. Nearby, Clyde tells EJ his orders didn't make sense and suggests he go home to his wife. EJ tells Clyde he's finished in Salem. Clyde disagrees. He says EJ needs some schooling and starts yelling insults. EJ punches him. Nearby, Sami hears a gunshot and calls, "EJ?"

    Days Recap: Don't Hold Back.

    Wednesday, October 08 2014

    Eric drops Caroline off at the DiMera mansion. Caroline wants to see Sami alone. EJ closes them in the living room and jokes that he and Eric will do some bonding. Eric doesn't smile so EJ asks, "Too soon?" EJ's thankful Eric's supporting Sami. Eric clarifies he's doing it for her. Back inside, Caroline demands Sami tell her what's going on. Sami's sorry Eric blabbed. Sami justifies taking EJ back. They love each other and he earned her forgiveness. She bawls and promises her grandmother they're going to make it work this time. Caroline remembers the last time she was there, she was filled with pain. Sami talks about forgiveness and Caroline has a meltdown and yells that she knows what it's like. Sami reminds her grandpa forgave her. Caroline says she talked to Victor. "He told me that I should try not to be so judgemental about what makes other people happy." Caroline prays for them both. They hug. Later, EJ shows Caroline what the children drew for her and Caroline hugs him. Eric and Caroline leave and Sami fills him in on what Caroline said. Sami says Will's new job with Sonix is about Chad. She's worried about what Chad will say in the article. As she talks, EJ massages her feet. After, he leaves and Chad arrives. Sami starts yelling at Chad for betraying EJ to Stefano. Chad calls it her fault - and EJ's. He thinks she's enjoying the drama. "I bet that makes your heart go all a flutter." He goes out in the garden for air.

    EJ pops by Will's place. He thanks Will for the party for the kids. Will thinks he's there to stop him from writing the expose. EJ asks him to write the article. Things can't get any worse. He asks Will to ensure Abigail's off limits. EJ promises to prove himself to Will again. He won't hurt his mother again. He goes.

    EJ arrives at home when Miguel calls to tell him about Clyde's plan to be deceitful. As they talk, Clyde overhears Miguel's plea of loyalty to the DiMera.

    Days Recap: You Still Want Me.

    Tuesday, October 07 2014

    Chad arrives home to the mansion and immediately, EJ calls him a little twit for revealing his secret to Stefano. Chad says if he hadn't slept with the woman he loved, he wouldn't be in this predicament. EJ calls him rather comfortable up there on his moral high ground but he should beware of what Stefano will do to him. Chad snarks that it's not like Stefano will kill him! EJ says that's precisely what he'll do. EJ reminds Chad that Stefano took his time getting Kristen out of the harem and he kidnapped Lexi. It was ultimately his fault she died. He knows his brother hates him but what about Sami and the kids? Would he have them destroyed? He begs Chad to change Stefano's mind. Chad calls him pathetic. They get into it over Abigail and Chad admits he doesn't care what Father or anyone else does to him. Chad goes and Sami turns up. EJ fills her in on what just happened. He's worried.

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